Hot for Teacher Ch. 06

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Sorry it took so long, guys. I’m back! This story is part of a series. You don’t need to read the other chapters, but I would love if you did! You may be a little confused, but not so much that you won’t enjoy the story.

The university that I name in the story does not exist, it’s just a name I pulled out of my head, and like the characters, is fictional.

This story does have gay sex in it, even though there is a woman involved. If that isn’t your cup of tea, don’t read it. Enjoy!



A week or so after Michael had treated Abi to “dessert”, they were sitting in Michael’s apartment, more cuddling than watching the movie that was playing.

“Hmm?” Michael kissed Abi’s head sleepily; he had dozed off, Abi lying against him on the couch.

“I’ve been thinking about something… but I don’t know how you’ll take it.” Abi had wriggled out from under the blanket and was now facing him. She looked nervous.

Michael rubbed his hand over his face and through his hair, trying to wake himself up. He reached for the remote and paused the movie.

“Abi, you know you can tell me anything.”

Abi’s brow knitted tighter. “I know… I want to… propose something, but if you don’t like the idea, just tell me, and I’ll drop it. We never have to discuss it again.”

Michael stretched and nodded. “Okay…” He was a bit worried, but at least Abi had given him a no-judgments way out.

Abi shifted on the couch uncomfortably. “Do you remember last week, when you used that vibrator on me, and when you, um, licked it?”

Michael went pink. He was sure that she was going to reject him. He still wasn’t sure why he had done it. He liked the taste of her, but that wasn’t the whole reason. The vibrator looked like a cock, and he had always been curious as to what it would be like to be with a guy. When he had put the dildo in his mouth… it had sent electric shocks to his cock. He had realized that he liked it. And he was incredibly embarrassed about that.

Michael opened his mouth to defend his actions. “Abi… I don’t know why I did that. It was stupid… I…”

“It was amazing.” Abi was looking just as uncomfortable as Michael was feeling.

Michael’s mouth dropped. “…Really?”

Abi looked into his eyes. “I… I can tell that you’re embarrassed about it. But I… I don’t want you to be, because I really liked it. I’ve kind of always had a fantasy about me and two guys, and seeing you do that… it was incredible.”

“Abi… um…” Michael hesitated, but then went on. He figured if she liked it, she wouldn’t reject him if he said that he did, too. “I kind of have that fantasy, too.”

“So… you would… want to do that? I’ve just always thought that guys with other guys were really hot… I mean, you don’t have to be gay to like cock… right?” Abi laughed a little, nervously.

Michael sighed in relief. She had taken the words right out of his mouth. He growled, “god, babe, I love you,” and fell upon her, pressing his lips hard upon hers.


Later that day, after Michael and Abi had thoroughly sated each other, they discussed their shared fantasy over dinner.

“But how are we going to find a man who would be willing to get involved with us? Most guys would deny being gay even if they were, and no one at the college can know about us. You’d be fired and I would be kicked out!” Abi sighed. She could think only of the internet as an option, and putting an ad out seemed… impersonal, at best.

“Well… Maybe not.” Michael took a sip of his water and reached across the table to hold Abi’s hand in his. “Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this, but under the circumstances…”

Abi’s hopes picked up. “What?”

“Well… I’m very close to one of the other professors, and one day we were at a bar… Well, the short story is that we both got pretty tipsy, and he told me he was bi. And I happen to know that he was in a relationship with a student a few years ago. They broke up on good terms, and it never got out, but… he wouldn’t judge us.”

Abi squirmed in her chair. “I don’t know, Michael. I mean, it almost sounds too good to be true.”

Michael squeezed her hand. “Okay, look. I’ll tell you what. I’ll talk to him. I won’t mention your name, only that you’re a student. If he says no, we’ll forget it ever happened. If he says yes, then we can talk about all three of us meeting.”

Abi looked down, her brow furrowed in worry. “Okay…”

Michael reached across the table and tipped her chin up. “Hey, look at me.” She did. “I don’t want you to worry about this. I will always take care of you, and I would never reveal us to anyone if I didn’t know that I could trust them. I would trust this man with my life. So, I do not want you to worry about it. I will take care of it.”

Abi smiled. “Okay. I trust you.”


A week later, Abi Gaziantep Gecelik Escort was parking outside Michael’s apartment building. The professor that Michael was friends with had said yes, under the condition that Michael kept his identity secret from Abi until their meeting. Michael had arranged dinner for all of them at his apartment, and Abi was dying to know who the man was. She hoped he was attractive, but she hoped even more that she didn’t know him. She would die of embarrassment if she had had him as a professor before. But since the university was big, it was more likely that she didn’t know him, so she relaxed.

As she knocked quietly on Michael’s door, she shifted uncomfortably on her feet. She felt a little silly in what she was wearing. She had worn a light cream blouse and a red pencil skirt, trying to look nice for dinner, but now she worried she was overdressed.

When the door opened, however, her fears were dampened, as Michael was in a button-down and black slacks. He smiled down at her. “You look nice.”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him slowly, planting her lips in a trail up to his ear. “I’m nervous… but I’m also… excited.” She nipped his earlobe lightly and he pulled her in, closing the door behind them.

“Mmm,” he moaned. “I’m glad.”

Abi kissed him on the lips once more, then whispered in his ear. “I’m also not wearing any panties.”

Michael felt his cock harden slightly in his pants, and he growled, tipping her head to the side and nipping at her neck.

Abi felt his cock begin to press against her belly and pulled away. She pointed a finger at his package in mock scolding and said, “Down, boy! There will be plenty of time for that later!” Then, winking and taking his hand, tugged him towards the kitchen.

“Come on and introduce me.”

As they walked towards the kitchen, Michael said, “James, meet Abi. Abi, meet James.” But as he finished and stepped into the room with his hand on Abi’s back, he saw his friend’s eyes go wide, and Abi’s mirror them.

Abi stopped dead. Oplinger. This was James Oplinger. He had been her Music Theory professor. And though she hated the Gen Ed course more than anything, she had had a major crush on Professor Oplinger her first semester in college. He played the viola, and when he played for the class, she had swooned like a pre-teen girl. And now… now he was sitting at her lover’s kitchen table, and they had asked him to come because they wanted to involve him in their sexual relationship. She wanted to watch him be taken by Michael.

James’ mouth hung open. This was Abi Spalding. She had been in his Music Theory class. She had hated it with a passion, though she loved music, but had done well nonetheless. And he had always thought she was attractive. But now she was standing in front of him, next to his best friend, who happened to be another teacher and her lover, and they were all together because they wanted him to join them in bed. Good god.

Michael looked back and forth between the two. They both were still, with their mouths gaping. “You two… know each other, I take it…?”

James looked to Abi. She looked like she was about to cry, so he tried to man up. “She… um… She was in my freshman Music Theory class last year, Michael.”

Michael smiled uncomfortably and squeezed Abi’s hand. “Alright. Let’s sit.”

Abi tried to calm her breathing and took her seat, subtly moving it closer to Michael’s.

Michael cleared his throat and looked from James to Abi. He held her hand tightly. “Okay, guys. I can tell you’re both uncomfortable. But here’s what we’re going to do. You guys are going to forget everything about each other. You’re going to act like you’ve never met. Okay?”

James and Abi nodded slowly. Holding out his hand and smiling warmly, James said, “James Oplinger. Professor of Music at Genesee University.” Abi took his hand and giggled.

“Abi Spalding, student of Psychology at Genesee University.” As they shook, Abi eyed the man’s hand and arm. His grasp was strong but refined, the testament of a musician. His forearm, highlighted by his rolled-up button-down, had less hair than Michael’s, but it was thick and strong, showing dedication to either working out or playing viola. Abi hoped it was both.

“Alright.” Michael’s voice snapped Abi out of her daydream. “Now you’ve been introduced. Let’s eat.”


Two hours and a few glasses of wine later, Abi and James had learned almost as much about one another as Michael knew about each of them, and the conversation had turned to the sexual. The alcohol had loosened each of them up a bit, and though all three were still slightly uncomfortable, they could talk about what they wanted to do without blushing every other word.

“So, what we’ve decided: we are all allowed to touch each other; no reservations besides pain.” Michael looked from James to Abi and they both nodded. Then James spoke up.

“So, Abi, I’ve been curious all night. What got you excited about watching two men together?”

Abi looked at James, then at her lover, imagining them in bed, naked, sweaty, moaning… She breathed deep and squirmed in her seat, her wetness seeping from between her lips. “Well… I don’t know… I just find it hot. Two men going at each other like…” She smiled shyly at Michael. “Like Michael and I do… And the thought of two attractive, strong, older men all to myself…” She sighed and bit her lip. “Yes please.”

James repressed a moan when Abi bit her lip. He was incredibly attracted to her, and he was looking forward to sleeping with both her and Michael. Looking out of the corner of his eye at his friend, he noticed Michael’s sly adjustment, obviously to relieve some of the pressure his slacks were putting on his cock. James knew his friend was sizeable just from looking at the bulge, and that knowledge had him adjusting his own pants.

Abi had continued to squirm in her seat after she had finished talking. She was honestly worried that without panties, her wetness was going to ruin her skirt.

“Abi, are you okay? You seem uncomfortable.” Michael looked to her with concern.

Shit. He noticed. “Um… come here.” Abi crooked her finger and whispered to him the worry she had about her skirt.

Michael could barely repress his moan. He whispered back, his hot breath on Abi’s ear. “Well then maybe it’s time we made our way to the bedroom.” As he whispered, his hand made its way up her skirt and brushed across her clit, making her jump and whimper in pleasure.

“Hey!” James’ interjection tore Abi and Michael apart. He pouted playfully. “Secrets don’t make friends!”

Michael smirked at Abi. “James, she told me that since she didn’t have panties on, she was worried that with how wet she was getting, she was going to ruin her skirt.”

James’ mouth dropped open, and his cock hardened considerably in his slacks. “Jesus…” he breathed.

Michael continued as Abi smacked his arm, embarrassed, “and I told her that maybe it was time we made our way to the bedroom.”

“I… I…” James stumbled, trying to regain his composure, “I think that’s a good… an amazing idea.”

All three stood up from the table, and Abi walked over to James. She had decided that it was time to be bold. Taking his face in her hand, she pressed her lips hard to his. She didn’t feel the spark that still burned when she kissed Michael, but the kiss was passionate nonetheless. James had moved one hand up to splay in her hair, and the other had moved downward, caressing her butt.

His lips and tongue moved with hers in a fervent embrace, and though his stubble scratched her face, the subtle pain only added to her pleasure. Her hand twisted in his hair—she found that she liked that it was longer than Michael’s—and her other digits made their way to his cock, which she caressed roughly through his slacks.

James moaned into Abi’s mouth. Her fingers, wrapped around his hardened shaft, were making him go crazy. He had had a lot of good sex, but he had never been so excited to take a woman—and a man—to bed.

Michael looked on as his friend and his lover—no, his two lovers—eagerly kissed and touched each other. He kneaded his cock through his slacks and groaned quietly as he watched. If he had seen any other man touch Abi that way, he would have had his fists planted in the man’s face by now. But James knew that Abi was his, so Michael was happy to share. He couldn’t wait to take them both.

Moving behind Abi, he ground his clothed shaft against her back, then moved her hair to nip at her neck.

Abi moaned into James’ mouth at the combination of the kisses on her face and on the back of her neck. She could barely take this… how was she going to handle it when the stimulation they were showering upon her now was directed to a different part of her body? Then, as Michael’s hand started to slip up her skirt, Abi realized they were still standing in the kitchen. Pulling back from James’ hands on her breasts and kisses on her lips, she looked at both men.

Both Michael and James looked as if they had just woken up from wet dreams. Both sported mussed hair, raging erections, and mouths hanging open. It was an incredible sight, and Abi moaned quietly at the thought of what was coming.

“Come on, boys,” she said, smirking. “It’s time that you two got better… acquainted… with each other.” Grabbing a hand belonging to each man, she walked towards Michael’s bedroom.

James and Michael looked at each other, both seeing the apprehension in the other’s eyes. Though they had both agreed that there was to be no awkwardness and that this night would not change their friendship, both were nervous to do something like this with a man for the first time.

When all three were in the room and the door was closed, Abi turned to Michael and James, who were standing next to each other. “Alright. I’m going to sit in that chair,”—she indicated an armchair on one wall— “and you two are going to… well, do anything you want to. I want to watch.”

Stripping off her blouse, skirt, and bra, Abi walked to the chair and sat down, naked. She spread her legs and began to stroke herself slowly, looking expectantly at the men.

James watched, enraptured, as Abi used her fingers to pleasure herself. Her body was perfect: curvy, soft, and writhing. But suddenly he remembered what he was supposed to be doing. Turning to Michael, he found him in the same state: hypnotized by Abi’s movements. Mentally preparing himself, he took Michael’s hand and led him to the bed.

When James grabbed his hand, Michael felt an incredible mix of emotions. His mind swirled. He felt awkward, apprehensive, excited, turned on, and scared, all at the same time. Michael usually had the emotional capacity of a teaspoon, and this mix of feelings frightened him. But then James took his face and kissed him, and all the emotions except one—turned on—fell away.

When James pressed his lips to Michael’s, the electricity shot straight to his groin. He had wanted to kiss Michael from the moment he met him when he first started as a professor. Michael’s lips were full and soft as they danced with James’, and James ran his tongue across Michael’s bottom lip, asking for entrance.

Abi slid forward on the chair as she continued to press two fingers to her clit. Watching the men run their hands over each other was enthralling, and she felt her body respond to the image, her wetness running down to dampen the chair. The image was everything she had hoped for: both men had removed their shirts and were running their hands all over each other’s bodies as they passionately kissed. Abi took a moment to consider her former Music professor’s body.

He was shorter than Michael, but with much the same muscle tone as Michael’s. He had less hair altogether than Michael, but Abi thought that a smooth chest might be a good new experience. He kept his face shaved, but a shadow of stubble was showing, and his light brown hair framed his face. His forearms and hands were two of his best features, but his crowning glory was his ass. It was incredibly shapely for a man’s, definitely bigger than Michael’s. It strained against his slacks, and Abi couldn’t wait to see what it would look like strained around Michael’s cock.

Michael’s cock hardened in his slacks as James pinched his nipples, and he ground his clothed shaft against James’. James took the hint and began to unbuckle Michael’s belt, sinking down to his knees. James allowed Michael to strip off his pants, socks, and shoes, but stopped him when he hooked his fingers around his boxer briefs. Pushing Michael’s hand away, James bent his head and kissed Michael’s cock roughly through the fabric, eliciting a loud groan. Then, hooking his thumbs under the waistband, he pulled Michael’s briefs down, allowing his cock to spring back.

When Michael had removed his underwear and thrown them forcefully out of the way with his other clothes, he felt James kiss the tip of his cock, dipping his lips into the precome that beaded there. When James took Michael’s cock into his mouth, Michael threw his head back and groaned.

“Fuck… oh, god…”

Abi moaned at the sound of Michael’s pleasure, and at the sight before her. Her lover and teacher was getting his cock sucked by her former teacher and, she figured, also her lover. And he loved it. That was no secret; it was evidenced by the look on his face: the face he always made when he loved something she was doing.

Abi plunged her fingers into herself as far as she could, pressing hard on her G-spot. She fought to keep her eyes open to watch the scene unfold in front of her. James had grabbed Michael’s ass and taken his cock all the way down his throat. She could see him gag a bit as he stretched his lips around her boyfriend’s cock, but the huge bulge in his slacks proved he loved it.

Michael felt like his head was going to explode. He held onto the post on his bed for support because he was going weak at the knees. His head was thrown back, his eyes squeezed shut. His mouth was open, but no sound was coming out; it was almost like he couldn’t breathe. Stars were appearing inside his closed eyelids; he couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that his best friend was sucking his cock, and he was about to come and shoot ropes of his seed down James’ throat. But then he was abruptly dragged back from the edge.

“Michael, I want to see you suck his cock.”

When James pulled away from Michael at Abi’s words, Michael’s cock throbbed and he groaned loudly. He had loved sucking that dildo for Abi, and he couldn’t wait to feel a real cock between his lips.

“James, fuck, that was amazing…”

James stood up and kissed Michael, allowing him to unbuckle his belt. Michael continued to kiss James as he undid his belt and slacks, and he kissed his way down the music professor’s body as he knelt. His lips brushed over James’ neck and collarbone, then made their way to his left nipple.

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