Hot Nuns Ch. 02

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My mom and dad had left for work about an hour before I even woke up. I laid there in my bed smoking a cig listening to my radio as I thought over what had just happened to me the day before. I guess what I really was thinking, was if it all was a dream. I mean, when does a guy meat two very hot nuns that like dick? I was a bit in awe of my situation to say the least.

I got out of bed and went into the shower and stood under the water till the hot water ran out. Ten minutes later I was on my way to the place that up until yesterday, I avoided when ever I could. I made a point of avoiding my girlfriend that morning, telling her that I was sick and that I really just needed to get to school and get it over with. When I got there, I could see some of the nun’s walking around doing whatever it is they do in the morning before the first bell. I didn’t really think I was going to have a repeat of the day before, but I did think it would be worth my getting to school on time if I could just in case.

I got to the photo lab and walked inside. It was pitch dark, and from what little light from the hall could illuminate, empty. My heart sank. I guessed that what happened the day before was just a fluke, or worse yet a dream. I walked over to the window and opened the blind, then lifted the window open. I was at least going to get a smoke in before class.

I heard footsteps behind and turned around, it was Melissa Tipple. She was a big boned girl that all the guys called Melissa Nipple. I stood there smoking my cig as she walked into the room with out a word. The one thing that I had always liked about her, was that she was very proportionate, her body was large, but just plain hot. The whole school knew she never put out, and that she was a complete snob. The look on her face was passive as she walked over to the window and lit a smoke. Her pail skin and blonde hair accented by the morning light coming in the window. I could help but notice that she was wearing a bra that morning. She used to get sent home for not wearing one at least once a week. It was just perfect that Missy Nipple also had a huge rack that I would love to fuck.

“So what are you doing here?” I asked finally. I looked into her green eyes as she shrugged.

“That cunt Sister Mary Beth told me to come here this morning after she ripped me a new one yesterday for my lack of a bra.” Ümraniye Escort She looked at me and said, “You see I am wearing one today.”

We both turned around and looked as we heard some one clearing their throat.

“So Ms. Tipple you think I am a cunt.” The sister stood there wearing a gray skirt and white blouse, her habit like the day before was on perfectly. She turned around and locked the door.


“I was just venting Sister, I won’t say it again.”

“Oh I think you will honey, I think you will.”

I stood there wondering what that meant when out of the blue she said. “As you both know I have taken a special interest in both of you. You are by far the worst kids in this school. Melissa, you are a cock tease and a snob, and you my young friend,” she said pointing at me, “need to learn about authority.” As she walked toward us she began to undue her blouse. “You like it when I gave you head yesterday didn’t you?”

“Yes.” we both said in unison. I was shocked when I heard Missy say it.

As she undid her blouse I say how perfect her little boobs were. I could feel my dick getting hard as she walked over and stood before us. “On your knees Ms. Tipple.” Without a word she got on her knees in front of the sister. “Unzip me.” she said in sweet voice as she turned around to let her unzip her skirt. The skirt and top went to the floor and all that was left were a pair of white panties that were a bit see through and her bra, she never attempted to take her habit off.

I watched as she pulled Missy’s head toward her crotch and ground it into her face. Missy tried to pull away at first, but then seemed to be enjoying it. She pushed her head away and I could see saliva marks on her panties where Missy’s mouth had just been. I was so fucking hard I couldn’t stand it. “Hellion?”

“Yes Sister?”

“Ms’ Tipple is saving herself for marriage, did you know that?” I shook my head no. “She wants to marry a man and give him her cherry on their wedding night. Well hellion, I made a decision last night as I fucked myself silly with my dildo. I am going to let her keep her cherry, but I am going to see the little cock tease get fucked. Ms Tipple needs fucked. We both need fucked. Would you like that?”

Missy just looked at the floor as I said “Yes I would.”

“Let me see that awesome İstanbul Escort cock honey.” I pulled off my pants in a second as my dick stood at attention she tapped my cheek. I heard Missy gasp as she looked at my dick for the first time. “Missy I want you too take off your cloths.” As missy took off all her cloths, I watched the nun touch herself. God if someone didn’t have sex with me soon I was gonna blow a nut right then. Missy’s tits were as perfect as I thought. Sister Anne would have a hard time competing with those melons. Then she bent over and pulled of her panties, she had a great ass that until that morning I hadn’t noticed because of my obsession with her chest. I was shocked to see that she was completely shaved. I so couldn’t wait to get into her.

I stood there with my dick in my hand waiting for some instruction from the nun. Instead of saying anything, she just pushed Missy on to her back and started to eat her out. Just like that, no speech, no jibes, not even a wink. Missy was moaning as she grabbed the Sister’s head and pulled toward her bald little snatch. Without either one of the horny women touching me, I was close to blowing a huge nut. I just knew for sure if either one touched me I would lose control.

Sister Mary Beth looked up from her feast with her face wet from Missy pussy and said sweetly, “If I need to tell you what to do, you are in the wrong place Hellion.” She lick Missy with a very animated lick and said, “If you can’t conform to rules, you make knew ones right?”

I stood there for long time wondering what she meant. Did she want me to take control? Was she saying that I should do her, or do Missy? I was so lost without the forcefulness that she showed since I met her. Finally I decided, I would start easy and get me a blow job, that way I could finally get some relief. That would be a start at least.

I got down on my knees and stuffed my dick in Missy’s mouth. Her eyes bulged as she realized what was happening. “Suck it!!” I said as I pushed all eight inches in her mouth forcing her to gag. I looked over and Sister Mary Beth was still eating her out as I begin to fuck Missy’s mouth. I could see she was getting close to an orgasm as was getting my cock stuffed down her throat and her pussy was getting licked by the horny nun.

Her body began to tremble as she continued to get her Anadolu Yakası Escort mouth fucked, I could feel my own orgasm mounting as I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth as far down on it as I could. I moaned loud as I began to shoot load after load down her throat forcing myself deeper into her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and sprayed a shot across her face as I turned shooting yet again on her huge tits. MY legs were giving out as I finally finished.

Sister Mary Beth climbed up on top of Missy and lick the tip of my dick before she slowly licked the cum off her face and tits. “MMMMMMMMMMMM, I so love the taste of your cum.” She smiled down at Missy and said, “You like it when you get a hard dick in you mouth don’t you?”

Missy was in tears as she laid there, and I began to feel sorry for her. I felt guilty for losing control. “Oh, don’t worry Hellion,” the nun said, “She will learn to love it.”

She slid herself up over Missy’s mouth, and began to grind her hot little cunt into her mouth. Missy seemed to recover enough to start eating her snatch through Mary Beth’s panties. I looked down at my cock and saw that it was a semi hard, and I knew then that I wasn’t finished yet. I put my dick in the nun’s face and said, “Suck it!” Hoping that I didn’t cross the line. She smiled as she took the head into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the head. Soon I was pumping my dick in her mouth just like I had done the day before. “MMMMMMMM” came from her mouth as she pulled all eight inches in her mouth and deep throated me. If you have ever had this done to you, you know that it is so good that you just want to come again. But I held on and let her suck my dick till I knew that I was so hard that nothing else in the world mattered.

“I wanna fuck you”

“Me?” the nun asked

“Both of you,” I said as I slapped my dick on Mary Beth’s lips.

The guilt I felt the day before was gone, and I now realized that I didn’t care if I burned as long as I was having fun. Right then I knew that I was doing exactly what I wanted. No one, no god was going to make me feel bad about it.

“Well,” she said she stood up and walked over to her discarded cloths leaving Missy on the floor silently biting her lip. “You are going to need this.” She reached in and grabbed something that I thought would be condoms. When she handed it to me I saw what it really was, anal lube. “we are both virgins. You remember she is saving herself for her future husband, and I am of course married to our lord. So I guess you are going to have to fuck us both in the ass.” She smiled as she sat on Missy’s face again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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