Hot Summer Day

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The local weatherman had forecasted today to be the hottest day on record. Even though it was only 9am, Chris could feel the temperature rising as he drove to pick up Brandy and Laurie. They’d decided to spend this record breaking day basking in the sun beside the ocean. Chris had told the girls of a new spot he’d recently heard of, and they both readily agreed. Little did they know that this new spot Chris was taking them to was a nudist beach, but they’d find that out when they got there. As Chris walked up the steps to their door, his hand paused on the door handle when he heard Laurie say,

“which bathing suit do you think I should wear?” Her voice had come from the open window that was to the right of the door. He leaned over to see what was going on, and through the slits in the nearly closed blinds, he could see Laurie standing there, her back to him, in a pair of tight cut off jean shorts. These shorts had been used so many times that the material was worn off creating strategically placed holes, showing off the flesh color of her backside. The only thing covering her back was her long straight brown hair.

“Well, why don’t you try them both on and I’ll tell you which one looks best” Brandy called back. Chris held his breath as he waited to see if she’d change there where he could see her. His blood began to quicken as he watched Laurie slide her shorts off revealing her round firm ass. He was mesmerized as she bent over to pick up the bottoms of the first bathing suit. He caught just a glimpse of dark curls before she covered herself with the small, shiny purple material. A welcome discomfort pressed against his own shorts as he fixated his gaze on the profile of her tender breast, which was too quickly covered with the bikini top if you were to ask him. It was then that he saw Brandy step into view. She had clearly just gotten out of the shower, for her hair was hanging in wet tendrils, with a towel wrapped around her body. Her skin was rosy and inviting after her hot shower. She walked over to Laurie and said, “turn around.”

Her eyes looking appreciatively over Laurie’s body, just as Chris’ were. Her firm breasts pushed together to reveal deep cleavage. Her small waist, nice ass, and shapely legs… “Ok, now show me the other one.” Not that he wanted to, but Chris was unable to move as Laurie changed into the second bathing suit. His eyes scanning every inch of her soft skin, noting the tan lines the bathing suit had left from a prior day in the sun. God how he wanted to taste that skin. Brandy walked over to Laurie to adjust the strap in the back, and as she did so, her towel fell slightly open revealing an ample breast. Beads of sweat were now forming on Chris’ forehead and upper lip. “Was this really happening?” He thought to himself. So many times he’d fantasized about the two of them being naked together, and here he was escort bayan watching them without them knowing. How long he had been thinking about his fantasies he didn’t know, but he was abruptly brought to reality when Brandy opened the door.

“Oh, hey Chris. You’re a little early. We’re almost ready; I was just taking out the trash…. Are you ok? You’re face is kind of red, and you’re sweating.” Chris stammered out the words,

“It’s hot”

“Well,” Brandy suggested, “if you want to put the cooler into your car, we’ll be right out.” When Chris was finally sitting in his car, he took a deep breath, and tried to clear his mind so the girls wouldn’t notice what a state of arousal he was in.

The ride to the beach was sweet torture for Chris. As hard as he tried, he couldn’t think of anything other than what he’d seen while peeking in the window. Images of Laurie’s hot ass as she bent over, Brandy’s tit exposing itself to him, how close they were standing together with nothing but the skimpy fabric they wore. The girls were oblivious to his dilemma, as they chattered back and forth. What seemed an eternity for Chris had passed, and they were finally there. Laurie and Brandy jumped out of the car with the blankets and towels, and Chris followed behind with the cooler, watching the sway of their asses as they walked. It was still early in the morning so not many people had arrived yet, and the girls were so involved in a discussion of a childhood memory, that they had laid out the blanket, taken off their shorts, and nestled comfortably on the blanket before they saw the first of many nude beach goers. Chris watched their faces, a smirk plastered on his own, as he saw their expressions change from playful chatter, to complete shock. After a few moments of jaw dropping stares, they both turned and looked at Chris, the same stunned look on their faces. If it were possible, their expressions took on a deeper look of shock, for Chris had already stripped himself of the unwanted clothing, and was laying face down on the blanket, his bare ass in plain view. Laurie finally managed to squeak out the question,

“Did you know this was a NUDIST beach?” Chris, sensing how fragile the situation was, replied,

“I had no idea, but I figured I wasn’t going to be the ONLY one wearing clothing…” At this statement the girls looked around and noticed, they were indeed the only two on the beach with clothes on. After a long whispered debate, Laurie and Brandy decided to also shed their clothing. Neither of them would admit it, but the thought of being naked on the beach with all of these other naked people…well, it was turning them on. After the awkward removing of their bathing suits, Brandy decided to lay on the other side of Chris, so he was in the middle.

The hot sun felt wonderful on their free bodies, as the three of them bursa vip escort lay on their stomachs, watching the passersby. They were all transfixed as a gorgeous woman, with dark strait hair, long slender legs, a tight perfect ass, and perky breasts strolled by. Her body was exquisite. Dark tanned skin, no tan lines, slightly glistening from what appeared to be sunning oil. Laurie felt a pulse of desire surge between her legs, and quickly put her head down in embarrassment. Brandy, on the other hand, had no shame. She openly gazed at each body that passed her viewpoint. Chris could see Laurie and Brandy out of the corner of his eyes, and smiled to himself.

An hour had passed when Laurie realized she’d not put any sun block on, and suggested that they all did so. Perhaps it was the hot weather, or all the naked bodies, but whatever the reason, Laurie squeezed the sun block onto Chris’ back and began to rub it in. Brandy took the bottle and squeezed some onto his legs and ass, and also began to rub it in. The utter pleasure Chris felt as their hands slid across his skin was indescribable. He closed his eyes and became a mass of pure sensation that was evident only if he were to turn over.

“Turn over Chris”


“I said, turn over.” Brandy repeated, “You’ll need sun block on the front too.” Chris did what he was told, and his pleasure was more than evident. His cock was so hard; it threatened to explode right then and there. Laurie, noticing his plight, and still feeling a little nervous jokingly remarked,

“It looks like a sun dial” she said, an awkward giggle following.

“Must be high noon.” Brandy retorted and they both fell into a fit of laughter as they continued to massage the lotion into his legs, chest, arms, neck….

“You might want to put some lotion on…err…on that” Laurie warned, while pointing to his groin.

“You two are doing such a good job, why don’t you do it?” Feeling slightly daring, and to be honest, quite horny now, the girls put lotion on their hands and began to gently slide them up and down Chris’ cock. He opened his eyes and watched as Laurie and Brandy’s hands worked together to apply sun block to his now engorged penis. Their fingers intertwined with each other’s as they massaged the lotion in.

“Laurie lay on your stomach.” Chris whispered. It was time to either make them stop, or he would surely cum. “Brandy, you need to help me put lotion on Laurie.” He put the lotion on his hands, and waited a heartbeat before setting them on her body as he’d wanted to do for so long now. The moment his hands began to slide over her skin, he could feel his cock throb even harder with need. Brandy knelt beside Laurie and also began rubbing the lotion into her supple skin. Her skin was so warm, so soft, so enticing. She’d known Laurie bursa elit escort almost her whole life, and now she was living out a secret fantasy she’d harbored for many, many years. With an almost featherlike touch, Brandy slid her hands over Laurie’s body. Her hands roaming in between her thighs, and as Laurie opened her legs to accommodate these sensual touches, Brandy slightly brushed against her wet pussy. Laurie’s control was nearly lost as the sensation of massaging hands coupled with the warm sun, and the sound of the oceans waves threatened to over take all sense of reason. With what sounded like near desperation, Laurie suggested,

“Brandy, it’s your turn.” Brandy was looking into Laurie’s eyes when she said that, and the look, in combination with the sound of her voice, sent eager chills up Brandy’s spine. While they massaged her, Brandy felt much of the same pleasures as her two companions, only she was a bit more vocal about her pleasure. As hands met nipples, brushed inner thighs, basically bringing every inch of her skin to life, she gasped with delicious delight.

It didn’t take long before the three friends decided they needed to cool off, so into the ocean they went. The water’s temperature was in complete contrast with their sun baked skin, but it was a welcome feeling…for each of them had felt as though their skin were on fire since the beginning of the massages, but the temporary relief didn’t last long.

There was something thrilling about being neck deep in the water, and knowing that every inch of skin below the surface was completely bare. Chris watched, as the girls would jump up to keep their heads above the waves, their glistening breasts in full view for a moment before submersing again. Noticing that Chris was watching them, Laurie dove under the water, making sure her ass stuck out before completely going under. She came up right next to Brandy, their skin touching as she began to whisper something into her ear. They both looked over at Chris; a wicked grin crossed their expression, as they both dove under the water. He tried guessing where they’d surface, and his eyes scanned the water for their return, but he saw nothing.

Several moments went by and still no sign of either of the girls. Then he had his answer. He felt a set of hands moving up the front of him, as well as the back. His breath caught in his chest as they inched higher. Their heads surfaced, revealing Brandy in front of him, and Laurie behind. They both pressed their bodies against him, hands still gliding up his skin. Laurie began to kiss the back of his neck as Brandy licked circles around his left nipple. Their hands left his body and he could tell that they were now stroking each other’s skin. Chris reached around with one hand and began fingering Laurie’s throbbing pussy, as he pressed his hips into Brandy, pulling her closer. For what seemed like hours and yet the blink of an eye at the same time, they touched, tasted, saw, and felt each other with enthusiastic passion. But it was when both Laurie and Brandy whispered into Chris’ ear, “Lets go finish this at home…” that Chris’ fantasies were finally fulfilled.

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