Hot Weekend Ch. 3

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Sunday morning cums slowly to you. You are lying stretched out naked on the bed, feeling very hot for some reason. It takes you a few minutes to realize that I am not lying next to you. As your fuzzy brain slowly wakes up you feel the hot wetness of a mouth sliding up and down your cock. You look down your body to see my slowly sliding your cock in and out of my mouth, purring around you as I see your eyes open.

I pull back and let your slip free, licking you and say good morning with a moan. You look dazedly at me and pull a pillow under your head so you can watch me as I go back to fucking your cock slowly in and out of my mouth.

I keep sliding up and down and after a long slow build up you finally feel your cock sliding down into my throat. I growl purr around you and start to rub your ass. When you gasp I slide my finger into your ass that was so well fucked the night before and start pulse sucking and fucking your cock faster. I keep up the pace, sucking harder and deeper until your explode into my mouth.

As you come down I slide up your body and whisper into your ear a thank you for the tasty breakfast you gave me. When you get your breath back you grin and roll me over and dive between my wet thighs. You are a bit surprised how wet they are but you enjoy licking them clean and suck on my clit. My moans encourage you to slide two fingers into my pussy as you suck my clit. It doesn’t take more than a minute and I cum into your mouth with a long moan of pleasure. Then you slide up and lie on top of me and kiss me, both of us tasting each others cum and rubbing our hands all over the other.

I purr and moan, then break the kiss and reach for the phone. You look at me a bit odd but shrug and slide down to suckle on my breasts. With a moan I dial and you hear me say it’s time and hang up the phone. A few minutes later you hear bayan escort a key in the door and as you try to cover up I grin and roll you over onto your back again.

Into the room steps one of the women I had seen you eyeing last night. She is wearing a little tiny bikini and purrs as you sees your naked body and mine. She removed the suit quickly and joins us on the bed. I stroke your cock till you are hard and she licks around your tip. I look into your eyes and kiss you deeply as you feel my hand stroking your shaft as her hot painted lips slide up and down, licking and sucking you into panting moans of ecstasy.

I break our kiss and whisper in your ear that this morning you get to watch your lover getting eaten out by a woman, just like you wanted. I lie back and gesture for the hot babe and she takes your hot hard cock for a few deep long sucks and then moves to me. She starts kissing all over my neck and down my breasts as I look at you and moan. She circles the nipple on one breast and I pull your head to the other, whispering for you to lick me too. You do as I tell you and I kneed the scalp of each of you.

Long minutes drag by as I moan and arch and then I push her head down and she licks down my belly to my thighs. You can clearly see what she is doing as you suckle my breast and my hand slowly strokes your cock to keep you hot and hard.

She looks up at us and says I have a lovely pussy and that your cock is amazing and then she starts to lick. Long slow laps that cause my fingers to tighten on your cock and moans to fill the air as I spread my legs wider. She licks and licks, rubbing two fingers in the moisture flowing freely from my cunt, then slides them down and into my ass. I arch up and moan and look at you. I can see this is making you hotter and hotter, almost as hot I as am. I whisper for you to put your cock into her wet pussy and though your eyes grow wide you do as I say.

Getting up, your cock bobbing and my eyes following you as I slowly writhe on the bed, you get behind her and slowly push your cock into her tight wet pussy. We all moan as you sink in deep. She licks me harder as you start to thrust that thick pleasure stick in and out of her and I start rubbing my breasts.

I twist and pinch one nipple and then lift it to my mouth. My eyes are half closed but they are locked on you as you speed up your thrusts. The harder you thrust the moan she moans into my pussy and fucks my ass with her fingers.

I start to arch and writhe on the bed, obviously close to coming from the talented tongue of the nameless babe you are fucking. I call out your name and some how keep my eyes on yours as I cum wet and wild. The sight of me cumming with a woman’s tongue in my cunt drives you wild and you start ramming your cock and out of her making her buck and writhe.

She pulls her fingers from me and I slither off the bed and kneel behind you. You are still pumping hard and fast and you feel my tongue sliding over your balls, driving you over the edge. You pump your cock hard and fast and then pull out of her and pump your hot salty cum all over her perfect ass. I keep licking your balls for a few strokes and then slither around and suck your bursting cock into my mouth. Swallowing your cum and licking her juices off your rod.

The sensation and sight of me licking you clean keeps you hard and you growl and pull me onto the bed and bury your cock once more in pussy. This time it is your favorite pussy, my tight wet bare snatch and we fuck like to wild animals, growling and snarling at each other.

The nameless pussy and tongue watches us her hand moving in her soppy pussy. She kneels as does as I did and licks your balls and your cock as it thrusts in and out of me. We both shiver and you slow down a bit. You pull out and turn me onto my side, spoon up behind me, lifting my leg and slide your cock back in, then you tell her to lick my pussy as you fuck me.

I shudder and moan and beg you both to fuck and suck me more. She does as we wish her lovely long talented tongue flickering over my clit and around your thrusting cock. You and I start moving faster and faster until you feel my cunt clenching over and over around your cock and you thrust faster and harder until you cum for the third time this morning and shudder all over in ecstasy.

The woman stops licking us and moves up and straddles my face and I start to lick her, paying her back for the lovely orgasms she gave me. You lift up and watch as I lick and suck her till she finally cums and sighs out her pleasure. All the while I could feel stirrings in your cock once more. I whisper my thanks and tell her once more it is time and she nods and puts her bikini back on and leaves the room.

I start to rock against you in a slow slow slow fuck and we lie on the bed together moving slower. You finally pull out and roll me back on my back and slip your still hard cock into my pussy. Once more we start the slow slow thrusts. We rock and thrust alone together for hours, slowly building to a long sweet shuddering orgasm.

When we finally stop I look into your eyes lovingly and ask you if you enjoyed your weekend. You smile and nod and ask me the same. I too smile and then whisper, but this was better. We both agree. Our one weekend of wild group sex with strangers was enough to make us happy and sated. I go on whispering ideas for next weekend and a cabin out in the snowy countryside I rented and how we wont be packing anything to wear. We snuggle and kiss and nap till it is time to go pick up the kids. The kids ask us later why we have been giggling so much and we just smile and tell them to go to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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