Hotel Meeting

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Anna Louise

Taking a deep breath to calm myself, I enter the hotel lounge. Glancing about the room, checking the tables first then the stools fronting the bar. Almost missing him but then a second look spots him.

He’s speaking with the bartender. A gesture and its clear that they’re discussing the game on the TV. Both laughing as another beer is placed before him.

I walk to the bar, being careful not to rush or to keep looking at him. Taking an open seat two stools down from him, the others conveniently empty. I don’t look but I feel his eyes on me.

Wearing a very short skirt, my hand holds it to my thigh as I climb onto the stool. Ignoring him watching me as I do. Legs bare, every inch of them suddenly aware of the coolness of the room.

Damn, cursing myself as I feel my nipples straining under my bra. Knowing that picking the lacy one does little to prevent them from appearing through my silk top. Not that I wouldn’t want him to notice them, but not yet, not so soon.

Perhaps its my conciousness of them but now I’m sure his eyes have moved from my legs straight to my breasts. Fruitlessly fighting the urge, I can’t help and turn to look at him. Catching him in what I’ve already suspected.

But not catching him embaressed at being found out. Instead it seems his eyes twinkle at me as his smile increases. “Hi,” is all he says and I nod and turn back towards the bar.

I order a glass of red wine and toy with the coaster while I wait. He hasn’t turned and is looking my way. Finally after my drink arrives, I glance his way again.

“Could I ask you a question?”

“Ummm, who me?”

“Yes, I was wondering how you liked that wine. My wife likes red and I’m always looking for something new for her.”

I give him a small smile and I take another sip. “Its not bad but I prefer California wines and this is from Chile I think.”

“Oh any one in particular?”

“Yes, Rodney Strong caberanet.”

He smiles brightly. “She already knows that one, its seems to be a favorite of late.”

I give him another small smile, “Well, I guess I’m not much help then.” Taking another sip but keeping my eyes on him.

By the time I finish my first glass, we’ve exchanged pleasantries and I’ve asked if you would be joining him. He shook his head and explained that this was a business trip and that he’s on his own. The bartender has returned and joined our conversation which moves between the game, the merits of Chilean wines and tomorrow’s weather.

Along the way, he’s moved a seat closer as the bar begins to fill. The seat between soon lost as a couple asks if I wouldn’t mind moving down a chair so they could sit together. His eyes sparkling as I move next to him.

He asks if I’m staying here and I tell him no, that I was to meet a friend but it doesn’t appear that she will make it. My glass almost empty, he offers to buy me another, sensing that I might leave otherwise. I thank him but beg off, stating that I should get something to eat before the wine goes right to my head.

“Look, could I buy you dinner? Here, that is…I’m free myself and I hate to dine alone.”

“Oh I couldn’t…,” wishing, hoping and knowing that he won’t take my token refusal as final. He takes the bait and presses me, insisting that I join him to make up for my friend’s rudeness in leaving me drinking alone in a bar. Several times during our discussion, I glance into his lap. Seeing his bulge and watching it grow as he senses that I will accept his offer.

His eyes much freer now to take in my body. Boldly looking at my exposed thighs and brushing his knee against mine now and then. My fight to keep my nipples in check long lost and he strays upon them each time he looks up from my legs.

After the bartender freshens our drinks, we find ourselves moving to a table in the main dining room. His hand takes my elbow as we are lead to the table and he sits adjacent to gaziantep escort reklamları me. I cover his hand with mine as I thank him and state my intention to share in the cost of the meal.

He waves my offer any, telling him not to insult him as its he’s treat. I lean close and ask what you might think of buying me dinner and he gives me a conspiratorial grin. “I won’t tell if you don’t tell.”

I giggle and tell him that I may not be able to keep that agreement. My hand closing tighter about his. The wine making me bold now, I ask if he regularly picks up women while traveling.

A shadow passes behind his eyes and he shakes his head no. Then his smile returns, “Not regularly.” And we both laugh at that.

I let my knee touch his under the table as the waitress takes our orders. Another drink occupies the time with neither of us speaking.

His hand upon my knee causes me to look in his eyes and he tells me that he’s never had more than the occasional one-nighter while away from you. I smile and ask him if he’s happy and he squeezes my knee and whispers yes. He then goes into an impassioned description of you and how wonderful you’ve made his life.

I sense a tint of sadness though and I ask why if there is anything he regrets or wishes he could change. He looks me dead in the eyes and says that while he has never had more than the occasional fling, he knows that you’ve had your own affairs.

I give him a soft smile, my hand covering his again, and ask him, “Well, since you seem to enjoy them, why deny her?”

He shakes his head again, then looks left and right. Leaning in he whispers, “I guess I’m just a little confused. Her affair was with another woman.”

Now surprised, I stamper out how did he know and was he sure. He tells me that without your knowing, he found a hotel receipt. He goes on to tell me that he wanted to catch you and find out who “he” was so he followed you one afternoon. And was shocked to find you joined by a woman.

I slide my hand up his leg and onto his manhood. I grasp him gently as I ask him how he felt about it. He says at first he was devastated, in shock. Especially when you exited several hours later looking so satisfied and happy. And when he learned how often you met with her.

I ask him if he ever mentioned it to you or confronted you with it. His head barely moves as he replies that he couldn’t. That it never lessened your desire for him. That, in fact, you often were even more aroused the nights after your afternoon encounters.

My hand tightens on his cock and I ask if he found it exciting, to fuck you knowing that hours before your pussy was licked by another woman. And that your mouth had sucked and licked another woman’s pussy. He hardens quickly under my fingers and gives me a look that leaves no doubt.

He asks me if I’ve ever slept with a woman. I squeeze him and tell him that I have. That I came here tonight with that intention. My fingers moving along his length.

We don’t speak again for several minutes. His fingers making small passes along my inner thigh as I continue to measure his cock with my fingers. Breaking contact as our meals arrive.

We eat in silence but making eye contact all the while. After the plates are cleared, and dessert declined, I again offer to pay for my meal. He refuses and signs the check to his room.

We stand to leave and he follows me to the hotel lobby. I turn to face him and thank him for dinner. Leaning in, I kiss him softly on the lips. Then I smile just as softly and whisper that I enjoyed playing with his cock as well.

His hand slips into mine and asks if I would like to join him for another drink. I shake my head no but I don’t otherwise move, letting my fingers remain with his. Then he smiles and asks if I would like to play with it a bit more.

He leads me to his room. Silent again after I’ve accepted his offer. Silent still when he kisses me. His arms strong and holding firm as my lips part and accept his tongue.

His fullness pressed against my belly. His cock long and hard in his pants. My fingers dancing at the back of his neck as we kiss. Lightheaded knowing that the cock that has fucked you so many times will soon be inside me.

His hands move to undress me and I’m quick to unzip him. My hand fishing and pulling his hardness out. Stroking him, my fingers encircling his girth as he moans into my mouth.

My mouth at his ear telling him that I have to suck him, then dropping to my knees. Holding him with both hands as I lick the mushroom head of his cock. Tasting the saltiness of his precum before taking him in.

His hands gripping my head as I suck him. Using my tongue along this shaft as I let him in and out of my wet hot mouth. Taking him in deeper, my hands are freed to unbuckle and drop his pants down. Followed by his boxers.

Looking up at him, I see him watching me as I try to take him completely. He grins and whispers that it took you several times before you could do it easily. I feel the head of his cock press along the back of my throat and into it, making his eyes turn upwards with delight.

His balls strike my chin as I shallow him down. Then long slow movements back and forth as his cock exits and repentrates my throat. Thinking I will have him cum in my mouth so that he can fuck me longer afterwards when his need is not so strong.

But he has other ideas and pushes me off him. With his cock waving about in front of him, he finishes undressing me. Kissing and licking my body as it comes into view. A sharp sucking of air as he sees my shaved pussy.

He lays me on the bed and licks me wetly between the legs. His tongue thicker and stronger that yours. Not as talented but eager and willing. Fingers pulling me open as he seeks my clit.

I squirm on the bed as he fills me with a thick finger. His mouth moving off me at the same time. He climbs up and his hard cock it at my mouth again. I open and take him.

With me under him, I’m unable to take him deep but he seems satisfied with his finger continuing to probe my pussy. I can’t see his face but I’m sure he’s examining my smooth mound and lips as his fingers now open and pull at me.

I slide my hands up his legs, one hand then cupping his balls. With a moan he sits upright and pulls me sideways. Now I’m in a better position to suck and lick him which is what he desires.

He rocks back and forth into my mouth until I push him onto his back. Between his spread legs, I fist his cock in my hand. Licking at the head as I pump him.

Then I take him deep. One long insertion, making sure he is able to see it all. Then pulling back off him completely with a long strang of precum/saliva stretching from my lips to his cock. Then swallowing him again.

Rubbing his cock along my lips, my eyes on his. “Does she suck you this way?” And I throat him once more.

“Ummm…. yes….eyesss…”

My hand pumping him again, his hardness again in my fist. My eyes locked on his as my tongue darts out to tease his peehole. “And does she let you cum in her mouth… Her mouth still tasting of pussy…?”

He groans and mumbles a deep yes.

“And you like knowing that her mouth was sucking pussy before she sucked your cock.”

His hands grip my head and force his cock into my mouth. His hips jerking upwards, fucking my face.

I’m unable to speak as he holds me firmly. I use my tongue as best I can on his shaft as my hand squeezes his balls. Teasing a finger under them on that brief stretch of flesh between balls and asshole. Rewarded with a long blast of cum into my mouth.

I swallow it as best I can until his hands release me. Then I wrap my lips around the head and suck while pumping his cock. Pumping and sucking until he is finished. Pumping and sucking until he hardens again.

He fucks me with an unexpected fierceness. His cock thick and filling me. On top of me at first, then laying sideways with my leg pulled up to my chest.

Whispering to me, asking me if I like sucking pussy after its been fucked and sucking cock wet with pussy. Before I can response, he’s up off the bed and rubbing his cock on my face. Painting it with our combined wetness.

Then its his face at mine. Licking and kissing me, cleaning me of the wetness.

He lifts me from the bed. Standing face to face, he lowers me onto his cock. I wrap my legs around his hips, my arms around his neck and now I fuck him. My body moving up and down, his hard cock sinking deep inside me. Taking him hard and fast.

He walks me around the room, letting me fuck him. Enjoying me fucking him. We kiss deeply, swapping tongues and spit as I fuck him faster and faster.

Finally he ends up with my back resting on the door to the room. Now he is fucking me again, banging me against the door with his thrusts.

My mouth leaves his and I bite and suck at his earlobe.

“Would you like me to fuck her?” My voice low and deep in his ear. “And then fuck you afterwards. After you’ve fucked her.”

He doesn’t answer, only pounds harder into me.

“Or maybe you want us together…both of us fucking you…sucking you…me sucking her…after your cock has fucked her…or while you fuck her…”

He groans loudly and I feel his hot cum in my pussy. One, two, three, four…feeling his cock spasm inside me.

His mouth finds mine again. And he carries me back to the bed. Laying us down togther, still joined.

“Would you like that?” His voice soft and unsure.

I nod and kiss his nose. “I would…” Thinking to myself, “More than you would know.”

Later as we fuck again, its slower and not rushed with me riding him. He plays with my tits and smiles up at me. After cumming twice, this is purely for my pleasure and he lets me move at my own pace. I take my time, getting to know his cock and showing him how I like to have it in me.

By the time I reach my orgasm, he’s recovering his own desire to cum. Laying on top of him, panting and sweating with his cock pushing up in and out of me, I ask him how he wants me. I feel his finger moving along the crack of my ass and I nod and whisper, “Yes, please.”

We roll until I’m face down on the bed. I reach for my purse, surprising him with the tube of lube. A short time later, his slick cock is pressing at my rosebud. He goes slow but I can tell its all he can do not to rush.

I let out a low moan as he enters. Relaxing to allow him to press forward. His hot breath in my ear, “Is this ok?”

My ass stretching around him, “Yes…more…please give me more…”

His weight sinks down, driving his cock futher inside me. My ass moving under him as each inch slides in. Still slow but not stopping until I am full with him.

We lay still for a minute. His lips moving along my neck and shoulder. His hands slip along my arms, drawing them up towards the corners of the bed. Our fingers joining together as he lays prone over me.

Lifting his hips, my ass alive and buzzing as he pulls out then drives back in. Still again, listening to both of us sucking in air and preparing for more. His fingers clamp down on mine and he starts to move.

The sensation of his cock fucking my ass has me moaning in wanton lust. His pace increases, stopping only once when he first hears me grunt. Asking if I’m ok…

I answer by begging him not to stop. And he gladly obliges. His thick cock ramming me over and over and over.

I’ve screamed out several times before he cums. Once when he slowed down was to yell, “Don’t you stop! Don’t you dare stop!” Another time I’m sure I was crying, telling him, and the room next door, how good his cock felt in my ass.

Afterwards, I fell asleep in his arms. But not before getting him to promise to introduce us. In the darkness of the room, I’m sure he didn’t notice my glee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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