House Cleaner Teaches Father Dale

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I clean and cook for a couple of Priests here in our small community.

Father Dale is a very handsome man, 45, & a little over 6 feet. He is a little over weight (my fault I guess hehe). Father Dale has the most Beautiful blue eyes a woman could ever lay eyes on. Just looking at him draws you into him. I often wondered why he ever became a priest.

The other day I had to work later than usual .I was upstairs cleaning out the washroom when I heard some muffled noises coming from Father Dale’s room. I slowly and quietly walked toward his room. The door was not completely shut. I peeked in to see if he was all right, .WOW was he ever all right! I saw the most beautiful cock ever!! At least 9 inches long and at least 2 or 3 inches wide. I watched for a bit because that was always a question in my mind as to what a Priest did when of if he got horney.

Father Dale had the small TV on was watching something on it. I peeked in further careful not to make any noise. It was a very, very old porn. It really didn’t show anything like we can see today, just very suggestive. It showed tits bouncing but no penetration.

Father Dale was standing at the mirror with his cock sticking out of the zipper with his pant still done up. What a beautiful site. Obviously, he thought so too. He was smiling and stroking his cock and balls. He lifted his cock to stroke his balls. Bayan Escort Antep Then I noticed they didn’t have any hair on them, or around his cock!!He shaved all the pub hair off. I thought I would cum right there. I could feel the wetness between my legs. I was so turned on by this sight! He stroked his cock and watched the video. The he reached into his beside drawer and pulled out some baby oil, poured some into his hand and stroked slowly. Oh, how I wanted to interrupt him, but I didn’t and watched as his strokes got faster and his breathing harder. Then he exploded all over his hand, & across the room. I though those jets of cum would never stop. He was very please with his load as he smile with approval as to how far he had shot his load. I quickly went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled that I was leaving. Father Dale yelled back “K –Liz, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As I drove home I thought of an xxx video I had .It was the best porn I had seen in a long time. I had a wicked thought. Tomorrow I would replace the video and watch from a distance again another night. I was so horney I fingered myself as I drove home. When I got home, I used my portable friend and thought about Father Dales cock. I fucking came so hard .I knew it was a nasty thought but I just had to have that cock in me.

The next day I replace the video he had with the one I brought from home .I didn’t touch his room that day as I didn’t want him to catch on who did it quiet yet. I am what people call voluptuous. I catch Father Dale a couple of time peek around a corner to watch me. So, I lowered the front of my top to expose more cleavage. I gave him a little show. I stayed in a bent over position so he could see my tits sway. I pretended I didn’t see him and stood up after I figured his cock was hard. “Oh, father Dale, I didn’t hear you come in. would you like a coffee or tea?” I thought to myself or me?? and smiled. I casually looked at his crotch as I walked towards him. He was soooooooooooo hard. His cock bulged thru his pants making an obvious outline of his cock.

I pretended not to see it.

“Ummmm, coffee would be great.”

Liz thought to herself tonight has top be the night. I can’t go on any longer. I have to see what he does. She gave him his coffee and sat with him to have one herself. This was not out of the ordinary at all. She kept her tank top where was not even trying to adjust it. Father Dale liked this very much. He didn’t even ask her to adjust her top. He could see a bit of her areole. He thought he was being discrete but he was staring and I loved every min of it.

After supper Father Dale went upstairs. I yelled that I was leaving and pretended to leave. I quietly snuck upstairs and watched from my secret hiding place.

Father was already watching the videotape. He was sitting glued to the TV and his cock & balls were sticking out of his pants like before. I loved that, it looked so sexy. His hands were not touching his cock this time. He just sat with his hands behind him holding up his body .His cock stood right up .I wanted to burst in and suck it right there but I decided to finger myself as I watched him. He took out a half blown up balloon and imitated the man licking the woman’s nipple. Then it dawned on me.. He is probably a virgin. Holy Fuck!! (No pun intended). He kept rewinding it and watched himself in the mirror to see if he was getting it right. Looked pretty good to me. My tits were aching for his mouth.

He let the tape continue to run when he was satisfied with the balloon. He watched as the man licked his way down to her wet cunt. It was bald. Father Dale was mesmerized with the licking of this wet bald cunt. Precum was oozing from his cock .He flicked his tongue with the guy in the video. Then watched himself in the mirror again. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

He fast forward to the place where the man fucked the lady doggy style. Father Dale got on his bed on his hands and knees and grabbed a balloon that was not inflated very much. He forced it over his cock with two hands and fucked the balloon with the same timing as the guy in the video. He had obviously practiced this a lot cos he was very good at it plus he held back until they came together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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