House of Feathers Ch. 25: A Butterfly

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A follow-on story from the series, but intended to stand alone.

I hope you enjoy it..


“Have you a moment, dear?” Kaarin said. She was standing in my lab door, her figure backlit in exquisite silhouette by the afternoon sun.

“For you, always.”

I pushed myself away from the desk, got up and walked around it to her, holding my arms out for a hug. Once we got snuggly, I could feel her hands clasp over my lower back and ran my own right hand slowly from back to bum and up again, giving the latter a slight squeeze as I left. The scent of shampoo and healthy girl filled my nostrils. Without lifting my head from hers, I watched her fine, pale hair blown gently by the overhead fan.

My rule is to never be the first to break a hug. In any case, hugging Number Two Wife was generally more satisfying than bedding most other women and I was content to just stand there for as long as she needed. I knew she would speak when it was time. Kaarin was a tall woman and, unclothed as we were, I could feel her nipples against mine. Tissue began to knot and tighten between my legs in response. Not getting hard, but definitely reminding me of my gender – and hers.

“So, may I ask favour, please?”

“Ask away,” I replied.

“Would you mind visitor for a couple of weeks? I know you like privacy, but could make exception, please?” Her face tilted over towards mine and once again I found myself drowning in eyes the colour of alpine lakes.

She smiled and that was enough. Her smile turned into an impish grin as she felt me rising against her thigh. I felt long fingers trail gently along my length, then she broke the hug and pushed herself back.

“Sorry, not fair to tease when asking favour,” she said.

“You’re forgiven.”

She giggled, looked at my desk. “Not too busy?”

“Not particularly. Tell me about this guest.”

Her grin changed back to a loving smile.

“Is niece, sort of. Former husband’s sister’s daughter. Will be out of school for school break next month and would enjoy getting away from snow. Is nice person.”

“Um, how to put this, Kaarin? I’m unsure about having a child wandering around here. The three of us have an… unconventional lifestyle. Even here on the island, the authorities would object.”

(Make that a thoroughly hedonistic lifestyle. I and my two wives lived in a small villa on a private estate in French Polynesia. With a year-round constant temperature of about 28ºC, none of us bothered wearing anything more confining than sunblock and, with near-total privacy indoors and out, only some of our lovemaking took place in our bedroom. Now add a good dash of kink for spice… And I’ll admit that I was selfish enough to be unwilling to allow a stranger to interfere with the lifestyle and relationships I treasured.)

“Not child,” she replied. “Is physics and engineering student at university.”


“Would not be much disruption, I think. Quiet, good cook. Smart, too. Spare room still open, no?”

“Have you talked to…”

“Yes,” she cut me off. “She knows Katri from before, likes her. Said to ask you.”

“A student?”

“Is specializing in robotics. Before I moved here, I spent time saying goodbyes, had lunch with her. Was jealous of my being able to live with you. Thinks you are genius – big fan. Almost as much as me.”

She smiled once more and, well, what man could refuse after that?


In deference to potential sensibilities, we at the villa were all dressed when she arrived, a most unusual state of affairs. Katri proved to be truly tiny, barely five feet tall, less than seven stone and very, very pretty. Sort, well-styled medium-brown hair suited her perfectly, framing warm brown eyes. When she arrived, dressed in a knee-length skirt and light blouse, she wore little makeup and no jewellery that I could see beyond a thin wristwatch.

She smiled when Kaarin introduced me – perfectly even, brilliant white teeth. And it was a genuine smile, too, nothing phoney.

And entrancing. Smiles like that have caused duels in times gone by.

We didn’t keep her up for long; we knew all too well the near-coma induced by three days en route from Europe. Within 20 minutes of her arrival, she was in bed and sound asleep.


Katri’s eyes opened wide when she first emerged from her bedroom the next morning to find that the rest of us had reverted to our usual state of undress. She said nothing but when she reappeared after a shower, she was wearing only a bikini bottom.

Petite and very trim, she was still far more feminine than most of the overly-famous anorexic high-fashion models. With smallish but very shapely breasts, perfect nipples, a tiny waist and sleek hips, she was head-turning, to say the least. She wore a small gold owl in a navel piercing. Minerva’s owl, I thought; how fitting…


Katri’s jet lag gradually faded and she soon fit into our life. Her English was perfect. Initially diffident, even shy, she gradually opened to our bursa escort bayan unconventional lifestyle. She wore the bikini bottom for a few days, and then discarded it as pointless. Her fine public hair had been trimmed to a small triangle pointing down to where pink lips could be seen protruding, as if demanding the eyes’ attention.

They had mine, frankly.

She joined in the daily distaff yoga sessions, but was primarily a gymnast, which accounted for her fine physical condition. On occasion I was able to watch her doing a floor routine on the hard sand between the local palms. The girl was amazingly limber.

The three women spent a lot of time together at first – girl talk, beachcombing, strolling around the area or just sunning themselves. She developed an all-over tan which suited her very well. There was a lot of laughter and that was nice on the ears. Whenever I came near, however, I could see their eyes on me, hear the tone of the conversation change – not that I could understand that much of their mother tongue in any case.

Then one day, the bombshell got dropped.

“What, never?” I asked.

“Her mother had an ugly divorce from her father when Katri was five and eventually got into a long-term lesbian partnership with another woman. It was apparently a loving, solid relationship, but both women were very down on men. That attitude stuck to Katri in school. Then she got into her university studies and, well, boys were less important than good grades. So, no.”

“No relationships at all?”

“From what she tells us, she had one girl-on-girl affair with a fellow student in first year, but they fell out and it went no further than heavy petting. There were a couple of make-out sessions with a boy she dated briefly, but she lost patience with him before it went any further.”

“Has she ever had an orgasm?”

“She says no, not really. Something happened, but it doesn’t seem to be anything special.”

“So sad,” I mused.


Not long after, she dropped another one. Katri and Kaarin were off together; in retrospect, it was probably arranged to give us two time together.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, absolutely. It’s time for you to make love to her.”

“Why now all of a sudden and why me?”

“Well, you’re a hero to her and…”

I raised my hand, cut her off. “That’s a pretty big red flag right there, love. I’m really uneasy about taking advantage of a groupie, especially a virgin and most especially one years younger than me. It just feels creepy.”

She leaned her head on my shoulder, patted my arm. “That’s the difference, darling man of mine. You’re not pressuring her and you’re trying to respect her as a person. She’s the one wanting to lose her cherry.”

I still felt uncomfortable. “Well, why not you?” I asked.

“Me?” She seemed shocked.

“Sure. Why not? You and she both like girls, there’s no power imbalance and, who knows, maybe I’d get to watch.” I grinned at her.

She grinned back, shoved me away with both hands. “Sa loll!”

“I am not!” That much I understood.

She reached out again and took my head in her arms, pulling us together. She gave me a gentle kiss on the lips, then held my head so that our eyes were locked.

“No, you aren’t, but Katri wants a man, not a woman. She wants to lose her maidenhood, and lose it to one man in particular – you. She is head-over-heels for you. You, not me.”


“What? You don’t want her? Too skinny?”

“No, not at all,” I dodged. Even with women as open-minded as my Number One wife, admitting lust for another woman is always risky. “She’s slender, not skinny. And very cute.” I thought for a moment. “I will admit that her being so small makes her seem more like a child and that’s nervous-making, too.”

“Children don’t have figures like that, hon. You know she’s of legal age, both here and at home.”

“OK, but I will admit that I’m intimidated. She’s so damned tiny, sweets!”

She again stared into my eyes, poking my chest for emphasis. “She’s a grown woman, you darling, silly man – and not much younger than we were when we first made love. She’s been on the pill for menstrual irregularities for over a year. She’s smart, pretty and thinks you are wonderful. Where’s the problem?”

I nodded, then thought for a second.

“What does Kaarin say?” I asked.

“She agrees, of course. Have you ever seen us disagree?”

Thinking on it, I couldn’t. From our first weeks together, it was as if the two of them were operating on just one mind.

She looked at me in challenge, raised one eyebrow. “Want me to go and get her?”

I shook my head. One thing these two never did was fib or distort.

I closed my eyes for a moment.

“OK, I guess. But do you have something in mind or am I just supposed to trip the girl when her guard is down?”

She grinned again. “Trip her in her present mood and she’d land under you. No, let Kaarin and I think on it.”


I had bursa anal yapan escort showed Katri around my lab – most of it at least – soon after she arrived. It was obvious that she had a good brain; her questions were well-posed, carefully analytic and showed a better-than-expected grasp of the basics for someone of her age and education. I was quite impressed in spite of myself and made a note to pass her name to my recruiters in Europe for when she graduated.

Over dinner sometime later, she asked if there was anything she could do to help. “I’d consider it an honour to work with… um, for you.”

“Um, not really,” I mused. “Sort of between major projects right now.”

“How about the chair?” came a question from my lady. “Don’t the manufacturers want some modifications?” Both of the older women grinned, barely repressed giggles.

“The chair?” asked Katri. “What chair?”

“How about we talk about it another time?” I replied, glaring at the others. They just smirked.

“You will enjoy it,” Kaarin said, patting her arm. “Is magic.”

Her co-wife snickered quietly. I glanced at them both to see a coordinated wink. Way to pump up the tension around here, I thought.


“OK,” I said, stopping before the closed door and shaking off my wives’ hands. The two of them, almost succeeding at not giggling, had practically dragged Katri and I there after dinner. “Katri, this is kind of kinky. A lot of hard work and serious engineering has gone into it, but it’s still a masturbation toy for women. If that offends you in any way, let’s just forget it.”

The girl blushed, head to toe, but shook her head. “I want to see it,” she said softly. I noticed her bare nipples tightening. I was embarrassed to find myself stiffening, just a little, in reaction to the sight.

I spun around and opened the door to reveal what had started as a pretty standard office chair, now extensively modified. Her hands flew to cover her mouth once she figured out what she was looking at.

“Oh!” she whispered.

An oblong hole in the seat now exposed the tips of one large and one small vibrator, with servos and motors mounted underneath. Retractable straps served to restrain the occupant’s waist, wrists and legs. Sensor cables led from a box on the back, with a small air pump mounted beside it. A pair of cameras could be mounted to monitor skin temperature and eye pupil dilation.

“You made this?” she asked. “But you’re so talented! Why this?”

The two taller women stepped up, one on either side of the girl and hugged her. The Katri sandwich made an amazing sight.

“It’s his absolutely best design,” one said. “No,” said the other, “Better than that. 19 patents already filed and four companies bidding on rights for market. Will make millions.” The two of them glowed with pride in me. I felt like blushing myself.

She looked from one of us to the next to the third. “You’re serious,” she said.

I gave a small smile, shrugged. “I’ve had requests from two of the bidders for some adjustments and modifications and I’ve got some ideas for a generally enhanced version. It’s very broadly ‘robotics’, Katri, and if you wanted to help, I’d be pleased to have your help and insights.”

“What sort of adjustments?” Her voice was soft, her eyes glued to the chair, like a mouse watching a crouching cat.

“Well, to start off with, I’ve been asked to fit the vibrators under the seat with quick-change fittings to make it easier for the user to exchange them if she wants. The air pump – and I’ll explain that later – is a bit noisy; it needs reworking. And I eventually want to fit some of the sensor array in a sensory deprivation helmet, but the fittings and pumps are what’s important right now.”

“Is this for real?” she asked, still not looking away from the chair.

“Is wonderful!” Kaarin beamed.

“You use this, Kaarin?” she said, wide eyes flipping to her aunt. It did look rather ominous.

“Oh, yes! Is amazing. Best orgasms ever. Real man or woman is different, more satisfying, more loving, but this is very, very good.”

The girl blinked several times and she drew a rather ragged breath.

“OK,” she said, turning to me. “I’m not sure how designing sex toys will look on my résumé, but OK. ‘Sensory deprivation’, you said?”

“Maybe later – next generation, so to speak. Right now, I need quick-change fittings.” I handed her some penciled conceptual sketches from my desk. “I’ll send some more detailed requirements and specs to your account. You can use that work station over there. When you are ready to make a prototype, I’ll show you around the workshop. You do know how to use a 3D printer, right?”

Katri nodded.

I looked at the other two. “OK with you?”

They also nodded, smiling.

I turned back to my new apprentice.

“The deal is this, dear. I expect you to keep track of your hours and pass them to me each week. You get paid for this.”

“You don’t bursa rus escort have to pay…” she began.

“Hush,” I said, putting a finger to her lips. “You’re on the payroll. It’s a tax deduction for me and your vacation gets you something more than a tan. Understand?”

She nodded solemnly.

“Good. Second point – I know what it’s like to get over-involved in a project.” Both wives rolled their eyes in silent agreement. “You work no more than five hours a day on this. The rest of the day is for meals, relaxation, sleep and exercise.”

She nodded again.

“I’ll be checking.”

Another solemn nod.

“And, because Kaarin assured us that you are a good cook, you also make your share of meals.”

“OK!” she agreed, brightly.

“Starting tonight.” Tonight was supposed to be my turn, but she didn’t have to know that…

“OK,” she agreed, somewhat less brightly.

“Good, then,” I said. I took her by the bare shoulders, turned her around until she was facing the spare computer and gave her a gentle push. I couldn’t resist watching her walk – it was indeed a delightful derrière – perfectly shaped, firm. I sighed in spite of myself.

After the three of us had left her in the lab, I took the two of them in my arms as we walked. “OK, girls, what just happened? You two sandbagged me into talking a barely-legal virgin into working on an advanced sex toy. Why?”

Bending forward to peer at each other around my torso, the two of them started grinning, then giggling, then laughing.


From one side, “It didn’t take much convincing. You, I mean.”

“Well, you might have warned me.”

From the other side, “You wouldn’t have agreed if we had, would you? This way, she got to work for you – and she is thrilled about that. And…”


“This will get her libido going.” There was a giggle. “Not that she needs much prompting.”

“Not with this in front of her all day.” A slim finger traced my chest, stomach and finished up twirling around my dangling auxiliary brain. Twin smiles framed me.



I had figured that there were about three ways she could design the connections for the chair. Within two days, she came up with a fourth. Hers was quicker to use and would be easier (and thus cheaper) to manufacture. It also made it simpler to adapt non-standard vibrators. The girl was brilliant. Without mentioning it to her, I emailed my legals to file for a patent in her name. Meanwhile, I gave her another project.


I still had my doubts about taking the girl to bed. My wives and I were limiting our sexual romps to our bedroom, but the two of them were often noisy in their enjoyment and I had no doubt that Katri had overheard us. I caught her eyeing my wedding tackle on occasion, almost speculatively.

We were however no closer to a seduction plan or scenario from the older women and I was still unwilling to make a move without one. Call me ethical or call me timid – it’s your call. Then in the middle of lunch one day, without warning, Kaarin changed all that.

“Katri, dear,” she asked, casually, “how would you like to learn to make love tonight?”

I almost sprayed my tea over the table. This was not what I had been expecting.

Nor Katri – she was blushing scarlet and looked like she would be more comfortable hiding under the table.

“What the hell?” I sputtered. Even for our household, it was embarrassingly blunt.

“Quiet, husband. Is women talking.”

“Should I go for a walk?”

“No, just let your betters speak without interrupting.”

I went for a walk anyway. Hell, I was blushing.


When I came back, an agreement – and presumably a game plan of some sort – seemed to have been agreed upon.

Katri came up to me, put her arms around my waist and leaned in.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

I petted her head, my hand as gently as I could.

Her face turned up at me and she pursed her lips. I leaned down, kissed her lightly, but broke away.

“You’re sure?”

Wordlessly, she pulled my head back for another kiss.

When we broke the kiss, both my wives were looking at us, arms around each other’s waist, smiles of approval on their faces.


The two older women gave her a loving hug.

“We’ll be right down the hall if you want anything, dear.” “You are very lucky.” “You will enjoy him, I promise.”

With that, they left, leaving the door open behind them.

Katri turned to me, eyes wide and fixed on mine. “What now?” she asked softly. Her face had that amazing mix of eager anticipation and virginal apprehension.

“Now? We do what comes naturally, sweet girl. To start off, would you feel safer if they were back in here?”

She smiled at me – a coquettish smile. “Am I in danger?”

“Great, terrible danger,” I teased. “Seriously, though, if you are nervous, I’m sure one or both of them would be happy to be here. If not, do you want the door open or closed?”

She thought for a second, then went over and swung the door, leaving it just ajar. She came back to me, young hips swaying so sweetly, and put her arms around my waist. Her head barely came up high enough to rest on my shoulder. After a moment, she whispered, “I want this. I want you. But Ema says it hurts. Will it hurt?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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