How I Got My Sugar Daddy

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I was the first in my family to go to college and it was something that I had wanted ever since I was a little girl. My family didn’t have a lot of money, so I worked during each summer, scrimping and saving for the fall and my return to school.

It was summer and I was between my sophomore and junior years, now passing the halfway point in my college life and I was again working at a nearby resort as I had the year before.

My duties did vary some but I mostly clerked behind the desk or worked as a concierge. The clientele was pretty well-off, the resort was a nice one, not one of the run-down, seedy ones that you can find, but nice if not super-posh.

We did have a few regulars, one was a man who worked in the defense industry, there was an Army research and development center near here, and he used our resort as his hotel when he visited them which was pretty regularly. Mister Weber, Martin Weber, would come for four or five days every three, maybe four weeks to meet with various people at the military complex on business. Most of our other guests came on vacations and bought golf or tennis packages.

I had seen Mister Weber a few times and thought he was a handsome man but really thought no further as I had a steady boyfriend at the time. I’ve usually had a boyfriend ever since my first one in the seventh grade. I’m considered pretty, my hair is ‘dirty’ blond and shoulder length and my figure is 34(C-cups, if you must know)-24-36, so I do attract the occasional look and leer, and I’m five foot nine in my stocking feet.

One morning at the front desk, I was there when he came to check in and as I got the check-in completed, I told him that the room wasn’t quite ready.

“Well, then, I’ll just talk with you then,” and he looks at my name badge and adds, “Yes, I’ll just talk with you, Kelly, you’re certainly the most diverting thing around here.”

“Oh, I’m sure you would hardly need diverting, Mister Weber, you look like you are well-entertained wherever you go.”

“Ah but there’s nothing like a lovely young lady to divert a man from the more boring tasks of life.”

“I’m sure there are few boring things in your life, Mister Weber, you look like a man who generates excitement wherever he goes.”

This banter went on a little longer until I got a notice that his room was ready, then I had the bellboy take him up to his room.

I was sorting some paperwork when the bellman came back down and walked over to the desk where I was standing. He was laughing as he said softly, not wanting to be overheard, “Well, your Mister Weber was an interesting gent. He asked me if there might be any available women in the hotel that he might hook-up with or pay for and he specifically asked me about you, Kelly, you.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Scout’s honor, he asked me with your name, Kelly. Maybe he thinks you have a sideline? Could be your big chance, girl,” and he turned and walked away laughing.

Well, now just what did Mister Weber think I was? Then it came to me that he certainly thought I was attractive enough to consider having sex with. The thought actually rather appealed to that part of me, well, probably of any woman, really, that responds to male sexual interest. Yes, it rather turned me on. Yes, he was older, probably about my own dad’s age but he was handsome and trim.

A few minutes later, the desk phone rang and it was Mister Weber, “Oh, is this Kelly? Yes, my dear, would you have some sharpened pencils and a couple of writing pads sent up to my room? Oh, and also an extra key. I might need it. Thank you, my dear, I’m most indebted to you, Kelly. Thank you, my dear. Oh, you need my room number, don’t you?”

“No, it’s 406, how could I forget your room number, Mister Weber? I’ll get these things right up to you.”

I quickly gathered the pencils and pads, ran him a new key and took them up to the fourth floor. He answered, invited me in and we chatted a few more minutes, each side with a few flirting comments sprinkled in here and there and I was soon back at my reception desk in the lobby.

He made two more calls during my shift and I took the supplies up after I had changed at the end of my shift. There were extra glasses and a complimentary toothpaste and shampoo that I took up with me.

I had plans on meeting a friend after work so had brought a pair of tight jeans, a low cut top and a pair of two-inch black heels which I had changed into.

After I knocked, the door opened and he stood there in a robe.

“Ah, Kelly, just out of the shower, thanks for bringing these things yourself. You’re just the greatest. Where’s your uniform?”

“Oh, I’m just off my shift and I’m meeting a friend for a drink in a bit.”

“Would you stay for a drink with me first, I know you’re on your own time but the evening has started and I always find the company of a pretty girl the best start to any evening.”

I could smell a nice fragrance from him, nice and fresh, not soap but a cologne of some sort.

“Well, I suppose gaziantep escort reklamları I could,” and I sat on the sofa as he poured two bourbon and ginger ales.

I wasn’t fooling myself, I knew what he wanted and I was pretty curious about him and what might just be under that robe he was wearing. Yes, I know, maybe I’m a bit of a slut, maybe most girls are.

He sat next to me as we chatted about this and that, mostly about his travels and my school and job, his eyes often resting on my cleavage, yes, I have enough to have cleavage, I went into C-cups last year, yes, they’re pretty nice and, yes, I like to show them off a bit. I often wore a demi-bra like I had tonight, just to advertise them a bit.

It was obvious that Mister Weber also liked to ogle them a bit as well, especially as I leaned forward to have some of the peanuts that were out on the table before us. As I went for some more peanuts, I hadn’t eaten all day, really and the drink was hitting me quicker than I had expected, he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

I didn’t want to appear too easy so I just sat back and didn’t return his kiss.

“Is it all right, Kelly, if I kiss you again? You’re such a lovely young woman.”

I really didn’t answer, I just lifted my face so he could kiss me and he did. This time, his tongue entered my mouth and his hand dropped to my leg as he began to rub along my thigh.

I reached down and pulled his hand off my leg, “You’re moving a little too fast, Mister Weber, please.”

“Please, Kelly, it’s Martin, after all, you’re off work now and we’re just friends,” and he leaned forward to kiss me again. He kissed my mouth then moved down my neck and to my ear lobes which always turns me on.

I was now sitting back on the sofa, he was leaning over me, kissing down my neck as I felt his hand rise up under my top and onto my bra, his fingertips grazing the exposed tops of my breasts.

I said, “Martin, you really don’t give up very easily,” as he replied, “No, not when I’m with such a beautiful young woman.” I left his hand there and as he came back up to kiss my mouth again, he began massaging my breast through the thin fabric, rubbing back and forth across my hard, erect nipples.

His hand did feel good on my breasts as we kissed on the sofa. Then his hand moved off my breast as he put his arms around me, pulling me to him as he tongued me deeply and unclasped my bra in back. Well, Mister Weber has been down this road many times before, it seems.

His hand was now rubbing up and down on my bare breast as his fingertips began softly tweaking my nipples which were already very hard.

I broke loose from him and pulled my top off along with my bra and sat back as he looked at me.

“Ah, Kelly, you are even more beautiful than I had imagined,” he said as his hand cupped my nearest breast. He bent down and began sucking my nipple and, of course, I knew exactly where this evening was going so I slid my hand inside his robe and immediately encountered his bare and rather hard cock.

He pulled his robe open and there it was, larger, more masculine than any I’d ever seen. At least seven, more like seven and a half inches, larger around than my boyfriend’s or any other I’d had for that matter. Dark veins running along the length of it. It was so exciting to hold in my hand.

Well, I had decided to let Martin have what he wanted so I lowered my head down and took his cock in my mouth and began doing what I’ve done to boys and men since I was thirteen.

“Ah, Kelly, I knew you’d be wonderful, yes, just wonderful.”

Being bent over, it was easy for him to slide his hand around under my butt and began rubbing me along the inseam of my jeans. He reached over and pulled my hair out from in front of my face so he could watch me suck his cock.

“Mmm, Kelly, you are wonderful at making a man feel loved. You’re a treasure, my dear.”

I sucked him for several minutes until he gently pulled my head up, stood up and swept me up in his arms and carried me to his bed and lay me in the middle. A man had never done that to me before but I sure hope some do again in the future, oh, is that sexy.

He then began loosening my jeans and, with some rather eager help from me, pulled them off as he saw I was wearing panties over a pair of suspender hose. I prefer them that way so I can go pee without removing my stockings. He took the lower hem of my panties and pulled them off, as I widened my legs offering him my wet, ready pussy.

“Oh, Kelly, you are such a lovely woman,” as he bent between my legs and began licking my pussy and flicking his tongue in my slit. This is another reason I love wearing suspender hose, my pussy is ready and available for whatever may happen whenever the opportunity arises.

Martin knew his way around a woman’s pussy, he was making me delirious with his tonguing and, then, he moved up to my clit and began sucking it as he slid two fingers in and out of me. Oh, this was getting me up there for sure.

As he sucked, he was also running his tongue around my love button and that did it.

“UUUH, UUUH, uh, uh, oh, mmm, mmm, oh, that was wonderful, just wonderful, Martin, you are incredible, just incredible.”

He lifted up, smiling at me with his face all wet with my juices, then got up, leaned over me and kissed me, then put his cock up against my slit as I opened as far as I could and shoved deeply into me. I locked my ankles around his back as he began fucking in and out of me, slowly, deliberately, just savoring every stroke.

His strokes were long and at the end of each one, he would push into me, rubbing the tip of his cock onto my farthest depths just making me feel so good. This man knew how to fuck.

“You’re even tighter than I’d hoped, Kelly, you have a wonderful pussy. You’re making me feel absolutely wonderful. My cock is a very happy fellow.”

“Mmm, good, this is wonderful. You sure know how to use it, I feel so good.”

“Do you like it doggie-style, Kelly?”

“My favorite, oh, yes, I love it.”

“Then you shall have it,” he said as he pulled out of me and had me turn over onto my hands and legs. I widened my feet apart for him to advance between my legs than felt the heat of his cock pressing into me all the way into my depths. I was so wet and ready that his cock, as big as it was, just slid right up into me as I gently pushed back, grinding the tip of his cock up into a new place, a place no man has ever been before.

Oh, every time he pressed into me, I would push back so he would rub on that new place that he touched when he first doggie-fucked me. Whenever he was touching me deep like that, it was sensational, it just made me shiver every time he hit bottom. ‘Delicious’ was the only word I could think for it, ‘Delicious.’

When he pushed in, I pushed back, pretty hard sometimes, I really wanted that new feeling to happen, it was getting me higher and higher, closer to cumming. I love being fucked this way anyway and with his fat, long cock, it was heaven.

One of the things I love best about doggie-fucking is that I can circle my hips around and around as the guy fucks me in and out or he can even hold still with his cock only part way inside me while I do the roundy-roundy thing with my pussy and it really gets me on the super-sensitive lips of my pussy and for him, on the tip end of his cock. It’s a sure-fire cum technique.

“Oh, that’s so good, Kelly, you are so good. I just knew you would be wonderful,” and he pushed hard into me, shoving me down on the bed as I felt his warmth spurt into me deep, deep inside.

“UUH, UUH, oh, oh, mmm, Kelly, oh, Kelly, you make me so happy, Kelly, you’re just so wonderful,” he says as one of his hands is holding my right breast and the other is down rubbing along my clit as he still fucks me. It brought me right to the peak.

“Oh, don’t stop, I’m really close, just keep fucking me, mmm, oh, yes, oh, OH, OOOH, OOOH, ooh, ooh, oh, oh, mmm, oh, that was so good. Oh Martin, you are so good.”

“We seem to make a wonderful team, Kelly, you and me.” I wiggled my butt a little in agreement. In a few minutes, he pulled out of me as I felt his cum run down my leg. He knelt on the bed as I turned over and lifted my head up and gave the tip of his cock a nice kiss.

“Mmm, Thank you my dear, oh, for everything. I’m afraid that perhaps I’ve made you late for your engagement.”

“Oh, but I’ll have a glow that will light up wherever I go,” I said as I began getting dressed.

“Might we be able to do this again, Kelly?” he asked and I leaned into him and gave him a kiss that certainly answered his question.

The rest of his time at the hotel that week, I spent with him in his room, in his bed, his wonderful cock in my pussy or in my mouth. I spent two nights there having brought the next day’s clothes and I must say, he was a wonderful lover.

We would sometimes lay in each other’s arms afterward and he would ask me about the boys, then men I’d had sex with.

The last morning, as I was dressed to go downstairs and work, he handed me an envelope.

“Don’t open it until you get off work tonight. Thank you, Kelly for such a wonderful time you spent with me, I’ll treasure it forever,” and I left for work.

Chapter 2

After I changed out of my uniform, I opened the envelope and ten one hundred dollar bills came out with a handwritten note:

Dearest Kelly,

You have made what is usually a dull business trip into a memory for the rest of my life. Thank you so much, my dear, for your generosity and love.

I want you to be able to buy some clothes, shoes, lingerie, whatever you desire for the next time I come back. I want to take you out to dinner and dancing and look forward to what is now an exciting trip to see you.

With my heart, Martin

I actually cried. Yes, I know, it’s not a love affair but it’s also not a quick screw in the back seat of a Chevy. I cared for Martin Weber and I knew he cared for me. And I was already looking forward to the next time he came to our resort.

It was only two weeks later and, as promised, we went out to dinner several nights to very fancy, posh places, then dancing, then finishing our evening in his bed, his cock deep inside me. It was wonderful and, at the end, another envelope and, also, again, a very nice note.

Every time he came, we spent time together, he was always a wonderful man in bed, he knew how to fuck and I was just enthralled by his sexual ability. He also took me on a few weekend trips with him after I was back in school. He wined and dined me and fucked me all I wanted. And, with Martin, I wanted it a lot. He always left me money to buy things I needed or wanted and, being a student, the money was always useful.

We did kid each other about my being his Sugar Babe and him being my Sugar Daddy but that’s just what we were for each other in reality.

We continued to see each other and he asked me if I wanted to go with him to Hawaii before Christmas. I’d never been, so I eagerly said yes. He had a conference to attend then we would take some time on one of the other islands, just for us.

I was on top of him, where I love to be, I just love being in control and being able to kiss my lover and have them play with my nipples and he asked me if I liked to do this with other men.

I told him the truth which is that I just love to do this with other men and he asked me to tell him about them. I could tell that he was getting off on what I was telling him and he soon cummed me full, then it was my turn to grind down on him to rub that wonderful place up deep inside me that makes me cum so hard.

For several weeks, I worked on my tan getting ready for our trip. I had a specific goal in tanning myself, I wanted a nice, dark tan on my arms and legs and into my cleavage but a sharp contrast to my boobs and panty line which would be stark white.

I met Martin at the airport at a prearranged spot and he gave me my ticket and explained that mine was a coach class ticket and his was in first-class sitting with his boss. He gave me money to get to the hotel and explained that he would see me later in our adjoining room. Well, hey, it was Hawaii and it was with Martin, my Sugar Daddy lover.

So, when the boarding was called, I got on and got to my prearranged seat and settled in. The morning was cool so I had worn a pair of tight jeans, heels, a tank dress for a top and a hoodie. I decided to pack all my underwear, so I was bare under my jeans and my dress. I love the feel of my nipples rubbing the fabric of whatever I’m wearing and a bra just takes that away. Someone should invent a bra that lets your nipples feel the rubbing under your clothes.

I was expecting the flight to be full, so many were these days but we were only a few minutes from departure when I started thinking that I’m going to have the seat on either side empty for the flight, lucky me.

Then, a man came down the aisle and asked me if the aisle seat next to me was taken. I told him no and he took the seat, putting his case under the row in front. He was a handsome black man about thirty or so, bald on top with a goatee. Not an ounce overweight, he was nicely athletic-looking.

As I settled in, he took notice of my ankle bracelet and the charm suspended from it.

“What’s that for?” he asked.

“Oh, that’s a charm.”

“Well, you’re all the charm any man would need,” he replied as I caught note of the fragrance he was wearing.

“Traveling alone?”

“No, my dad is up front, his company is paying for his fare so I’m back here in the cheaper seats.”

“And where is your boyfriend, miss?”

“Well, my name is Kelly and I don’t currently have a boyfriend. Let’s just say I’m auditioning for one,” and I smiled.

“I’m Raymond and I guess I’ll have to work on my routine a bit if I’m to be in the running,” he said with a wide smile.

“Um, could you let me up so I can put this with my stuff in the overhead?” as I pulled off my hoodie.

I got up and, facing him, struggled by, bending down his way, dipping my front down to droop open a bit, just teasing him with a look down my front, then, in the aisle, close to him, stretching up, putting my hoodie in the overhead, then, squeezing by him again, this time facing the other way with my butt right in his face as I skootched by.

When I sat down in my seat, I had pulled up my dress some so when I did bend toward him, the front of my dress would fall open. I was going to have fun with my new friend here and the tease was on.

We had plenty of time to talk on the way to Honolulu and I made sure to lean in his direction as we talked, making sure that the bulge I saw in his pants stayed there for the entire flight. I know my pussy was wet and tingly the whole time.

At one point, I said, “I’ve been working on my tan so I don’t stand out on the beach. I hope it’s enough.”

“Well, you look nicely toasted to me, Kelly. You should knock-em dead, for sure,”

“Yeah, you can see, I’ve worked on my tan a lot,” and I pulled down the front of my dress showing him be bronzed chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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