How To Keep Your Daughter Safe

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Michael was ready for tonight. After three dates he knew exactly what Carmen liked. Starched dress shirt, open collar, jeans (tight!) and hair that takes fifteen minutes to achieve the “I do not care look”. This girl was hot and by every account, a virgin. Michael was getting a semi just thinking about tonight. After three dates, kissing and heavy petting, his confidence was high. He would be Carmen’s first. Just thinking about how tight she would be had him excited.

Meanwhile, Carmen was getting ready. At twenty she had not been with a boy yet. There were quite a few she had thought would take her flower but, it just did not happen. After three dates with Michael she knew exactly what he liked. Short skirt, lace frilled shirt and no bra. Why do some guys have such a problem with undoing bras anyway?

A spritz of perfume and she was ready. Almost. Still the final decision of panties, which ones to wear of course! It was a matter of the mood and… for how long! As she perused those special few reserved such an occasion her Mother knocked at the door.

“Honey, are you getting ready?”

“Yes Mom. I am dressed. You can come in.”

Carmen closed the dresser drawer as her Mother opened the bedroom door. Carmen gave a little turn, her black skirt showing her flawless skin well above the knee. “How do you like my outfit?”

Seeing her daughter dressed so provoticavily it took a moment for Carly to form a response. With a forced smile she answered, “Honey, you look great.”

She hoped her smile was not as transparent as she felt. It was obvious Carmen was ready for more Antalya travesti then just a night out. A Mom knows these things.

“When is Peter picking you up?”

With a twinkle Carmen answered, “At 6:30. I told him not to be late. We want to have dinner at Simone’s and then see the late movie.”

“Well, it is after 6:00 now. Would you mind a suggestion?”

Carmen’s brow furrowed. Tonight she was ready to feel his hard cock inside…well her. Deep inside. Her entire apparel was based upon what made Michael happy. Carmen wanted Michael’s ‘excitement’ to start when he first laid eyes on her. Her response was a hesitant, “Depends what you suggest.”

“Honey, guys need to know who is in charge. If Michael arrives early stay in your room. Make him wait.”

Seeing the look in her daughter’s eyes she quickly added, “Not long, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. Take that time to make yourself perfect for him. If he is late, well, even longer. Make sure he knows not to be late again.”

Carmen thought about this for a moment. Mom knows best! With a smile she answered, “OK. Will you take care of him?”

With a mental sigh of happiness Carly told her she would certainly take care of Michael when he arrived, “Just stay in your room until I call you.”

Carmen was ecstatic. Tonight she would finally get what she wanted and unbeknownst to her Mom, she was helping achieve this.

The doorbell announced Michael’s arrival.

Carmen’s belly tightened. Carly’s belly tightened. Michael’s belly was just queasy.

Carly composed herself and walked to the door. İstanbul travesti She did not even look upstairs as she approached, opened and invited Michael into her house, “Michael! Come on in. Carmen is almost ready”

Michael thanked her while looking around for Carmen, “Good evening M’am.”

His smile was beautiful, full of white teeth. Combined with his green eyes and dark hair, any woman would be lured by his looks. Desire emanated from him in soft subtle waves.

“Carmen will be down in just a moment. You know girls, waiting to the last moment to make things perfect. Can I get you anything, anything at all?”

Looking into Carmen’s mothers eyes Michael felt a stirring in his pants. Was she hitting on him? ‘Anything at all’ to a young man meant more then a soda. For the first time Michael looked at Carly as a sexual being. Low cut top, cleavage visible with a skirt that stopped just above her knees. As she turned to usher him into the den, there was defiantly no panty line.

She turned her head, catching Michael staring at her ass, adding a wiggle she said, “Is there anything you would like? I’m sure Carmen will be down in a few minutes.”

“Uh, no thanks though.”

“Are you sure sweetheart? I always like to see her dates start off well.”

Again her smiled overwhelmed him. Michael stood there staring at this sexy woman. He imagined what she looked like without the blouse and skirt.

“Sweetie, are you OK?”

His fantasy interrupted he found her sitting on the edge of a straight back chair, “Michael come here a moment.”

He İzmir travesti walked to her and stopped just out of reach. She looked up, that smile working its magic, “Come here silly. You have something on your pants.”

Michael stepped forward and was now standing over this beautiful creature and noticed a great view down her blouse. She leaned in a bit and with her right hand brushed at something on his pants, just inside his left thigh. So intent with peeking at her tits Michael did not notice her brushing getting closer to his ever-growing dick.

Her voice husky Carley moved from brushing to caressing and said, “Michael. I want tonight to be special.”

Her blue eyes looked up into his green. There was no doubt about what would happen next.

Carly slowly reached up to the zipper on his jeans and gently pulled it down. She never stopped, every action smooth and under control. Slipping a hand inside his pants she found a young and rapidly hard dick.

Maintaining her gaze into his eyes she murmured, “Hmmmh. Just what I was hoping for. C’mere baby. Let momma make you feel all better.”

She pulled the quickly hardening cock out and quickly enveloped the head of the teenagers ‘manhood’. Her tongue swirled around it causing Michael to groan, rather loudly.

Carly knew from experience how quickly most teen-agers would cum. She stroked his shaft and sucked hard on its tip. As she reached inside again to cup his balls the moment of truth arrived.

She thought, “Quicker then I thought!”

His hot cum filled his mouth. Swallowing all Michael had to offer her smiled returned. Tonight would be fine for her daughter and she knew why.

“Sweetie, I know exactly how you taste and I WILL take another test later tonight.”

Wiping her lips Carly called upstairs, “Honey, Michael is here and you should not keep him waiting!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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