Humiliated at the Sperm Bank

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Big Tits

Ahmed woke up with morning wood, his circumcised penis at its full 3.5 inches. Feeling horny, he opened up a porn site on his phone and started jerking off to a sexy blonde being fucked in her ass. Just before he got close to ejaculating, he remembered he had an appointment at the sperm bank to become a donor, and so he immediately stopped himself cumming with much effort, moaning in frustration.

Getting dressed, he travelled to the clinic. As he arrived, he was ushered into a room and told to wait for Nurse Vicky. After about five minutes, she walked in, and Ahmed’s jaw dropped. She was a blonde voluptuous beauty, with big breasts and a big pair of buttocks, both of which were accentuated by her tight nurse’s uniform. It only reached to her thighs and showed off some cleavage. Ahmed couldn’t believe his luck, and he felt his penis becoming erect in his pants.

Nurse Vicky smiled at his facial expression with a knowing look, before saying, ‘Hi Ahmed, I am Vicky, and I’ll be taking you through the procedure today.’

‘Hi Vicky,’ Ahmed stammered.

Vicky sat down in a chair in front of Ahmed and looked at her notes. ‘I see you are only 18, Ahmed; that’s good, we don’t have many young men’s sperm so thank you for donating. First, I need to ask some questions, although you’ve taken care of most of them by filling out this questionnaire.’

‘Of course, ask away Vicky.’

As Nurse Vicky bent down to retrieve a sheet from her bag, her cleavage was even more exposed and Ahmed could swear he saw a flash of a nipple. This just made his throbbing cock throb harder in his pants, begging to be released.

‘Hello Ahmed, eyes up here please!’

Ahmed snapped back to reality, realising Vicky had got up again and he had been staring at her tits the whole time. He blushed, ‘Sorry, please continue.’

Vicky smirked, then said, ‘Alright, so we have some questions on your sex life we need to ask to get a better understanding of your libido. Are you a virgin, Ahmed?’

‘Yes,’ he replied.

‘How often do you masturbate?’

‘Um…sorry?’ Ahmed replied, embarrassed.

‘It’s ok, everything you say is confidential and only shared among the staff at the sperm bank. It’s a required question.’

‘Ok, about once a day.’

‘Wow, that is a high frequency,’ Vicky replied, smiling knowingly, ‘And do you watch porn every time you masturbate. Please, don’t be gaziemir escort embarrassed to answer.’

Ahmed was embarrassed though, and hesitated before replying, ‘Yes.’

‘Now the reason I am asking this next question is to get a better idea of your personality, as this is quite an important factor. Can you tell me more about your sexual fantasies and what kind of porn you watch?’

Ahmed was shocked, ‘I…I…isn’t that private?’

Vicky impatiently replied, ‘You will have to answer, Ahmed.’

‘Ok, um, I prefer blonde women with big breasts and large buttocks. I am into small penis humiliation, jerk off instruction porn, anal, and being dominated by sexy women.’

Vicky couldn’t help but burst out laughing before quickly containing it, leaving Ahmed very, very embarrassed and very erect from the humiliation.

‘So, do you have a small penis Ahmed?’

Ahmed realised he had said too much and quickly replied, ‘No, no it’s just a fantasy; my penis is 8 inches long when erect.’

‘Oh, really? Ok,’ Vicky replied with a disbelieving look.

‘Ok, Ahmed, now we need to get a sperm sample from you to analyse before we can decide whether you can donate semen or not. You’ll need to ejaculate into this cup right here. But first, we need to do a physical observation. Would you please take off all your clothes?’

Ahmed was shocked, and very embarrassed, because if he stood up Vicky would notice the bulge in his pants. ‘Whaaat?’ he exclaimed.

‘I am sorry, Ahmed, but please don’t be embarrassed. I’ve seen it all, and this is routine procedure for all the men that come here.’

Ahmed slowly took off his jacket and shirt then turned around and dropped his trousers. He was only in his pants but turned away from Vicky.

‘Come on, Ahmed, remove your underwear and turn around.’

Ahmed hesitated, ‘I am sorry, Vicky, but I have a problem.’

‘It’s ok, honey, what is it?’

Ahmed took a gulp and then spat it out, ‘I have an erection, Vicky.’

Vicky laughed heartily before saying, ‘Oh don’t worry about that darling, you are going to need your penis erect for donation anyway. I tend to have that effect on men; hell, I know a few times when some beta guys took one look at me and ejaculated in their pants. I am glad you didn’t just spunk yourself at least. Now, remove your underwear and turn around.’

He güzelbahçe escort had no choice. He took off his underwear and slowly turned around, covering his erect penis from sight with his bare hands.

‘Come on, hands at your sides,’ Vicky ordered. And Ahmed complied.

Vicky burst out laughing, and Ahmed felt his humiliation increase. ‘That is such a tiny cock, Ahmed, definitely not 8 inches. Tell me the truth little guy, how long is your dick? 5 inches? 4 inches?’

Humiliated, Ahmed replied softly, ‘3.5 inches.’

Vicky replied, ‘Wow, you are tiny. No wonder you are a virgin, what girl would ever allow that dick into her pussy. And no wonder, you beta guy, beating off to porn daily. Gosh!’

Ahmed became even more aroused at those words, and his cock started to leak precum, which flowed over his ball sack and dropped on to the floor.

At the sight of this, Vicky exclaimed, ‘Oh yes! You like to be humiliated don’t you? That’s why you are leaking so much precum already?’

‘Yes, ma’am,’ Ahmed replied meekly.

‘Well, anyway, here’s the cup, so get to it. Start jerking off, you can use my computer here to watch some porn if you like.’

Ahmed looked at her incredulously, ‘Aren’t you leaving?’

‘No, dear, I have to sit here and watch you masturbate and ejaculate, to verify the semen sample. It’s ok, I’ve seen dozens of men before, although they all had more impressive penises than you Ahmed and so were not virgins.’

Humiliated, Ahmed wrapped his left hand around his hard circumcised cock and started stroking.

Laughing at his humiliation, Vicky said, ‘Oh that’s very good, Ahmed. Now why don’t you jerk that dick a bit faster?’

Ahmed obeyed, ‘Yes, mistress.’ He couldn’t help but gasp and moan, and in his lustful state he had called Vicky his mistress.

‘Wow, you are so horny you just called me your mistress? You are such a pathetic man, Ahmed!’, said Vicky.

‘You know what, Ahmed? As your mistress, you are gonna obey me. Stop stroking and put your hands at your side, so I can take a full picture of you and your tiny dick to send to all my female friends. They are gonna die of laughter!’

Ahmed was so horny he couldn’t think straight, and like a good boy, complied and showed off his tiny cock as Vicky snapped pictures and videos. Of him holding his tiny izmir masaj salonları cock, of him lying on the ground as Vicky pressed her high heels over his cock and balls, of him being kicked in the balls by Vicky and falling over in pain, of him stroking his dick and saying ‘I am a pathetic beta male, mistress Vicky.’, of him on his knees stroking his cock, and so the humiliation and domination of Ahmed continued in the short space of 3 minutes.

Within 3 minutes, Vicky noticed Ahmed was stroking his shaft very slowly, avoiding his penis head all together, and looked straining and was groaning unusually loudly.

‘Oh my god, Ahmed, you sound like you are trying incredibly hard to hold that load in your balls.’

‘Yes, mistre…ugh…mistress,’ Ahmed replied.

‘Are you a premature ejaculator, Ahmed?’

‘I am, mistress.’

‘Aren’t you ashamed to admit that?’

‘I am mistress.’

‘Men in general are easy for someone like me to seduce and control their cocks, but small dicked men like you are just pathetic, so easy to control, so eager to obey, so enthusiastic in your servitude,’ Vicky scoffed.

‘Alright, Ahmed, hold that cup in front of your dick, you pathetic male.’

Ahmed did as mistress Vicky ordered. Then, Vicky said, ‘Ok, time for the final trigger. Are you an ass man or tits man, Ahmed?’

‘Ass man, mistress,’ Ahmed replied, not sure why she was asking.

Vicky turned around and lifted up her uniform, revealing a sexy big ass in a very small thong, so her butt cheeks were visible.

Ahmed gasped at the sight of this goddess’s buttocks, and unconsciously began to stroke his dick rapidly. Within 2 seconds, he could no longer hold his spunk in, and his tiny dick started spurting load after load of semen into the cup, and Ahmed began to moan very loudly. He heard laughter from the female nurses in the next room, and realised they must have overheard.

Vicky was bent over in laughter. ‘Wow! One look at my ass was enough to make you explode! And look at what a big load those tiny cock and balls of yours have produced! I can tell you one thing young man, you are never ever getting pussy, not even if you tried to pay for it.’

Panting, Ahmed looked down and saw most of his cum had landed in the cup, which he promptly sealed and put on the desk. But then he noticed some of the cum was on the floor and his penis was still dripping some.

‘Come on, Ahmed, my bitch, lick all that cum up off the floor and wipe your tiny penis clean. Awww, look, at how tiny and cute it is now that it’s lost its erection. I can’t see the shaft, only the bellend!’

Ahmed complied, and then hurriedly put on his clothes before rushing out of the sperm bank in shame.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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