Hunger and Thirst Ch. 01

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Bayler and I grew up together and were close buds. We shared a lot about ourselves. Yeah, and at eighteen we had our firstimes together, too. Bay and I played a lot after that. Then one day he just up and told me this story about his ‘desires’. He went way beyond anything I ever imagined for either of us. So it’s best for him to tell you himself…

Hey, I’m Bayler. Cor and I had fun and all, but he, well, he wouldn’t take me where I wanted to go. Denuck would. Denuck was the master of all he pursued. He had a fire in him that needed to be tended. I had been checking him out for some time before I got up the nerve to follow my desires. Cor was my friend; a beautiful man with a kind and gentle spirit. I needed more, and Denuck had more…lots more!

Stories swirled about Denucks’ behavior with his last lover. If even half of the bondage and milking stories were true, I knew I had to be with Denuck! My plan was simple. I would access his stream and flash a bodyshot of me…naked, of course. I knew Denuck could get used to my face and personality later, if all went well. I got a reply real quick.

“Hey – like your intro, bud…got a definite hunger to see more!”

I shot him a dozen more of what I hoped he wanted. Included were some ropes, some wax, and a penis sound for good measure.

“D48701 – call me and let’s talk.”

Denuck…this is Bayler. You need to know that I have a thirst for being with you…and…

“Shut the fuck up! I know all I need to from your bodyshots. Get your ass over here so we can start to have some fun!”

Okay – send me your transport code and I’ll let you know when I can…

“NOW! You can NOW!”

The transport pulls up to an isolated structure that has a door, but no windows that I can see. I feel a few butterflies in me, but not enough to stop me from getting what I want. The door opens slowly. I go in. It is dark…just a single candle in the far corner. The door closes behind me with a thud. If I thought it was dark already, I was wrong. The wet cloth forced onto my face smells of drugs, and before I can react to the hands gripping my body, everything goes very, very black.

In my dream, I tell myself that this is what I want. I can see a man hovering over me and tying my legs to the bed. My arms are cuffed above my head; and I just keep asking him to take me…to make me his – totally. Dreams end. Opening my eyes now.

“You awake, Bayler? Come see how comfy I’ve made you in my little den of delight!”

I lift my head up. That’s about all I can move. My dream was anything but. Look, Denuck, I really want to have some fun with you, but… I never had a ball and strap holding it in to my mouth until now. So much for talking with Denuck! Might as well relax and go with the flow that I came here for.

“Good. Now I can talk and you can listen! So you came here to get Denuck to take you places no one else would? Okay. I accept the job! Thing is, before I let you leave, you and I will take a little trip way beyond what you had in mind when you came here. I know about guys like you. Got a fantasy of some kinky stuff to spice up your sex life? You have no idea, little Bay, what you’re in for!”

My wide-eyed gaze seems to turn him on.

“That’s it – watch us start.”

Denuck is a big guy. He looks to be about five years older than me, but about forty pounds heavier on his muscular frame. It’s hard to see how tall he is from where I am…maybe an inch or two taller than me. He has some stubble on his face. He is a handsome guy – in a rugged way. Rorgans usually keep their head hair as they age, so his bald top must be of his choosing. He looks hot that way. Wish I could tell him so.

“Let’s start by cutting off your coverings, my new ‘friend’ – so I can get to the ‘benefits’ you came here for!”

The knife sure is a big one. I feel some sweat on my forehead as he moves it closer to my body. Denuck has done this before. In just a couple of swipes, my coverings are in shreds and he pulls them off of me. I can feel the heat of the room on my skin. My body is a good one. He seems pleased.

“No use for all that crotch hair, Bay – gonna shave you Bycasino down, bud!”

Crap! I had no idea… not with that knife!?

“Keep still, little man, accidents happen. Just let Den have his way tonight…all night…and we both will enjoy the ride. Okay?”

I lift my head and nod.

“Good boi!”

Denuck moves the knife to my crotch and I inhale and hold it. He turns the blade parallel to my belly and presses it to my skin. It feels warm. Everything in the room feels warm. The sharpness cuts through my hairs like they were soft butter. He blows on them to whisk them out of the way and keeps right on cutting.

“There. Nice and bald like Dens’ head! Good job, Den-man, no cuts, no blood. Don’t need blood yet, do we, Bay?”

Shaking my head quickly from side to side sends Denuck into a fit of laughter. This isn’t funny! I did not come here to be bloodied!

“What’s this? A bit of terror in the eyes of Bay-boi?

The knife hovers over my chest. His hand holds it like a dagger. I am a fool. I will die here and he will bury me in the same pit as the rest of his victims! I just wanted to have some kink. I just… I close my eyes and my tears run down my face. The strap holding my mouth ball comes loose and I spit the ball onto the bed. I look around. Where the fuck is Denuck? He sits in a chair near the candle.

“Too much for you, Bay-boi? You know I won’t really hurt you, right?!”

I gulp to compose myself. No?

“No. This is all for fun, bud. Don’t believe the rumors about me. Now, can we switch back to fantasy mode and continue, or would you like to get up and be on your way?”

I run it through my mind real quick and make my decision. Continue, please. Denuck has a real nice smile.

“You do not get to say ‘no’…understood?”

I nod.

I watch now as Denuck rises and moves to the foot of the bed. He loosens his coverings and they fall to the floor. He kicks them aside and just stands there. His body is strong. Deeply dense muscle has a look to it that even bigger, less dense mass, totally lacks. Denuck is built like a brick shithouse! I’ve read the Earth records!

“Like what you see, Bay-boi?”

Very much, Denuck. You…you are a real stud, man!

“It’s why you’re here, right?!”

Yeah, you know I’m thirsty for you.

“And I have a hunger for your body that I will satisfy this night! Satisfy us both, Ben-boi, both!”

I can’t help smiling now. This is what I came here for. I need a man to take me as he wants to. I need a man to dominate me into submission, and take us both over the edge into ecstasy. Maybe I came to the right place after all. Bring that hard rod over here, Denuck and let me have a taste of you…please.

“In a minute Bay-boi. You got me all worked up and I have to pee.”

Pee on me…please. You have a barrier sheet on the bed. I never had a guy pee on me before. He is moving closer and I think Denuck can take directions a bit better than he let’s on. On my chest, please. Oh! Man! That is warm! Spray my belly. My crotch. Let me taste you.

“Open wide, I can’t keep this up much longer.”

His pee is warm, it tastes okay…I love it! Denuck moves his penis to within inches of my face and I stick out my tongue to him.

“Want a suck?”

I quickly nod. His cockhead touches my mouth and I feel his stream strong and true at the back of my throat. I swallow every drop. He shakes his dick and my tongue catches the last of him.

“You surprise me, Bay-boi. Never had a guy take my pee before.”

This is not the one-way street you may have had with others, Denuck. I have some shots to call, too. That sweet smile again.

“Damn! Almost lost my focus. Been wanting to lick you since I balded your bush.”

Oh, the sweet feeling of a guys wet tongue on my skin!. His tongue laps up some of his own pee, and Denuck really gets going on my warm, wet body! His hands start to trace my outline and yes, they are warm and feel wonderful. I can only see the top of his bald head as he proceeds to work his way from my neck to my nipples: and they have never been so hard. He uses his teeth to gently clench Bycasino giriş each one in turn and I let out a deep moan with every bite. The feeling is not painful at all. I totally love it! Bite me some more, Denuck, …please!

“Hickies to share with your buds as proof of tonight? Okay.”

Denuck takes the flesh of my neck into his mouth and clamps down hard. I wince in pain and let out a: ‘Fuck!’ Then another bite on my shoulder! On my bicep! near my pit! OKAY! Enough!

“You agreed not to say ‘no’…remember?”

I let out a deep sigh. I remember. Guess I’ll shut up now.

“I like the scent of your pit, Bay-boi…think Denuck will play there a bit…”

I love pits. Really love to nuzzle into them and take the scent deep into my lungs. Pits are a guys private place – like his crotch, and when he opens them to me, I always feel a rush of acceptance. Looks like Denuck feels the same as I do. He brushes his stubble on my closely cropped pit hair and I feel an electricity pass between us. His wet tongue just keeps lapping at my pit – like an Earth dog cleaning itself! I start to float on the cloud that my mind is in.

“You taste real good, Bay-boi…gotta do the other one!”

When Denuck satisfies his own pit desires, he returns to his main mission and licks his way down my treasure trail to where my bush used to be. Okay. I did not expect kisses! Denuck places three light kisses on my hairless bush, and then goes in for some hot cock licks. Needless to say, my penis is fully engorged now, and Denuck seems to relish the experience as much as I do. This is a man not at all like the image I first had of him! Damn! Maybe that thought was a bit premature. That hurt!

“Gonna pound your nuts into dust. Make them ache. Make you scream!”

Crap! He’s right – I want to scream, but I will not give him the satisfaction! He can punch and twist my poor balls all he wants to – I can take it. I can…DENUCK!



No Rorgan ever took my nuts fully into his mouth. Not both of them at once. It feels…it feels soothing. They still ache, but the ache feels…good. His tongue is as strong as the rest of him. I can feel it pushing hard at each nut and it is sending shivers through me. I hold back my moans until a wet fingertip finds my hole and then …

“You can take a fair amount of pounding, Bay-boi! How ’bout Denuck pounds your hole for you while you suck on this.”

Just when I thought I may have brought out the tender side of this brute, he shoves a big dildo into my mouth and straps it to my head! It fills my throat like the best Rorgan cock I ever took in. My eyes go wild again and my mind races as to what he has next in store for me. I do not have to wait long.

“This here is a man-plant.”

I know what it is. I do not know if I can take what is about to happen to me. I came here for this. I better see it through. Man-plants do not exist in nature. They are a rather demonic construct of an evil techno from many cycles ago, when Rorgans were a bit more, well, …animalistic. But that is why I came here, after all.

“Let’s lose the dildo – I want to hear your screams, Bay-boi. Plead all you want to…just remember not to say ‘no’! Let the plant do its thing – I survived it…maybe you will too. It will bring us closer if you do. That’s a big ‘if’, Bay-boi.”

Talk, talk, talk. Let’s have the plant, Den-man! Me and my big mouth. Denuck places the plant close to my crotch. It senses my body and immediately starts to move. Long leaf-like appendages unfurl and begin to seek out my flesh. They thicken and get longer still, and start to look like…like tentacles!.

“This is the new and improved version, Bay-boi…enjoy the ride!”

If I wasn’t about to be mauled by a tentacled plant, Denucks’ laughter would have sounded rather sweet. He takes up his seat near the candle and watches the show. He knows what is about to come. He knows that my screams will be real. I believe I can take this…I want this. I hope Denuck will not let the plant hurt me. I…Damn! I let out a howl. A tentacle has just grabbed my sack and it is pulling it away from my Bycasino güncel giriş body, while another wraps itself around, until both nuts are strained and constrained within the plant. Fuck! Another one has my penis all bound up in its coil and…one is soaking my cockhead with a slimy fluid that…NO! It just plunged into the slit and I feel it creeping down inside my shaft. DENUCK!

“You promised to be brave and never say ‘no’. Show your spirit. I have faith in you!”

His words surprise me and give me strength. I will not let a plant humiliate me in front of Denuck! I want to change my mind real fast when one pushes into my hole and coils inside my chamber, its suckers taking up residence on my inner gland. Denuck! What will it do to me!? I shout as loud as I can.

“It will eat you…what else?! It will nibble on all of the body parts within its grasp, but the best part is, it will drain your sexual fluids and leave you relatively unharmed…it does need to feed again, you know.”

You bastard! Get this out and off of me before it…before… Too late! I feel its tendrils penetrate my bound flesh like dozens of tiny needles.

“Can’t now, Bay-boi…just let it work on you. It will release you after it has fed. Heck, I used the plant on myself a few cycles ago. You and I are a lot alike – you will survive this!”

A lot alike? That’s a nice thought, Denuck. Just promise to be nice to me when this is over, will you?

“Oh, I will, my little Bay-boi, I will…you have no idea!”

Distracted by our banter, I almost forget the sting of the tendrils as they drill into my flesh, seeking the fluids they crave to feed on. The overload of pain ceases to be painful, somehow, and borders on a kind of painful pleasure that I did not know I could feel. My body has gone into overdrive as it reacts to the injections of stimulant secreted by the tentacles. I can feel the fluids being created at a rapid pace…ballooning every storage sack that they can. I see my belly rising as the fluids within continue to be produced. I have never felt this much inside pressure to this degree before. My belly looks like it is pregnant!

“You are at the feeding stage, my dear Bay-boi! Now that the plant has helped you to manufacture an overabundance of juice, it is ready to squeeze you dry!”

His words are prophetic. The plant acts like it hears him, and is starting to constrict every tentacle that holds me within it. Those needle-like tendrils are beginning to suck like vacuum tubes and I can actually here a sucking sound! The siphoning of my fluids continues as the tentacles alternate between constricting, loosening, and constricting again. They are like a pump, and my body is hostage to this feeding monster. My belly is deflating as the fluids within are drained into the…the plant is bulking up! It is actually getting bigger and swelling as my juice flows into it! I feel disgusted. I also feel proud of myself for not bailing out…on me, or on Denuck. I glance over to him and see a reassuring smirk on his face. Hey – I got this!

“Get ready, the plant will give you one last surprise as it releases you.”

Oh, sure, another of Denucks’ boasts. What could possibly… DENUCK! PLEASE! MAKE IT STOP!

“Is that a ‘no’, bud?”

I cry into my bound body and brace against the onslaught of feeling that the plant is ‘gifting’ to me as it leaves my body. Like dozens of insect stingers that have grappled into my inner flesh, they pull themselves out with an unyielding force. I feel my nuts, my inner gland, my hole, my cock…every plant-held part of me being shredded. Finally the plant contracts to near its original form and I lay there panting, wondering how torn up I am and how I will ever heal.

“You are fine, Bayler. You did yourself, and me, proud! The plant has not torn you up inside – it just feels that way. Rest now, and we will continue our playtime during the next cycle.”

Denuck comes toward me. He releases my hands from their bonds. He places a kiss on my lips. His hirsute hand rests over my heart. His smile warms me to the core.

“Getting what you came here for?”

Yes, Denuck, I am. Even if I wasn’t…I promised not to say: ‘no’. We both laugh. Denuck takes the plant back to its perch. I drift to sleep. My dreams are full of Denuck and my fantasies yet to be fulfilled. Fantasies that I can not even imagine are on the horizon for me. Denuck will see to that!

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