Husband’s Anal Adventure Ch. 08

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Well I woke up this morning and everybody was still a sleep so I got up and made some coffee. I was sitting at the table drinking coffee when my wife came walking in and sat down beside me. She gave me a big kiss and I could still taste the male cum in her mouth from the previous night of fucking and sucking. She whispered in my ear that I was going to have a couple visitors today.

She said the two ladies that were coming to the house was old friends of hers from collage and that they were going to have sex with me. I ask her what was Donna and Dana going to do, she said that there job was done and that they would be leaving this morning. All of a sudden I heard the doorbell ring my wife got up and answered the door. It was two lovely looking ladies, real tall and slender nice big breast, and nice round ass. My cock started getting hard, my wife let them in and introduced them to me, she said the tall blonde’s name was Paula and the brunette’s name was Shanna. Paula looked real sexy she had a nice leather mini-skirt on and high heel boots.

She looked down at my crotch and my cock was standing straight out she looked at my wife and said. Can I suck your husband’s cock? Lick his balls and suck on his asshole? My wife looked at her and said you can do anything you want to him. He is experienced in all kinds of perverted sex acts. He is more than willing to have you suck his cock or play with his balls. Paula got down on her knees and started licking around the head of my cock türkçe altyazılı porno slowly licking down to my balls and back up again. She kept doing this until Shanna came over and started kissing my ass and licking around the anal opening. She would flick her tongue back and forth across my asshole. And my cock would jump up and down.

My wife saw what was going on and came over with a cock ring and wrapped it around my ball sack. She said, that will keep you nice and hard and you won’t be able to cum until I tell you to. Paula had my cock so hard I thought the head of my cock was going to blow off she knew how to suck a cock very well. I played with Paula’s tits and the way she was laying I could reach her asshole but I couldn’t reach her pussy. She stopped me and said I could finger her asshole if I wanted but I could not have any pussy because she was on the rag. Paula was sucking my cock, balls and ass so good and letting me finger fuck her asshole.

So I was happy to do that and didn’t push it. That’s when Shanna spoke up and said that she would let me fuck her. So I knew I was going to get to fuck one of the beautiful ladies after all. Paula was sucking my cock down her throat when some how my balls came untied and cum started shooting thick rope after rope of rich cum (it was some good baby making cum). Paula didn’t miss a drop she sucked and licked till my cock was clean. She got up and started kissing me putting my cum xnxx into my mouth that was all right with me I have been eating my cum since 8th grade. My hand slipped and rubbed up against the front of her pussy it did feel like she had a pad on. I was so horny I grabbed Paula’s skirt and jerked it up over her waist I didn’t care if she was on the rag I was going to taste that pussy.

I looked down at her panties and I didn’t see a pad I seen a big cock that was strapped down on her leg OH MY GOD Paula is a Paul. Paula is a shemale and she had my head in one hand and her big cock in the other.

I was so horny I couldn’t do anything but make love to that big cock. I sucked her cock till she moaned and filled my mouth with sweet cum. I looked up at Shanna and she had a cock to here I was with my wife and two shemales. I started giving Shanna a blowjob and I fingered her male ass, she pumped a big load of sperm into my willing mouth. Paula was watching and got up behind me and started sticking her cock in my ass she was nice and hard.

She fucked my ass till I couldn’t take it any more she shot a huge load of cum up my ass. If you have never been with a she-male you don’t know what you are missing. You look behind you and you see a beautiful women nice make-up, pretty hands you look down and you see a big cock with pre-cum seeping out of the end of it. It is a total turn-on. They can tuck there cock in between there legs and it looks just like a pussy there porno izle assholes are hot and deep and they love to be fucked. They will keep your cock rock hard for hours. After Paula fucked me I got up behind my wife and started fucking her doggie style I felt a prick sliding up behind me and it was Shanna she inserted her male cock in my ass while I was fucking my wife.

It felt real good with that cock banging in my prostate. Every time I pulled out of my wife Shanna would be balls deep in my ass. As I was pumping hot cum into my wife’s pussy, Shanna was pumping she-male cream in my ass. After we took a break for a couple hours we had my wife laid on her back and me and the two she-males jacked are cocks off all over her. She had cum dripping all over her we all got down and started licking the love juice off of her body. As we licked the same cum are mouths would meet and we would swap the cum back in forth in are mouth. By the time we were done we had sucked every bit of cum off of and out of every hole in her body. We even shared the cum with her letting her suck are tongues to taste the cum.

When we were done she got up and put her strap-on dildo on and fucked all of us at least once. Strap-on dildo’s feel good fucking you but a real cock feels better, you can feel the cock swelling up and a strap-on dildo doesn’t shoot your ass full of cum. Well we was all laying on the bed covered in cum and pussy juice. I was falling a sleep from all the fucking and sucking I received. When I woke up it was just my beautiful wife and me and I thanked her for a wonderful day of making love. I just lay there wondering what would be in store for me tomorrow.

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To be continued…

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