I Hate My Master Ch. 20

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I got Zane again at work. I was sitting at my desk feeling a bit of victory. I didn’t get to feel like this much any more, so I was pretending to work and reveling in the feeling. I stretched, leaning back in my chair. I saw Mike out of the corner of my eye, but since I had hours before I would have to take his cock again, I didn’t let it bother me as much.

Coming out of the bathroom, I saw Mike exiting the mail room. “Get in here.” Mike barked at me, motioning for me to get in the mail room. Shit.

“Yes, Sir.” At least no one else was around. He was going to make me suck his dick. Shit, shit, shit. I didn’t want to have to do this.

Mike closed and locked the door. Good, that would keep anyone from barging in on us. I didn’t know that door locked. Shit. It struck me if he could lock the door he could easily make me suck him off anytime the mood struck him.

“Get to your real job fag.” Mike said undoing his pants.

“Yes, Sir.” I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. I only got a few trips up and down his shaft before he grabbed the back of my head and started to hump my face. I gagged when he started but quickly realized that I needed to be quiet. I would be the one taking the brunt of things if we got caught. It’s fucking hard to keep the noise down when there is a giant pecker pounding your tonsils.

Mike chuckled, “This will teach you to keep silent you stupid fucker.” Mike was leaving his dick in me, and I was having trouble breathing. But I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I had to take it. Mike kept fucking my throat. It felt like he wanted to cum, so this would be over soon. It was, and he shot down my throat. “Get out bitch.”

“Yes, Sir.” I quickly brushed off my knees, not wanting anyone to see and suspect. Mike had managed to ruin my mood, so I was foul for the rest of the day.

A few days later, as I was watching the clock move to lunch, I got a text. [I’m in your parking lot. Get out here and blow me fag.] Travis was out there. Fuck. [Yay! I get cum Sir!] I texted back. Double fuck. I have no idea how Chris programmed me to text like that. I got up and told my boss I was slipping out early for lunch and made it to the parking lot.

Travis’s car was there, off in an isolated corner. I got into the passenger’s side, and said “I’m so thrilled to suck you off! Thank you so much Sir!”

“I know fag, get going.” Travis pulled his shorts down and put his hand behind my head, guiding it to his cock. I needed to get him off quick, to reduce the chance of anyone catching us. I got to sucking. It was uncomfortable. I’d made chicks suck me in the car before, and never cared how they had to twist to get my dick in their mouth. I managed to get his dick all the way down. Set up like this, my nose was going to to the side of his leg rather then his pubes, I was slobbering and moving my tongue to stimulate him as much as possible. “You are getting better. Those lessons are paying off.” Well, if I was getting better, this should go faster. I brought my hand up to play with his balls. I needed him to cum quickly. If anyone saw. If anyone even suspected I was blowing a guy out here, I’d be ruined at the office. I could hear the comments in my head, and I was sure I’d get fired. I moved my head up and down as fast as I could, the twist in my torso aching.

I felt Travis’s balls pull up and he shot in my mouth, pulling my head up by the hair so his cum got on my face. “I’m done, get out.” Travis covered up and started his car.

“I loved sucking you Sir!” I screamed in a high pitched voice, then scrambled to wipe my face as I got out. He pulled out with no concern for me, evening honking to draw attention. I had to jump to avoid being hit. Watching the car head away I thought I was going to have to find someplace to eat, as I couldn’t make it back too early or my boss would wonder what I was up to.

I ate lunch alone, thinking of how I could be forced to service so many men at their whim. They didn’t care how difficult it was for me. I had no control over my life. Fuck, I didn’t have control over my own dick. Chris had taken everything from me. I couldn’t do anything about it. I was helpless. Depressed, I headed back to the office.

My days were misery. Mike was using me more at work, and I was getting worried someone would notice I was spending time in the mailroom. The Dial-A-Fag texts were getting more frequent, it seems the guys were getting used to using me and clearly liking it. Chris ignored me a lot at home, having me be his servant and his fuck-boy. Chris might be ignoring me at home, but I wasn’t there as much with Travis and Josh calling me on demand.

Saturday morning, Chris had me fuck myself on his pole then get to my chores. I was there to service his dick and act like his servant. In some ways I was like a lamp, he only thought of me when he needed me. I either felt like a sex object or just an object.

The doorbell rang. “Get it slave!” Chris shouted at me.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort the door and opened it from my knees. The guy waiting was skinny, and had purple hair. He was dressed in what must be tights and a shirt I knew wouldn’t keep his belly covered. He had a bag over his shoulder.

“Oooo look at you!” He stepped up to me and shoved his crotch in my face. “Hee hee smell that.”

I heard Chris laugh from the other room. “He’ll do more than smell it for you. Once you fancy him up a bit.”

What did he mean by fancy me up? This was not going to be good for me.

The new guy ran his fingers through my hair. “I’ll fancy him up so good.” He then started moving into the living room. “Follow, little pet.”

Damn, he was insulting me already. I crawled as ordered. Chris ordered me to kneel up with my hands behind my head while they talked. Turns out the guy’s name was Bastian. They chatted, and I mostly ignored it as they were just talking. Bastion was a bit on the tall side, very slender. He flicked his hair back as he talked a lot. It was falling over his eyes constantly. I found it annoying to watch him and I don’t know how he stood it.

After they had talked a while, Bastion looked over at me. “He is well built, isn’t he?” Shit, I felt like a piece of meat under his gaze.

“Yeah, and he’s obedient. Slave, slap your face.” Chris said to me.

“Yes, Master.” I slapped my face.

“Ooooh, make him do it again!” Bastion fairly bounced as he was so excited at me slapping myself.

“You can do it, he’ll do anything you say.” Chris gave Bastion a playful shove to the arm.

Bastion’s eyes light up. “Slap yourself again.”

“Yes, Sir.” I did.

“Again. And again. Do it again.” I slapped myself at his commands, not able to disobey, since Chris had decided I’d obey him. Chris liked making me obey just about anyone who came along.

“Eyow!” I yelled. Chris had pulled his phone out and sent a shock to my collar. Bastion fell back into the sofa laughing.

“Fuck, Chris, you must have so much fun.” Bastion said, holding his sides in laughter.

“I do, but he needs to be changed up a bit. That’s why you’re here. We should get going on it.” Chris stood up.

“Sure. Kitchen?” Bastion followed Chris.

“Follow slave.” Chris said to me.

“Yes, Master.” With someone here, I couldn’t mouth off, so I had to act like I was into all of this. Making it into the kitchen, I saw a chair in the center of the room.

“Up here you go.” Bastion patted the chair.

“Yes, Sir.” I got in. Bastion opened his bag and started to look at things.

“Stroke yourself while you sit there, slave. Show Bastion how much you appreciate what he’ll be doing for you.” Chris looked at me as he got into a chair to watch. Bastion twittered as he heard what I would be doing.

“Yes, Master.” I started stroking my dick, getting hard because Chris wanted me hard. Bastion twittered again when he turned around, scissors and comb in hand. I knew he was going to cut my hair. And I was going to be jerking my dick the entire time.

It was even more horrible than I thought it would be. Bastion prattled on, cutting my hair, so short on the sides, actually using clippers. “Hey, Mr. Pee pee, how do you like Marky getting a new hairstyle?”

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I cringed inside. This was going to be humiliating beyond belief. My fingers went to either side of my piss-slit and moved it to pretend the words from my mouth were coming from my dick. “He won’t be able to hide it at all. Marky will see it as embarrassment. I love it.”

Bastion fell on the floor laughing. Chris let out a guffaw.

“Laugh it up, it makes Marky so insecure.” Mr. Pee pee encouraged them. Fuck my life.

Bastion would grope my body every so often, just because he could. When my hair was cut, things took a nosedive. My hand was still moving on my pecker, and Bastion began to color my hair. I was screaming inside. Chris was grinning at me, knowing what I was going through. I could tell there was more planned than my hair and I know that would be terrible for me.

I was left alone as they went into the living room when Bastion announced to Chris things should wait a bit. I was left to stroke my dick and wait. It was so demeaning, being ignored like that, as if I was last year’s toy.

Bastion fairly bounced into the kitchen some time later to finish doing whatever he was to do with my hair. Chris followed after, not bouncing, but walking like a badass man. He leaned on the door jam and smirked at me. Bastion flitted around me giggling. I was still stroking my cock, how could I be doing this. What had Chris done to me?

“I’m done!” Bastion declared, actually throwing his hands up in the air. He was such a priss.

Chris gave a superior grunt and got a mirror he handed to Bastion. “Show him his new look.” Chris sounded totally evil. “He’ll tell you how much he loves it.” I was going to hate this.

Bastion got in front of me, turned the mirror so I could see myself, and I exclaimed “I do love it Sir! It’s fa-bu-lous!” My face all breaking in what looked like joy. Bastion had put blond streaks in my hair. I couldn’t stand it, anyone seeing me would think I was queerAnd stupid. I looked stupid. I felt stupid.

“Tee-Hee, I’m so glad.” Bastion hugged me in pure glee. My skin crawled at the touch. I couldn’t stop it, and I was still stroking.

Bastion was running his hands over me. I wanted to rip my skin off. Chris gave me an evil grin, then spoke. “You’ve earned your reward Bast, take him into the bedroom and have all the fun you want.”

“Gee, this will be so amazing!” Bastion took my hand and fairly dragged me to what was once my bedroom, and was now the place I serviced whatever man Chris decided could use me. Holding his hand felt creepy to me, but I was going to be his sextoy, as reluctant as I was, I knew I’d seem enthusiastic.

Closing the door, Bastion pulled me to him, hugging me while his hands roamed over my back, and feeling my ass. “Mmmmm, bend over.”

“What are you going to do, Sir?” I answered automatically while bending over.

“I want to finger your ass.” Bastion draped himself over my back, looking over my ass and moving his fingers around my crack. I hated the feel of him laying on me like that and the fingers exploring around my ass were worse. He gripped my cheeks, fingered around my hole, and started pushing fingers into my ass. Bastion’s touch was different from the other guys. I guess it was all in my head. The sensation was sharp. My skin wanted to crawl away from his hands. I braced myself with my hands on the bed, and the while Bastion giggling. He was enjoying himself with me as his helpless victim.

Noticing my position, Bastion threw one leg over my back and lay on my back, his head toward my ass as he continued to entertain himself with my butt. He wasn’t so heavy to be uncomfortable, but I felt so used with him laying on me like that. My body tensed up, it got worse as he said “I’m so looking forward to getting into this.” His fingers were fucking me like a doll. I signed inwardly, so much stuff had gone in my ass, it almost felt normal to have something in there. That realization nearly physically hurt.

Deciding he was done, Bastion slid over me onto the bed. He backed over me, dragging his crotch over the back of my head and dropped on his bum at the bed in front of me. He looked at me in childlike glee and started to undo his pants. “You’re going to suck me good. I’ve already got the biggest boner.”

I doubted he had the biggest boner, especially as many big ones I’d seen lately. As slim as he was, I was sure he was small between the legs as well. The only good thing about this mess would be a small prick pounding me.

Wrong, so wrong. Bastion had a big dick. It was so unfair, and for some reason he had dyed his pubes purple. What the hell was that about? Bastion tossed his pants to the floor, put his hands on my head and guided me to his big cock. I had no choice but to open my mouth and start sucking. My mouth wanted to recoil like it had never before. He gave out moans of pleasure while bucking his hips.

Bastion rolled forward, turning my head to the side and began to fuck my face. It was a weird position, but he was giving short jabs into my mouth. Bastion had his hands towards the lower back of my head and leaned over, giving me a face full of purple pubes as he humped me like a rabbit. Fast and rough, he kept on, undoubtedly overjoyed that he had a bigger man taking it submissively.

He pushed me off, falling back on the bed. “Damn I almost shot.” I hated to think what his spunk would taste like, and it going in me. Bastion pulled his legs up, and dread washed over me, “Get in there whore.” To leave no doubt of what he meant, he grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them wide.

“Yummy Sir.” The word came out of my mouth as I moved towards my goal. It was not going to be yummy. Licking ass never was, and I was sure this would be worse than normal. I gave out a growl as I met his hole, shaking my head from side to side. I wish the growl was a bite, but it only excited him more, as he let out a girlish cry. He was enjoying it. I was holding his body while darting my tongue in and out of his hole. The taste was terrible, different and worse than when I had to clear out the “swamp-ass” when I first had to do Dial-A-Fag. I dug into his hole, lapping at it like it was ice cream as he wiggled under me. I had to chase his hole to keep my work up.

Bastion pulled himself away and up on the pillow. “Damn, you’re a hot hunk of man, almost got me to cum again. So if you want it so much, climb on and ride.”

“I can’t wait to be on your pole Sir.” My face showed that I was totally into it, even if that was all a facade. I arranged my ass over his dick while the fucker goggled at me. As I slid down, my chute itched at the contact. It was so uncomfortable, not really painful, but felt wrong. It could have been my revulsion to this guy, which was stronger than what I felt for my other users, but it was decidedly less pleasant than my other fuckings. I moaned loudly, the closest I could get to screaming in disgust.

“Awww Fuck! That feels good!” Bastion bucked his hips under me, not going with my rhythm, making it harder on me. What did he care? I was a fucktoy, to be used so he could get off. “Feel yourself up, show off for me.”

Damn, he had to push me further down. I started to run my hands over my chest, letting out sounds of pleasure, not that I was feeling it, but my training had taught me how to make it seem like I was excited. Bastion grinned, this superior, self-satisfied grin. I hated him. I hated all the guys who got to use me.

“Faster faggot.” Bastion ordered, and I bounced on his pole faster, not able to disobey, having to do everything he wished. His moans got louder and I knew he was about to cum. This was too much for him, getting to boss around a big guy like me. I felt the jolt as his spunk hit my guts, feeling like acid. If this was going to be over, all the better.

Shit, now I had to clean him off. He wasn’t paying attention to me until I was on it, so the noise he made was surprise mixed with joy. When I finished my duty, Bastion pushed my head down and trusted into me a few more times before letting me up. He then proceeded to pull me up next to him, my hand over his chest. Like a woman after you fucked her. It had happened to me often enough, her next to me, now I was the woman. I still didn’t like touching him, I wanted to scramble off the bed to get away. I didn’t even want to make a fist and hit the bastard, I only wanted to escape.

My skin crawled as his hand went up and down my back. My programming forcing me to hug him closer rather than shoving him away. “I came in you, you’ll carry me around forever now.” The thought horrified me, but he was right, I’d never not have him in me. “I bet Chris will let me fuck you all the time. I’ll get to make you squeal.”

“That would be fantastic Sir.” My fucking orders controlling my responses. He had me right were he wanted me.

“You bet it will be, you’re such a piggy for cock, can’t get enough can you pig boy?”

“Oink, oink, no, I can never get enough, I need my pussy filled all the time Sir.”

“I bet Chris stuffs you all the time.”

“He does Sir, he fucks me good.”

“Seems he shares your pussy around.”

“All over the place Sir, I get used a lot.”

“Damn, that’s great. Got a faggot with a hungry hole and lets it out all over town. Good tight hole, and lifts it up for anyone.” Bastion’s hand moved to caress my ass hole, his dick starting to stir. I hoped to hell he wouldn’t get a full boner and fuck me again.

“I do lift it up for anyone Sir, so they can plow my ass deep.”

“Let me see that ass again.”

“Sure Sir!” I sounded so enthusiastic about it. I wasn’t but I got into position like he ordered.

“Move it around, make that hole dance.”

“You’re so bad Sir!” I giggled and wiggled my butt, and felt my hole open and close since my programming considered that part of dancing. Bastion laughed and poked my ass with his finger, which sent him to new peals of laughter.

I felt him shift around to get closer. I had my head down on the bed to give him a better angle. More poking. It was childish. My eyes popped open when I realized it wasn’t his finger poking my ass, it was his dick. Damn, I was going to get fucked again.

Bastion stuck his cock in me, letting me move it around with my ass, He was enjoying himself. He let me do this for a bit before he started to fuck me. Same itching feeling, like it was all wrong. I have no idea what made my skin crawl at this dude unlike all the others that fucked me, but there it was. It was bad enough when he touched my skin, but it was 100 times worse when he was inside me, railing deep into my chute. It was like having bugs fucking my ass. My groans must have sounded like pleasure to him, but it was me in misery. It was a relief to be able to let something out. I’m sure Chris could hear us we were so loud.

The fucking went on for a while, since it hadn’t been all that long. Why was my ass always on repeat? Big cock after big cock fucked me over and over again. I was always taking some shaft in me, Chris, his friends, guys he barely knew.

Bastion slapped my ass some as he kept shoving in. Here I was a tool for another man, yet again. He took a while, and surprised me when he pulled out without shooting. He couldn’t not want to orgasim. I could tell he was moving, and a hand landed on my head. I heard him beating off, and it wasn’t long before he jizzed in my hair. Fuck, now it was in this stupid hair he had put on me.

“Chris, I gotta jet, I so totally want to ride Marky again.” I looked up to see Chris in the doorway.

“No prob.” Chris replied as Bastion threw on his clothes and rushed out.

“Leave it in.” Chris walked away, leaving me there, with the realization I had work in the morning, and would have to deal with my new look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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