I Hate You

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“Happy Birthday”, you wish me.

“Who called you?” I ask you angrily, you say it was Gracie. I look at her frustrated. “You are the last person I want to see on this happy day. I don’t care for you or your gifts, last time you were here you broke me”, I rant.

You come closer, brush your lips against my ear, and whisper, “I promised you birthday sex, remember?” I get weak on the knees, grunt, and leave for dancing.

While dancing, I feel your eyes over me, checking my every move, I flirt with a guy. I touch his arm during a conversation, laughing at his silly jokes only to see you flushed with anger. I lean forward to plant a kiss on his cheek. You interrupt and grab my hand. You take me to my room,” are you trying to make me jealous” you say innocently making the puppy eyes that you always make.

“Why are you getting jealous? The last time we met you said “YOU HATE ME.” I say trying not to cry during our argument and reminding myself how much I hate you.

“Go fuck that loser”, you say angrily.

“Maybe I will”. I am leaving and then you grab my neck and pin me against the wall, you growl,” you fuck him but I know I rus escort still make you wet, shall we check? Oh, it is a river! Tell me you don’t want this.”

I moan I hate you several times just to remind myself not to melt away. You kiss me to make me stop my I hate you chant, holding my neck, cupping my breast. “Fuck it”, I say pushing you towards the opposite wall, biting your lip, wrestling with your tongue, and sliding my hand down, unzipping you, playing with your hair with another hand.

I lick a path towards your cock, looking at you with pure hate and nothing else. I remove your pants, rip off your underwear, and stroke your dick. “I hate you”, I say and shove the dick inside my mouth. No mercy, at this point I want to suck you, ride you so hard that just the thought of this night, you get hard and come here again. I am on my knees sucking your dick harder every minute, pushing your dick deep inside me. I take it in and out of my mouth, licking the base of your dick and taking you deep in my mouth, sucking you like a slut in heat. I want to say I hate you but all I could do is moan and yenimahalle escort slurp on that dick. You grab my hair and make me suck you hard. I act like I am unable to breathe, you leave me, I smile because I want to take control not give you the control. I grab the dick, play with the head and lick the balls. I swirl my tongue around your balls slowly, looking at you and stroking the cock with both hands. You have always liked it when I suck you, making you unable to stand.

I get the hint that you can’t stand for long, I push you on the bed, sit on your lap and grind my hips against your dick. “Tonight I take charge and I still fucking hate you”, I tell you while holding your face just before putting my lips on yours, tasting you. Within seconds we ripped off each other’s clothes. I lay you on the bed, slid the cock in me, and begin to ride it. We moan as my pussy feels stretched out and you feel the warmth around your dick. I bounce on you switching the speed. I take your hand and put them on my breast. You play with them, fondling them, you try to get up to suck them, I don’t allow that. You pinch them hard as you don’t like the domination, I quiver and scream, start to grind you, slowly and then faster.

I twerk on that dick, lean towards you, and kiss you roughly yet with passion just like you like it. I moan near your ear, you pull me up a little and start to pound me, taking control and whisper, “you say you hate me yet your moans and pussy tell a different story.” I moan louder, grab your hair, kiss you and moan in your mouth. I sit up and start to ride you again and grind you in a way my clit is also getting stimulating making me closer and closer to the orgasm, I am very looking forward to.

We look at each other both getting closer. The speed increases, the moans, and grunts get louder, the heat inside us increases, I pull you up, hold you against me tightly, scratching your back, biting your neck, not forgetting to bounce on that dick. As your breathing increases, I tell you to come in me. The next minute you hold my ass, make me grind you harder, spank me. I clench my pussy squeezing your dick, you smirk and you come in me and I grind you harder to make myself come, you keep on spanking me and pulling my hair, I come on your cock, rocking my body. I kiss you slowly, with all passion this time. “I hate you”, I smile and lay there with you on the bed for a while, making sense of what had happened and holding your face. I hate how much I want this again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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