I Have a Surprise For You Ch. 04

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While this story can be read independently it will make more sense to read the previous chapters.

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I stare up at my now naked husband, I am entranced by the rhythmic movement of his hand as he moves it back and forth along his ridged cock. I no longer look at my husband, instead all I am able to see and concentrate on is his right hand as he strokes his hard cock above us, his cock head glistening with what I am sure is pre-cum. I am too numb to move, too sated to speak now; I still have Beth and Chris beside me holding me in their embrace. I am expecting the two of them to leave as the two men had left earlier without a word, when they had entered to give me my surprise from them, but they are not moving anywhere. I start wondering why they haven’t left, just as my husband speaks.

“Beth, Chris; it is time,” he says.

I expect them to leave me now, leave me and my wonderful husband to finish my night of surprises. I am wrong. The two of them move from beside me and roll me over, they guide me onto my hands and knees, the tiled floor is hard and hurts my knees, but then this is the first time I have noticed the hard floor even though I have been laying on it now for some time. I assume the position I know my husband loves, lowering my head and shoulders and thrusting my hips backwards offering myself to Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort my man.

“Not yet,” says Chris, “He has a surprise for you first.”

Beth wriggles in beneath me, pushing my knees apart to allow her head to come to rest between my thighs. I watch her body wriggle beneath me as she adjusts her position. Her position! A 69 position, oh my, I have never been with another woman before tonight, I had never thought about tasting another woman before tonight; my head starts to race with images of what I must look like to my husband.

Chris leans forward and gently kisses me on my lips, her tongue darts into my open and again willing mouth. I melt into her as she gently kisses and probes me with her tongue; I relax my body as my desire increases again. I can feel Beth’s warm breath close to my pussy, my poor tortured pussy; it has been licked, fucked and fisted tonight and I don’t know if I can take anymore without becoming a complete wreck.

As Chris continues to kiss me, I feel Beth’s tongue trace around my pussy, Beth is in no hurry and neither am I. I break away from Chris’s tender kiss and I lower my face in between Beth’s parted thighs. Chris reaches down and spreads Beth’s pussy lips for me. I find myself staring at her glistening opening, marveling at the contrasting colors, the flushed pink inside her pussy to her tanned skin.

“Go on, try it,” says Chris.

My tongue reaches out as I lower my face fully into Beth’s Yenimahalle Rus Escort crotch, I find my goal and I am surprised by the taste. I like it, I like it a lot. Greedily I begin to lap up Beth’s nectar, my tongue probing into her pussy as I seek more of her intoxicating fluid. Beth writhes beneath me as my chin rubs her clit in my pursuit of her nectar. Beth, on the other hand, is still taking it slow, despite me grinding my hips and smashing my pussy into her face to force her to hurry up, to make me cum. Beth does not, she is going slowly and deliberately not letting me get close to cumming. I want to cum again, I want Beth to make me cum on her face but she is holding out, not letting me cum. As I feel myself start building towards orgasm Beth moves her tongue from my slit and traces around my outer lips until my desire subdues, only to bring me back to the brink again and again.

I begin a fresh assault on Beth’s pussy, working my tongue in further, lapping up all that I can of her sweet juice; smearing it over my face. My tongue is joined by one of Chris’s fingers; I can feel her finger slide past my tongue as she begins to slide it in and out of her friends pussy, quickening the pace as Beth begins to squirm from our combined efforts. I can feel her thighs tremble as her orgasm approaches, the tension in her legs increase as my chin rubs roughly over her clit. I watch fascinated by Chris’s finger as it slides back and forth, slick with a mixture of Beth’s juice and my saliva. Chris removes her finger completely from her friend’s pussy and places her finger near to my lips. I open my lips and let Chris slide her finger inside; I begin to suck her finger like I sucked my young stud’s cock earlier tonight. the taste of pussy juice is strong on Chris’s finger as I slurp and flick my tongue around it, savoring the sensation of sucking her finger like a little cock, bobbing my head as I enjoy this new sensation. Chris removes her finger from my mouth dips it back into Beth’s pussy before bringing it back to my lips again. I watch as Chris again removes her finger from my mouth and slips it into Beth, Beth responds with a little shudder as Chris wiggles her finger inside her. I remember how Chris fisted me earlier and I anticipate getting a close look at Chris doing it to Beth right now. Chris removes her finger, again slick with Beth’s juices and places the tip of her finger at Beth’s puckered rosebud.

I watch as Chris applies pressure to Beth’s back passage with her finger. To my surprise, there is no resistance as her finger slides easily in up to her second knuckle. Beth begins to buck underneath me as Chris rapidly begins to saw her finger in and out of her friends anus. I begin to lick at Beth’s pussy again as Chris slips a second finger into Beth’s back passage, stretching her wider as she fucks Beth’s arse with her fingers. Beth has stopped licking my pussy as I feel her convulsing below me, I am sure she is having a great orgasm as Chris and I pleasure her.

“Your turn honey,” my husband says.

My turn, I had all but forgotten my husband was still here, I feel something rest against my own back passage, my husband’s cock, then I feel my husband’s hand grip my left hip as the head of his cock spreads my sphincter and enters my virgin arse.

“I hope you are ready for your surprise” he says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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