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I love watching my wife masturbate. On occasion, she’s even invited me to do so, but not often enough for my tastes. What she doesn’t know is, I watch her far more often than that.

Nearly a year before Chris and I married, I had finally gotten around to building a new home. Residing in a fairly upper-class neighborhood, many of my friends and neighbors had installed elaborate security systems. Through one of those friends, I had contracted with an individual to establish a safe system within my new home as well. We’d been going over the details together when Andy mentioned he could place several cameras inside of the house if I wanted. I thought about that, but knew with Chris and I already engaged to be married, she wouldn’t be real happy about having a bunch of camera’s capable of watching her every move. When Andy assured me that he could install them in such a way that she’d never even know they were there, I went for it.

Having a small personal utility room just off the three-car garage, it was perfect for setting up all the equipment necessary to monitor our home and provide us with updated information whenever we needed it. Including of course, videotape in the event it was needed for review. Chris was fine with that of course, totally unaware that I had separate video’s running off every bank of cameras monitoring our home.

Shortly after we were married and back from our honeymoon, I was treated to my first voyeuristic surprise. I hadn’t married Chris just for her looks. She truly was a beautiful woman yes, and certainly very uninhibited sexually in most areas but one. Early on I had shared with her my desire to watch her play with her self for me. Which she did, but somewhat reluctantly. She had grown up in a strict environment, where masturbation wasn’t discussed, certainly frowned upon if ever being mentioned. Thankfully, she’d moved away, discovered herself as well as her sensuality, managing to overcome many of the hang-ups she’d carried with her for years. All except this one for some reason.

Chris had confessed to me during one of those exciting ‘pillow-talk’ evenings we often shared together, that though she had in fact masturbated as a young woman, it was always done secretly, with a constant fear of discovery and punishment for having done so. Because of that, I soon came to believe that it was one of the few inhibitions she still harbored, not able to fully overcome.

As I did every day, the simple touch of a remote control, rewound and programmed all the tapes to begin recording. Motion sensors within the system alerted me to which tape might need to be monitored in the event there was any movement at night. So far, there had been no reason to do so. Obviously, for the camera’s recording inside during the day, I knew they would be constantly monitoring movement, though the only two I had so far previewed had been those in our bedroom and bath.

I’d arrived home from work earlier than usual. As I’d known, Chris had gone out late that afternoon with one of her friends to do some shopping. I had gone into the security room as we now called it and double-checked the status of everything. Curious, I did a quick semi-fast forward play of the tape that had been monitoring the bath. When I saw Chris enter in preparation of taking a shower, I slowed the tape down to normal play, enjoying a mischievous smile as I realized I was about to watch my wife showering.

I’ll be the first to admit there’s something inherently wicked about watching someone doing something without their knowledge. The fact that it was my own wife didn’t change that for me either. I loved looking at her, especially when she was nude. The fact that I could do so without her knowing it, was icing on the cake.

As Chris walked into the bath, removing her robe, revealing her nudity, I sat back to watch and enjoy myself.

“Oh yeah baby. I really do love watching you,” I thought aloud.

The camera was perfectly concealed within the patterned textures of the ceiling. At the angle it was positioned, it gave me a total panoramic view of the bath and on into the room, with the exception of the toilet area, which even I felt wasn’t necessary or wanted for my purposes, thus giving some measure of privacy anyway.

I watched as Chris passed from view briefly traveling through the blind spot, reappearing long enough to reach in, turn on the shower, adjusting the water temperature. She disappeared momentarily walking back towards the counter where she stood in front of the mirror admiring and examining herself. Just seeing her doing that was incredibly erotic to me. It was a private, personal, intimate moment with herself, but she was nonetheless, sharing it with me.

“Damn Chris, you’re making me hot!” I said speaking directly at the tape.

Having watched my wife cup her medium sized, but very firm breasts, I was treated to seeing her examination of herself as she hefted each within her hands, testing the natural age of gravity that every woman Escort Beylikdüzü eventually suffers through. Somewhat satisfied perhaps that age had not as yet caused them to sag more than what she was willing to accept, she smiled, turning off to one side to get an even better view as how they fell against her ribcage. I was a little surprised when she next tweaked each one of her nipples, causing them to harden as though testing them for response and sensitivity.

“God Chris, play with them baby…play with them!” I urged her.

She soon stopped doing so however, and I sadly saw her head back towards the shower. I naturally assumed of course that’s all she intended to do, bathe and make ready for the day. But since I was already aroused just watching what I had been, I decided to pleasure myself while simply watching my wife showering with no other expectations beyond that.

As she stepped into the shower, I expected to watch her do nothing more than wash herself up. I was slightly surprised however when she adjusted the shower massage to a more pulsating beat, then placed herself lying down in the tub rather than standing.

“What are you up too?” I wondered pleasantly surprised.

Comfortably positioning herself down inside the tub, I watched as she drew her legs towards her chest, spreading them. Placed as she was, she’d displayed herself, vulgarly, obscenely…and I loved it. As the water cascaded down towards her from the shower, it fell in a wildly undulating beat that began to playfully massage her sex. By the look on her face, and the expression in her eyes, I knew that it felt wonderfully good.

“Go baby go!” I yelled excitedly.

For nearly twenty minutes, I watched as Chris allowed the spray of the shower to make love to her. Periodically she adjusted her position, obviously varying the intensity, or perhaps the placement of the stream as it tickled her quim, caressing it in it’s own very unique way. As she drew closer to climax, I watched as she reached down, spreading her lips with her fingers even more widely a part than they had been. Had I been sitting here watching this live, I’d have zoomed in the camera upon her. As it was however, I had to make myself content with seeing what I was.

By now, I had released my prick from the confines of my pants, stroking it with the same desperate urgency that I saw my wife attempting to achieve. For the first time, I heard her moan, though it was difficult as the shower pretty much obscured the sound of anything else as she lay there.

“Ohhh. Ohhh. Ohhh.”

I knew by her pleasured sighs that orgasm was only moments away. Judging her reactions, as I was obviously aware having seen her climax before, that she was close now, very close. Only moments away now myself, I continued pleasing myself, anticipating that sudden quick bucking that would reveal to me her sweet ecstasy as her orgasm claimed her. Seconds later, she did that, leaning forward slightly humping the water cock that was assuaging her pussy, giving her pleasure, doing so for me simultaneously.

I had just finished straightening myself, filing away the tape when I heard the sound of the garage door opening. Chris was home. Making my way quickly inside the house, I greeted her a few minutes later when she walked in carrying several packages.

“Hi honey,” she said. “You’re home early!”

I gave her a kiss, reaching out to take one of the bags from her.

“Not that one, take this,” she said handing me what appeared to be a grocery bag. “This one’s for later,” she said suggestively, smiling.

Obviously, she was feeling frisky, as I was. “So…anything new and exciting today?” I asked her setting down the grocery bag on the kitchen counter.

“Not really, no. Why do you ask?”

“Just something,” I pressed. “You’re grinning like a Cheshire cat,” then, she did.


“Can’t help it. It’s in my nature,” I responded slyly.

Chris had all the fixings for a nice, little, romantic dinner. As we sat there together enjoying it, I asked. “So what did you and Darlene do today?”

I really liked Darlene. If there were anyone who was more outgoing, less inhibited than she was, I’d have to have met them. Having her as a good friend and companion was something I heartily approved of. And the best part, she was one of our next-door neighbors. Having gotten to know her and her husband Jack, we ended up spending a lot of time together whenever we could. The exact opposite of Chris, I had jokingly labeled the two of them “Salt and Pepper shakers”. Though both wore their hair relatively short, Chris was naturally blonde as well as fair skinned. Darlene was African American, with a deep rich coppery tone to her skin that stood out in stark contrast to my wife’s much fairer complexion.

“Nothing much…just some shopping,” she stated evasively. But I knew by the gleam in her eye that there was more to that than she was letting on. True enough, after Beyoğlu escort dinner, Chris had asked me to give her a few minutes before coming upstairs to bed. Having already figured out what she was up to, I took the opportunity to ensure that the camera in the bedroom was properly recording before heading upstairs myself. As expected, she was waiting for me, standing in the doorway of the bathroom connecting our bedroom. She was dressed in a sheer, black-laced body stocking that accentuated every curve of her body while only allowing the barest of hints at what lay hidden beneath.

“Nice! Really, really nice!” I said as I stood there looking at her. “Remind me to tell Darlene thank you,” I quipped.

“You know, it’s really hard keeping any secrets from you, you know!”

“If you only knew,” I thought devilishly. “Well, it wasn’t really hard to figure out,” I told her. “Every time you and Darlene go shopping together, you usually browse the “naughty store” as I called it. “And most of the time, you bring back something sexy to wear for me.”

“Remind me to never tell you I’m going shopping with Darlene,” Chris shot back teasingly. “Now…you interested in making love to your wife? Or not?”

As we did, I privately smiled knowing that I would later on be able to watch my own personal instant replay of our session together.


On Tuesdays, we had a maintenance service come out and take care of the yard. In the past, when I’d just happened to be there, I had noticed Chris eyeing one of the young men who did much of the yard work alone. Tall, handsome, ruggedly good looking with a deep tan from days spent outside, I’d seen Chris ogling him without realizing I had seen her doing so. Just before leaving for work, I’d reset all the surveillance tapes, wondering as I did if with this young man’s arrival today, would provide me with any entertainment to look at later on that evening.

As I often did, I brought work home with me rather than staying late, finishing it at the office. Whenever I did so, Chris afforded me the privacy alone to complete it without interruption, knowing that the sooner I did, the sooner we could spend time together during the evening.

Having access from my study to preview the security tapes, I did so, wondering hopefully if there would be anything worth watching as I rewound the tapes. Sure enough, the outside camera’s recorded the yard services arrival, including that of the man whom Chris had had her eyes on. Based on the time of the tape and the location of the yard he was working in, I knew that the only place where she would be able to safely watch him without being noticed was from kitchen area. Accessing the cameras from that section of the house, locating the exact time, I started the tape, not too surprised when moments later, my wife entered the room peering out through the window into the back yard.

For several long moments she did nothing but stand there looking out the window. I’d begun to think it a wasted effort when I saw her suddenly slip her hand down inside the front of the shorts she was wearing. Chris had also chosen to wear one of many halter-tops that she enjoyed wearing around the house during the day. As I watched, she deftly undid the knot in front, holding the garment together, thus freeing her braless breasts.

“Now this is interesting,” I said smiling to myself as I watched.

Chris moved even closer towards the sink, obviously extending herself for a better view. Shucking herself out of her top entirely, she stood, caressing her breasts, thumbing the nipples of each, all the while continuing to slip her hand down inside the waistband of the bright yellow day shorts she was wearing.

Running both tapes simultaneously, I watched the young man outside gradually move around the far side of the house, obviously out of view from the kitchen area. When he did, I also saw Chris as she obviously headed down the hall towards the stairs leading up to the bedroom areas. From where he was now at, I knew that Chris would be much better able to see him from the “cozy-corner”, as we called it, which was the bay window over-looking the yard from our bedroom.

Hurriedly, I located the bedroom tape, fast forwarded to the time indicated on the outside surveillance, and wasn’t disappointed as Chris soon walked into the room. I was surprised when she didn’t immediately head towards the window however. Instead, she stopped by her dresser where she fumbled briefly in the top drawer where I knew she kept most of her bra’s and underwear. Seconds later she produced a blue, long slim vibrator, turning it on, she smiled as the toy came to life in her hand.

“Hot damn!” I again thought. I hadn’t known she even owned a vibrator. I’d certainly never seen her using one before. “Thanks again Darlene,” I said aloud this time, figuring that it had to have been at her suggestion that Chris purchase one in the first place.

I watched my wife quickly settle herself Bomonti escort bayan within the plush softness of the love seat that fit perfectly within the window. Gazing down into the yard from above, somewhat concealed behind the lace curtains, which hung there, Chris pulled them apart slightly looking down into the yard where he still worked. As she did, she slowly began to tease herself with the softly humming toy, which I was now able to hear very clearly as she sat very close to the place where the bedroom camera had been installed.

“I bet you’ve got a nice…long…thick cock!” she said suddenly. “And I’d bet you’d be surprised to find out I was sitting here, thinking about it, wondering what it would be like for you to fuck me,” she admitted to herself.

Though I was surprised to hear her actually admit this, I wasn’t jealous. I’d often fantasized about other women myself, including Darlene. Just seeing my wife sitting there, stroking the inside of her pussy with the blue toy that I didn’t even know she had, sent a rapturous flame of desire directly towards my groin. Feeling myself harden, I watched in delightful expectation as Chris continued masturbating, once again caressing her own breasts, sliding the happy little toy in and out of her pussy as she held it a part with her other hand.

“Oh Shawn, Shawn…fuck me. Fuck me with that magnificent cock baby!” she wailed hotly. “Fuck my pussy and pour that delicious hot cream into it.” Several moments later, it was obvious she was having a climax. I watched as my wife’s face twisted into a pleasured grimace as she sat there on the couch driving the blue toy deeply inside herself, holding it there as she buckled forward expectantly as she often did.

Now extremely aroused myself. I switched off the tape, straightened my desk, and went in search of my lovely, secretly horny little wife.


Several days passed of uneventful monitoring. The wait had been well worth it however when almost by accident, I stumbled upon the best thing I had witnessed yet. It was Saturday, the one day of the month when Chris and Darlene went to the spa for a full days pampering. Which included a facial, massage, as well as a pedicure. With them gone the better part of the day, I soon settled back to review the tapes, many of which I hadn’t as yet had time to really look at. As I fast-forwarded through many of them, I hesitated briefly at one when Chris answered the door, letting Darlene into the house. There was nothing significant about that however, but for some reason I decided to let the tape play while I sat there watching.

“Did you bring it with you?” Chris asked.

“Yes,” Darlene said giggling. “And you have no idea how difficult it was to get it either!” she responded conspiratorially.

I saw her reaching into her purse, producing a videotape a second later. “I had to remind Janette three times to lend it to me,” she stated.

I knew Janette was her very ‘lesbian’ half-sister.

“What did she say when you asked her about it?” Chris asked nervously.

“Oh nothing really. I told her it was for a woman friend of mine who was ‘curious’ about it is all. If anyone can understand that, she does. Where do you want to watch it?”

“Downstairs in the den,” Chris responded.

I quickly stopped the tape, pawing through several others until I’d found the one I was looking for. Inserting it into the player, I forwarded to the approximate time and hit play. Sure enough, there they were. I was just in time to watch Chris inserting the tape into the player before settling back onto the couch sitting next to Darlene.

“I can’t actually believe I let you talk me into watching this,” My wife said.

“Good old Darlene. I really should send her something for all the marvelous things she’s talked my wife into exploring,” I considered.

Perfectly positioned, I was able to see not only the women as they sat there on the couch together, but what they were also watching on the TV. It became clearly evident that Darlene had brought over some sort of X-rated movie. Now, it wasn’t all that odd that they were sitting there watching one. Chris and I had frequently watched several of them together, and if all she wanted to do was sit back and watch a dirty movie, we had plenty of them to choose from.

“No. There’s something a little different about this one,” I realized, and so began to focus my attention on what it was they were actually watching, more than in watching either one of them. Minutes later, I understood why.

Although it became apparent that what they were watching turned out to be a sexual threesome, which Chris and I had watched plenty of before, this one included a bi-sexual encounter between the two males while the woman involved, switched back and forth between the two men, while they in turn proceeded to enjoy one another just as equally.

“Isn’t this wild?” Darlene had asked her.

“God yes…I’ll say. And it’s making me horny!” Chris answered her unabashedly.

“Can you imagine another guy doing anything to Brad?” Darlene asked, questioning her about me.

I heard my wife giggle like a teenager. “Yes…one,” she said teasingly.


“You know that sexy guy I told you about who comes over to take care of the yard? Shawn?”

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