I Lose a Sex Wrestling Match

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I met Bill through a wrestling website and we sent emails for weeks. We outlined our preferences for rules and wagers. We got to know each other and we exchanged stories of our favorite matches. I have gotten bigger and am now 6’1″ 270 pounds with a 6 inch cut and thick cock. I have a short beard and salt and pepper hair. I am 58 years old. Bill is 6’4″ 275 pounds with a 7 inch cock that is thin but has a huge mushroom head. He is 44 and has blonde hair and a mustache. He is a very handsome man and in better shape than me. We agreed on a first to cum loses match. Wrestling holds to be used to immobilize, not to hurt. The loser has to swallow the winner’s load.

We met at his house and Bill had a drink waiting for me. We chatted for a few minutes and then he took me down to his basement where he had a large wrestling mat and a fan going. We agreed to start nude. We stripped and were both hard. His cock looked huge to me and I wanted to make him cum and make him swallow my load. We stretched for a minute and got on our knees to begin the match.

We lunged toward each other and wrapped our arms around the other in a bear hug. Our cocks met and began to have their own battle. We each tried to get the other to lose his balance and Bill won this part of the match and I went over to my back. Bill quickly covered me and rolled up on me so that his body was facing my cock and he had my arms behind Mecidiyeköy Escort him where I could not reach his cock. I felt his hands start to caress my body and he started to lightly pinch my nipples. I groaned and was getting really tuned on already. He started to move his hands lightly all over my body and I groaned in delight and frustration. He took his time an went back to my sensitive chest and started to knead my tits. I was trying hard to get away but he held me firm. Bill started to laugh and said “I guess you like being beat. your cock is hard as a rock.”

Bill then went for my balls. He scratched and fondled them until I was screaming and squirming. I was getting exhausted and he was just getting started. After what seemed like a year he started to jerk my cock very slowly. I was already fighting off an orgasm and I do not remember a hand job feeling this good. My pre cum got all over his hand making it easier for him to jerk me off. I started to beg him to give me a chance. “Please don’t make me cum”. He just laughed and kept up his slow motion.

I guess he wanted to go for the win as like lighting he dove on my cock and started to suck my cock. All I could do was groan and slap the mat in frustration. He was really sucking me off now and added a hand on my shaft to get me off quicker. I was dizzy with the desire to cum but I did not want Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan to lose this match. I was able to concentrate and saw his head was in position. I snapped my legs up and caught him in a head scissors. I levered him off my cock and over to the side, using just enough force to keep him in the hold. “Now it’s my turn you fucker”

I went straight for his cock, which was in front of my face. I started sucking him for all I was worth. I was awarded with a groan and decided to fight dirty. I reached around and got my middle finger up his ass while sucking him harder. He bucked as I fingered him but I could tell my ass hold was having the desired effect. He was starting to hump my mouth and I started to scratch at his balls while sucking him in deeply. I used a technique a female wrestler used on me. I started to run my tongue around the base of the head of his cock at the end of each stoke and he was screaming and bucking. I was sure I had him.

From all the wrestling we were both a sweaty mess. Unfortunately this allowed him to slip his head out of my scissors and before I knew what was happening he was sitting on my chest with his ass in my face and my cock helpless and ready for his attack. He reached down and got my cock in a death grip and started to jack me off as fast as he could. I knew I was in trouble. I was feeling an orgasm build Escort Mecidiyeköy and if I did not escape I was going to cum. Bill had great balance and no matter how hard I tried to buck him off I could not. I started to caress his ass and back and knew my orgasm was now inevitable. bill knew it too and started to taunt me. ” You ready to shoot a big loser load for me Steve?” I just groaned and tried to hold back the building feeling in my cock.

I knew I was beaten and told Bill ” You win, I am going to cum!!” He just stroked me faster and in about another 30 seconds I screamed and came all over myself. It was an amazing orgasm and Bill kept up the stroking until he had milked every drop out of me. He turned over and kissed me deeply. “You lose mother fucker”

He got to his feet and grabbed my hair. He forced his pulsating cock deep into my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. I tried not to gag as he roughly forced me to take his entire 7 inches into my mouth. I grabbed his ass and held on. He mouth fucked me for about a minute and yelled. I felt him cumming and I tried to swallow his huge load but some came dripping out of my mouth. He kept ramming his cock in my mouth until he had finished his orgasm. His cock came out of my mouth with a small pop and he made me kiss his cock and balls over and over. “any time you want to swallow my load I am ready to beat you again”. He laughed and knocked me over and struck a muscle pose while his foot was on my defeated cock

After that we both went and showered and talked about the match. I told him I wanted a rematch and we are going to have one in about two weeks.

If you would like me to write about this match please leave a comment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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