I Love You Ch. 09

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“Is that why you like her so much, because she’s not me? Because she talks in soft tones and follows all your fucking rules?” Jezebel yelled, “Because she’s a weak robotic bitch that you can control?”

“I do like docile women,” he said knowing it would infuriate her, she was anything but docile, “women that know their place.”

“You mean that place below your feet?” she glared at him yanking her hand from his grip.

“That’s the place,” he grinned smugly, his pale eyes sparking with his lust and his fury.

“Wow,” she changed her tactics “I can’t believe she tricked you so easily, you straight up fell for it. I thought you were smarter than that Jakey.” her tone was condescending.

“Watch it.” he warned her, knowing where she was going with this.

“The predator of the year duped by a maid, the big bad wolf slaughtered by the sheep.” she taunted him with the smuggest smile she could muster, even her chuckle was haughty. “Since when did you start letting your girlfriends make your mind up for you?”

“You better watch your fucking mouth Jezebel.” he growled his fingers sinking deeper into her skin as he yanked her closer to him.

“Make me watch my fucking mouth, Jakub.” she raised her chin with an invincible grin, delighted with the smell of battle. “Don’t be mad at me, it’s not my fault your pussy whipped.”

“I warned you.” he growled, he lifted her in his arms and gently tossed her down on the bed. She immediately tried to scramble to the other side, but he grabbed he thick cold chain around her ankle and pulled her back to him. She twisted her body around to get away still trying to kick him, but he grabbed her foot and pulled her to the edge of the bed; closer to him. He held her chain tightly in one hand, not letting her get away as he undid his belt and slid it from his pants. She kicked him hard in the ribs and he glared at her as he folded the belt.

“You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed as she tried to scoot back, but his tight one handed grip on her chain wouldn’t let her even budge. She sat up and started smacking him over and over.

“Not while your pregnant.” he said, grabbing her wrists and pulling them together, he wrapped the belt around them. “But the minute you conceive,” holding her bound wrists he leaned down to kiss her neck, “I am gonna fuck you up baby.” he whispered, sending chills through her sex.

“Get the fuck off me!” she cried hard, almost screeching, trying to kick him again. He stood up than grabbed the belt and pulled her by her wrists to the headboard than quickly fastened the buckle. Her foot connected with his thigh, but he didn’t even act like he felt it. She was now chained to the floor by one foot and buckled to the head board by both wrists. How the hell did she let him get her into these positions?

“And you better pray that baby is mine.” he said with a look in his eyes that made her flinch.

“I wish it wasn’t” she pouted her eyes gleaming dangerously.

“It’s time you learned your place baby girl.” he slid her skirt to her belly, his large hands touching as much skin as they could in the process. He looked down at her, her arms tightly buckled to the head board and she still fought like a Tasmanian devil.

“Never!” she hissed trying to kick him with her free foot; he grinned bending his head to rip her panties off with his hand and his teeth. He tossed them to the floor, than spread her thighs as far as he could holding them apart with his elbows as he spread her flesh.

“No, get off me.” she cried, her thighs already quivering. She tried to hit him in the head with her knee, but he grabbed it, holding it flat to the bed and sunk his teeth into the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. She cried as she arched her back, the pain sending jolts straight up to her sex. “STOP!”

“Make me.” he threw her favorite phrase back at levent escort her.

“I am going to fucking kill you.” she cried and he could already hear the lust in her voice. He grinned as he slid his fingers lightly over her skin, watching her body twitch and begin to relax. He lightly pinched her lips together, than bent his head and slid his tongue over them before he sucked them into his mouth. She wiggled trying to pull away from him, as he nibbled on her lips before pulling back to spread them again. “Nooo.” she lightly cried, knowing that this could possibly be her undoing.

“Do you have any idea how much I love to watch you squirm.” he said looking up at her face before he bent his head back down to her vulnerable sex, sliding his tongue up her overly sensitive flesh.

He grinned and bent his head to her pulsing sex, she gasped as he sucked the sensitive nub deep into his mouth, his tongue working the very tip as he sucked it like a pacifier. She cried out as the intense pressure grew in her belly. The muscles in her legs jerking as she tried to close her legs against the feeling. He wouldn’t let her budge; his mouth was securely latched onto her sex. She felt the convulsions begin to rock her lower torso as he slid a thick finger inside of her. She could feel her adrenaline misting through her shaking body.

“Ooh, I hate you so much.” she squirmed, unable to control her own body at this point.

Just when she was sure she could not take anymore, everything inside of her exploded. She tried to pull away but he refused to let her go until her orgasm stopped. Once her body went limp, he slid his tongue deep inside of her, sucking out every last drop before he rose up. He unlocked the buckle, undoing her hands; he sat back down on the bed, leaning against the head board. He grabbed her arm and pulled her onto his lap, facing him.

She grabbed the belt and slid it behind his neck holding both ends as she looked into his eyes. He slid his hand from her hip up to cup her breast.

“Tit for tat.” his deep voice was low and thick with his lust as he gave her permission to proceed with the belt. She instantly slid the belt through the buckle and tightened it around his neck, that gleam of excitement in her eye that drove him crazy. He hated it when she wrapped things around his neck but he loved to watch her work herself into a frenzy when she did. He loved to watch her sadistic instincts bloom, but he had to keep it under control or she would go too far, she always went too far. “Careful.” he growled low.

“I will be.” she breathed as the muscle in her cheek twitched in anticipation. “You first.”

“Lift your arms” he said and she let go of the belt to lift her arms straight up in the air. He slid her tube top slowly up her breasts than over her head. He dropped it to the bed as he skimmed his fingers down her arms than down over her bra encased breasts. He reached behind her than unhooked her strapless bra, her bare breasts springing forward and he moaned deep in his throat.

She put her hands behind her head lacing her fingers behind her neck, she thrust her breasts towards him and braced herself; he almost came at her act of submission. He ran his hands over her swollen breasts, noticing the increase in size. He caressed them lightly before he raised his hand than slapped down on one breast.

“Ow. ” She winced a little, he hadn’t touched her in so long, and her breasts were no longer used to the treatment.

“Don’t tell me I have to retrain you?” he slapped down twice more before he bent his head and lightly kissed her swollen breast. She slid her hands though his hair holding him to her for a second before she grabbed the belt around his neck and yanked him back. He scowled; he never did like this game.

“My turn.” She grinned as she rose mecidiyeköy escort to her knees, holding the end of the belt tightly in one hand, wanting to choke the hell out of him as she grabbed his thick member in the other hand.


Ludvine was shaking with fury as she listened to them at the door. She listened as they had sex, her body demanding she go in there right now and make them stop. How could this happen? Why did he keep going back to Jezebel?

She must be a witch! That’s what it was; no woman had that much control over a man unless they used some type of sorcery to keep them there. Well she would not just stand by and let this happen, she had to do something and fast!


Jezebel could still feel that humming vibration between her legs as she slowly ran the head of his cock across her tingling flesh. She shivered as she arched her back slightly, pulling the belt tight across his throat. He leaned in closer to her body to loosen the tension around his neck than took her nipple into his mouth. She gasped hard as he bit down on the tender nub, tightening her grip on his member as she momentarily let go of the belt. He wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her closer to him, as he sucked her nipple deeper into his mouth. She slid her arm between their bodies and positioned him at her opening, than every so slowly she slid down on just the swollen tip.

It was his turn to groan as he let go of her throbbing nipple and leaned back against the head board. She clenched her muscles around his engorged head than pulled up slowly until it popped out, making him groan again; she yanked the belt as she grinned slyly. She kissed his lips lightly as she slid back down on just the tip of his raging erection. He deepened the kiss, his hands sliding to her breasts as she rode just the tip. Jezebel pulled back away form him, than slid down, taking a little bit more of him inside of her, before she pulled him out completely; all the while working that belt around his neck. He grabbed her waist as she teased him, sinking his fingertips into her skin.

“Come on Jez.” he breathed trying to slide back inside of her. She grabbed his face hard than lightly kissed his lips.

“No.” She wouldn’t let him inside; instead she slowly swayed her hips, her moist flesh rubbing against his pulsing hard on. She rubbed it harder; the feel of his stiff member against her engorged nub had her gasping as she ground her sex harder against him. She was clutching handfuls of his hair, kissing him as hard as she could. He pulled back from her, unable to stand anymore.

“Let me in.” he growled.

“no.’ she pulled her hips back and her sex away from him.

“I need to be inside of you baby.” he said, sinking his fingers into her hip, with that look in his eyes.

She went up to her knees as she grabbed his member, circling it around her tingling nub than she slowly pushed him inside of her. He clutched her hips, pulling her down fully. He wanted every inch of himself as deep as it could go inside of her. He pushed up as she slid down, her hips moving wildly as she fucked him back. He grabbed her large breast taking the tip into his mouth. She wrapped her arm around his head holding him tightly as she bent her head back arching her back as he impaled her. She cried out as the first of many orgasms tore through her body.

At this very moment everything made sense to him. He did love her and he had been afraid to face her. Jake Stone feared no man, woman or beast; but he was deathly afraid of Jezebel. She held his heart clutched in her fisted grip. He knew she hated him, but he also knew there was some strange, surreal bond between the two of them that would not allow them to completely separate. He needed her near him at all times, even if it was under lock and key and even if she hated him. He kağıthane escort was going to keep her locked away until he knew for a fact she couldn’t abort the baby, now he wasn’t even sure about that anymore.

He had never felt so at peace as he did when he was inside of her. He never felt as loved as he did when she had loved him. Maybe he was crazy, he knew he could not force her love again, no matter how long he chained her up for, it would not force her to learn to love him again. He had no other choice, had to let her go.

He kissed her as he came inside of her, holding her as close to him as he could with out hurting her.


Ludvine barley with held the tears threatening to roll down her face. She wanted to run in there, yank him off her, and beat the hell out of Jezebel than drag Jake back to her room. The quieter it got, the more worried she got, when Jezebel finally spoke, Ludvine put her ear to the door.


They sat there frozen; Jezebel’s head lay on his shoulder as she felt her orgasm subside. Jake held her tightly to him, wanting her as close to him as he could get her. Jezebel finally pulled back looking him straight in the eyes. She had not forgotten about his little tryst with the maid. She felt betrayed and was furious that he would believe Ludvine over her. Did he seriously have feelings for her? She had all intentions of getting to the bottom of it, but right now she had more important matters to deal with.

“Are you going to let me go now?” she asked, shocking him.

“Is that why you let me fuck you?” his eyes were instantly cold.

“Does it matter?”

“No.” he lied. Of course it mattered; it mattered a great deal to him.

“Than you’ll let me go?” she repeated he question

“no.” he answered even though he had actually debated it after he ejaculated.

“Are you sure?” she asked tightly clenching her muscles around his member.

“I’m not letting you go.”

“Than I hate you.” she said standing up, his member sliding from her as she looked down at him. She had said it in the past, but she had said it in anger, hearing her say it so calmly and so casually, make him nauseous. “I really truly deeply hate you.”

“I know.” he whispered.

“I am going to get out of here and than I am going to run as far away from you as I can. ” She stepped back from him, out of his reach. “I NEVER want to see you again!” she cried and he felt his ribs clutch his heart. He slipped farther away from her, than stepped off the bed, afraid he had stomped on his own heart that now lay dying on the floor. His eyes darkened to a foggy grey color she had never seen, no blue or silver. “I regret all the time I wasted on loving you. And it is your baby, but you’ll never see him.” she said so viciously he could only stare at her for a moment.


Ludvine’s smile was right back in place. She couldn’t believe it, she actually had Jezebel herself to thank for this victory. She couldn’t have done it with out her help! She was brimming over with satisfaction; and to think that she had actually been worried for a moment. Now she wasn’t the least bit worried, there was no way Jake would ever want her after that little confession.


Jake fought his inner beast for control, just as Jezebel fought Jake for control. She loved him, she wasn’t sure why, she knew she shouldn’t, especially since she hated him so much. She loved the things he did to her even though she hated him for doing them to her. But most of all she hated him for making her enjoy the things that she felt made her weak and insignificant.

Jake unable to bare the truth, turned around and left the room.


Luckily for Ludvine, Jake’s cousin had called right before Jake had stormed upstairs, he said he needed to speak to Jake immediately. So when Jake opened the door and saw Ludvine standing close to it, she instantly started talking.

“Your cousin called he said there was some emergency with your aunt and he needs to speak to immediately sir.” she bowed submissively as he nodded curtly than walked past her. “I just ran up here to notify you immediately.”

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