I’m Forever Yours Lover

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As I crawl into bed for the night, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve awaiting Santa’s arrival. I can’t sleep with the excitement stirring rages throughout my body of the one gift I so desire. My heart is racing with anticipation when the morning light tells me it’s time. I hear the double ding text tone on my phone that is specific to you, telling me you’re on your way. It sets my juices flowing my anal walls pulsating.

My body heats up for your package.

I shower feeling the warm water running down me much like your warm Man Milk on my skin.

I groom to give you a clean canvas to cover with your juices, to mark your scent, much like animals do to claim what is theirs. I pick the most sensual nightie to arouse your hunger. As I sit on the couch, my mind is filled with all the nasty things I want to do to you and you to me.

I constantly lick my lips, ready to consume your delicious body. I breathe in deeply, not only to help calm me but to clear my lungs for your earthly scent.

As you walk through the door, my eyes take in all of your manliness. I immediately fixate on your crotch. I smile to see your swollen cock through your pants.

Our bodies entwine in a warm embrace. Your sweat essence fills my nostrils and sets me on fire. Our tongues plunge deep down each other’s throat exchanging our hunger for each other. I see your shirt against your chest, your nipples are hard, much like your cock, waiting to be massaged with my tongue, my hands, my fingers.

I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom. I need to enjoy the vision of your naked body.

Slowly pulling your shirt off, your golden chest and greying hair is such a fucking turn-on. Then, your pants come off revealing your gift, the one thing that filled my mind all night long. It’s bulging in your tight briefs. Your perfect body glistens in the sun that’s peeking through the curtains.

I push you onto the bed and lick your nipples. Cupping my mouth on your chest I flick it with my tongue, then suck on it like a hungry infant. Oh! I am so hungry for Mersin Escort you.

My tongue caresses down your body. Licking the sweat off your tummy, your thighs, inhaling all the fragrance that’s been cooking between your legs. I pull down your briefs to unleash that beast of a cock, engorged with passion and ready to ravish my ass.

I take the tip of my tongue and run it up and down your shaft, feeling the folds of your skin. I explore your balls, licking the sweat off them. I tickle your asshole and make my descent up your tunnel hoping for a taste of your sweet ass cream. Your cock head is now swollen and smooth as I begin sucking on it. Encircling with my tongue I

lick it as I would an ice cream cone. I open my mouth, throat wide and swallow it, letting it slowly glide down until my lips are against your bush. You can hear my moans of pleasure as I’m consuming my favorite meal. Your throbbing cock in my mouth, the stench of your crotch makes me cream. You want to blow your load giving me your cum to swim inside me.

With such fervor, you pull off my nightie, push me onto the bed and spread my legs open. You can smell my juices. They’ve been cooking all night long and ready to be eaten. You know just what I like, what takes me to the edge. You shove your face into my pussy lapping up that cream. Sometimes I can feel your face stubble on my vag lips like fine sandpaper as you move up and down my crevice.

You tease my clit with the tip of your tongue. You know that drives me wild. Much like your cock it will swell and become bulbous ready to explode with each pass of your tongue. I love that sensation. I try to relish it for as long as I can, making you eat me longer than any other man would do. But you are not just any man. You crave Hot Raunchy Sex and know that if you give me what I so desire that I will give you back even more.

The pleasure becomes so intense the sparks of electricity start to accumulate under my skin. My back arches as I push my clit into your mouth. I want you to devour it Mersin Escort Bayan like a dog with his bone. With each passing, the sparks get more intense until I can’t take it anymore. I moan loudly so you know you’ve accomplished your mission. My legs quiver and my ass begins to sway with orgasmic ecstasy. I become a rag doll with no control of my body, floating in sheer heaven. You mount me and crush me with the weight of your body. Your warmth only heightens the enjoyment. Your kiss is wet with my cum, as you cover my lips and my face with it, I can taste myself.

Now that my pussy is moist you want a piece of it. You cram your cock into my tunnel. It’s slippery, it’s loose. You bang me back and forth, lift my legs high over my head so your balls are almost inside me as well. You want to be so far up there, just like your cock in my ass. My juice is all the lube you need now to enter your kingdom.

You roll me onto my tummy and pop my ass to the edge of the bed. As I spread my cheeks you stare at the starfish winking at you, beckoning you to enter. There was a time you needed to prep me, fondling my asshole until it was ready to open. But not anymore.

It’s hungry for your cock, it wants your cock, it needs your cock. My vag cum all over your cock is all the lube you need for the pleasure to begin. Tapping on my ass with your mighty body sword, access to my anal canal is ready to be pillaged and desecrated for your gratification.

You slowly push inside. We both feel the pop of my anal ring which tells you you’ve entered your pleasure zone.

I say yours because you conquered it. The most intimate part of my body and I gave it to you. It was virgin territory until you defiled it, now you’re its master.

As you stare down at my big bubble butt you see your brand, the tattoo on my ass cheek. I did that just for you so you’ll always know who owns it. Your cock throbs at that thought, making the sensation intense, sending that self-indulgence spark coursing through your body. The deeper you sink Escort Mersin into me I feel the animal in you come out. You too, feel me morph from a tender lover into the Hot Raunchy Bitch you lust for. I am there for you to fulfill that beastly desire, to obtain ultimate power over me, like a Lion with his prey. You overtake me, pulling my hair, slapping my ass, making me cry out for more.

Do you know what your cock feels like in my ass? Think of a Big shit. How you sit there and it’s slowly moving down your

anal canal. The muscles in your walls are contracting pushing down and the pressure against them rubbing constantly as you feel your anal sphincter opening.

It is like a massage. At times it feels smooth or you feel a rough edge that makes you wench with pleasure and pain. That’s what your cock feels like and I LOVE it. It’s like an endless shit and I want it.

But you want more. You want to tickle my other back door. You hoist one leg up on the bed pushing your crotch against my ass plunging your cock deep, filling every inch of my tunnel. You begin stirring all the ass cream up so when you pull out it’s covered with fudge. That’s fucking hot.

You marvel how your BIG cock can reach so far up my tunnel. Your heart is pounding so hard you feel it will burst through your chest. The excitement overtakes you.

Your balls are cooking, sweat beads are forming on your neck and your back. I’m telling you to fuck me harder.

Your crotch hairs are rubbing my ass raw. You feel that surge in your shaft and you’re ready to blow your load up my ass, no, your ass, the one you own.

Our flesh meshes together as you pound away.

Slamming me harder, you cry out that primal moan that fucking thrills me. My ass walls feel your cock convulse, shooting every last drop of cum deep into my cave. I contract my anal walls around it hugging it so tightly. I don’t want it to end.

You pull your cock out putting your mouth on my cheeks to lick up any remnants dripping from my asshole.

I roll over and push up on the bed. You collapse your sweating body on me, kiss me long and hard, dropping all that warm cum/ass cream into my mouth. I drink it down to hold a part of you inside me long after you’ve gone.

The connection we’ve shared runs deep.

I will forever be your Hot Raunchy Bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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