In A Pregnant State of Mind Ch. 3

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*If you are not 18 years old or older, please do not read this story. This story is for adult entertainment purposes only and by continuing to read this submission, you are agreeing that you are, at least, 18 years of age and are aware of your local governments laws regarding erotic and adult-oriented literature.

**This story is copyrighted for Shayla_Star Productions©

* * * * *

There was a brief silence in the room except for the small squelching sounds Carol was making as she greedily sucked Shayla’s milk-filled tittie into her mouth. She periodically would pull and release Shayla’s nipple with a ‘pop’ sound, just to drive them both crazy with the sound effects. Between sucks, she would suction the nipple and the whole areola into her mouth and then gently bite down and flick her tongue back and forth across the delicious nub. She was in heaven!

“That’s it, baby. Oooohh, do momma’s tit just like that. You know what momma wants, don’t you baby? You know how she likes to have her tits and fat nipples sucked hard, huh? Momma’s getting so hot that she is going to play with her clitty while the baby nurses…mmmmm.” Shayla continued the ‘baby talk’ to Carol, which only further enhanced the wetness that was flooding her aching pussy. Slowly, she slid her hand from the breast that was holding her tit in Carol’s mouth down to her hot clit, wasting no time going straight to the source of her release. She began to roll her clit between her thumb and index finger; pinching it hard to tease it into thinking it was ready for a release, and then slowly starting to rub it in a circular motion. Shayla loved to masturbate. She knew her body better than anyone else, and her husband never showed enough interest in her since the pregnancy for her to get anything else other than a quick ‘jack-off’ session on her own. Looking down, she locked eyes with Carol. Her cheeks hallowed in and out as she slowed her hungry attack on Shayla’s tit to a soft, subtle weaning suckle. Carol lifted her hand to the neglected breast and fondled the hard, fat nipple.

“Does momma want baby to play with this one too?” she asked. “It’s looking so neglected and baby’s mouth is watering just thinking about getting tekirdağ escort more milk out of your other breast.” Carol was playing her role wonderfully. This had been her biggest fantasy, and she wasted no time switching tits to latch on to the full one and sucking on its glorious nipple.

“Mmph, mmmph, mmph,” Carol moaned against the full breast as she sucked hard on the nub and fresh milk poured into her hungry throat. She squeezed both of Shayla’s tender breasts now, milking them, weighing their fullness. They were close in size to hers finally, and she couldn’t get enough of all this tit-flesh. Something was missing, though. She was getting greedy and wanting more out of this fantasy. She suddenly stopped sucking on the tit in front of her and pulled her head back. Shayla tried to force Carol’s head back on her tit, enjoying the sensation of her sucking lips while she fingered her clit. Her orgasm was so close now.

“Oh, baby, please don’t’ stop sucking momma’s tit yet. Momma is so close to cumming.” Again, she tried to guide her swollen nipple back into Carol’s mouth, running it alongside Carol’s pursed lips and forcing it back inside the warmth and wetness. Carol suckled for a brief second before, again, releasing the nipple.

“Dammit, baby, why do you keep stopping? Don’t you like sucking mommas big tittie down your throat and filling your pretty belly with all that fresh milk momma’s made for you?” Shayla asked.

“Shayla, ” Carol broke out of character for a moment, “sucking your tits is so erotic and drinking your milk from these fat nipples is make my pussy so wet. But, something is missing…I want more.”

“What is it, Carol? I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I just want to be so dirty and kinky right now. I’m loving this little tit-play, momma-baby fantasy we have going on right now. I’ll do whatever you want, though, baby. Just as long as it involves your lips on my needy tits again!” Shayla replied. She was too hot and ready to cum to back down now. She wasn’t quitting this easy. “What do you want, Carol? Just tell me!”

“I want us to suck each other’s tits at the same time while we finger our clits until we cum!” There, she had finally trabzon escort said it. The thought of laying side-by-side next to this goddess of a woman while they sucked each other’s huge tits and fingered their wet pussies was all she needed for the cum of her life! She eyed Shayla’s face for any hint of hesitation. She knew laying on her side would be comfortable for Shayla due to the pregnancy, so comfort wasn’t an issue. Getting her own hand past that belly down to her pussy would be the biggest problem, but as hot as her cunt was right now, she would find a way!

“Lay your sweet ass down on the floor then, you kinky slut! I was wondering when I’d get my lips locked onto those delicious looking rosy nipples of yours. I can’t wait to flick my tongue across them and roll it around your areola. I’m going to try and suck that whole damn tit into my mouth while you devour mine at the same time!” Shayla surprised Carol with this rough, dirty talk! But, Carol wasted no time getting her sweet ass down on the floor, facing Shayla, who was now positioning herself sideways facing Carol. They both scooted their bodies into a position that allowed their huge tits to rest in front of the other’s thirsty mouth. Carol cheated by snaking her tongue out a bit before they were completely ready for the double-nursing feast.

“Hey!” Shayla shouted. “No cheating. You wait until we both are comfortable before you latch back onto these luscious milk-filled melons,” Shayla teased. No quicker had Shayla started this, Carol pulled Shayla’s tits into her mouth, pushing both together and sucking them at the same time. Shayla took this cue and finally lost herself in Carol’s 40DD’s.

“Oh, how I have wanted to get my hands and mouth on these,” Shayla thought to herself. “Look at these nipples – here all for my sucking and nursing pleasure.” She dove right into them, teasing the thick nubs with her slick tongue. She circled around them at first, not sucking on the actual nipple just yet. She bit alongside the firm, yet soft flesh of Carol’s big tit, slowly applying suction after each bite. This suction increased as she continued up toward the aching, ready-to-be-sucked nipple. Carol’s moans increased as sivas escort Shayla got closer to the nub. Finally, she could stand it no more and wrapped her lips around her long-awaited treat and sucked in the manner that she had felt Carol suck on her engorged tits. Her head bobbed up and down as she nursed on the tittie-treat. Carol stopped sucking on Shayla’s tits for a brief second to look down at Shayla’s head bobbing up and down on her huge tit.

“Oh, baby, that’s it. Suck my big tits into your sweet mouth. Savor the flavor of that fat nipple. I want you to become addicted to that tit and suck it whenever I ask you to, okay, Shayla? I don’t care where we are from this point on. If you and I are together and I ask you to suck my tits, you will suck my tits, understood?” Carol considered herself a dominant person, but she’d never really exerted that part of herself in sex. For some reason, it came natural at this exact moment with Shayla. Shayla did not respond, but just continued sucking. Carol reached down and jerked Shayla’s head from her tit, causing a big “plop” sound.

“Did you hear me, Shayla?” she asked.

“Yes, Carol, I will suck these precious tits and nipples into my hot mouth whenever you ask me to. I will never tell you no, baby. Never.” She would have said anything right about now to just get her lips back onto that inviting nipple. Carol was satisfied with this answer and lifted her tit back to Shayla’s mouth for more sucking. Shayla surprised her by mimicking her actions and pushing Carol’s 40DD’s together for dual sucking. She sucked them both into her mouth at the same time, causing Carol’s hands to leave Shayla’s breast and travel down to her own pussy. Shayla followed suit and both women begin to finger their pussies while they sucked one another’s tits. In no time, both women exploded into supernatural orgasms – lifting them to higher places than they’d ever seen before. As they descended, Carol brought her juices up from her pussy and smeared them on her tits. She guided Shayla’s head back to one nipple letting her suck for a moment, and then to the other nipple, allowing her to do the same.

“My little momma likes my juices, doesn’t she?” she cooed to Shayla. “Well, this is not the last of our little adventures, Shayla. Not by a long-shot, baby…” Shayla continued to nurse on Carol’s tits, basking in the moment and anticipated realization of what was to come between the two…

Look for Part IV in June…

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