In the Car With My Brother

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All Characters are 18 years of age.


Lila watched dejectedly as her quiet mountain town receded into the distance and was lost to a turn in the road, disappearing among rocks and snow banks, quicker than she hoped. Why had their stupid parents decided to drag them all the way to the city in the middle of ski season just for a concert. She had stuff to prepare for, and things with Mark, her on and off boyfriend, hadn’t been going well.

She sighed and looked down from the window and across the backseat of the car to her brother. What a fucking looser, she thought, as he continued staring down at the video game he was playing on his phone.

From the front seat mom looked back, probably with a similar thought.

“Nathan are you ever going to stop playing those games? Look at this beautiful scenery!”

“Oh come on mom” he sniped back, then adding dejectedly to his sister, “you’ve seen a mountain once you’ve seen it a million times”

Then he looked back to his game.

Lila sighed and tossed her short blonde hair back over her shoulder and thought If he ever grew up a little maybe he’d understand a thing about natural beauty.

Hours later she was jolted out of her reverie as the car went around a turn and the mountains started to fall into the background opening up onto the boring flat plains of the western United States.

She looked over at her brother and was surprised to find he’d fallen asleep.

Stretching and looking up towards her parents in the front seat she saw her mom had also passed out and her dad was as intent on the road as ever.

Great… no entertainment at all she thought.

Then as she turned back to look at her brother again she was shocked.

Is that?

It was.

Under his loose-fitting basketball short she could see the outline of a cock snaked down the hem of the shorts.

It was huge!

Easily twice the size of Mark’s even when he was hard. The bulge twitched and Lila started in her seat. She’d seen a big cock or two in porn but never in person. And never her brothers! It was captivating.

With effort she turned away and tried looking out the window again, but the fields of wheat couldn’t keep her attention at all now that she had seen what her brother was packing. Finally, her resolve weekend and she shifted in her seat enough so she could rest her back against the window and pretend to be looking at her phone.

Then she risked it and took another covert glance towards her brothers crotch.

It had gotten bigger!!


She needed to get out of there. To stop staring. This was wrong. She started shifting in her seat to turn away. And went to cross one of her legs under her. But as she did her heal rubbed ever so slightly against her panties under the lose fitting skirt she was wearing.

Unintentionally she shivered. It wasn’t supposed to be like this! She wasn’t supposed to be getting turned on by that monster. She was supposed to have been sore from Mark’s cock right now.

Their plan was for Lila to stay home from the concert, saying she had to train for her upcoming ski event. Mark had scored some pot from one of the local snowboarders and they were going to get high and play with each other.

But her parents had insisted, saying it would be great for family bonding. And now she was in a car, getting turned on by her brother cock. And Mark was miles away and angry at her.

All of a sudden the car went over a pothole. Lila’s heal jostled against her pussy and rubbed her clit. She stifled a small moan and looked down. Her nipples were rock hard through her workout shirt and her tiny athletes A cups that never needed a bra. They stood out like a tiny mountain on her chest.

“fuck” she swore quietly.

This was not good. She was getting to turned on. If they could just get to the hotel she could lock herself in the bathroom and use her fingers and her special friend, the little pink bullet vibe she never left home without, to get herself off.

She furtively checked her phone. They were still two hours from the ofise gelen gaziantep escort city.

And not 4 feet from her Nathans cock was twitching every once in a while. The thought of a cock that big was making her fidget and squirm silently on her heal. Every little bump was pushing her a little further. She could feel the crotch of her panties starting to become wet.

This was not good at all.

Unable to take the pressure anymore Lila decided on a course of action. First, she had to get a better view of that cock, and second, she needed to touch her clit. It was screaming for attention, starting to give her little pulses of pleasure.

And the tool of her salvation lay in just the right place. Nathans large hoodie had been discarded at his feet earlier in the drive, a victim of their moms penchant for a sauna-like environment on car trips.

Lila knew what she had to do. She checked one more time to see if the coast was clear, then made up her mind. Carefully she leaned over to the sweatshirt and pulled it out from his side of the car. As she did she turned and looked up the side of his shorts.

His huge cock was on beautiful display, almost hard enough to make a tent in his shorts.

Lila stifled a gasp. It was perfect.

She needed to touch it.

But she couldn’t. that was wrong. If she could just stroke it once.


She grabbed the sweatshirt and pulled it on. It was several sizes too big for her, so she was able to pull her hands out from the sleeves and into the warm interior.

Lila started pinching her nipples, they were so tender and hard in her hands.

“Fuck” she said under her breath. Slowly, not make any noise, she snaked one hand under the hem of her skirt and over her panties. She was sopping wet. Her pussy was almost dripping down her leg and onto the seat. Just a touch, she thought. Just a little bit.

This wasn’t enough. Seeking more. Needing more. Lila moved her hand up again and under her panties to brush her clit. She was so aroused she had to hold back a moan, turning it into a cough at the last second.

“You ok back there?” her dad said, without taking his attention off the road.

“Yea dad” she said, trying not to sound out of breath, her hand gently caressing her clit, eyes never leaving the outline of that beautiful cock. “Just getting a little more comfortable”

Then the coast was clear.

Lila closed her eyes and slowly started circling her fingers around her clit. Sending waves of sensation over her body. She pinched her nipple hard and tried with all her might not to let out a sound. God I’m so horny she thought. Couldn’t I have just stayed behind and gotten laid by Mark. Even as she thought this she opened her eyes and saw Nathans cock was now peeking out from under the mesh of his shorts. She had given Mark a blowjob before and knew that his cock would never be the equal of this one. Regardless of who it was attached to.

God this is so wrong! She thought again as she continued making circles around her clit with her fingers. Feeling adventurous she slowly moved her fingers down and found the opening to her sopping pussy. She gently massaged one finger into her hole and curdled it up inside of her.

The car hit another bump and she gasped involuntarily.

“Sweetie are you ok?” came her fathers concerned voice.

“Yes dad imm uh just getting a little mmmh sore back here”

She glanced towards the rearview mirror worried her father might look back at her and see what she was doing.

Thankfully he was still focused on the road.

“Why don’t I pull over at a rest stop and we can stretch our legs”

“Nno dad I’m fine I promise, I don’t want to make us late for the concert” She said while thinking, I don’t want my brother to wake up and move his beautiful cock away from me.

“Ok sweetie, just let me know”

The car hit another bump.

“I will ahhh let you mmmm know daddy”

Her clit was throbbing at this point, Lila was so turned on, gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort and she couldn’t tell if it was because of that cock or the fact that she was masturbating feet from her parents. This illicit thought made her even wetter. She pushed her finger deeper into herself and used her palm to massage her clit. The orgasm was coming, but it was still a long way off. She leaned her head back against the window and sighed. Slow and steady wins the race, she thought. And her palm ground down putting increasing pressure on her clit.

Nathan woke up as the car went over a bump and there was a little noise. He thought they must be almost there. But then he heard his dad asking his sister if they needed to pull over, and he assumed there must be more time. He hadn’t bothered opening his eyes, and decided to just go back to sleep and enjoy the nap before the concert. But then something caught his attention. There was a quiet, wet, noise; barely audible over the sound of the car engine and the wheels on the road, coming from his left. He cracked his eyes open and looked to where his sister was sitting opposite him.

Nathan was struck by the most alluringly beautiful and sexually thrilling site of his life. The sweatshirt had ridden up and her legs were open. He could see the outline of his sisters fingers slowly moving in and out of her wet pussy through her sodden panties.

His cock was instantly hard. He slowly moved his barely cracked eyes up to her face to see if she was watching. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy. Obviously enjoying what she was doing. As he watched she shivered, held her breath, and came. Shaking silently with the exertion. Desperate not to get caught, desperate to cum.

Nathan imprinted that moment on his memory. Her short blond hair, her face tense with concentration, eyes tight shut. He watched as the moment engulfed her, as she silently plunged her fingers into her hole. And then she slowed. Stopped.

And opened her eyes.

Lila came hard, the weight of the clandestine moment making every pulse, shiver, thrust of her fingers, touch of her clit more amazing. She had needed it. As she felt her body relaxing, she noticed a different quality in the air. She opened her eyes and looked towards the source of her inspiration.

Nathan was awake. And he was looking at her.

Lila started. She took a breath. They made eye contact. Then, almost involuntarily she glanced down to his cock.

It was standing at full mast. Larger than ever before, and his hand was on it, over his shorts.

They shared a look.

She knew she’d been caught. But she couldn’t fathom what was going through his head. He must think I’m a pervert, or does he? The thought echoed in her mind for a split second. Then it was interrupted as she watched him slowly ease up the hem of his shorts, while maintaining eye contact and start stroking the first few inches of it.

In an instant she was horny again. He smiled at her. Their minds playing a silent game of chess, each trying to work out what the next move might be. Was this an accident? Should they pretend it had never happened? Should they go further?

Lila shook once. An after effect of the orgasm. And this seemed to break them both out of their reverie.

Nathan started stroking his cock again and then repositioned. He stood up a little and without a sound slid his shorts down so he could hold the fullness of his cock in his hand.

The silent conversation of their eyes seemed to say… you got yours, now I’m going to get mine.

His stoking increased. Going from bottom to top, in long hard slow motions.

Lila looked on in wonder. Never had she been this turned on. Even when she’d spied a couple in the trees on the ski slope having sex in a secluded patch of undergrowth. She’d watched as the man fucked the woman from behind and heard him grunt as he came inside the woman.

Even as she thought back to that moment, Lila realized the impending problem. Her eyes gaziantep ofise gelen escort got wide for a second and she saw the same thought come over Nathan. He was going to cum. And it his be much messier than hers.

Nathan was getting close. His eyes moving between Lila’s sodden panty clad pussy, her beautiful blond hair and her eyes, staring back with intensity. The moment was tense and erotic. He had never before seen a girl get herself off. Much less a girl with such toned legs, a girl he’d seen get once get out of the shower, a girl he’d known forever. But never seen in such a sexual light before.

Then he felt it, the point of no return. It wasn’t there yet. He could stop it if he concentrated. But it was like he was rowing down a river and hearing a waterfall in the distance. Closer and closer. Up and down. Sensation increasing.

His eyes again made their way from her pussy up her body. Even covered in his sweatshirt she was beautiful. He could almost imagine looking at that toned ass, and up her perky small breasts with their perfect nipples, and up and up again into her stunning blue eyes. He saw the thought cross her mind at the same time it did his.

Oh fuck! Where am I going to cum?

Frantically he glanced around. There was nothing. Nothing he could use as a towel. And the orgasm was definitely approaching.

Starting to panic he looked back at his sister just in time to catch the look on her face as she moved towards him.

Without any chance for him to protest, not that he could have or his dad would hear and look and see. Nathan watched as Lila loosened her seatbelt, scooted, and bent towards him.

He felt the warmth as her soaking wet hand grasped the shaft of his cock and then the sensation of her lips on the tip of his cock.

He grabbed the back of her head and her blond hair pulling it off his cock, he couldn’t let this happen, this was wrong, this was his sister. She looked up at him and he made to argue. And silently put her pussy wet finger on his lips. Nathan read the look in an instant. It was as if she was saying… I am older. I know best. There is no way we won’t get caught unless I do this.

Before she could move Nathan licked the finger on his lips. Tasted her wetness. He shook and breathed a sudden breath at the divine taste. His sister smiled a small knowing smile up at him from her position, chest and neck contorted over the head of the cock in his lap.

Then she quietly moved her hand back down to the shaft of his cock, turned her head back down, and engulfed his cock in her mouth. It was the most glorious thing Nathan had ever experienced. Warm. Wet. Sensual. She bobbed a few times. Nathan relaxed his hand from where he had been pulling her short blond hair. And then he instinctively grabbed the hair again. Hard. As she went as far down as she could on his cock.

The orgasm ripped through him and without any time or any way to warn her he came. Pulse after pulse of cum rushed in her mouth and hit the back of her throat. Nathan could feel her swallowing even as he pulsed inside her.

After a few moments, which seemed like hours or halcyon years in his mind. Nathan stopped cuming.

He released her hair and Lila slowly straightened up. She shifted noiselessly over the cloth middle seat back to her side. Nathan looked at her, then realized the situation. As quickly as he could he covered up his still hard cock.

Daring to glace across and left towards the drivers seat. He let out a held breath as he saw their father, still diligently watching the road. They hadn’t been caught.

The full reality of the situation dawned on him. My sister just sucked my cock… and swallowed This though made his mind go numb, as if there was warm cotton-ball static where there should be thoughts.

He looked down and then over to her. Lila was regarding him, her face unreadable. Then she gave the barest of smiles. Looked down, grabbed her headphones. And started listening to music as she turned to look out the window.

Nathan sat for a minute, breathing deeply. Knowing that neither of them knew where this might go. He looked out the window as the sky grew dark and stormy, and the lights of the city started coming into dim view. And he saw a few flakes of snow landing on the dash.

The road up to their mountain town wouldn’t be passable in a storm like the one he was watching. They’d have to get a hotel for the night. He mulled this thought over, with excitement and a little foreboding.

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