In the Land of Prostitutes Ch. 02

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My body was exhausted, and it felt good to slip into the hot, steamy water. The bath was just deep enough that I could sit on the bottom and my breasts would gently crest the water. The water that lapped against my nipples began to arouse me once again. I no longer felt any shame at my naked, abused body and made no effort to hide my breasts from the other women in the bath. I leaned back against the warm marble, my eyes closed. I felt so relaxed. My thoughts drifted back to what I had just experienced: the loss of my virginity, my first orgy, being fucked like a whore by my father, brother, and uncle, along with countless other men. My hands drifted down my abdomen; I longed to touch myself between my legs, to slip my fingers into my abused hole…..

A hand not my own began to creep up my leg and I opened my eyes. A woman was sitting before me, her large, firm breasts floating on the surface of the water. Her warm, wet hands crept up my thigh towards my aroused vagina. Her eyes were beautiful, a dark, deep green. Her wet hair was a light brown, probably blonde when dry. Her lips were red from too many cocks and mouths serviced, plump and delicious-looking.

“Would you like to play?” she asked me, her voice light and sultry. I nodded, unable to speak from the lust pumping in my blood once again. Escort bayan I vaguely wondered how long the meretria would last.

She swept her hand up my thigh before gently stroking my slit. I moaned softly. Another woman approached. She sat to one side and began to gently massage my shoulders. Before long, her hands drifted down to my wet breasts; my nipples became hard, light pink pebbles. The woman rubbing my slit slid a finger into my hole and began to move it in and out without force, respecting the soreness between my legs. I moaned and pumped my hips against her hand. A third woman took my face in her hands and kissed my lips. I kissed her back, lightly nibbling her lower lip. She slipped her hot tongue into my mouth, swirling it around mine. I could taste men’s seed in her mouth, as well as another, sweeter flavor.

I wanted to ravage her, and I tried to convey this with my roving hands. I roughly pinched her nipples and she moaned so loudly the sound echoed off the wet stone walls of the bathing room. She pulled her mouth from mine for a moment, looking into my eyes. Her eyes were identical to mine; I noticed our similar noses and the curve of our lips were the same. It took me a moment to recognize her in my sex-induced fog, but then it hit me at the same time I had the Bayan escort most wonderful orgasm yet. Five years ago, my sister, Fiara, was escorted from our home in the female colonies by our father, and I hadn’t seen her since. I missed her over the years, and I hugged her close to my body as I spasmed again and again.

The women lifted me from the water and onto the ledge of the bath. Fiara positioned her face between my legs and began to lick my vagina with vigor. I moaned again. It felt completely different with a woman’s tongue inside of me, and very dirty because it was my own sister’s tongue. I groaned like a wounded animal as I orgasmed again. My nectar glistened on my sister’s face, and she buried her face between my legs once again, moaning as she did so.

Another woman, with long black hair that flowed down to her tiny waist, straddled my lap and kissed me. After a moment, she pushed my back onto the marble floor and placed her own beautiful, wet hole over my face. I hesitated, not having done this before, but I extended my tongue timidly and gave her slit a gentle lick. She and I moaned at the same time. Her fluids tasted like honey, and one taste had me spasming again. I continued lapping at her dripping slit before plunging my tongue into her. I pumped it into her Escort over and over, before swirling it around her hard, swollen nub. She screamed and her nectar flowed into my mouth. It overflowed and dripped in tingly, warm streams down my cheeks. I had another orgasm from the combined pleasure of her delicious taste and Fiara’s continued ministrations on my nether regions.

The last orgasm put me over the edge and I passed out. When I awoke, there were women all over me. Two women had my hands in theirs and were plunging my fingers in and out of themselves, looks of ecstasy on their gorgeous faces. Two more were sucking and nibbling my nipples and breasts; Fiara was tonguing my asshole and thrusting her whole hand into my sopping vagina, while another woman pumped a wooden shaft in and out of Fiara. Looking around, I saw women everywhere pleasuring one another. The sight made my skin hot and tingly. My body erupted in an earth-shattering orgasm one more time and I passed out again.

When I awoke, I was clean and dry, lying in a tangled pile of naked women on a warm, soft bed. The room was lit with pure sunlight, which glistened off the skin of my bed-mates. I could not remember how I got there. The sun was high over the horizon. My body was too exhausted for me to move and I didn’t really want to move anyway. Fiara was asleep half on top of me, one of her nipples touching mine, her long, shapely legs tangled up with three other women’s legs. I smiled contentedly, too tired and blissful to be concerned with what would happen when I awoke again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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