In Tina’s Hands

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She was two hours late, and no one said a thing.

I’d been working at Mondo Burger for over a decade, and while I could bend the rules a little bit, I’d never once managed to pull off a stunt like that and get off scot-free. It just didn’t happen.

But it did for Tina.

Tina was a couple of years younger than me and had only started as a cashier a month ago. And yet in that time, I’d seen her get away with things long-time employees like me could only dream of. From giving free food and drink to friends to leaving her cash in the middle of a lunch rush to showing up whenever she wanted-if she showed up at all, it was crazy.

I’d mentioned it to Calvin, the manager, on several occasions, but he brushed me off and said he was taking care of it. I’d known him for years even before he got promoted to manager, and he had never been one to let such things slide. But for Tina, everything seemed to just go like water off a duck’s back.

But this was the last straw.

We were busy and she just waltzes on in like she owns the place, taking her good sweet time to get changed and count her cash before gracing the front of the restaurant with her presence. And the whole time I’m just seething because this is not how things are done. The moment she walked in I kept my eyes on her, carefully planning the confrontation that had been a long time coming.

And also checking her out… At least a little.

It was hard not to as, annoying as she was, she was also drop-dead gorgeous. About five-nine with toned legs and a nice ass, DD chest and long brown hair- angry as she made me even I found myself staring at her when I thought she wasn’t looking. Some of my co-workers joked that she got away with murder because Calvin was sleeping with her, and if that were the case, I couldn’t really blame him.

That said, it was starting to affect my day-to-day, some something had to be done.

Lunch passed and I went on break, continuing to figure out what, exactly, I was manisa escort going to do about Tina. She was in the middle of cleaning the washrooms- one of the few things I actually saw her do with any regularity- and I figured now would be as good a time as ever to air my grievances.

I walked into the employee washroom to find her bent over the sink, that tight ass of hers in the air and directly in my line of sight. I stopped in my tracks for a second, which was as long as it took for her to notice me standing behind her. Standing back up, she looked at me with those green eyes of hers and smirked, her red lips seemingly pleased to see me. “Oh, sorry. I’m almost finished in here.”

Shaking off my daze I closed the door and joined her in the washroom, to her seeming curiosity. “Tina, you and I need to talk.”

She turned to face me, and for the first time, I noticed that unlike the other cashiers, she wasn’t wearing the flimsy dollar store gloves the company bought for cleaning. She’d brought her own- a pair of pink rubber dishwashing gloves, and they were glistening in the fluorescent light of the washroom.

“We do?” She asked flirtatiously, slowing walking over to where I stood, back to the wall. “About what?”

At that moment, time seemed to stop. I’m not sure if it was just her or having her so close to me that I could smell her perfume, or those gloves she was wearing or a mix of everything, but my mind started to get a little hazy and my cock started to strain against my work pants.

Tina’s body was mere inches from mine, her chest pressing against mine as her hands moved towards my beltline. This wasn’t what I’d expected, and as intrigued as I was I tried to stay focused. “About… the things you do… Coming in late, slacking off… It’s not..”

I didn’t have a chance to finish as I felt one of her gloved fingers slide past my waistband and touch my naked skin. The sensation of the warm, wet rubber sent a jolt through mavişehir escort my body and my cock started to grow even harder. Tina seemed keenly aware of this and smirked. “It’s not what sweetie?”

Before I could answer, she flicked open my belt buckle and let my pants fall to the floor, leaving only my boxers between her and my cock. The shock of such a brazen act brought me back to my senses momentarily, and I strained to get back on track. “It’s just… it makes it harder for the rest of us…”

Tina let her gloved finger glide down from my waist to the bulge in my boxers. “Oh, I can see that. You seem pretty hard for me already.”

Without another word she pulled down my boxers, letting my cock stand at attention for her. Grasping it softly in her hand, she started to stroke it gently. “Do you really want to talk, or would you like me to make things a little less hard for you?” She winked, knowing I was in no shape to answer. With a moan, I let my back rest against the wall and watched as her other hands joined the first.

The soft, slippery rubber of her gloved fingers wrapped around my cock and stroked up and down, up and down, sending joyous sensations throughout my body. Though a part of me knew this was wrong- we were co-workers after all and I’d come in here to reprimand her- none of it mattered. The only thing that did was how nice she was making me feel. I’d never had a handjob before, let alone a gloved one given by such a gorgeous woman as Tina, so I simply let it happen.

One of her hands moved down and cupped my balls, rolling them around between her fingers like a pair of dice, all the while the other glove kept on jerking my increasingly hard cock just slowly enough to keep me on the edge. I didn’t know if Tina had done this before but something about her ability to do so like it was nothing told me she had a bit of experience in these matters.

All I could do was stand- more rather lean- there, letting menderes escort her hands take me higher and higher, the pleasure erasing whatever thoughts and plans I’d originally come in with. She was right, why talk when we could do this instead? It was so much nicer.

After a few minutes more of her gloved teasing, I felt my body begin to shake and knew that I was about to cum right then and there. Tina seemed to know as well, and the gloved hand that had been playing with my balls stopped while the other one continued it’s teasing strokes.

The pressure was building and my eyes were almost in the back of my head in preparation, when I felt something else on my cock- something that was neither warm nor rubbery. Instead, it felt cold and metallic. Looking down, I noticed Tina had slid a cockring chastity device over my erection and was snapping a tiny padlock into it. All pleasure ceased, replaced by the agony of restraint and the blue balls her pink gloves had left me with.

I looked at her pleadingly, but all she did was grin a devilish smile as she slipped the key in between her tits. “Sorry sweetie, but the ride isn’t free.” Tina then turned around and pointed at the small bucket and rag she’d been using to clean the washroom. “Don’t worry though. I’ll unlock you later, and maybe I’ll let you cum… In the meantime, be a dear and finish cleaning for me would you?”

Before I could even mutter any kind of answer, she kissed me on the cheek and tugged my cock once more with her gloved hand. Then she opened the door and skipped on out, leaving me high and dry, and more than a little confused.

Pulling up my pants, I stared at the chastity device, as well as the rag and bucket. Somehow, I had a feeling I wasn’t the only employee currently sporting one of these, as it certainly explained a few things. As much as I wanted to do something about it, I realized she truly had me by the balls. Only she could unlock me, and after that build-up, I wasn’t sure anyone else could finish me off like she seemed capable of. Or even if I wanted anyone else to.

So I picked up the rag and got to work, wondering who would be the next to fall into her web, how I was going to make it to the end of my shift, and more importantly, what else Tina and her gloves were liable to do to me next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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