In Your Loving [Under]arms Ch. 03

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[Cautionary remark: The following story largely pertains to armpit fetish. If you are in any way offended by any reference to armpits/underarms, then proceed no further. This story is not for you. Feedbacks are welcome only from people who love armpits.]

Tony met Emily, only after seven days, as Emily was busy with something. Tony’s excitement was rising day by day. As he entered her apartment, Emily lifted both her arms and enticed Tony, came to him and offered him each of her creamy and wide armpits to taste. Tony inhaled deeply and was instantly hard. They were now locked in a tight hug and deep kiss. They were squeezing each other’s body, and deep kissing.

When they were seated on the sofa, Emily put her feet on his lap. He took each of her foot in his hand, brought them to his mouth and sniffed, kissed and sucked each of the toes. Then he licked the sole of her feet. Emily put her feet in his mouth for him to suck. Emily then gave him a sexy foot and toe suck.

Emily’s tight fitting sleeveless blouse is barely larger than her small, tight bra. She has fantastic underarms, waist and a sexy nose. Emily tightly held Tony’s d**k, rubbing it, and was kissing him passionately. Tony kissed the nape of her neck, licked her shoulder blades and the fleshy folds near her armpits.

The kiss grew more and more lusty and passionate. First the lips were touching, then the tongue tips came into play. Their tongues entered each other’s mouth, getting entwined in a slippery embrace with lots of saliva exchange, each was trying to lap up the other’s saliva, as more and more saliva was produced and pushed into each other’s mouth. Their tongues were dancing a fiery tango in their mouths.

Their body embrace was growing tighter and lustier. Tony’s hands were exploring her back, shoulders, waist folds, armpit hairs. Emily’s one hand frantically caressing his hard-on, the other hand was clasping his back and shoulder.

The kiss became more and more urgent, lusty and furious. It seemed they would suck-off or bite-off each other’s lips. They were breathless. So they stopped the kiss for a second, but again, their lips attacked each other, with a violence, like two hungry wolves, their hands clawing each other in a powerful lusty embrace, as if they were drowning and one would sink without the other.

They were preparing for a quickie. Emily oil squeezed his d**k, and Tony carried her with his two hands beneath her, he entered her slowly, she hanging on his body by encircling her hands around his neck. They were snug and tight all around, and enjoyed the warmth by roaming around the room in this position. He put her on a low table and they started to move, first very very slowly, then growing faster by the minute.

“Ummmmmm…” – He rubbed his nose with hers, then plucked the tip of her beautiful nose with his lips and sucked on her perfumed sexy nose. She pushed her nose into his wet mouth, and let him lick and suck her sharp nose.

He pushed his tongue in each of her nostrils, as far as it goes, and tasted her nostrils. “So sweet, mmmmmmmmmm…” – He said, keeping up the movement. Then she sucked his nose for some time. This went on for a while.

“Uhhhhhhhhh…..mmmmm…….give me more…” – she said, and moved faster. He squeezed Escort İstanbul her huge boobs mercilessly. She bit and licked his shoulders. He kissed frantically near her armpit folds, she raised her hands and he buried his face in her smelly, hairy left armpit, enjoying the soft flesh with its aroma, licking, tasting, biting and kissing both her armpits alternately.

Emily also buried her face in his left armpit, kissed, tasted and licked his armpits like a hungry wolf.

With their faces buried deep in their armpits, they grew more and more lusty by kissing, licking, tasting and enjoying their armpits. Their movements became more and more urgent. “Hold me tighter, crush me…” – She said.

“Crush me on your boobs” – He said.

With the lust-filled wet armpit kisses, and the tightest embrace they were in, they soon reached the dizzying heights of enjoyment, and then the peak came at the same time for both. Clawing at each other’s body, and biting at each other’s smelly armpits, they soon spent themselves in one of the best and most enjoyable quickies.

But the lust did not subside much, and they continued to enjoy their tight embrace, and lusty underarm licks and kisses.

They were slowly oscillating in their tight and lusty embrace. Wide open mouths meeting in a sensual slippery kiss, tongues dancing wildly. They sucked and drank the saliva from each other’s mouth. She squeezed his member in her oily fingers, and he squeezed her boobs with all his might.

He lowered his head, and kissed the area near her armpit folds, and munched one or two strands of hair jutting out. He tried to press his nose into her left armpit.

Suddenly she raised her left arm and pushed Tony’s head in her large sweety and sweaty underarm, saying “Kiss and suck, sniff the aroma of my armpits. Do you like my armpits?”

“Oh! Your armpits are gorgeous, and the raw sweaty armpit smell is marvelous. How many days’ smell you have kept?” – He asked.

“Seven days I have not fully washed it, only lightly washed, and perfumed a little bit. That’s why the smell is so attractive. Its all yours to taste now.”

Tony opened his mouth widest and took in as much of her underarm flesh and stubble, and chewed and munched, licked, tasted and kissed both her fleshy armpits. He wetted her armpits with his saliva. “Your armpits taste so marvelous” – He said.

Sometimes Tony was biting and kissing the flesh of Emily’s bare upper arms, armpits and waists, and was rubbing his d**k on her upper arm. Emily’s bare upper arms, armpits, and waists were all wet with Tony’s saliva.

Emily now took off her sleeveless blouse. Her black bra was cutting into her shoulder and waist flesh. Tony gave her a tight hug from behind, kissed and licked her sexy bare back. Tony put his arms around Emily and undid her tight bra. Her two large boobs sprang free.

Tony squeezed her boobs, which were like two big watermelons. He could barely hold one with his two hands. He went on squeezing them with all his force. Lowering his mouth, he kissed and sucked on each of the nipples, which were about an inch long and were jutting out in lust,

She rubbed some oil in her boobs and said “Squeeze my boobs in your armpits”.

Tony İstanbul Escort Bayan raised his arms a little and took her huge breasts in his armpits and pressed those boobs in his armpits. Emily started moving one of the breasts in and out of Tony’s armpits while Emily raised one of her hands and pressed her armpit on Tony’s face.

Emily licked and bit his muscular shoulders, rubbed her long, sexy nose on his shoulder muscles for a long time and then buried her face in his armpits, heavily sucking, tasting, kissing and licking them. Now both were enjoying and tasting each other’s armpits.

She rubbed her sexy long nose in Tony’s armpits, sniffing and licking, while he sucked and licked the sweaty juice of her sexy armpits.

Emily pressed her armpits more on his face and told “Kiss my armpits again and again, I will suck your armpits dry, and munch your armpit hairs.”

The deep tonguing of armpits, with slurping sounds, was broken by occasional kissing of waists, shoulders and noses. He sucked in her sexy, sharp nose in his mouth, and went on sucking it. When he released her nose, it was glistening with saliva.

They resumed biting, kissing and tasting each other’s armpits, by making loud kissing and slurping sounds with saliva exchange.

“Ummmmmmmmm… your armpits are soooooo tasty dear,……I will eat up your armpits…..”

“Yes, yes eat my armpits, but give me more of your armpits….. Your armpit juices are like honeyyyyy……”

Tony now oiled his d**k and inserted his oiled d**k in Emily’s armpits pumped vigorously. Emily clamped tight her arms with her body, and enjoyed Tony’s pumping in her armpits. Tony enjoyed her plump armpits for a long time.

Then Emily held her two boobs together, with a little gap between them and looked invitingly at Tony. Tony knew what to do. He put his member in the gap, she closed the gap, and he pumped vigorously. As it frequently came out on the other end, near her mouth, she kissed and licked the tip, with sharp lashes of her long tongue.

They then they had another big meaty and tight quickie.

Emily’s friends Sally and Nina came. Tony earlier met them at a Christmas Eve party. They took a fancy to him. Tony was very much drawn to their bushy armpits with thick jungle of hair which they were displaying every now and then. Tony was looking at Sally’s shoulders, fair upper arm, and her bushy armpits. She was wearing a halter-neck blouse, which showed lots of her soft and glowing skin.

Nina was wearing a backless & sleeveless blouse of blue colour. Tony held Nina, drew her closer and kissed her and then raised her arm a little, inserted his nose in her bushy pits and started inhaling her natural armpit smell. Nina pushed her armpit, with lot of hair and sweat, on his face more and more.

Tony rubbed his nose in her plump, bushy underarm and licked and tasted it for a long time. She put her face in his armpit and started licking, tasting and sniffing his armpits.

Emily pulled Nina in a tight embrace, and Tony was drawn into a cozy embrace by Sally. Her perfume made him hard. He started kissing and licking her bare back, shoulders and waist folds.

Sally raised her hands and pressed her bushy armpits to his face. Tony Anadolu Yakası Escort buried his face there, and put his armpit on her face. He kissed her both armpits in turn and munched the thick jungle of hair in them. She was also lustily kissing and sucking his armpits. He wetted her armpit hair with his saliva.

Then Emily and Tony embraced tight, and he licked her sharp nose and sexy shoulders, inserting his nose in her left armpit.

As Tony was thoroughly enjoying Emily’s both armpits, Sally and Nina tightly embraced and kissed, and buried their faces in each other’s bushy armpits, dripping with sweat. They enjoyed the pungent odour of their sweaty and bushy underarms, lustily kissed, licked and tasted those underarms with their tongue, lips and nose, using deep strokes of their tongues, unloading lots of saliva from their mouths into their armpits. The saliva, mixed with the underarm sweat, made the armpit smell more and more erotic, which they thoroughly enjoyed. This went on and on.

Emily pulled Nina to herself, they engaged in a tight kiss and lusty embrace. Tony saw Emily and Nina frantically giving each other tight embraces and kisses. They were madly licking, smelling, sucking and tasting each other’s armpits. It was as if they were wrestling, and will crush each other.

Tony caught hold of Sally from behind, and put his oiled d**k in her left armpit. She pressed her hand to her side, and he started moving in and out. Sally cried out in passion. After enjoying Sally’s armpits for long, he snugly entered her from behind and had a satisfying quickie, while kissing and sucking her armpits, lying on her back, and fondling her huge boobs from behind.

Then he took turns with Nina and Emily in armpit fondling. After having lot of mutual armpit kissing and tasting, Nina encircled Tony’s neck with her arms, lifted up her lips and their lips entwined in a deep and lusty kiss. A sensuous quickie followed, which both enjoyed thoroughly, and were glowing in the aftermath with lots of underarm kissing, licking and tasting.

Afterwards, when Sally and Nina left, Tony again enjoyed with Emily with lots and lots of armpit kissing and eating, waist kissing, nose kissing. During armpit kissing, she squeezed his d**k.



Tony kissed and licked her plump wide back for a long time, then wetted her long sharp nose with his saliva, took her sweaty armpits in his mouth, bit it a little, while tasting and kissing it. She pushed her armpits more on his face, kissing and biting his armpits.

“I won’t stop eating your armpits………” – He said.

“Don’t stop……but give me yours” – She said.

The mutual armpit kissing, tasting, licking, sniffing went on and on……………….

Emily took him in her mouth, drenched in her own armpit sweat and grime, and tasted it with relish, moving her tongue in small circles near the tip. After a while he took it out, and pumped in between her huge boobs, which she pressed hard on it. Because of the saliva it moved easily, and she tasted the tip, as it came out and hit her chin. It generated so much lust, that they again took each other in a lusty embrace and hot kiss with wide open mouths, and tango of the tongues and drinking each other’s saliva. He slowly entered her, both enjoying the oscillations. Simultaneously, their mouths broke the lusty kiss, and got embedded in each other’s smelly armpits, with lots and lots of lusty licking, sucking, kissing, biting and eating of the hairy and smelly armpits……..

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