Incident at Vasquez Rocks

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Vasquez Rocks. Name doesn’t ring a bell? Oh you’ve seen the place. If you ever saw Bonanza or Have Gun Will Travel or heck, I think it was in Blazing Saddles. A huge diagonal outcropping of rocks rising from the desert floor near Agua Dulce, California. It’s just off the 14 freeway heading out of L.A. towards Vegas.

I remember watching a western with my dad one time and we saw a big “Shoot em up” chase scene that went from Vasquez rocks right into what looked like Convict Lake near Mammoth! My Dad said “Wow! They just went 350 miles! They ought to get away now!”

I had a personal experience at Vasquez Rocks that was to change my life. Maybe that’s overdoing it a bit but I certainly learned an important lesson that day.

My big sister Peggy had been attending modeling classes at a small studio in Studio City and was hoping to break into the modeling business. My big sister has it all going for her and she was already landing little jobs here and there. Nothing major but, after all, it’s hard to get into that business. “They need someone to answer the phone Bonnie” she told me one day. “It’s an intern thing…no pay but it might lead to something. You’ll get to take the classes for free.”

I couldn’t pass up the chance to emulate Peggy. I drove down there and was hired on the spot. I mostly worked in the office but I did get to take the classes where we learned about make up, how to dress, how to walk and, how to “Sell” yourself. I know…It sounds like whoring but Mrs. Bigley, the instructor was quick to point out that you won’t get anywhere if you make no effort to stand out from the crowd.

“This may be hard to understand girls,” She began, “But somewhere along the line, you’ll see what I mean. You have to sell yourself to the person or persons in charge of hiring for whatever gig you’re shooting for.”

That did seem a bit odd. I mean, shouldn’t the jobs go to the prettiest women? Well, if that was the case, Peggy should be a shoe in. Beautiful eyes, nice full breasts, very elegant way about her. Me? My face is pretty, I’m told but my boobs are just SO small and I have all this curly red hair that I just can’t manage! Plus a bunch of freckles on my face and shoulders that make me look like your typical junior high school cheerleader. I thought I was hopeless but Mrs. Bigley insisted “They need all types.”

I was in charge of answering the phones there and I used to get calls for lingerie models which Mrs. Bigley, I assume, would fill. She never asked me to go on one of these assignments and I wondered why. Peggy wouldn’t take a lingerie job thinking it was “Sleazy” but I got calls from major department stores which had to be on the level. Peggy got one job where she dressed up in hot pants and a little tank top and went from liquor store to liquor store, all the way from Chatsworth down to Long Beach hawking some new kind of booze called Gin Rummy! Now that was sleazy if you ask me!

One friday Mrs. Bigley called me into her office with two other girls and told us about an “Opportunity” that was scheduled for the next day. “You’ll travel out to Vasquez Rocks with the Halem brothers. These guys call me from time to time and girls, they’re really harmless. They want to photograph young girls and you’ll get some great head shots and other stuff for your portfolio. It’s really worth it. And…They always want you to pose in a bathing suit as well so please bring one.”

Before anyone had a chance to ask she added “No, they don’t work for a major magazine or anything. It’s just for their fun but it’s worth it for the experience of getting in front of a camera and posing, plus you’ll get some good photos for your portfolio.”

Mrs. Bigley had emphasized our portfolios and how important it was to have pictures available to show off how good you can look in different settings. We all agreed to go. They she added “Now, the Halem Brothers usually like to do a shoot out there at dawn, so you’ll have to meet here at 5:30 A.M. tomorrow!” Yikes!

So I stumbled out of bed early the next day and met the other girls and the Halem Brothers in the parking lot of the modeling studio. They were older guys, like 50 or something, but they seemed OK. We drove out to Vasquez Rocks in their van and got there just as the sun was coming up. I’d brought a couple of outfits to pose in but there was no place to change! We ended up changing in the van while the brothers were busy setting up the cameras and stuff.

The boys were actually pretty good photographers and did their best to use the dramatic shadows the rocks provided to their best advantage. They shot one photo of me standing on top of a rock with my hand on my hip and the rising sun shining through the triangle my arm formed. Very “Artsy” I thought.

When the three of us had been photographed in all of our outfits, they asked us to change into our bathing suits. Amy and Sue, the other two girls had brought sexy little bikinis but I had nothing like that. Since I didn’t have much “Upstairs” I rarely went out sunbathing anyway. So I had an old escort blue flowered one piece suit that I put on and went out to face the music. I have a very small bust but large firm nipples that are, I guess, kind of sexy in a way but they were simply lost in this one piece suit. Whatever I figured. I wasn’t going to get much work modeling bikinis anyway.

“Looking good girls!” The brothers said. They shot all of us individually and then together. Ron made some comment about how my suit “Wasn’t showing me off to my best advantage” but quickly went about posing me the best he could. He took a lot of shot of me from the rear, joking about how he wanted to capture my best “Asset.” It took me a minute to get the joke.

It seemed like we were almost done when the brothers took us into the shade and spoke to us as a group. “Now girls, you don’t have to do this but you should have some topless shots in your portfolios if you want to seriously compete for figure modeling. Most of the top models you see in magazines have such photos available so the clothing manufacturers can see exactly what you, well, have to offer.”

Oh My god! Mrs. Bigley should have at least warned us about this! “No thank you.” I said as tersely as I could. Honestly! What kind of cheap little sluts did they take us for. I walked directly to the van and climbed in.

Climbed in and waited. And waited. And then wondered what the heck was taking Amy and Sue so long. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I quietly left the van and walked over to where I’d last seen the group. And there they were. Sue and Amy topless and the Halem Brothers shooting all manner of pictures of the two of them. At one point Sue got on all fours and her big tits were hanging down. Nearby sat Amy with her legs open and her firm young breasts on display. Her legs were way open too. I mean, what kind of “Clothing manufacturer” would be interested in looking at pictures like that?

I went back to the van and it was maybe ten more minutes before the others returned. Everyone was in a rather jovial mood on the ride back to the studio. Everyone but me that is. I was starting to see what Mrs. Bigley was talking about when she explained “Selling yourself.” But it was a free gig and I told myself I had no future in figure modeling anyway.

The following Friday afternoon the Halem brothers showed up at the studio with the photos from the previous Saturday. And they were good! My head shots came out terrific and the one of me on top of the rock with the sun shining through my elbow was a classic. It had certainly been worth it.

Then, while checking our Amy and Sue’s photos, I happened to notice a check in each of their folders. A check for fifty bucks! Fifty bucks at a time when I paid $125 a month for my apartment! I knew what the money was for too. I realized that I had quite a bit to learn about the modeling business. Amy and Sue had gone to the same amount of trouble to get to the shoot. Had worked the same amount of time as me. Then, “Worked” for ten more minutes and got rewarded with fifty dollars.

I told Peggy about this incident at Vasquez Rocks and she told me I should have taken off my top. I replied that I’d worn a one piece suit. “Well that was your mistake “Bon’!” she laughed. “Men don’t really care what size your boobs are, they just want to see them!” Some help she was.

So the following week I got a call from an agency I wasn’t familiar with asking for a model to pose for a national catalogue. They said there was no nudity involved and the job didn’t pay much but it “Would be good experience for the right model.” I told them I would pass it along to Mrs. Bigley and she would deal with it.

Maybe I should have done that too in retrospect. But I didn’t. No, I decided maybe It was time I did a little selling myself. So I never told Mrs. Bigley about the call and got dressed up the next day and showed up for the job. I was nervous as you might imagine but determined to go through with it.

A big man named Hal greeted me when I entered the studio where the shoot was to take place. “Well hello there young lady!” He greeted me. “Edna certainly did us right this time!” He brought me in to meet Russ and Randy who were to help out with the lighting and cameras. They seemed nice enough and Hal explained they would be shooting sportswear and then “Other things” later.

They had several outfits laid out for me to pose in. Shorts and tops, some other things too. There was only a screen to change behind but I figured I was “A Pro” and didn’t complain. We worked through the afternoon and I did quite a bit of changing and posing. I was getting a feel for what they wanted in the pictures. They complimented me on my “Sunny Smile” and I tried to give it to them before every shot.

Finally we all took a break. Russ went out for pizza and we took a few minutes to relax. Hal approached me while we were eating and spoke to me privately. “Listen Bonnie, the stuff we just shot came out great but there’s a lot of competition for that catalogue. bursa eve gelen escort We can’t pay you more than twenty five bucks for your services.” He looked directly at me and then added But we have some Lingerie work that pays a little more. Would you be interested?”

A couple of weeks ago I would have stormed out of there in an instant. But… not now. They had said something about “No Nudity” so I was inclined to go along with it. Yeah, Peggy thought Lingerie modeling was sleazy but she also thought I should have taken off my suit at Vasquez Rocks. I agreed to do the work.

Everyone seemed overjoyed that I was going to do the lingerie modeling and I felt better about, you know, dressing up sexy with only my little tits on top. “That won’t matter” Hal told me. “It’s that Sunny Smile” we’re looking for!” They had an actual makeshift “Bedroom” set up in one corner of the studio where the boudoir photos were to be shot.

Obviously, I had to get completely undressed behind that little screen in order to put on the lingerie. They started me out in a white teddy which was kind of “High cut” down at the crotch. I’d trimmed my pubic hair earlier since I wasn’t sure what kind of modeling I’d be doing. And I was glad I’d done it! My goodness! They made me Lay out on the bed with my legs apart! I wasn’t expecting that! I did my best to give them that Sunny Smile they were always talking about but I was beginning to understand what my sister was talking about when she said Lingerie modeling was sleazy.

But, after all, I was being paid to do this and I had to remember to “Sell” myself to be successful in this business. So I just followed orders and they shot picture after picture of me in that teddy. Then I changed into a little camisole top and white panties. Russ whistled when I appeared from behind the changing screen and I was a bit embarrassed.

“Lookin’ real good honey.” Hal told me as he appraised my new outfit. “Gee, the nipples are really prominent aren’t they?” He asked no one in particular. He shot several photos and then asked me if I could get them totally erect.

That was no problem…But, right in front of everybody? I found myself asking that same question again: Do you want to be a model or not? I began to tug on my sensitive nipples through the thin fabric of the camisole and they quickly firmed up real nice. I noticed Randy and Russ looking at each other when I did it. Like they were enjoying the little show I was putting on.

“That’s really kind of hot Bonnie.” Hal told me. Lets do the little shortie nightgown next. They handed me an absolutely scandalous see through nighty that barley reached my waist! You could see my little tits as plain as day! I timidly stepped out from the screen before I had a chance to lose my nerve and now all three men were seriously checking me out. Once again I was placed on the bed but instead of my Sunny Smile they asked for a sultry look…Like I was about to have sex.

My mind wandered back to Vasquez Rocks when I’d refused a salacious request to go topless and ended up with nothing and then the Sultry Look they asked for came a bit easier. I could see their “Professional air” beginning to desert them as I laid there on the bed in that staged bedroom. My legs were open, my brief panties were all that was covering my pussy and my little tits were on display for them to see. My nipples were each pointing in a slightly different direction and I tweaked them again before they shot the photos.

After that outfit, Hal suggested I “Lose the top” since the next series of photos would be of a new line of panties that were coming out soon. “So we don’t need the top. You can cross your arms across your chest if you want to.” I was told.

I went behind the screen and changed into the next pair of panties which were a pale lavender color and very brief. The fabric was so sheer I was sure my coppery pubic hairs would show. “Hal I think my…my hairs will show in these.” I warned him.

“Oh we’ll fix that with the airbrush later.” He replied. “Or you can shave your pussy if you want.” Russ and Randy kind of chuckled and I was a bit shocked to hear Hal say the word “Pussy.” He was just joking though and so I came out from behind the screen and automatically went over to the bed. By now I’d come to understand that these were not your typical Sears and Roebuck catalogue photos that we were doing. I was holding out hope that it was for some kind of European catalogue where I knew the standards were different.

I saw no reason to cover my little tits anymore. They’d seen what I have through the nighty and there isn’t much anyway. So I padded softly over to the bed “Dressed” only in those tiny lavender panties. I laid down on the bed and, with only a little prompting, opened my leg, knowing good and well that my pussy hair was going to show right through the fabric. All three men moved closer as Hal prepared to photograph me. My nipples were pointing skyward now as I was on my back with my knees up görükle escort and apart. Hal shot several photos and then asked me to pull my panties up and tighten the crotch a bit. I followed his instructions and realized that the vertical division of my vagina was now going to show.

I heard someone gasp when I did it and knew what a spectacle I was making of myself. Here I was sending an unmistakable sexual invitation to these three men and…No! Wait a minute! That’s what the point of the session was. This was a lingerie shoot and the pictures were supposed to be sexy. “So do your job Bonnie” I told myself. “They’re paying for sexy so give ’em sexy!”

Well they got sexy shots out of me and then sent me back to change into the next luridly sexy pair of panties. “Almost done honey.” Hal called to me as I took off my panties and prepared to put on the next pair. When I took a closer look at the “Panties” I now held I wasn’t sure I could do it. I mean, you could’ve stuffed them into a thimble! And there was no cotton liner for the crotch! You could read a newspaper through them!

“Hal, I don’t know…” I timidly told him as I examined the panties. “I thought there was ‘No Nudity’ required today.”

“And there isn’t Bonnie. These are supposed to be erotic photos and, over in France, they have looser standards than we do here. We have to send them stuff they can use or the pictures won’t sell.”

He’d hit the magic phrase that I sort of wanted to hear. If these pictures are going to France, well, of course they expect sexy shots. Everyone knows that. So, reluctantly, I donned the virtually see through panties and stepped out from behind the screen. Hal started shooting as soon as I appeared, taking shots of me from the rear and looking over my shoulder at the camera. He then asked me to kneel by the bed and make believe I was saying good night prayers. I placed my palms together and bowed my head as Hal shot photo after photo of me “Innocently” praying while dressed in only these ludicrously brief underpants. My nipples were all poking out and my butt cheeks were undoubtedly showing from the rear.

Russ and Randy were enjoying the performance I was putting on too. I kind of wondered why they had to be here. They certainly weren’t doing much. I saw them adjusting their crotches from time to time and, though I didn’t give it much thought then, I know now what they were doing!

Then it was time to get up on the bed. With no cotton liner in my panties I knew what the fellows were seeing when I opened my legs. I tried to give them a Sunny Smile but it just wouldn’t come. Suddenly, I didn’t feel at all “Sunny.” No I felt something all right but Sunny didn’t describe it. I think maybe the word “Horny” might be closer to what I felt right about then. Laying in front of three men with my legs open and my pussy showing right through the silly excuse for panties that I wore? Yeah, I felt horny all right. That’s the only excuse I have for what I did next.


At this point, even 18 year old Bonnie Thompson knew what was expected of her. No, these men hadn’t invited her to pose for some French catalogue “To make a few dollars.” She’d already posed in the ridiculously brief panties they’d laid out for her. She’d reluctantly allowed them to view and then photograph her little tits. But she knew what was going to “Advance her Career.”

Knowing it was wrong, the pretty redhead reached down for the legband of her panties and slowly pulled it to one side. Her innocent little pussy was now exposed to the entire crew. Hal quickly began to photograph the soft pink slit she was displaying before she could change her mind.

But Bonnie wasn’t about to change her mind! After her initial reluctance to pose nude she’d held her breath and done it. Now she found herself enjoying the rapt expressions on the faces of the photo crew. She would have thought they would be “Used to it” by now but it got real quiet when she treated them to their first look at her pussy. Bonnie continued to expose her pink flesh while flashbulbs went off one after the other.

Hal couldn’t believe his luck! Sure lots of pretty girls were drawn to his studio by the bogus offers of quick cash but most of them figured out the real reason for the easy money right away. But this young redhead…She seemed to be basking in the glory of being naked in front of all these men. Maybe it was her flat chest. Maybe she’d never been popular in school. Maybe boys had teased her about her little boobs. Somehow, she’d been transformed when her pussy had become visible. She seemed to sense her sexual power. She watched the men’s eyes as they devoured her teenaged sex. Leering and staring. Still, she held her panties to one side and allowed Hal to photograph her all he wanted.

“Could you…Could you lose ’em please?” Hal spoke softly. It took the naive schoolgirl a moment to realize what he was asking.

“Oh, you mean take off my panties?” She numbly replied. Without any further prodding Bonnie began to draw her panties down her shapely young thighs until they no longer covered anything. She was completely nude. The pretty redhead had modestly closed her legs but, with so little pubic hair, the vertical groove of her pussy still showed. Hal gave a low whistle and shot several pictures of Bonnie’s nude supine form.

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