Inhibitions Left Behind Ch. 02

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The next morning I awoke with an aching hard-on thinking about the fun we had the night before. Keri rolled over and felt my hardness and began rubbing it gently. She pulled the covers down and slid her head down my body until my cock slipped into her mouth. She gives wonderful blowjobs, and I love the feel of her slowly bobbing up and down on my hardness.

I held her hair back so I could get a clear view of her pretty face taking all of my cock in. She licked up and down the shaft and gently took my balls between her teeth. She knows what drives me crazy.

I stroked her tits as she continued to suck me. I could feel the pressure building until I let out a loud moan and came in her throat. My entire body melted into the bed as she crawled back to my pillow and kissed me. I could taste myself in the kiss.

We cuddled and I quietly stroked my semi-hard cock. I love the feel of my cock when it is still swollen but somewhat limp.

I thought back to the night before and could not help thinking about Luis’ cock. He was bigger than me and the shape was beautiful. Seven inches and cut, with a large head. I could feel a tingling in my own cock as my mind wandered to the memory of how hot it was watching his seven inches plunging in and out of Keri’s wet pussy.

I could not believe how much it turned me on to watch her get fucked. It especially turned me on seeing the look of pure ecstasy on her face as he destroyed her pussy with his animalistic thrusts. Keri loves it rough and hard.

I have never been attracted to guys that I meet and have never thought of myself as gay, but I have always appreciated pictures of nude guys with athletic bodies and nice cocks. In fact, Keri has quite a taste for gay porn and I must admit that I enjoy watching it with her.

After watching the first couple of videos, I was surprised to find myself getting aroused. The more I thought about Luis and his cock, the more I wished I had tried to explore my bi-side with him.

I looked at Keri and asked, “Baby, did you like Luis last night?”

“Mmmmm yes!” she replied. “I loved the way he rode me and my pussy is still on fire”

“I can’t believe how fucking hot that was,” I added. “He was really good looking, wasn’t he?” Keri smiled and nodded yes.

“I kind of wish I would have touched his cock. I would like to see what it feels like,” I said anxiously, waiting for her reaction. She smiled and asked, “What would you do with it?”

“I don’t know how far I would go, but the thought of playing with bayan escort his cock is really making me horny. Something about it gets me worked up,” I smiled. Keri sat up and kissed me hard. I could tell it was turning her on to. “Well who knows, he is European,” she laughed. I was bummed we did not get his phone number when he left our room the night before.

We got dressed and had a great day playing tourists with several drinks along the way. We talked about my cock curiosity and Keri asked me several times how far I would go with a guy. I told her I was probably not ready for anal but I was pretty open to everything else.

When we got back to the hotel to get dressed for dinner, we were both worked up. I pulled Keri’s shorts off, bent her over the edge of the small table and quickly pulled my shorts down as I got behind her. We did not want romance; we just needed a quick fuck to release. I slid my cock in her soaking wet pussy and fucked her as hard as I could. It only took a couple of minutes until I came. It felt amazing.

I stood her up, turned her around and kissed her for several minutes before smacking her on the ass and telling her to go get ready.

I was thrilled when Keri wore another sexy outfit for dinner: tight jeans, heels and a very low cut tank top with no bra. It made me incredibly happy to be able to show off my hot-ass wife for a second night.

We went for pizza and beers, and we realized we were very close to the same bar where we had met Luis the night before. I asked her if she wanted to see if he was there. “Why not?” She replied with a big grin on her face.

We walked into the bar and found our Spanish friend seated at the bar, almost in the exact same seat as the night before. He saw us come in and his face lit up. He hugged Keri and kissed her cheek and gave me a warm handshake.

We grabbed bar stools on either side of Luis. I ordered a beer for me, a glass of prosecco for Keri and then ordered three shots of Jameson whiskey.

I raised my shot glass and offered a toast to good friends and good times. We all slammed down our whiskey shots. We talked and laughed for a while, working our way through three shots each.

We were feeling very comfortable with each other. I excused myself to the men’s room, not worried in the least bit about Keri being alone with Luis.

As I was finishing up in the bathroom, I got a text from Keri. I opened it and read, “guess what …. Luis is Bi and would like to play with both of us tonight O.”

I smiled knowing that Keri had been working behind the scenes at the bar. At the same time, I got nervous not sure what I was getting into. I got back to the bar to find her with her arm around him and her right leg over his left thigh. I chuckled and gave her a big kiss on the neck.

“You guys want to head to our room?” I asked. Keri gathered her purse and Luis helped her off her stool. We made the trek back to the hotel arm and arm, but this time with Luis between us.

We didn’t need any small talk as we entered the room. We all knew what we were going to do. I was still nervous but very relieved when Keri took charge of the situation. She instructed us to take off our clothes. Luis and I quickly obeyed.

Keri stripped too and pulled the lounge chair close to the bed. She sat down and put her feet up on the mattress with her legs spread apart, exposing her beautiful pussy to us. We both started to move toward her when she put up her hands and said, hold on boys! I want to enjoy this.”

“Luis, I want you to do something for me. Kiss Steven,” Keri commanded.

He smiled and faced me. The two of us were standing at the foot of the bed. I felt myself breathing harder but I could not deny the excitement, Luis slowly moved in close to me. He put one hand in the small of my back and the other behind my neck. He pulled me close and put his lips against mine.

It was a strange feeling but I liked it. I put my arms around him and our tongues found each other. I could feel my cock growing as it touched his leg.

“That’s it, boys!” Keri said playfully. “Make out for me if you want this pussy.”

Luis and I moved to the bed and lay down on our sides facing each other. We continued kissing and our hands began exploring each other’s bodies. His muscular body felt so good. His hands found their way to my swelling cock and stroked it gently.

He was a wonderful kisser but my eyes couldn’t help but migrate down to his manhood. His cock had grown to a beautiful erection. He smiled and nodded his head “yes” as he took my hand and put it on the tip of his cock.

I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and slowly moved it up and down. It was warm and stiff, although the skin was very soft. I slid my hand down and gently took his balls in my fingers. I stroked them and moved back to the head of his cock.

I looked over at Keri and she had her left hand on her tits while her right hand was furiously rubbing her pussy. “Keep going,” she said softly to me.

I rolled Luis onto his back, which made his hard cock stand straight up. I continued stroking it and moved up to kiss his neck. He smelled wonderful as I worked my kisses down to his chest and sucked on his nipples. His cock was throbbing as I worked it with both hands.

I kneeled between his legs and kissed his stomach. His cock was now right in front of my face. I could see that the tip was moist with pre-cum. I put my mouth around the head and sucked. I could taste the sweet pre-cum and I knew I wanted more.

I went down on his shaft, letting his cock go as far into my mouth as I could take. I began bobbing up and down, letting him fuck my mouth.

The feel and taste of his cock were amazing. I was loving every minute. My hands roamed all over his body while I devoured his cock. I could hear his breathing getting faster and I knew he was about to cum.

I kept going, wanting him to fill my mouth with his hot cum. He did not disappoint me when he exploded in my throat. His cum spilled out of my mouth and I licked my lips to savor every drop. I swallowed it and wiped my mouth. It was a different taste but I liked it.

Keri climbed onto the bed beside me and kissed me. Her tongue swirled around my mouth trying to get a taste of Luis for herself. She then grabbed his cock and began licking it clean. She took him into her mouth and sucked hard, as if to squeeze the remaining juices out of his cock.

By this time my cock was about to explode too. Luis got up on his knees and stroked Keri’s head as she continued to suck his cock. I got behind her and grabbed her hips. I slipped my cock into her soaking wet pussy and began pumping her. Her body moved back and forth with her pussy on my cock and her mouth on Luis.

I thought of all the photos on Twitter of women getting “spit-roasted” and wished somebody could have taken a photo of the three of us like that so I could share it on our page and show everyone what a little slut I owned.

I came hard and held my cock inside of her until the cum oozed out of her pussy covering my cock. Like the good girl that she is, she turned around and licked me clean too. I kissed her and held her tight.

“Stay with us tonight,” Keri told Luis. He agreed and we all climbed under the covers naked. Keri and I snuggled up to Luis on opposite sides. We all kissed each other and turned out the lights.

Lying in the dark I had no regrets about playing with Luis and I knew that I had opened another door for my relationship with Keri. I drifted off to sleep touching their two warm, naked bodies and thinking about what would happen when we all awoke in the morning.

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