Intimate Public Pleasures

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We were at Jen’s house watching movies. It had been a wonderful evening and would only get better. You had went to the kitchen to fix us another drink and I moved to the recliner. I smiled thinking of how you would react to a little surprise. Jen put the movie in and it was starting when you came back. I had gotten a blanket and covered my lap. I looked up and had to catch me breath. You were breathtaking. It was hot and you had stripped down to just a long t-shirt. Only I knew you didn’t have any underwear on. I grinned and motioned for you to come sit on my lap.

So, as Jen turned the lights off, I caught you as you set the drinks on the table next to the recliner and I nibbled on your ear and asked you were you in the mood for some fun. You leaned back and asked what did I have in mind. I told you to slide on my lap and find out. Curious, you looked at me and turned around to sit on my lap facing the TV. I smiled inwardly and pulled you slowly onto my lap, covering us with the blanket. I heard you take a deep breath and gasp. Something was between your legs. Demetevler Escort You turned your head back to look at me, your eyes wide, and motioned toward Jen. I merely smiled and slowly slid you down. You leaned into me and your head was thrown back as you settled down on me.

I grabbed your hips and pulled you tight. Jen asked were we comfortable and I said I was but didn’t know about you. You just nodded fast and turned to look at the screen. You turned to look at me and shook your head no. I wasn’t convinced and grinned. My hips almost imperceptibly pushed up and your eyes fluttered close and you leaned your head back again. I knew you were extremely turned on. To think, you’re filled while sitting on top of me in your friends house in the dark. Jen had no idea and that was the plan. With your head leaned back I looked to see that Jen was still watching the movie and I slowly bit your neck softly. My hips slowly slid up and down almost to the point of not moving. Just enough for you to feel. I could Otele Gelen Escort see your hands grip the arm on the recliner.

I leaned up and pulled the handle and the recliner soared back and you were slammed against my body as we lay half-way upright now. I heard you whimper and saw you bite your lip. Your breathing was ragged and I was the only one in the room who knew you had gotten a jolt out of that movement. I leaned in and forcefully kissed you. I didn’t care if Jen saw me kissing you. As long as that’s all she saw. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw her wink at me before she turned back to the movie. You were literally restless on my lap. I grabbed your hips as I kissed you and forced you down tighter as I just slightly pushed my hips up. You moaned quietly into my mouth and forced your tongue inside. I greedily sucked it as my right hand slipped under your shirt. You shook your head no gently as you kissed me and I nodded yes. My hand found what it was looking for. Your breath Balgat Escort caught in your throat and you stopped kissing me to lean your cheek against mine to catch your breath. You started gasping just loud enough for me to hear. The noise was drowned out by the TV. At that moment, Jen asked were you sleepy.

My right hand teased you and I pulled out just a little and slowly, teasingly, I slid back up. Grinning, I said “yeah, you look tired. Are you sleepy, baby?” You had a hard time shaking your head no, saying you were fine. Your entire body leaned back onto me and you gave in to what you were feeling. My tongue snaked out to lick your neck and my teeth grazed the nape just lightly. You rolled your head around to look me in the eyes. In the flickering lights of the TV, I saw desire and pleading. I shook my head yes and you did the same.

My hips dove up hard and I saw you bite your lip to keep from crying out. Your right hand went up to cup my cheek as I set the pace. You gripped the arm of the chair with the left hand. I softly kissed your jaw as I felt you go rigid under me. I slammed into you and as the movie hit a climax, so did you. The sounds of people screaming muffled you crying out. Jen looked over and asked did we SEE what just happened?? I said that I did but she needed to make sure you were paying attention. Breathless you went limp against me and closed your eyes asking, “What are we watching?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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