Into the Curiosity Shop Ch. 02

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The spring concert was scheduled to start at 7 at the high school auditorium. Allison had texted him saying she had to be there at 6:30 to line up. Christopher had responded by telling him to meet her outside the high school behind the auditorium at 6, saying he had a special gift for her that he wanted her to wear during the concert.

Alison opened the unmarked steel door, letting herself out into the cool night air. The auditorium was hot already and only going to get hotter, and the change of temperature was refreshing. Closing it carefully behind her, glancing to make sure no one was paying attention, she stood in the dusk light, the distant lamp lights starting to turn on. Alison was dressed in a white dress, contrasting with her dark skin and hair, of modest length and fit, just the sort of plain thing expected of a good high school girl. She wondered what Christopher had for her … she knew it would be something deviant … he wasn’t the type to bring her a rose or a bracelet or something. She found her heart racing already at the surprise.

Christopher had been leaning against the car door waiting for Allison to appear. He laughed quietly to himself after he felt that familiar rush of anticipation in his veins. The effect Allison had on him was nearly indescribable. To this point he had stayed away from the school, but now that he was here in the parking lot it brought a combination of nostalgia with a perverse excitement. When he was with Alison she always had a maturity about her that belied her age. Her body definitely looked her age. He saw the heavy door open and Alison appear, looking stunning in a simple white dress – virgin white, he thought, ironically. He saw her looking around the parking lot. “Alison,” he said quietly.

Alison turned her head at the sound of his voice, her eyes finally finding him. Stepping carefully away from the door, she glanced around one more time for onlookers before hurrying over to him, her shoes tapping against the pavement. This felt surreal, the collision of her two worlds she usually kept so far apart. When she was in his shop she no longer felt like a schoolgirl. Here, rushing to this older man’s car she couldn’t feel like anything else. “Hey.”

“Kiss me on the cheek like an uncle,” he said, putting his hands lightly on her hips. He loved her hips, the way they looked and felt under his hands as she rode him, or as he thrust into her hard from behind. He made sure she was close enough to feel his already semi-erect cock through the pants of his lightweight spring suit. “You look lovely Alison,” he said when he felt her cheek against hers. “Get in the car.”

She leaned up on her tip toes and brushed her lips on his cheek, taking in his whispered words. Despite not knowing what was running through his mind, hers was thinking of nearly the same things at the touch of his hands on her. They had never touched anywhere but in the private of the shop and since that first day there had never been any pretense to it. Now he touched her casually yet all she could think of was this way his strong hands would direct her in his shop, into his fetish wear, into his bindings, or him into her. She pulled herself away from him quickly, unsure how much she could control herself under his touch and did what he said, sliding silently into his passenger seat.

He smiled at her sitting next to him in the front seat. “You’re wet already, aren’t you Alison. I can tell just by your eyes, did you know that? And I know that when you reach your between your legs right now and pull your panties aside and put your finger there and bring it up to show me, it will be wet, won’t it.” He put his hand on her bare tan thigh. Her skin was flawless, her eyes dark and intense -stunning without an ounce of makeup on.

Inside the car, despite how potentially exposed they were, it felt private once again, his proximity whisking her away to that dark hole she entered on that first day in his shop. At the first touch of his hand on her thigh, insistent and strong, her legs spread, her dress riding up further. Anyone looking would be shocked to see this young girl and this man like this, but Allison only added to the sight, slipping her hand immediately between her legs and tugging at the band of her panties, tugging it to the side to expose her dark bush.

Her core was wet, indeed. “Yes, Christopher,” she said, and she plunged a finger eagerly inside herself as she said it, as if the words themselves gave her pleasure. She closed her eyes and fingered herself once, twice, three times, hard and deep before pulling her finger out with a gasp and showing it to him, her chest heaving.

“Give me a taste and then clean the rest off yourself,” he said. Her enthusiasm and her inhibition mixed with the sight and scent of her pussy juice on her finger brought his cock to a throbbing erection. “Good girl Alison,” he said. This was a first, sitting here in his car. That it was right in the parking lot of the elite private high school made it that much more intoxicating. Out of the corner of his eye he could see xslot cars driving in, hear the sounds of doors opening and closing and quiet chatter. “Give it to me,” he said, his hand squeezing her thigh.

Alison thrust her hand forward with a moan, clearly aroused, rubbing her fingertip against his lips while staring into his eyes. It was as if after weeks of letting this man do as he pleased with her, they had brought it to another level. Even these simple things which would be only a prelude at the shop were immeasurably kinkier here in her school parking lot, nearly in public. She thrust the finger into her mouth and sucked eagerly at it, her breath coming quickly through her nose as she thought what her peers, the parents, the staff would think of this.

He wasn’t exactly sure why, whether it was her diet, her age, her genes, her athletic conditioning, or some random combination of them all, but she simply had the sweetest tasting pussy he had ever tasted in his life. He thought at times it actually had a fruited scent to it. He had always enjoyed giving oral sex before, and knew he was good at it, but Alison’s taste was so addictive that in his shop one afternoon when she had left school early, he kept her tied up in various positions for nearly two hours, during which time he licked her pussy incessantly. She had cum ten times at least before he had stopped counting. She seemed to love the taste of herself as well, and he loved watching her do it. “I have a gift for you,” he said, and reached behind her seat and lifted a small gift bag.

Allison remembered the first time he had her taste her own juices, how devious and disgusting it had seemed. That seemed a dim memory, hard to imagine and believe. She now knew the taste of her own pussy on her fingers, his fingers, on his cock, on his toys. Once he had smeared her face with it until she could smell nothing else. Today she sucked the juice from her finger and dropped her hands in her lap, watching him with the mixture of trepidation and excitement she felt every time they were together, never knowing what knew thing he was going to do to her. “What is it?” she asked, reaching to take it from him.

He pulled it away immediately. “Uh, uh” he said. “You’ll get your gift after I get mine.”

Allison drew her hands back in surprise, the desire to please him, to not disappoint him, so ingrained in her now. “Your gift,” she said, unsure.

“Yes. Your mouth on my cock. Stop before I cum, because you’re going to climb on my lap right here in the car and I’m going to fuck you in the parking lot of your high school. Then you’ll get your gift.”

Allison moaned involuntarily, as she often did just to the sound of his dirty talk. No one in her life had ever spoken like that, though she secretly longed to hear all those words. The fact that she knew he was deadly serious only made it more delicious. Allison looked down to his crotch, seeing how hard he was already. She concentrated on working down his zipper, the car quickly growing hotter from their two bodies. She had seen this sort of scene in a dozen movies and now it was going to be her, sucking off her lover in a parked car. Allison slid her slim hand inside his pants, looking up at him as she fished out the shaft.

He shifted his weight in his seat, angling himself so that he was more easily accessible to her. He would never admit this to her, ever, but there were times when he was genuinely surprised at how easily she obeyed him. The few times when she didn’t, it seemed to be only so that he could give her a little punishment: an extra hard tug of her hair, or spank on her buttocks, or perhaps denying her orgasm. Yet there was no denying this connection they had, a near perfect balance. He could smell her sex in the confines of the car, and it occurred to him that someone might even see the windows fogging in the dusk and wonder at what was going on inside, or even know what was going on, but never would they expect it to be the valedictorian and a much older owner of the local sex shop.

How completely unbelievable it was, that was their protection, of sorts. No one that knew Allison would even believe she was having sex, never mind that she would let a grown man spank her, or put a dildo in her mouth. Or that right now before her concert she was leaning over the console and expertly taking the man’s cock in her mouth. She sucked it into her mouth, none of the hesitation or awkwardness of those first days. Her lips slid down the shaft, her tongue working underneath it and she quickly began to bob up and down on the most sensitive stretch of shaft, feeling in his urgent hardness how ready for this he was.

She was a quick study. In a short time she had found the rhythm and motions that could either bring him off quickly, or tease him for as long as he could stand it. Her mouth was hot, and her fingers were strong as she stroked him. He reached over and slid her dress up over her waist and gave her ass a quick firm swat. It sounded different here in his car than it did in the shop. Normally xslot Giriş he might reach behind her and start to rub her pussy or slide a finger into it, but not tonight. He slid his hand over her perfect muscular buttocks and found her tiny tight asshole and without rimming it, pushed the tip of his middle finger against it, feeling it give, and sensing the slightest hesitation of her rhythm on his cock as she felt it.

Allison felt him tug her dress up and knew that her ass, her panties pulled to one side, was on display. If someone wandered by and glanced inside the foggy window they would see it lifted up in the air for them. The idea terrified her, but at the same time it gave her a lurid thrill. She knew that if Christopher wanted to put her on display for others, she would let him. That thought made her suck his dick even more eagerly, turned on by her own wantonness.

Only the sudden touch and thrust of his finger distracted her. She lost her rhythm on his cock, holding it in her mouth but forgetting to suck. He had played with her ass once or twice, and she had not denied him. She couldn’t deny him anything. But her body tensed, twisting a bit in discomfort, the air in the car suddenly heavier.

Despite the intense pleasure he was receiving from her mouth on his cock, and his finger exploring her ass, Christopher coolly looked at the clock on the dashboard. The valedictorian, the star athlete, the pride of the school, would never be late for a chorus concert. He was tempted to cum in her mouth, but for the gift to be inserted properly it would help if she rode him first. He put his hand on the back of her head, grabbed a handful of hair, and held her bobbing head still. “Time to fuck,” he said.

Allison’s body tensed as his finger first thrust inside her asshole. The strange sensation of being invaded there combined with the perversion of knowing it was made possible by her own pussy juices soaking his finger. She now found herself double penetrated for the first time, the new sensation of his finger so much deeper than he’d ever dared combining with the sensation of both his cock and finger thrusting into her each time she drove down. She was in control, despite the unexpected intrusion, and it was her own muscular legs which drove her body up and down, impaling herself on both. She felt her chest tightening, her nipples burning, the guttural sounds coming from her throat as her clenched, tight body rode him harder and harder.

She didn’t even flinch at the feeling of his finger deep inside her ass, he thought. She was enjoying the feeling as much as he was, and it was that raw desire inside her, limitless, he thought, that so turned him on. He glanced at the clock again, calculated how much time was left until the concert began, thought about the gift he still had to give her. He needed to ask her just one question, and listen to her reply, the answer to which he knew would push him over the edge. He whispered in her ear, the scent of her hair strong, “Do you love the feeling of my finger deep in your ass Alison?”

Allison had forgotten the clock, the concert, and was too drawn into herself to notice the movement of his eyes. How could she notice that when there was so much happening down below. Her virgin asshole quivered around the intruder, grasping at his finger in spasms. Yet at the same time his cock drove up into her, either one more than enough to drive her to distraction on its own. There was no question about her response, despite the discomfort and the dirtiness of it. “Yes, I do,” she moaned back into his ear, her strong thighs gripping him even tighter, her ass rock hard as she rode him with all her strength.

To make her late for the concert would stir suspicion in everyone around here. What could possibly make Alison, the valedictorian, late for a concert? Knowing Alison, and though she never said anything to him about it, she probably even had a solo. He would make certain they both came and that she would have time to open the present. Hearing her acknowledge that she enjoyed having her ass finger fucked did it for him.

With his free hand he grabbed her hard buttock and slapped it twice, and then dug his fingertips into her flesh. “That’s my good girl,” he said, and in his mind spotted his orgasm building in his balls. “We’re going to have a lot of fun with that tight ass of yours,” he whispered hotly in her ear.

Allison could hear the rough growl in his voice, the animalistic way he slapped and grabbed at her tight ass. And she knew she loved it, for some reason she couldn’t understand, but cared less and less about, she loved the idea of him treating her as something to grope and grab and fuck, the way when the passion mounted there were no limits but only hands and skin and sweat and the rough banging of bodies into each other. Allison rocked her hips back and forth crazily, forcing his cock in her with each forward thrust, and his finger in her with the backward. There was no more up and down her pelvis crushed tight to his and only this frantic fucking xslot Güncel Giriş as she came.

He loved the way she never held back. Ever. He guessed she attacked every other part of her life with this much enthusiasm, and for a moment he again wondered what she looked like on the soccer field, and he made a note to meet her here again after one of her games, and fuck her in the car, or maybe in the woods, hands all over with her sweaty body and her uniform around her shin pads and cleats. Now, though, he concentrated on his finger in her ass, her tight pussy gripping and milking his cock, the shaking of her hips signaling her orgasm, and he didn’t hold back any longer. He thrust upward hard and felt himself release his load up into her. He could tell by her intensity that she could keep fucking for a few more hours, but he needed to give her the gift. He waited until she slowed her hips, signaling his intention with his free hand back and her hip and whispered again, “That’s my good pet. For that you may now open your present.”

Allison moaned in a bit of frustration as she felt him thrust upward and stop, her own body continuing to grind and grind atop him until his hands guided her to a stop. Her body was covered in a coat of sweat underneath her clothing and she was sure she stank of sex. She sat resting her weight on him, trembling as he spoke of her present. She had forgotten it, could hardly concentrate on it as the spike of pleasure fooled with the chemicals in her brain, her hair plastered to her face. “What is it?” she asked, dazed.

He felt her pussy still spasming around his cock, and smelled their sex together and realized that they had fogged the windows. He reached over to the passenger seat and took the silver butt plug still in its gift box and handed it to her. Her breath smelled like her pussy mixed with a faint scent of something she had been using to sooth her throat for singing. “I know you’re going to love it,” he said, watching her rip the paper off it.

Allison sat back a bit, her ass pressing down on his lap, feeling his cock softening, slowly slipping out of her. Her head nearly touched the roof of the car, and so she hunched over, taking the box in her hands. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her breathing still fast and loud. But with calm fingers she undid the paper and opened it up. She sat staring at shock at the butt plug. She knew what it was, though she thought she probably should not, but she glanced up at him with dark eyes and a silent face, biting at her lip.

For a moment he ridiculously thought she might not know what it was, but then realized given everything else she’d seen and touched and used in his shop she surely would know what it was, and the look in her eyes immediately confirmed it. “You’re to wear it during your concert,” he said simply. “We’ll put it in now.”

A good girl, in this day and age, shouldn’t let a man boss her around like that. But there was no malice in his voice, and it was because he knew as well as she did that she wanted him to direct her. She wanted him to show her things he had only dared imagine. She stared back down at the plug, at how much wider it was than his finger and couldn’t imagine what this would be like going in, let alone staying there. She nodded, but he could feel her tremble a bit there at the edge.

He put his large hand over hers still on the butt plug and started to lower their hands together in the canyon between their bodies. “Lift your hips … we’re going to get it wet from our juices mixed together,” he said, guiding it down past her flat stomach toward her pussy.

Allison did as he said, raising herself up off of him, letting their hands slide together in the hot wet space between their bodies. She felt the plug brush along her swollen dark lips and moaned, her need insatiable it seemed to her, despite all she’d discovered with him.

The sound of the plug against her wetness reminded him of the sounder her fingers made when he made her masturbate for him. When he was satisfied it was wet enough, he took her hand, still on the plug, and brought it around behind her. “Lean forward and arch your back,” he said matter-of- factly,”and we’ll slide it in slowly.”

Allison could feel it collecting her nectar as they slid the plug back and forth along her lips. She knew it would be wet, sticky and fragrant with her smell as he shifted it behind her. Leaning forward she pressed her body into his in the small car, arching her back expertly, despite her youth a master of her body. She felt how it opened her up back there, exposed her, and he could feel her hand trembling in his.

He wasn’t about to tell her this now, but he knew from his own experience how the next 10 seconds would feel, and the two hours after. He enjoyed the thought of how much this would test her concentration skills, standing with her school chorus with a butt plug under her skirt, in front of hundreds of people in the auditorium, including him. The thought of it, and the way she was leaning into him, her ass up waiting for the plug, was bringing his cock back to life. He could feel her hand shaking under his. He held the tip to her little hole and pressed until he felt some resistance. He didn’t wait to ask if she was ready, just kept pushing slowly upward and inward, and glanced at the clock: 6:24.

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