Is Something The Matter? Ch. 03

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Part 3. We’re getting perilously close to present day (December 2020), so this story series will end at some point soon. I thought this was going to be it, and then took it in another direction after I had initially started.

Thanks for suggestions, edits, advice and encouragement. For anyone who doesn’t like the subject matter, please head on over to whatever it is that brought you to Literotica.

You probably should read parts 1 and 2… but hey, it’s a free country, do what you do.

I changed the ‘voice’ on this part as I wanted to include the thoughts of both partners in the relationship. I really didn’t think this through when I started Part 1 (which was supposed to have been a stand-alone), and it doesn’t make sense to continue that way. I apologize for any continuity problems that might cause those who rip through all 3 stories at once.

And if this isn’t your cup of tea, I apologize for that. Not everyone is into this, and that’s okay just move on.

Finally – a reminder that when you play like this – be safe, sane, and consensual. I’m blessed that I’ve been able to explore some of the things described here with some people that I trust and who would never hurt me. Not everyone is like that, so please be careful, as some of the things described in this story series can not only fuck you up physically, they can really fuck with your mind as well.


“Is Something the Matter?” – Amie looked up from her desk, her cloth face mask fogging up her reading glasses. She could make out the Senior Partner at the law firm standing at the door to her office.

“No” Amy responded. “I was just going through this backlog of mail – most of it junk – that piled up while we were working from home. It’s a little overwhelming.” She took off her reading glasses so she could better see the older woman standing the doorway to her office.

Amie had been working at the firm for four years, and had worked closely with Rebecca, who had been a partner for 12 years and acted as her mentor. Rebecca was a great mentor for Amie to have – having mastered the boyclub that constituted legal practice in their city.

Rebecca entered the room, “I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with how you adapted to working remotely, Amie. Not all the junior associates were as diligent as you were – in working billable hours and responding to client inquiries. We heard great things, and I wanted to thank you for stepping up.”

Amie blushed a bit. The firm had gone virtual in March, and she got the call the first week of October that they were reopening the office, so here she was in the 2nd week of October trying to climb out from a pile of accumulated outside mail. “Thanks Rebecca. My husband and I were both working from home, and since we didn’t have children with remote-schooling responsibilities, we both really dived in to work and other home projects we had been putting off.”

Unconsciously, Amie touched the silver chain around her neck. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, the necklace which mostly hung behind her blouse held the key to her husband’s chastity device. Yeah, they had certainly worked on some home projects, and the growth in their relationship had been exponential. To be honest, she was proud of what she had accomplished professionally, but these past 6 months had been more about her and Steve.

Rebecca sat down in the visitor chair. “Amie, please take this time to catch up, but going forward I want you to continue to work remotely. We’ll only need you here if we need to process in-person depositions related to the cases you’re working, or to assist in evidentiary reviews. I know this won’t sit well with all the other associates, but if you continue to be able to serve the firm and its clients the way you have since March, you’ve earned that flexibility, and quite frankly the way that the numbers are projected to go by Thanksgiving, I think we’ll all be working from home once again.”

It felt like a weight had been taken off Amie’s shoulders – she desperately missed being home with Steve, especially now as their relationship was evolving and growing. She couldn’t wait for Rebecca to leave so she could text Steve the great news.

Steve heard the buzz of an incoming text on his phone. He finished up the proposal he had been working on for a new client, and picked up his phone: “Great News. They’re letting me work from home a few days a week.”

Steve breathed a sigh of relief. It was only October 14th, but he was starting to lose his mind. He and Amie had started down the road to what amounted to almost permanent chastity earlier this Fall. After a long conversation in May, they started to get into some other aspects of their relationship beginning in late June, and that driven, but sexually conservative woman who wore his wedding and engagement ring had surprised both of them by challenging and changing the nature of their sexual and interpersonal relationship step by step. September had been a whirlwind of activity as Steve’s professional narlıdere escort life had picked up after the Summer, and Amie had kept him on his toes by delving deeper and deeper into long-term chastity and some increasingly serious CBT play. During the last week of September, she had announced to him that they would be participating in ‘Locktober’ – meaning he would be locked, teased, and denied for the entire month. The precursor to that was a CBT session he would not soon forget. It ended with Amie brutally ballbusting him, and although she had not caused any lasting damage, when she locked him up on October 1st, he definitely knew that his balls were still swollen. Indeed, they had to use the hinge-style chastity device for the first few days because of some slight swelling, and while this style was the easier of his several chastity devices to put on and take off, it wasn’t the most comfortable, especially in the overnight hours.

Here it was October 14th, and he hadn’t had an orgasm since early September. When she was home from work, Amie did her best to tease him, but since returning to work and her long commute from the suburbs, he missed the attention to which he had become accustomed (even though it was often devilishly cruel and frustrating to him). As he sat at work thinking about Amie, his caged cock continued to languish in the cage as it had since October 1st. He thought about the joke he had heard years ago about the guy who filed an unemployment claim for his cock and chuckled to himself. This was his own decision (for the most part) and Amie had made sure that he had been a willing volunteer / willing victim. What was weird was that he wasn’t getting hard as often – or if he was, his penis was being conditioned NOT to get hard by running out of room to grow. Obviously when Amie teased him, things became uncomfortable, but even now he wasn’t as turned on as before by online Porn. Just to test, he pulled up his Tumblr account and scrolled through it. Nothing.

Another buzz from his phone announced a text. “Get the Deuce ready, I want to celebrate” it announced. He sighed. The ‘Deuce’ was the strap-on harness they had purchased this Summer from a company called ‘Spare Parts’. It was configured in a way that he could wear it over/around the chastity device. This had been one of the more frustrating aspects of Amie doing her research, in that she didn’t need to unlock him for her to receive penetrative sex. She had told him it “wasn’t the same”, but had discovered that if they soaked the dildo in a warm pot of water for a half hour, it warmed the material enough to make it feel more realistic. The emasculating part for him was that “Get the Deuce ready” meant that she wanted him to put the harness on before she got home so that when they did slide into bed, it was more fluid. He typed a response: “Sam, Martin or Louis?” – this was code for the three different dildos they had Sam (Small), Martin (Medium), and Louis (Large).

He liked to think he was somewhere between a Martin and Louis.

His phone quickly buzzed with a one word response “Louis”. Then the typing bubbles activated and he read the next message: “I’ve been doing some online shopping, and I think we’re going to introduce another friend, ‘Xavier’ into the mix soon.” Steve’s heart dropped, Xavier was obviously code for “Extra Large” – was Amie becoming a size queen? He felt his cock generate some precum that moistened his confined package. Amie snidely called this phenomenon “Chastity Tears” and teased him when she saw the wet spots in his underwear or when it dripped to the floor during their frequent play. Steve couldn’t wait for this month to be over, and prayed to whatever God would listen that Amie didn’t get it in her mind to move right from ‘Locktober’ to ‘No-vember’ and ‘Denial-December’.

He got back to work – trying to make sure that even though he was no ‘Xavier’ he was providing a good income for them.

Later, as the clock rolled to 6PM, Steve closed his laptop, picked up his phone and used the “Find My Phone” feature to see that Amie was just getting on the expressway. He went into the kitchen to check on the crock-pot meal (these were his specialties, and tonight was a hearty beef and vegetable stew). Once he was satisfied that everything would be ready for her arrival home, he went to the basement and got the Deuce, and opened the armoire drawer and retrieved Louis from among the other items that were stored in the basement playroom. On a good day, he could probably give Louis a run for his money, and heck if his penis would be as swollen as his balls seemed to be after 6 weeks of denial, he’d be a total Louis.

He put a pot of water on the stove set to ‘warm’, submerged Louis in the water, and then started scrolling through his social media to see which of his clients or prospects needed a call from their financial advisor. People who posted pictures of new babies or houses (need to increase your life insurance coverage), or changed their work ödemiş escort status on Linked In (need to roll your 401k into an IRA), were added to his call list for tomorrow.

Soon, he heard Amie at the door. She came-in arms full of files from work, her laptop bag hanging from her shoulder. When she unceremoniously dropped the files down in a sprawling heap on the coffee table, he noticed a black shopping bag remained in her hand. He knew what that meant – she had hit the little lingerie boutique that was in their suburban town center. He felt his ‘Mini Louis’ start to stir.

Amie saw him looking at the bag and said “I bought just a little something for both of us. I didn’t forget you though, and I think you’ll enjoy the fruits of my shopping trip. Plus, I’m totally supporting a local business.”

She continued, “I’m going to take a quick shower and wash the day off myself. I’ll need you to Present in the bedroom with Louis by the time I get out of the shower.”

This all registered with Steve – he knew to grab the warm pot with the dildo, and kneel naked (except for the strap-on) in the bedroom to wait for her.

Amie laughed to herself as she walked upstairs to the master bath. He had come so far. Check that, THEY had both come so far, but his willingness and understanding of her commands was rote by this time. She knew he was struggling with the long-term chastity and she wasn’t sure that she wanted to make that a permanent part of their play, but for now she was using it to gain the control that she had already leveraged to improve their relationship. The shower wasn’t just to “wash the day off” as she had claimed. She needed to trim and shave her pubic area to accommodate the lines of the new panty she had purchased that day, and wanted to make sure her legs were smooth as well. She took her time, knowing that a frustrated Steve was probably already kneeling in the bedroom. She wanted to heighten his anticipation and frustration, and having him uncomfortable from kneeling for so long would make him quicker to accede to her wishes as well. Finally, she finished, dried off and applied a little lotion to smooth her skin even more. She knew the lavender scent of the lotion would get him excited as well, and that was just icing on the cake.

She reached into the small shopping bag and removed the items she wanted. The panty was sheer and high cut with a thong in the rear, and the waistband had a lace trim over the elastic. She rubbed her hands on her upper thighs, feeling herself moisten at the anticipation. She reached into the bag and found the final item she had purchased. She used a small scissor to remove the tags and then replaced it in the bag and headed into the bedroom. True to form, Steve was in ‘Present’ position, arms behind his head, elbows flush with his body, and knees wide. She looked him over and was pleased to see his posture was excellent.

She clearly and forcefully said “Submit”, and Steve quickly moved into the next position, his head lowered to the floor, back straight, and arms extended to the floor in front of his head. “Very good. You’ve come along.” She then circled him, checking his posture, making sure his muscles and core were engaged and began once again to speak.

“Tonight we’re going to start out with Louis. But before we start, please tell me about your Locktober experience.”

Steve replied, his eyes never leaving the floor and his position never changing. He told her how he noticed he wasn’t getting hard from porn or tumblr as he had in the past. He also told her that he was leaking ‘chastity tears’ as she called them almost continually, and that his balls were noticeably swollen. He finished by thanking her profusely for giving him the “gift” of chastity. This part was a daily ritual, often more than once a day when he re-affirmed his commitment to chastity.

“Palms” she ordered. He returned to an upright kneeling position, but this time the palms of his hands were extended in front of him together at shoulder height. Sometimes she would put him in this position and balance a hardcover book on his hands until he faltered. Tonight she reached into the pot and retrieved Louis, placing him in Steve’s left hand, and placing a bottle of lubricant in his right hand.

“Assemble” was the next command, and Steve immediately started to insert Louis into the base ring of the Deuce. When this was complete, he looked up and saw the new lingerie she had purchased and felt his cage tighten in the pouch of the Deuce.

Amie sat back on the bed, spread her legs and ordered him to begin. He approached on his knees and started kissing her slowly yet insistently starting at her toes and working up her legs to caress her calves. As he passed the knee, he caught the lavender scent of body lotion, and thought to himself that she really seemed to wear more lavender scented lotion these days. He threw away that thought, unaware that this scent was another of Amie’s tools to entice him to have seferihisar escort an almost Pavlovian response, and continued to kiss his way up her thighs.

He pushed her legs wider, but before he started to go down on her, he looked up for her approval and consent. She nodded and told him he could continue but not to ruin her new lingerie. He kissed the panty lightly and stopped to inhale her scent. He dreamed of her scent, and often after a night of going down on her, he wouldn’t wash his face, so he could wake in the middle of the night to smell her on his beard. As he lingered, his hands ran up her thighs, gently stroking her before proceeding up to encircle her gorgeous breasts. He started kissing her mons fervently, then pulling his hands down, he carefully removed the panty, flattened his tongue and began to lick the length of her vulva, alternating between long strokes down the center to the ‘canoe’ technique where his tongue followed the natural curvature of her lips. Her juices really started to flow, and he took this as an opportunity to insert a finger to find and slowly stroke her G spot while his mouth moved up to find her clitoris. He puckered his lips, and firmly sucked her clitoris into his mouth, making sucking motions to draw its length out. He now inserted 2 fingers into her as he felt her walls loosen. Her head thrashed back onto the pillow, and he knew it was time to introduce Louis to the equation.

He stood and mounted her, slowly moving Louis into her folds. He pushed in a few inches, then added more lube from the bottle, then continued until Louis was seated entirely inside her. Steve felt the moisture in the pouch of the Deuce strapon, evidence of his own arousal and started to push deeper into her.

Amie awoke from her reverie, feeling the first orgasm arriving, and rolled Steve onto his back. She made a point of being on top for every penetrative orgasm – primarily because it felt amazing, and secondarily because he didn’t have to move – she just used him (and Louis) to rub herself to orgasm. She continued for several minutes, reveling in the fact that Louis never flagged or had to “take a breather”. Finally she relented and rolled off Steve. She lay there for a second and told him that he could put her panty back on, but only after she had been properly attended to. He dived back in to clean her with his tongue. This was another bit of conditioning she had begun – making sure he got used to going down on her after they had sex. Of course the only thing to clean now was the lube and her own juices, but at some point in the future he was going to actually be allowed to cum in her, and she hoped he would dutifully begin the cleanup without prompting by then.

She felt Steve lift her legs one by one, as he pulled the panty up her, and she sighed contentedly. “Get my robe please”. While he went to the closet to retrieve it, she stood up, stretched and then willingly let him dress her in the robe. He began removing the Deuce, and setting it off to the side -either for later use, or for cleaning before bed, and once she saw he was done, she commanded “Inspection”. This was the standing version of ‘Present’, with hands behind his head, and his eyes looking straight forward. Satisfied, she went to retrieve the small black shopping bag.

“As I mentioned, I got something for both of us to enjoy” Amie announced. “I noticed that since we’ve gotten into Locktober, you’re wearing your speedo-type underwear. Tell me why.”

Steve sputtered, and then replied “They’re much more comfortable than my boxer-briefs and support the cage and my…uh…rather larger than normal balls a little better.”

Amy nodded her head “I thought as much. So I got you this, and reached into the bag to present Steve with a pair of black panties. These were similar in the waistband to what Amie had, but they had more elastic around the gusset. “Since you’ve got some external plumbing, you’ll need to wear panties that have elastic here. You can’t use the type that I wear, or you’ll be flopping all over the place. But these are yours, and I want you to put them on. Tomorrow you’ll go to the store in town and get some additional pairs for yourself.

There was silence.

Amie knew she was pushing another boundary, but there was a method to her madness. Steve had admitted that he needed the extra support, and once he put them on, she knew he’d like the silky smoothness. She also knew he had been looking at ladies underwear online -presumably for her—so this was just another step in the process.

“How long do you want me to wear these” Steve asked, looking a little meek as he stepped into the soft panties, and brought them up his legs.

“Well, you’re going to need them for the rest of this month because things are only going to get more uncomfortable, and you’re going to need several pair, because you’re leaking like a faucet. Unless of course, you want to wear a pad…”

“No. I’ll uh make sure to get a few pair tomorrow. Thank you for thinking of my comfort.”

“Not a problem. But they don’t all have to be black – mix it up a little, and mix up the style too. I know from your search history that you’ve looked at a certain pair of red ‘tanga’ style panties. You should pick up a pair for yourself. And who knows, if they look good on you, maybe I’ll get a pair as well.”

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