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“You should give it a try Yvonne,” she told me with a huge self satisfied smile. “Make a point of trying the two male masseurs. They stretched our sexual boundaries for us.”

Two weeks later we met again, this time for lunch, I need time to tell Kate about the kinky sexual experience my man and I shared. “You know my man and I like to stretch the boundaries when sex is involved. Some of those shows every night were a huge turn on for both of us. Wonderful foreplay before we fucked every night after the show. Sometimes with other couples watching, and once with another couple fucking at the same time.

“Let me tell you in great detail about our massage.

“When we first checked in to the resort the concierge told us, “If you have any special requirements, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“My man and I do have special requirements, very special requirements. However we didn’t want to embarrass ourselves by asking early on our stay. After a few days we soon felt comfortable to ask for whatever pleasure we wanted without any embarrassment.

“So when the the massage room receptionist asked, ‘A male and female, two females or two male masseurs?’ Adam and I responded as one with great aplomb, “Two males please,”.

“There were two massage tables side-by-side with our masseurs, James and Daryl, dressed in white shorts and t-shirts.

“Both were in their mid-twenties with toned bodies and muscly arms. Daryl was the more masculine one, while James appeared to be slightly effeminate.

“You can say and do anything you wish escort kahramanmaraş bayan in here, what happens in here stays here,” James told us.

“Him or me?,” Daryl asked me as they watch us undress.

“You please Daryl,” I told him as I enjoyed flaunting my naked body for the two masseurs, pleased with my choice, while my man was smiling as James ogled his naked body and large, flaccid cock.

Daryl organized us on the tables so we were facing toward each other, the reason why became apparent shortly.

I enjoyed watching James oiling my man’s back, thighs, then his ass while Daryl was oiling my back and thighs. A wonderful sensation having a man’s hands, a man you just met in for a commercial transaction, albeit a sexual one, on your naked body with your partner watching and enjoying with another man’s hands on his naked body. At that stage before I left that room I wanted to be, needed to be, sexually satisfied.

“You have a glorious ass, just magnificent,” Daryl told me in a strained voice as I enjoyed him oiling it with two hands.

“We offer a wide range of massages. The most popular one is our full service massage,” he continued full of confidence as I parted my legs for him so he could oil the insides of my thighs.

“Does that mean you could bring us to orgasm with your hands and fingers?,” I asked him.

“Is that your wish, Yvonne? And you Adam, is that your wish? Would you like James to bring you to orgasm with his hands and fingers?”

“Very escort kapalı gaziantep bayan tempting, for both of us, very,” I teased as Adam turned over on to his back, resting on his elbows, looking directly at me, without saying a word.

“Love the way you shave, the same very sexy look on all of Helmut Newton nude model’s, a beautifully trimmed triangle. Or do you wax? Jet back pubes, a wonderful contrast to your blond hair.” Daryl whispered after I turned on to my back.

“By now, he had me hooked Kate, as I opened my legs for Daryl to oil the insides of my thighs some more, then my tits.

“He was teasing my nipples with two fingertips while I watched James teasing my man’s nipples with two fingertips.

“Oh fuck, wow, your man is hung and thick, huge,” Daryl moaned as he and I watched James oiling his no longer flaccid cock with two hands.

“Very tempting, very,” I muttered as Daryl slid an oily finger along my cunt lips. I was resting on my elbows as I watched his oily finger on the tip of my clit.

“Is this your wish, Yvonne?,” he teased as he slid two oily fingers along the outside of my cunt lips and the third finger along the full length of cunt lips.

“So good, so good baby,” my man was moaning while he watched as James had one hand on his balls while edging his erection with the other.

“As you know Kate, at any time we both enjoy being edged and teased and savoring the sexual pleasure. Even better if another couple are kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan watching,

“This was whole new experience for us. My man and I were both on our backs, resting on our elbows, naked, facing each other as we watched two much younger men, both with obvious erections, edging and teasing us to orgasm with their hands and fingers.

“We wanted new sexual experiences, that was so basic and so good. Watching two men we only just met bringing both of us to orgasm with their hands and fingers,” I told Kate over lunch. “No jealousies and no guilt.”

“Would you like me to tell you what my masseur did to get me over the line Kate?”

“Of course.”

“Both of the masseurs teased and edged us with their oily fingers, they were obviously very experienced. And obviously enjoying their work. His fingertip on my clit was sexual heaven while my man watched as his masseur slid a fingertip and thumb tip along the full length of his erection. The masseursboth had obvious erections under their white shorts.

“Remember what happens in here stays here,” James told us as the boys both dropped their shorts to show us their very erect cocks.

“My masseur took my hand, rubbed some oil onto it from his hand and almost automatically I wrapped my hand around his erection and slid my hand along it. He was sliding a finger into me at the same time. I was so close Kate.

“And a huge turn on while watching the other masseur rub some oil onto my man’s hand from his hand then watch my man wrap his hand around his erection and slide his hand along it, while the masseur slid a fingertip and thumb tip along the full length of his erection.

“You have aroused me with that story Yvonne,” Kate told me as we tongue kissed. “Your place or mine?”

“I was hoping you would like my little story Kate. My place, my man is away. I hope you are as horny as me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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