Island Sanctuary

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He put his dry lips to her sweet, firm young nipple, still warm and damp from the bath. She gasped at the contact and tried to move away, but his sinewy arms held her firmly standing, helpless beside his chair. His hands explored her soft round bottom, pressing her buttocks and probing the crevice, as he tongued and licked at her nipple, now erect and firm in his mouth. She whimpered softly, once, as he transferred his attentions to the other breast, and brought one hand around to stroke and tickle her freshly shaven mons. Soft, damp, pink and nude, she was totally vulnerable, stood in the middle of this dark vaulted room, exposed to the attentive stares of the Brothers in their dark robes. His fingers parted her labia, discovering the wet warmth of her private parts; as one fingertip quivered gently on her clitoris, she shuddered and parted her thighs to allow him greater access.

He lifted his head from her breast, gave her bottom a final pat, and withdrew his hand from between her legs.

‘Go, my daughter. Robe yourself. You grow chilled.’

She stood dazed for a second, then a touch on her arm and a fleeting caress of her buttocks made her jump. Brother Francis was there, her cloak already settling on her shoulders, covering her nakedness with dark warm wool.

Tall, lean and silent, Brother Francis led her from the warming room, now huddled in her cloak and stumbling as her body kept replaying the shocking sensations of being presented to the Abbott. She could feel the wet heat between her legs, the sensitive clean-shaven skin of her labia twitching and quivering with every step, her clitoris dancing in time. Her nipples, painfully erect from Father Abbott’s attentive tongue, rubbed harshly against her cloak.

Brother Francis was a moving patch of darkness in the patterned dark of the cloisters ahead of her, and her sandalled feet pattered along after him, trying to keep close. They stopped at the door to his rooms, and she followed him in, brushing close against him in the narrow entry way as he waited to close and bolt the door after her. With an excited tremor she wondered if tonight would be the night of consummation; after weeks of being cleansed, fed, cared for, her wounds healed, her mind and body being gently tended by this lean, silent man – would he finally release her from this torture of arousal without fulfillment?

She’d spent every night in his bed, Ataşehir Escort held close to his hard, warm body, enjoying the protection and warmth of his powerful arms around her soft, tender self, his hands resting lightly on her hips, her thighs, stroking her little firm breasts and flat belly – she’d been aware from time to time that his organ was throbbing erect and hard and had touched it, shyly, under the bedclothes, wondering what it might do… he’d taught her by touch and murmured instructions how to pleasure him with her little hands and soft mouth, lying there rigid and silent, allowing himself only a few seconds of violent jerking spasms to discharge his seed into her hand or mouth. She’d learnt to tell his pleasure from the sudden, drenching sweat, the way his swollen, heavy scrotum would tighten even further against his lean thighs, and the quivering hardness of his great erect penis as she ministered to it.

He had never kissed her on the mouth, but she’d learned to trust his tongue and lips as he used them on every inch of her, browsing down her belly after bringing her nipples to tingling, aching arousal, then parting her legs with firm hands, holding her thighs widespread, and lowering his head slowly, deliberately, to probe her soft wet depths, bringing her to moaning, head-rolling orgasm again and again. It was astonishing to be brought to such a pitch of arousal, but never by so much as a fingertip did he penetrate her, although she longed for him to do so. Once she asked him softly, taking his cock in her hand and placing the head of it between her cunt lips, but he had immediately moved away, shaking his head.

‘Not until you’ve been presented, caramia.’ And that was all he would say.

Her monthly flow had happened twice since she’d been on the island, and Brother Francis had silently brought her rags to absorb the blood, stroking her lower back and letting her soak in the deep stone bathtub that flowed constantly with steaming water from the hot springs in the centre of the island. He seemed to approve of her regular menstruation, and didn’t stop his ministrations to her clitoris while she was in flow. He was her companion every evening, and she shared his bed at night, but during the day she was busy with the other Postulants; lessons in the mornings, from short, stout, booming-voiced Brother Leonard, who taught them how to read and write, and Kadıköy Escort contemplate the holy scriptures; helping to prepare and serve the midday meal for all the community, cleaning up afterwards, wielding the heavy broom or scrubbing tables or cleaning crockery until her back and hands ached, but all was immaculate. The Postulant Mother would tolerate no sloppiness.

The rule of silence was seldom relaxed, and so she had little chance to talk with the other Postulants, but she gathered that she was one of only a few girls who were paired off with a Brother. Most of them were in dormitory accommodation under the eye of the Postulant Mother, a large and somewhat awesome woman who could move as silently as a moth in her long black robes. She did wonder at the selection, but had no clue why it had happened; however, she felt that at her menstruation times she was given special latitude and the Brothers smiled on her. Brother Francis’ fierce eagle-face would relax occasionally, his deepset hazel eyes would soften as she rubbed her aching back to lessen the cramps.

She was so accustomed now to sleeping naked with him that now, in the dim lamplight of the chamber, she hung up her cloak and went to the bed alcove, but he stopped her.

‘No. Stand there. Wait.’

She obeyed, wondering as he disrobed with his back to her, then as he turned, for the first time she saw his nakedness, his lean, hairy body as exposed as hers, and at the top of his legs the patch of softer, longer hair, nesting what her fingers knew so well, but what until now she had never seen – the heavy, full scrotum, and his penis, a full eight inches long, thick and hard, standing proud and ready for pleasuring.

She fell to her knees as he approached her, her legs giving way after the strain of the evening; as he stood close to her she buried her face in his genitals, breathing in the sweet, musky smell of him, and heard his long, shuddering breath. He raised her to her feet, and held her firmly against him, his face resting on the top of her head. She trembled at the feel of his body, the way his erection nudged hard against her belly.

‘Come. It is time.’

He backed to the bed, and laid down on it, drawing her after him. They lay, chest to chest, her hair falling warm and cloud-soft over his shoulders and throat, as they kissed, a long, leisurely kiss. Her legs parted as she straddled Bostancı Escort him, and his big hands roamed around her firm little buttocks, making her wriggle and moan with pleasure as he explored her crack, tickling her clitoris and tracing the damp, warm cleft. She moaned again as two of his fingers slid inside her, probing her pulsing cunt, and then withdrawing – then he pulled her down, lower, until his great cockhead was pushing, smooth and hard, against her warm, willing cleft, and with a low, shuddering cry he thrust up into her, a great powerful surge that impaled her to the hilt. She moaned again, half in pain, half in glorious fulfilled ecstasy, as for the first time she rode a man’s cock. Thanks to his careful caresses over the past weeks there was no maidenhead to be torn, and she clung to his shoulders, her cunt muscles pulsing as she adjusted to having such a big object in her tight little self.

‘Aaaaaaah… oh, Brother, that is beyond wonderful!’

He sighed, stroking her slender waist and rounded buttocks again, then took hold of her hips, and began to thrust, withdrawing almost completely and then surging up, up, deep into her, slow and powerful, until she was near fainting with the intensity of sensation.

Faster and faster, his thrusts became shallower, and she felt as he tensed up and shuddered under her the approach of his climax. She was floating, held to earth only by her cunt muscles around his great organ, her legs straining to part further, to draw him in more, and finally as he exploded into her, she felt her clit twitching and flowering against him, the most exquisite pulsing relief for all the tension, and she moaned, rocking her head back and forth, gasping for air as her orgasm matched his, thrust for spasm, hot and wet and perfectly synchronised. Her little pink nipples rubbed against the soft hair of his chest, tingling and super-sensitised by orgasm, and a deep groan of satisfaction made his chest boom against her ear as she lay on him, riding the waves of pleasure, her cunt pulsing and flowering around his cock, her clit twitching in happy abandon on his skillful thumb.

As the waves receded, she lay very still on him, shaking and panting, feeling his great heart pounding beneath her ear, as he stroked her back and thighs and moved softly inside her, his erection slowly softening until at last his wet cock slipped out of her, lying between them, the tip just touching her clit and continuing the gentle stimulation. She sighed, moved her legs, groaning as she brought them back together. The force of the fuck had strained the hip sockets, but as she moved he massaged her, caressing her with sure, gentle hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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