It Happened So Fast!!!

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Fall 2018

After being burned by my last girlfriend I considered switching teams. I find some men attractive and recently fantasized about sucking a nice big juicy cock. I’ve tasted my cum before, who hasn’t. I wanted to feel hot cum shooting into my mouth and all over my lips and tongue. God it got me hot thinking about it.

I was a little out of shape and figured I’d have better luck scoring a hot guy, if I was in top form. I’m 35 and still look good, I just began to drink a lot of beer as my relationship crumbled and acquired a beer belly. I began to bike and workout several times a week. I quit the beers and dieted hard. Within 6 weeks I was looking a lot better, and feeling good about myself again. I began to dress in tight stretchy shirts to show off my pec’s and acted more laid back in public. I began to notice eyes checking me out more. It was working…

Last week, I was bike riding in my new tight bike shorts and got a flat tire. I was far from home and had no luck with my bike pump. It was going to be a long walk home. Then as I was bent over messing around with my tire a fellow bike rider stopped to offer assistance.

“Hey do you need a hand?” The handsome guy said.

“Sure, you good at fixing flats?” I asked, as I turned around to see who it was.

The guy got off his bike and approached me. He was a little shorter than me and very good looking. He seemed a few years younger and looked pretty solid.

“Yes, pretty good. Hi I’m Don.” The man said as we shook hands.

“Hey Don, I’m Steve. Thanks for stopping.” I said with a reassuring smile.

“No problem. Let me take a look here.” He said.

As he bent over I couldn’t help but notice his tight little bubble butt, squeezed nicely into his bike shorts. His butt looked perfectly shaped, much hotter than any guys I’d seen recently. I was instantly attracted to his looks, body and charm. I got directly behind him and scoped out his ass as he studied my tire for a moment. Suddenly he stood back up and stepped back into me. His cute butt made contact with my growing bulge. I don’t think he felt it but I sure did. His buns felt nice and firm. Dam, he had me suddenly a little horny.

“Sorry.” He said.

“No, sorry it was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention.” I stated.

“This thing is toast. You’re going to need a new tube and tire.” He said, feeling bad for me.

“Ok, that’s what I thought.” I said sounding bummed out.

“If you can wait about 10 or 15 minutes I could ride back to my truck and give you a ride somewhere.” He said kindly.

“Don that would be terrific, If you could drop me off at my place I’d really appreciate it.”

I think he noticed my semi bulge in my bike shorts. I didn’t try to hide it, I tried to flaunt it. I put my hands on my hips and looked down shaking my head for a few seconds. Giving him the opportunity to check out my rod if he wanted to. I was hoping he was looking at my 7″ leaning to the right. When I quickly glanced up, he was looking toward my crotch, then quickly made eye contact with me.

“Ok, I’ll get back as soon as possible.” He said, with a lump in his throat.

“Thank you so much Don. I will owe you big time.”

“No problem Steve, I’ll be back soon.” He said as he composed himself and his attraction to my bulge.

Don hoped on his bike and took off. His butt was to die for, it was tight and shaped nice and round. He must ride bikes a lot, I thought to myself. He didn’t seem gay but I’m sure I have him interested somewhat. I was eagerly waiting for his return. As I sat there on the side of the road, my mind kept thinking about his cute sexy butt. I wanted to feel his smooth sexy buns and check out his rock hard cock. I was daydreaming about him as he pulled up in his truck and caught me off guard.

“Hey Don, you made it!” I said surprised.

“Yeah, I bolted back to my truck. I didn’t want you to have to wait too long.” He said with a nice smile.

“Well thank you very much buddy.” I said.

“Sure, what are friends for.” He said smiling.

Maybe Gaziantep Anal Escort he was very interested, I was eager to find out. I grabbed my bike and carefully placed it in the back of his nice new truck. He seemed to be checking me out again as I did this, I was getting butterflies of excitement. I was definitely feeling attracted to this handsome guy. We hopped in his truck and took off for my place.

“Where should I drop you off Steven?” He asked.

“At my condo off Sherman Way.”

As we made our way to my place we got better acquainted. He was a counselor at CSUN and was recently divorced. I told him my situation and let him know I was recently single as well. He seemed to perk up a bit as we talked and confided in each other. His X wife treated him like dirt and cheated on him. I felt bad for the guy, he was so nice and friendly. I explained my last girlfriend turned out to be a total disaster too and I was frustrated with woman in general. Just to see what he would say. He agreed woman can be wicked when they turn on you.

When we arrived at my condo, I asked him to please come in for a coffee. He said a coffee sounded great. As I removed my bike from the back of his truck I did my best to show off my ass to him. He definitely was checking me out now, he was making it more obvious. I carried my bike up the steps and he followed me in. I set my bike down and welcomed him in.

“Have a seat Don, I just need a second.” I fired up the coffee maker and went to use the bathroom.

When I returned, I poured Don a cup of coffee and got another one started for me. Don sat at the kitchen bar as I tried my best to turn him on. It was working…

“Thanks for the coffee Steve. It’s just what I needed.”

“Sure Don, my pleasure.”

Then I began to test the waters, more and more.

“Do you bike a lot? You look great in those shorts my man!” I kidded, breaking the ice a little.

“Thank you Steve, yes I bike a few times a week. How about you?”

“I just started riding again regularly to get back in shape. I had a little beer belly going there for a while.” I said, lifting up my shirt and slapping my tight abs.

“I know the feeling. We should go for a bike ride together sometime, you up for that?” He asked nicely.

“Sure, I’d love to have a new bike riding partner.” I said with enthusiasm.

“Me too, I don’t have any regular buddies to ride with anymore.”

This is where I really pushed the envelope, I said this with butterflies in my stomach.

“Well Don, if you keep wearing bike shorts like those, I’ll ride with you everyday!” I said with a slight crack in my voice.

Don laughed and blushed a bit.

“Really?’ He said with a slight giggle.

I began to get bolder…

“Yeah, I’d ride behind you all day. You have a sexy butt!” I stated nervously.

“Thank you, I guess.” He said shyly.

My coffee was ready so I poured a cup for myself and took a sip.

“Steve are you hitting on me?” He asked with a cute smile.

“Maybe, I guess so. Yeah, I am.” I said, a little scared he might bolt out of there in a hurry.

“Are you bi?” He asked nicely.

“Not until I met you. I think I’m bi-curious now, thanks to you.” I said, in a joking manner, keeping it playful.

“So you’ve never been with a man before?” He asked with a cute sexy grin.

“No, never… I’m sorry, I don’t want to freak you out.” I said.

“No it’s Ok. I just didn’t expect that from you. You seem totally straight.”

“Well, I have been straight all my life. I just have been having new desires lately. Have you ever been with a guy?”

“No I haven’t.” He said seriously.

“Is it something you ever thought about?” I asked hoping for a yes.

“Yes, sure I have. I think all men do once in a while.”

I was so relieved he said yes. I’m sure my smile was obvious at this point.

“Are you interested in me?” I asked more confidently.

“Well, YES! You are making me hot all of a sudden. No guy has ever done that to me before.” He said with grin.

“That is nice to hear Don. I would love to have a few drinks with you sometime and see where it goes.”

“Wow, what would you like to do with me?” He asked perking up as he took a sip of coffee.

“I’d love to feel your sexy buns and grind on your ass with them still on you. Then I’d like to pull them down and slap your cock all over my face and suck it, for starters.

“Wow, that sounds very hot!”

I could tell Don was getting horny, as he reached down and adjusted his shorts.

“When is the last time you got laid?” I asked.

“Been so long I forget. Maybe 6 months or more. It wasn’t very good either.”

“That sounds just like me. Now you can see why were attracted to each other.” I stated.

“We should do something about it.” He said boldly, to my complete surprise.

“Like when?” I asked feeling my heart begin to race faster and faster.

“How about right now?” He said with a big sexy smile.

“Ok” I said almost falling over.

Don got up and came around the other side of the bar into the kitchen.

“I’d love to feel your hands on my buns.” He said to my surprise.


“Sure, why not.” He said, with a handsome grin.

Don turned his hot bubble butt to me and leaned forward on the counter. His ass looked really nice, then he hiked up his tight bike shorts. I didn’t need to be asked twice and got up behind him.

I placed my hands on his cute smooth sexy buns and began to massage them. They felt so nice and firm and smooth. My cock began to grow very fast. I began to slide my finger up and down his tight ass crack. Don started making loud breathing noises of approval, which encouraged me on.

I began to get really turned on by Don’s sexy smooth ass. Then I began to grind his ass with my growing erection. The smooth friction was sensational and Don seemed to be getting very turned on. Then we got into a mock fucking rhythm, and went at it for about 4 or 5 minutes of bliss. As he pushed back against me I reached around and felt his big hard cock. It felt so full and long. I slid my hand firmly back and forth across it, to his groaning approval.

Don turned around to face me with a sexy grin and we held each other by the hips and grinded our cocks together back and forth. I began to kiss Don’s neck and he gently pushed me back. I was worried he might be chickening out, he wasn’t.

“He Steve, can we take this into the shower?” He asked.

“Sure, let’s go.” I agreed with a huge smile.

Don followed me into the bathroom and I fired up the hot water. When I turned around Don grabbed me and kissed my neck and then slid down my body. Making sure to touch my cock as much as possible. Then he pulled my shorts off and rubbed my cock all over his face and lips and stood up. He pushed his shorts down and his cock sprang free. It looked even bigger than mine and he was trimmed nicely. I wanted it badly.

We jumped in the shower and soaped each other up. It was fun, playful and sexy washing his hot body. As the soap washed off our clean bodies, we kissed for the first time. It was hot and Don began to play with my ass and it felt amazing. Our hard cocks were crushed together as we kissed then I broke the kiss and turned around. I bent down giving Don myself to him. He got into position and slid his cock up and down my ass crack. It felt so great and sexy, my ass was made for his cock. I was so horny, I wanted him badly.

“You ready for this?” He said as he pushed his thumb in my back entrance.

“Go for it Don, I need to get laid.” I said as the hot water washed over us.

Don soaped up his cock and pushed it in. Oh man it felt amazing, the best feeling in the world! I loved it more than anything. Don was making loud sexy breathing noises, which turned me on even more as he worked his way inside me. It was blissful and naughty as anything I’d ever done. I held myself firmly in place as Don pumped me more and more. Soon we were getting into a nice rhythm, there was no pain at all. It felt so good back there, OMG!

Don was now taking me all the way, I was so glad I could take Don, all of Don. He really began to give it to me faster and faster, which added more and pleasure for us both. He was grunting and fighting off his building orgasm. Soon I was leaking precum, Don had to be as well. I wanted it inside me and I told him.

“Don, fill me with your hot cum!”

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh Steve… You feel so good, ah.” He said, as he began to unload inside me.

That set me off and I began to jack off and orgasm at the same time. I came in a long lasting, hard rolling orgasm. The best of my life. I must have emptied every last drop of cum from my entire body as I felt his warm seed filling me up. The combination was, is incredible. It was over too fast for me. I wanted to keep going but we had to take a break and exit the shower.

We rinsed off our bodies one last time and got out. As we dried off our wet bodies, we kept stealing glances at each other and each other’s cocks. It was fun and I felt very sexy and naughty. It was fun being around Don after our hot shower sex.

Don put his bike outfit back on and I slipped on some nice tight underwear. Don had to get going, he was going to be late for work. I hugged Don as he was about to step out of my place. He hugged me back and we briefly kissed.

“Hey Don, we have some unfinished business. Would you like to come back over tonight so we can continue this?” I asked.

“That sounds wonderful, what time would you like me to swing by?”

“Anytime after 6:30 is fine.”

“I should be able to make it between, 6:45 and 7:00.” He replied with a hot sexy smile.

The rest of the day was a blur. All I could think of was Don and his tight sexy warm body.

Don showed up on time and I welcomed this handsome, sexy man in my house. Immediately he grabbed me and we started kissing and grinding. My cock came alive in a flash. I started tugging his tight stretchy shirt off and he did mine.

Then I unbuttoned his pants and exposed his nice big hard cock. I grabbed it and sucked the head and licked the tip Don was moaning his approval and put his hand on my head for balance. I began to blow him with all my desire and wild attraction to his beautiful sexy cock. I sucked and bobbed and stroked him like I wish someone would do for me.

Soon I could taste pre cum and Don got louder. His legs began to tremble and soon I felt warm jets of his nectar filling my hungry lustful mouth. I devoured it all and pulled him into the bedroom.

Don removed my pants and before he could blow me, I playfully shoved him on my bed. I bent him over and got behind him. His ass smelled nice and clean which made me even hornier. I licked his ass crack and got it moist with my saliva. Then I began to slide my aching hard on up and down his sexy butt crack. This was unbelievable. I knew I could cum just by doing this.

I refocused my thoughts and grabbed the sex cream on my night stand. I got him ready in no time and went for it. I shoved in my cock head in sexy butt and he screamed with joy.

“Oh my god, don’t stop. That feels so fucking awesome.”

I couldn’t believe how tight and perfect he felt. His ass was made for my cock. I worked myself deeper and deeper, faster and faster. It was the sexiest feeling I ever felt in my life. I wanted to pound him till the sun came up. It felt too good and my cock was soon about to explode.

Don was soon spraying jets of cum, which sent me over the edge. I exploded in Don, over and over and over again. My mind was fuzzy with a mind bending orgasm. It was unbelievable, I had to hold on for a few seconds to his sexy buns for balance. I hadn’t even had a drink.

When we finally came down form our wild sexual encounter, Don turned around and fell back and I fell on him. Our cum was tickling my cock as we slid around together in bliss. Our sweat was sexy and hot. It was new and it was amazing.

Since then, Don comes over a lot. We go at it as soon as the door closes, we often take long bike rides together. I can’t wait to get him home and show him how hot he made me.

Our time together has been so fun and special. Don is a perfect man for any bi curious guy, I’m just lucky I was bold enough to show him how I felt. Now it’s like we are made for each other.


Love each other!

Happy Holidays!

Bogey4U 😉

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