It’s a Long Way Down

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It’s a long way down my throat. Past my lips, across my tongue, past my palate, and then down, into my throat. I have a lot of protective reflexes to help me keep things from getting down there without my swallowing them. I have learned to control these reflexes and let at least one thing find its way down my throat any time I want, which is often.

Your cock is magnificent. 10 inches long and nicely thick, but not too thick for me to handle. It’s my play-toy and I love the feel and taste of it. If I am really good, it gives me a treat at the end of our play sessions.

Thank you for eating pineapple. It makes your cum taste sweet as you deliver it to my mouth and down into my throat. I love the way you pulse as you feed it to me. I love the way you shudder and hold my head down on your cock while you cum. You push it so deep down my throat as you fuck my face that I can lick your balls as you spew your seed. It’s almost as good as when you take me up my ass.

I never would have thought I could take 10″ up my ass but you slide in so nicely. I feel you against my prostate and it makes me cum forever. I can’t wait to have you lay bayan escort me back and push my knees up past my ears because I know what comes next.

I feel you slide in and in, until it feels like there is simply no more room inside me. Your big cock filling me, expanding me, forcing me to cum. I can’t help but want another in my mouth when you are so far into me. I’m so glad your twin brother makes himself available to me.

His cock is just like yours and I gobble it down, just like yours. When you have me bent over the table so that you can really throttle me he stands in front of me, cock at the ready. While you’re slamming in and out of me he is fucking my throat, his hands clamped on the sides of my head so he can force himself deep, deep into my gullet. You both cum so well. I feel you both pulsing, throbbing, pushing your seed into me.

Afterwards, I feel empty, and sore and wonderful. I taste the cum and feel it on my face and my tongue. I feel it run out of my ass and down my leg as I shower. I feel so wonderfully violated. I think of your faces as you orgasm, so intense, so sexy. I think about your sister’s face as well.

Your sister is so beautiful. Beautiful green eyes and soft, red lips. Her big, firm breasts with nipples that are so sensitive when we suck and tweek them; they stand out proudly as she arches her back. See how she screams and burbles when she cums and shakes uncontrollably when her orgasm reaches its peak.

She has one advantage over each of us. She has three holes to fuck and she enjoys filling every one of them. It’s amazing to see one enormous manhood slide in and out of her pussy until she begs the other one to “fuck me up my ass”. Then as the second snake finds its way into her ass she reaches her hands upwards and clenches the air and begs “Deeper, deeper, oh God I’m coming! Deeper!”

It’s awesome to watch her writhe and squeal. When she is cumming she reaches for me and takes me into her mouth. Smiling her approval, she swirls her tongue around the head of my cock. I jack off as she sucks me until I begin to cum all over her waiting tongue. Then as an orgasm takes her again I jack off some more, squirting more of my spooge all over her. She doesn’t wipe it off until her orgasm has finished, leaving it there to glisten and drip from her face, her breasts, her lips. Then, when she is coherent again, she gathers my cum onto her finger and sucks it off like it was jelly from a doughnut. Often, she shares it with your mother.

Your mother is amazingly hot for her age. Big swaying boobs, a great ass and a tummy that is flat with a cute little “inny” to kiss and nuzzle. Even at age 46 she has abundant stamina. She can ride each of us until we cum, one after the other and still have energy left over to bury her face in your sister’s quim and bring her to a screaming finish.

She doesn’t even mind your dad watching. In fact, she smiles at him as he watches her fuck her sons and her daughter and me, of course. Your dad’s cock is the biggest of all and he squeezes and strokes it as he watches the show we put on for him. He also cums the most, flinging huge globs of sperm all over himself; onto his hand, into his hair and into his open mouth. After he cums he slowly gathers it up and swallows it like a snack as he watches us continue our show. He also does the filming.

Yes, we like to share our little episodes. We’re rich because of it. Now the only reason we screw like rabbits is because we just love doing it. That’s reason enough!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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