It’s Not A Handicap part 2

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It’s Not A Handicap part 2

It’s been about four months since I first raped my neighbor, Liz. Before that first morning was over, she begged me for more cock, so she got it. Nearly every day since, we’ve had sex in every way we could think of, with the exception of maiming and bloodletting. Her right arm is already withered, as a result of a stroke, which also left her right leg a little crooked.

Some days, I’ve even sneaked into their house before Joe left for work. As she stood at the door, waving goodbye to him, I’ve slipped up behind her, and surprised her with a hard slap on the ass. Sometimes, I’d pull her back away from the door, while he was still in sight. She never knew when I was going to show up, and gets pissed off, when I don’t show up at all.

This morning, I was inside their home before 5am. When Joe started his shower, I jumped on top of Liz, scaring the hell out of her while she was still lying in bed. “Joe’s gonna be back in here in a few minutes,” she whispered as I sank my dick into her hot pussy, “he’ll kill us both.”

“Then shut the fuck up, bitch,” I told her, “get this batch of cum out of me before he catches us.”

She latched onto my ass cheeks and humped upwards. There is always a slight ‘sideways’ movement, because of the weaker right leg, but it seems to rub my member in a manner which feels totally, fucking awesome. As we both hit our peak, the shower water quit running. I had to clamp a hand over Liz’s mouth, to quiet the vocal aspect of her orgasm. Just as I finished pumping the last stream of warm, sticky sperm, we heard the bathroom door open.

I rolled off the bed, on the side closest to the wall, while she pulled the blanket back over her, and closed her eyes.

“Well,” Joe said, “Did you doze back off?” He leaned across the bed, kissed her, “Take your time, I’ll go start the coffee. Be back in a few minutes.”

“Are you crazy?”, she asked, looking down at me, lying on the floor with a grin, and stroking my dick to another hard-on, “I gotta get moving around, or he’ll come over to this side, so he can hold me better.”

She got out of bed, stuffed a wad of Kleenex between her legs, and slipped into some boxers before Joe got back upstairs. I lay, quietly, and listened to them discuss the girls coming home for the Christmas holidays, while Joe got dressed and ready for work.

I watched from the top gaziantep lezbiyen of the stairs, until he told her, “I’m gonna have to take a shit before I leave, will you pour me another cup of coffee, to go?”
When he went into the downstairs bathroom, I casually walked, naked, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Wha…?” Liz started to ask me what I was doing, but I cut her off with a “Shhh.” I took a cup from the cabinet, poured myself some coffee, then hid between the island counter and the patio doors. Joe finished his crap, called “I gotta go!”, then went out the front door, with Liz standing there watching, as always.

As he backed out of the driveway, I reached under her robe and pulled the Kleenex away. When she turned, I made her to hold the cum soaked tissue in her mouth, while I fucked her slick asshole, in front of the front, glass, storm door.

“I guess we’re going to have to see each other less, for the next couple of weeks,” She told me, after licking my dick clean of cum and shit residue, “the girls will be here over the holidays. I’m gonna miss this ‘every morning’ physical therapy.”

She grinned at me and said, “You are one crazy bastard, Don Hall. If Joe would have caught us this morning, he would have gone ‘postal’ on both of us….God, I sure liked it though. You’ve made me an absolute pervert. I don’t think there’s anything I wouldn’t try with you. But, Chris should be here this morning, and Dee will cum in Friday.”

She grinned again and commented, “I wish my girls could experience a few awesome sex sessions with you. They could really learn lots, about how a woman can please her man. Since you’ve been teaching me new things, Joe thinks I’m an amazing fuck. Sometimes I can get him up two or three times a night, now. He thinks I’m just middle-age horny…maybe I am.”

I told her that she was the most amazing fuck I have ever known. I know she loves Joe, and will never leave him, but I would marry Liz in a minute, if she were free to do so. Then I told her that I would dearly love to fuck, suck, and teach her daughters everything I know. “Joe told me he’d like to fuck his girls, too, but he knows how dangerous it is, if anyone ever found out.”

Before we were through with our coffee, the doorbell rang. I quickly stepped out onto the patio, grabbed my clothes (which were hidden behind a large flower pot) and slipped down the alley to my own house.

Chris came through the door, when Liz opened up. After hugging her mother for a few minutes, she said, “Good Lord, mom, did you and dad have sex before he went to work? I can smell sperm in here.
Liz decided to break the news to her oldest daughter, “No, dear, what you smell is from me and my boyfriend. We had sex when your dad left for work, and you barely missed him.

After standing with her mouth open for a few seconds, Chris said, “Oh, my God, mom, you found out about dad and Jeanette. Dee told me you’d eventually find out. She’s the one who set it up for Jeanette in the first place. She’s such a slut, and dad was an easy score for her. So….now you’re getting even, huh? Who is it, mom? Do I know him?”

Liz was quiet for a minute, then said, “Truthfully, I knew nothing about your dad and Jeanette. I’ve seen him give her a little extra attention, at cookouts, and pool parties, but I didn’t know they were hooking up.”

Chris was stunned. She had just let out the best kept secret in the family….she thought. “I’m so sorry mom, I shot off my big mouth. Now you and dad have big troubles ahead. Dee is going to kill me, too.”

“Now you have another secret to keep…for now, anyway.” Liz took her daughter’s hand and led her to the couch, where they got comfortable, then began her own story, “My lover raped me about four months ago.”

“What? Why that bastard! He knew you weren’t capable of fighting him off. Who is it, mom, I’ll call one of my friends at college. The mother fucker will never touch you again!”

“Hold on, sweetheart,” Liz hugged her daughter close, “It’s okay. I discovered that I like the roughness and uncertainty, and I’ve been enjoying the best sex of my life every since. I never thought my life would be so happy, after my stroke. If you’d like, tonight, you and I will have a girls’ night out, and I will introduce you to him. I must warn you, though, he’ll probably try to get in your panties.”

Chris smiled, hugged her beautiful mother, and replied, “Then I won’t wear any. But he better not try any rough stuff while I’m around. I don’t think I could stand watching you be mistreated, even if you like it.”

It was shortly after eleven when my doorbell rang. Liz had called me earlier and told me what was going on. When I opened the door, the two gorgeous women stood before me. Chris was leaning heavily on her unsteady mother, so I lifted her up, walked to the couch, and laid her down. Right away I spotted her uncovered pussy, which made my cock jerk to full staff, poking at the opening in my boxers.

I turned, kissed Liz, and asked, “Too much to drink, huh?” I pulled out my hard dick, “You want some of this, or does she get the first load?”

“Don’t hurt my baby, Don. I need to have serious words with Joe, so I’ll pass for now. She’s expecting to get fucked, but right now, I don’t think she’ll even realize it. Just don’t hurt her, please.”

I made a quick decision. There was going to be plenty of time for Chris, so I took a handful of Liz’s hair, and started forcing her downward, “I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna suck my balls dry, then when you get home, you’ll kiss Joe, with my cum on your lips. Before the night is over, I want him to fuck you, then tell him about us, then bring him here, first thing in the morning. It’s time for Chris to feel her daddy’s cock in her cunt, but she’ll be mine, for tonight.”

As she took my dick into the back of her throat, I jammed her head against my pubic bone. “Now take it all, you cum slut! Suck me!”

The last few months of experience had made my Liz the best cocksucker in the world. She had learned to catch small breaths, when deep throating. I stared at Chris’ shaved pussy, lying there on the couch. Liz never shaved, but her thatch was naturally small, and very light in color. The feeling of Liz’s manipulations on my shaft, and the thought of fucking the unconscious Chris, made the pressure in my ball sack build quickly. I held Liz’s head tight, when I started to cum. Rope after rope of steamy cream shot into her mouth and down her waiting gullett.

—“God I love this woman,” I thought, as her throat and lips loosened, then tightened with each thrust, “Last August I never had a clue she’d be giving me a fantastic blow job, while her drunk daughter lay on my couch, expecting me to fuck her, too. I have to be one of the luckiest motherfuckers in the world.”—

Before leaving my home, Liz told me that she was in love with me, and regardless of whether or not she and Joe stayed together, she had no plans to give up our sex life. I tasted my own cum, on her tongue, when she kissed me goodnight.

Now, for the pretty little pussy on my couch….it’s your turn, Chris, whether you’re awake or not.

Part three will be cumming soon….

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