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Dedicated to my sexy friend Katie– I’d love to fuck you. Maybe some day I will>

Chapter 1

The incident with Jessie’s father behind them, Jakob and Jessie returned to Town Hall to find the license bureau closed for the day. Interviews with the police had taken more than two hours so Jessie’s father had delayed them, but only for twenty-four hours. After exams the next day they returned and walked up the steps hand in hand. Half way up the stairs Jakob turned and looked back just to make sure there was nothing else to get in their way. They completed the forms, paid the fee and walked out ready to set the date. They were due to graduate on Friday night, June 15th so they decided to make it a day to remember—they’d wed in a civil ceremony at Town Hall in the afternoon. Jessie asked Denise to be her maid of honor. Jakob’s dad agreed to serve as best man. The hardest part turned out to be the selection of rings, for which they had to go to the nearest city. Eventually they decided on matching white gold bands, hers with a row of small diamonds.

Now they turned to the next priority. The Webster farm house hadn’t been used for several years. The refrigerator was old; the washing machine rusty, and the water heater much too small. Worst of all, there was no shower in the bathroom. Jakob figured a way to run some water lines from the kitchen sink outside where he was able to install shower valves. He then dug a hole about four feet deep to install a dry well of concrete blocks. It was very hot work so Jakob removed his shirt. When Jessie came to help him by passing him the blocks she was soon covered in sweat, too. She figured if Jakob could work shirtless why couldn’t she? She took off her shirt and bra, exposing her 34D breasts. Jakob couldn’t resist. Every time she leaned forward to pass him a block he leaned up to lick and suck on a delicious nipple.

“If you do that every time we’ll never get done.”

“Sure we will, it’ll just take a bit longer but it’ll be a hell of a lot more fun.”

“Yeah,” she gasped as Jakob locked on to a nipple again, “but more fun will mean less work. I’ll give you plenty of fun after—I promise.”

Jakob finished the placement of the blocks then concreted them in place. The next morning he fitted a pre-formed shower floor—four by four—on top of the blocks, held in place by more concrete. He finished it off with some five foot high wooden fence panels for privacy and replaced the hot water tank with a bigger more efficient one. When he showed the final product to Jessie she couldn’t wait to try it out. She ripped off her clothes and turned on the water. When it was warm she wiggled her finger inviting Jakob to join her. They soaped each other, laughing at how they slid against one another. Jessie initiated a kiss then offered him one of her nipples. He suckled for several minutes while Jessie purred like a kitten in contentment. Jessie had just started to stroke Jakob’s cock when he said, ”Damn, I have to pee.”

“Go ahead, “said Jessie kneeling. “Put it on my breasts.”

Jakob just looked at her. “Are you sure?”

“Why not? It’s just a part of you and I love all of you, so go ahead.” Jakob was hesitant but Jessie insisted so he stood with his back to the shower and directed his stream to Jessie’s chest. The hot piss splattered between her firm breasts as Jessie rubbed the yellow fluid all over her breasts and abdomen. When Jakob had emptied his bladder Jessie crawled forward to take him into her mouth. True to her word she had practiced sucking him every morning. She could now get just over seven inches into her mouth—a couple more inches in her throat would complete the job. Using her mouth like her cunt she moved up and down his shaft. Jakob arched his back as his pleasure grew. He started to fuck her mouth, grabbing her head for leverage and control. Faster and faster Jakob moved until he started to cum, but instead of swallowing it Jessie directed it all over her chest, rubbing it into her skin. “I’ve heard this is better than body butter!”

“I think you just made that up,” Jakob laughed as he pulled her up for a kiss. They got cleaned up just as the water turned cool. That’s when Jessie realized they had no towels. Naked and wet, they entered the kitchen and had just stepped into the living room when they saw Jessie’s mom at the screened front door.

“Oh, dear! I guess I’ll have to phone ahead from now on,” she exclaimed. Jakob hurried down the hall and returned with a towel for Jessie, another wrapped around his waist. Mrs. Holmes looked around at the shabby furnishings. “Don’t you think you’d be happier living at home?”

“No, Mom. This is my home. Everything I want and need is here,” she stated as she took Jakob’s hand. “Why don’t you have a seat while we dress?”

Mrs. Holmes looked around trying to find the least offensive piece of furniture. She eventually settled on a straight wooden chair. Even that creaked as she sat. A few moments later the lovers returned wearing robes, but nothing else. Mrs. Holmes knew they’d have a fucking good time as soon as she left. They talked about the incident with Jessie’s father. “I can’t believe that my father would do such a thing. It’s a miracle Jakob wasn’t hurt, or worse.” Mrs. Holmes squirmed uncomfortably in her seat. Finally, she spoke. “I’ve prayed for a long time that I’d never have to tell you this.” She paused before continuing. “Howard Holmes… is not your biological father. I was young and pregnant when I met Howard. He was charming and sympathetic. I was thrilled when he asked me to marry him. Little did I know that he would use it as leverage against me for the rest of my life. His treatment of you and Jakob the other night, though, was the final straw. I could take no more so I threw him out. It’s funny, actually. I wound up as the one with all the money…the house…everything I inherited from my parents. Howard is basically a failure. He used me to get status and respectability, but he never let me forget how he ‘saved’ me from disgrace. What a loser! I’m glad to be done with him. I’m so thankful neither of you was hurt. I knew he was vindictive but I never thought….”

“I’m speechless, Mom. I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything. I’m the one who has to explain. I was pretty wild when I was younger. I didn’t even know who the father was when I learned I was pregnant. I was just thankful I never contracted HIV. Becoming pregnant with you shook me up…straightened me out. I resolved to be the best mother ever. Unfortunately, I wound up married to a sadistic control freak.”

Jessie just sat there. Jakob reached out for her hand. When he took it she looked at him and smiled. She snuggled closer to him and pulled his arm around her. Her mother continued, “We really must do something about this dreadful place. How can you actually sit on that horrible couch?”

“ It’s not so bad, Mom. It’s kinda worn but it is comfortable—a lot more comfortable than our bed.” She and Jakob laughed. “We wake up every morning aching from all the lumps, but I have it all worked out—I just sleep on Jakob. Either that or we make love all night and sleep on the couch during the day. Ha ha ha.” Even Mom had to laugh at that one.

Finally, Jessie’s mother got down to the real reason for her visit. “Jessie, I’m afraid you’re rushing into this marriage. I’d rather you wait until after college. There are so many things that could happen between now and then.”

“Mom, when Jakob asked me to marry him he wanted to wait and I thought it was a good idea, too. But as I spent more and more time with him I’ve changed my mind. I’m the one who asked to get married now. The situation with Daddy, I mean Howard, helped clarify things for me but all I knew is that I never wanted to be away from Jakob for even a single day or night. We can’t make love enough, not because we’re so horny—but because it makes us closer and closer to each other. Does that make any sense to you?”

“Yes, dear, it’s how I always envisioned love. Unfortunately, it never happened that way for me. I’m thrilled it’s happened for you.” Mrs. Holmes rose and walked to the door. “You’re very lucky…both of you. I envy you.” She turned and strode out the door.

Chapter 2

Jessie turned up to Jakob. “I need Sex hikayeleri you now… more than ever before.” Jakob rose, picked her up and carried her to bed. He lay her down tenderly, removing her robe, revealing her lush young body. Just the sight of her was enough to cause a huge tent in his robe. Playfully Jessie pulled at his robe; Jakob allowed it to fall to the floor. He lay next to Jessie cradling her head in his arm. He kissed her cheek and ear. When she started to cry he pulled her close to him and held her in a protective embrace. He kissed the tears from her cheeks until she whispered, “Take me now, jakob. Make us one. I love you. I love you.”

Jakob rolled above her. He rubbed her slit with his hard erection, moistening her with his pre-cum. Slowly he moved his hips forward to penetrate her torrid tunnel. Jessie reached up to hold his head, pulling it down so they could kiss—a long passionate kiss with tongues intertwined moving between their mouths. They started to move together, forcing Jakob’s long hard cock deep into Jessie, making them one in body and spirit. “This is the only time,” Jessie whispered to him, “the only time I feel like a complete person…a complete woman. If I could I’d make love to you non-stop—all day and all night.”

“I know how you feel,” replied Jakob. “This is something I can’t get enough of, and not just because I want to cum. I don’t really care if I do or not. Just being connected to you—it’s an incredible feeling.”

“So you don’t want to cum, eh?” Jessie threw her hips up with great force increasing her speed and intensity. “I’ll get your cum. Flood me with it. Let it run out of my pussy all over me. Come on, give it to me.” Jessie was humping madly, so fast and so hard Jakob could hardly keep up. When Jessie squeezed her pussy muscles it was all he could stand. He felt a rumbling churning up from his balls, through his cock, erupting violently into Jessie. He fell spent on top of her then rolled onto his side holding her.

They lay there for some time. Jessie spoke first, “You’re concerned about the peeing, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m not sure I understand why you’d wanted me to do it.”

“Remember when I told you yours was the first penis I had ever seen, let alone touched or licked? I grew up in a very restrictive home, mostly because of my…father, who you know is a complete control freak. Now that I am free of him I want to experiment, just like anal—which I loved, by the way, and would like to have often—if I don’t try things how will I know if I like them?”

“Did you like me peeing on you; it seemed weird.”

“I enjoyed the warmth of it and knowing it was part of you. I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but once in a while would be OK.”

“Do you want to pee on me?”

“Hmmm, I might if you’d promise to eat me out after…you know, just like I did with you.”

“Damn, Jessie, you know I’ll do that to you anytime. You don’t have to pee on me first. But, let me think about it. Now that you’ve explained how you feel about it the idea doesn’t seem so strange.”

“Well, I see I got my wish.”


“I’m leaking cum all over my thighs. C’mon, lover, let’s take a shower.” They raced to the outdoor shower, this time remembering towels and to close the front door. Jakob turned on and adjusted the water. Jessie showed him the shaving soap and razor she had placed by the back door. “I have to shave my pussy so it’ll be nice and smooth for you. Hmmm, want to do it for me?”

“Really? You want me to? You’ll have to show me what to do.”

“OK, first of all you know how to shave. It’s the same thing, just lower, and, of course, my skin is really tender there.” So Jakob shook the can and placed some foamy soap in his hand. He rubbed the soap all around Jessie’s pussy. “I like this part.” Jessie playfully smacked him on the head. “You seem to like everything about it, don’t you?”

“Of course. You’re beautiful, you’ve got a fantastic body, and I love you…Umm, put that last part first.” He looked up just in time to receive a quick kiss from Jessie. Now he took the razor and carefully stroked it across her abdomen. Once the soap was mostly removed he made several vertical strokes, clearing up any stubble along the sides of her labia and her thighs. Finally, he rinsed her and kissed her newly bald vulva. Jessie took the razor and can of shaving cream and was about to put it back when she turned with a sly smile on her face.

“Oh, Jakob,” she said as she knelt, “I want to shave you now.”

“Uh…I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to have an accident. Just what do you plan to shave, anyway?”

“I think I’d like to shave your scrotum. Then I could suck on your balls without getting hair in my mouth. The guys in porn always seem to like that. And, maybe, just a little bit around your cock so when I get it all in my mouth it won’t be all hairy. Don’t worry, you can trust me. I love that thing as much as you do. I won’t let anything happen to it.”

Reluctantly, Jakob allowed himself to be led to the center of the shower. Jessie carefully applied the shaving cream and started to shave him. “I can’t look,” complained Jakob.

“You can be such a sissy. Don’t worry you’ll get your reward when I’m finished.” Slowly, carefully she removed all the soap and hair from his balls. After a quick touch-up she now moved to just around Jakob’s cock. “Oh, God, Please be careful,” he begged her, half in jest, half in mortal fear. Jessie just laughed, applied the razor and was done in a moment. She rinsed him and got to work. She licked his scrotum and sucked one of his testicles into her mouth. “Oh, fuck!” exclaimed Jakob. “That is so unbelievable.”

Jessie smiled, released the testicle and attacked his cock, which by now had grown to its maximum length and girth. Slowly Jessie swallowed his massive organ. She did not stop until her lips touched the newly shaven skin of his abdomen. She looked up at Jakob and winked before backing off, keeping just the tip in her mouth. Again she completely swallowed him, an action she repeated again and again. Jakob was getting weak in the knees. This would be the third time in just over an hour. He was ready to collapse from sexual euphoria when he felt his orgasm begin, his sperm-laden semen jetting from his cock into Jessie’s throat. “I told you there would be a reward, didn’t I?”

Jakob pulled Jessie up for a kiss then knelt beneath her. She knew what he wanted so she straddled him and peed, her urine trickling down onto his chest. When she had finished he kept his promise. He was in perfect position to lick her sweet pussy. Holding the cheeks of her tight ass, Jakob applied his tongue to her labia, licking a broad stroke up and down her cunt. Jessie was leaking juice now, as well as his residual cum, and Jakob slurped it up greedily. Now he narrowed his tongue so he could push it easily into her hole. In and out, and on every circuit a quick lick of Jessie’s clit. Jakob slipped a finger in with his tongue. Then he slid it into Jessie’s ass. “Oh, I was hoping you’d do that. Let’s go in so you can fuck my ass. C’mon. I need it now.” They dried themselves and rushed to the bedroom. Jessie knelt at the edge of the bed, her ass in the air. Jakob lubed several fingers and inserted them into her ass to relax her muscles in preparation for his cock. After a few minutes he lubed the huge cock and pushed some into Jessie’s butt. He pressed the tip of his of his dick against her ass. Jessie pushed back. Slowly the big cock made its way past her sphincter into her rectum. The head made an audible “pop” when it had progressed past the sphincter. The pressure on her anus and its multitude of nerve endings was intense and extremely pleasurable. She moaned, showing her approval of Jakob’s efforts. Jakob started moving, pushing himself all the way into Jessie’s bowel before pulling back. He repeated faster and harder. When he inserted two fingers into Jessie’s tight cunt he fucked both orifices in rhythm. Then he rubbed her clit with his other hand it was more—much more—than Jessie could stand. She had an orgasm to die for. She completely lost control over her body for almost a minute s she collapsed onto the bed and passed out. Jakob revived her, his hard cock still in her ass. “Don’t take Sikiş hikayeleri it out…not yet. It feels so good. I love the way it makes me feel.” In time Jakob’s erection faded, and when it did, it popped out. Jakob lay next to his future wife. “I still think peeing on each other is strange, but if you want it I guess it’s OK.”

“How many times did we make love today?”

“I don’t know, I lost count and can’t remember. Not enough, though. I could never get enough of you.”

Chapter 3

Jakob and Jessie stayed busy fixing up the house. Jakob’s parents gave them new kitchen appliances as a wedding present and jessie’s mother gave them a new couch and chair for the living room. Jakob bought a new bed. They decided on a queen—big enough to sleep in but not so big that they’d get lost in it. They also bought a new flat TV, much bigger than their old set. Their house was now their home. Exams ended; they woke from their first night in their new bed just in time to attend graduation rehearsal. Considering all the screw-ups they were done in just over two and a half hours. “Let’s go into town,” suggested Jessie.


“I’d like to go to the park. I’ve always enjoyed sitting there looking at the pond. It’s so peaceful there.” That’s all Jessie had to say. They jumped into the truck, kissed each other briefly, and drove off. Like many southern towns, theirs consisted of a single street with the Town Hall and stores on one side and a park on the other. Behind the memorial for World Wars I and II was a path running around a small pond. There were trees and benches facing the pond, away from the street. Once Jakob parked Jessie led him to a bench under a spreading live oak. When she was seated she looked around and, seeing that they were pretty much alone, opened Jakob’s belt. “Jessie, what are you doing? We’ll get into trouble.”

“No, we won’t. It was such a turn on when I jerked you off on the bus to Orlando, worrying whether we’d get caught. Just think what it’ll be like fucking here—in the park, in public. What a rush!”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. Someone will see you moving on me, for sure.”

“Ah, but I don’t plan on moving so there’ll be nothing to see. Just watch.” Jessie carefully removed Jakob’s hard cock from his pants. She stroked it several times to harden it further. Then she sat in Jakob’s lap. She was wearing no panties or thong so she simply eased Jakob into her. Jessie closed her eyes so the only sensation she was experiencing was the penetration of her cunt by Jakob’s erection. Jakob thought her tunnel even hotter than usual while Jessie savored the heat emanating from Jakob’s cock. True to her word Jessie did not move. Instead she flexed and relaxed her vaginal muscles. She must have been practicing every spare minute because she was able to do it rapidly and with strength enough to squeeze Jakob’s cock forcefully. The effect of these contractions was very similar to regular sex. It was extremely enjoyable for both of them.

“Oh shit,” Jakob said. “Here comes a cop. We’re in for it now.”

“Nonsense,” replied Jessie. “Leave this to me.”

“She leaned back putting her arm around Jakob’s neck. She tousled his hair before saying, “Good morning, Officer.”

“Good morning, shouldn’t you kids be in school?”

“No, we’re excused,” replied Jessie. “We just had to go to graduation practice and we have the rest of the day free. We graduate tomorrow AND we’re getting married right there in Town Hall tomorrow afternoon.”

“Really? Well, isn’t that nice for both of you. I’d like to chat but I must be on my way. Enjoy your day.”

Jakob breathed easier once the policeman had walked on. “Why’d you start a conversation? I was close to cumming. Everything would have been a real mess if I’d done it while he was here.”

“I think it’s going to be a real mess either way. I’m so turned on I’m leaking big time. Let’s see what we can do here. She continued her flexing, but this time Jakob slipped his hand under Jessie’s skirt. He rubbed and pinched her clit while she was working his cock. They almost had a problem when an elderly couple strolled past and Jakob was groaning away, but they must have been hard of hearing because they never batted an eye. Jakob bucked as he deposited five long thick ropes of semen into Jessie: almost simultaneously she came, her orgasmic motions spreading Jakob’s cum all over his pants. Jessie had been right. They were a big mess. Slowly, the walked from the park, Jakob with a huge cum stain covering his abdomen, Jessie with cum dripping and running down her legs. When they got to the truck Jessie reached up to kiss him. “Thanks, Jakob,that was such fun.”

“Oh, yeah? I guess you didn’t see that cop wink at me. I don’t think he was fooled at all.”

Jessie spun around. “You’re kidding, aren’t you? Oh God, we could have been arrested.”

“Maybe, but what could anyone see, only a beautiful woman sitting in her fiance’s lap? That old couple was a bigger concern. I was shaking like a leaf I was cumming so hard and you weren’t much better. I guess you’re right—it was a blast! Just like every other time we make love.” They laughed as the drove home to make use once again of their new shower.

Jakob parked around back so they could head right for the shower. Jessie had stored a few towels in an old cabinet they placed near the shower. They cavorted under the hot water soaping each other—Jakob paying special attention to Jessie’s magnificent breasts; Jessie massaging soap into jakob’s balls.

Suddenly Jessie stopped. “What’s wrong, Jess?” Jakob asked.

“Nothing,” his wife-to-be replied. “I was just thinking. This soap is pretty slippery stuff. I want to try something, OK?” Jessie rubbed the soap between her hands, working up a lather. One hand she applied to jakob’s cock, the other she ran into her asshole. She bent over clutching her ankles with her hands. “Surely you don’t need an invitation. Put it in me; put it in my ass.” Jakob put one hand on Jessie’s hip, the other he used to push his cock into Jessie’s ass. The soapy water was really slick. Once he gained a beach head into her ass his cock slipped easily into her butt. Jessie’s ass seemed especially tight this afternoon. It clamped onto his cock, squeezing and compressing it while he moved in and out. He reached around her to tease her clit. The friction was incredible despite the lubricating soap. Jakob could not stand it a second longer. “Unghhh, unghhh, unghh,” he could barely speak as he shot his creamy cum deep into Jessie’s rectum. To Jessie the feeling was equally intense. She felt totally filled by Jakob’s cock. She responded when Jakob ran his finger up and down over her clit with one of her biggest orgasms ever. She would have collapsed onto the shower floor had jakob not caught her, his cock still buried deep into her ass. They went inside and slept through dinner, through the night, waking only when the sun rose, shining through the window, around six a.m.

Chapter 4

Jessie opened her eyes to find Jakob leaning on one arm, gazing into her face. “Is it morning?” she asked.

“Yes, it’s our morning. How should we start it?”

“Silly boy, you know exactly how I want to start it—the same way I want to start every morning—with you inside me. Lie back and let me mount you. I feel like riding you this morning, OK?”

Jakob rolled over on his back exposing his huge erection. “What do you think?” he laughed. Jessie joined him for a few seconds before getting down to business. She rose onto her knees, stroked him several times before lowering her head onto and over him. Jessie wrapped her luscious lips around the cock she loved so much and took the entire tool into her throat. She waited there for a few seconds before pulling off. She repeated for several minutes noticing Jakob had closed his eyes and was breathing in shallow pants. “Oh, Jessie, if I could only tell you how great that feels. It’s heavenly, almost as heavenly as your wonderful pussy. Oh, Jessie, fuck me, please! I do so want to be in you.”

Jessie lowered herself slowly onto Jakob’s steel tool. Now it was her turn to feel ecstasy as Jakob filled her cunt to the breaking point. The stretching of her vaginal walls sent jolts of sexual Erotik hikaye electricity through her body. She would have had difficulty explaining exactly what she felt, she only knew it was the most satisfying feeling she had ever known. Jessie rocked forward grinding her clit into Jakob. He reached up to cup her breasts, rolling her nipples—making them harden under his touch. He leaned forward to suckle her, evoking a mild gasp from her lips. Jessie arched her back as the sensations in her clit intensified and spread throughout her body. Jakob was sharing her experiences. He could feel his balls tighten as his baby-making juice was forced up through his cock into Jessie, flooding her womb with sperm. Jessie reacted to his raging motions with convulsions of her own. Spasms of deep passionate pleasure wracked her body. She had never felt such a wave of total all encompassing pleasure. She fell into Jakob’s arms. “I love you, Jakob. I love you more than life itself.”

“Jessie, you are everything to me. I don’t know how I existed without you.” They held each other for a long, long time.

Eventually hunger drove them from the bed. Jessie went to the bathroom to wash her abdomen and thighs. She’d have a full shower later. Jakob went to the kitchen to start coffee and prep some eggs for scrambling. He had just broken his last egg when his cell phone rang. The conversation was one-sided. Jakob mostly listened to the caller. When he hung up there was a look of determination on his face. Jessie appeared a moment later fully dressed, ready to go to the hairdresser. Jakob thought she looked perfect as she was. After breakfast Jessie drove to town and Jakob went out to the barn looking for a particular tool he had seen the other day. He found it leaning against the barn wall. He took it to the grinder, sharpening it to a razor edge. The tip of the blade, normally dull, was honed to a sharp penetrating point. Jakob held the handle and took several quick swipes. Yes, the tool would work exactly as he had envisioned. He took it into the bedroom and slid it under the bed, hidden by the bed skirt. He returned to the kitchen to clean the breakfast mess and wait for Jessie’s return.

At 1:30 Jakob and Jessie were dressed for their ceremony. Jakob wore a blue blazer, a white button down shirt with a blue paisley tie, gray slacks, socks and penny loafers. Jessie was exquisite in an emerald green dress that exactly matched her eyes, light tan 4-inch heels and, of course, no panties. They got into the truck and drove to town, finding a parking spot just across from Town Hall. The other members of their party were already there on sidewalk. Together they walked in and discovered they would have to wait for one other couple. When it was their turn they gripped each other’s hand a little tighter. When the Justice started his spiel Jakob spoke up, “We have our own vows if that’s OK with you.”

“Of course,” he replied.

Jakob went first,”Jessie, I was nothing until I met you and I’m still nothing without you. You make me complete. Your love is the driving force in my life. I love you more than life itself. I pledge that I will spend the rest of my days loving you and caring for you. Will you marry me?”

Jessie’s turn, “I will, with all my heart. Jakob, I cannot believe the joy you have brought into my life. I look forward to every day with you. I could never imagine being without you. I love you with all my being, with every fiber in my body. I cannot conceive living without you. Will you marry me?”

“I will”

Jakob’s father produced the rings and they said the traditional, “With this ring I thee wed.” And it was done. Jakob and Jessie were married. They went to the Johannson farm for a brief reception and dinner before they had to leave for their graduation. Like most such ceremonies it was too long and too boring. They returned their caps and gowns, picked up their diplomas, hugged each other and headed home, exhausted from their long emotional day.

Once home, Jessie turned to him, ”I think we should consummate our marriage, don’t you ?”

“Oh yes, consummating is number one on my list of priorities—just like every other day.” They laughed as they came together in a long embrace. Jessie tiptoed up for a kiss deep with desire and need. She led him to the bedroom. Jessie removed his tie and opened his shirt, kissing his chest and biting his nipple. She dropped his pants and boxers; he stepped out of them, his erection pointing skyward. Jakob turned Jessie around kissing her neck as he lowered her zipper so she could step out of her dress. She was wearing a bra, but nothing else. That she dropped on the floor also, freeing her breasts for her lover—her husband. They embraced flesh on flesh joining them together as they fell onto the bed. Jessie spun around putting them into the 69 position. She engulfed Jakob’s cock in her hot mouth. She licked his shaft and all around the head, driving Jakob wild with desire. Jakob was doing his share. He licked Jessie’s labia before pushing his tongue deep into her hot wet tunnel. He shifted his attention to her swollen clit, licking it all over before pulling it into his mouth, sucking it between his teeth. They could have cum like this with no difficulty at all, but they wanted more. They wanted to join together as no other act could do. Jakob turned her around and mounted her in the missionary style-quite conservative for them. He looked deeply into Jessie’s eyes, mouthing “I love you” as he gently pushed his cock into Jessie. She was so wet with desire and anticipation there was no physical resistance to his entry. Now, at last, they were joined together, united as one—husband and wife—bound together for all eternity. They started to move, choreographed by their love as much as their need for each other. Faster and faster, harder and harder, until they exploded in orgasmic delight; they fell in a post-coital bliss they had never before known.

Jessie fell into a deep sleep but Jakob remained awake as if expecting some interruption to their joy. Around two a.m. he heard a noise, someone breaking into the house. He leaned over to Jessie, placed his hand over her mouth and woke her. “Someone’s in the house. Get under the bed and stay there until I tell you to get out. Now go!” he whispered. He reached under the bed for his tool—an old sickle made of fine tool steel honed to a razor’s edge. He tiptoed out of the bedroom into the bathroom, hiding behind the door. He saw a shadow sneaking down the hallway. A large object—a rifle or shotgun—in the person’s grip. The shadow peeked into the bathroom. Seeing nothing he turned away toward what he thought would be his target. Just as he raised the weapon Jakob struck, slicing the sickle through the air with a vicious backhand stroke. The tip broke through the side of the intruder’s neck slicing the carotid and jugular en route through the voice box and out the other side, destroying the twin vessels on the other side. So strong and so accurate was Jakob’s thrust that he nearly decapitated the assailant. The weapon raised in response to Jakob ‘s onslaught fired harmlessly into the ceiling.

“Jakob?” Jessie yelled.

“I’m OK,” he responded, “Stay there until I tell you to come out.”

He flicked on the lights and saw, as he expected, Jessie’s father, Howard Holmes, shotgun in his hands. The phone call he’d received earlier in the day had been the sheriff, warning him that Howard had been overheard in the jail making threats, saying that he was going to get even with his slut daughter and her lover. Thanks to the warning Jakob was prepared and his bride, the love of his life, was safe.

“Jessie, I’m coming for you. I want you to promise me that you’ll close your eyes and keep them closed until I get you into the living room. Promise?”

“Yes, Jakob, won’t you please tell me what happened?”

“I will when we get out of here. There’s blood all over the place and I have to call the sheriff.” Once they were safely away from the site of the killing Jakob called the police and explained to Jessie exactly what happened. “I didn’t tell you about the phone call because I didn’t want to spoil your day—our day. But now everything will be OK. We’ll spend the rest of the night with my folks and tomorrow I’ll clean up the mess.” Jessie pulled him to her, holding him close—close enough for him to feel her shaking under the tee shirt he’d given her to hide her nakedness. They were still holding each other as the sirens approached.

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