James’ Foursome

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Megan Rain

James opened the door into the house he shared with his fiancée Anne and was surprised not to see her right there in the kitchen or in the living room. He called out and received no answer. He stepped inside and saw the note waiting for him on the coffee table. “In the shower,” it read, with a small arrow pointing up the stairs.

He had received many notes like this before. Smiling, he loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes, halfway hard as he made his way to the stairs. He could hear the shower running now and he quickened his pace. He was almost to the top of the stairs when he heard someone giggle. It was unlike Anne’s laugh and he paused for a moment before taking the stairs two at a time. When he reached the door, he sucked in breath to compose himself and then he opened the door without knocking. Behind the shower curtain he could see three curvy figures and his cock strained against his pants. “Baby?” He called.

Anne pulled the shower curtain back, grinning at him. She was standing there naked and soapy, between two other women. The one behind Anne had flaming red hair with a neat, matching red bush. Her chest was the largest James had ever seen, even larger than Anne’s. She was moaning in a soft sweet voice rubbing her huge tits against Anne’s back. She was near Anne’s average height, with creamy white skin and plump hips and thighs. She smiled at James as she touched his fiancée, her bright green eyes sparkling.

The woman in front was a bit taller than Anne; she had a rack comparable to hers, with tiny pink nipples. She too had pearly white skin and an incredible ass that Anne couldn’t seem to keep her hands off of. It jiggled under Anne’s hands and the girl was fingering herself, biting her lip as she watched James, her bright blue eyes flashing invitingly.

“James,” Anne said, pointing over her shoulder to the redhead. “This is Emily.” Emily waved with her fingers, biting her lip and Anne put her hands on the raven haired girl’s hips before spanking her round ass , “This is Brooke.”

“Hey there,” Brooke purred. She ran her hands along her body, licking her full lips.

Rock hard, James began undoing his shirt as he watched the three girls giggling and soaping each other up. “He is so hot,” Emily whispered to Brooke.

“I hope he leaves that tie on,” Brooke whispered back, arching her eyebrow as she watched him undress. The raven-haired girl couldn’t keep her eyes off him; she eyed the James’ crotch hungrily. She was clearly the sluttiest of the three girls in the shower. James couldn’t wait to give her the fuck she was so desperate for.

Anne grinned at him. “Let’s give my boyfriend a show, girls,” She said before turning to kiss Emily slow and hard, slipping her tongue into the redhead’s mouth. James found it hard to tear his eyes from Brooke’s pussy, where her fingers were working furiously. He heard Anne moan and he broke his electric eye contact with Brooke to watch as Anne and Emily’s tongues touched, teasing each other. Their large breasts were mashed together; James could imagine their hard nipples brushing and he couldn’t help but to rub his cock through his pants.

Brooke grabbed Anne, gripping her chin as they kissed. The girls’ pussies rubbed against each other, their moans echoing through the steam. Brooke kissed down along Anne’s neck and breasts, pulling her body close. “Doesn’t Emily look lonely?” Anne asked James sweetly over her shoulder.

Emily slid her hand slowly up her thighs to the thatch of red hair at her crotch, beckoning to him with her other hand. James stepped toward the running shower, not caring if his clothes got wet. When he reached the curvy redhead she grabbed his tie and pulled him in for a kiss. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, she tasted like cinnamon and James’ cock grew harder. Emily deftly undid his pants and pushed them down, making sure to thoroughly feel up his hard cock. His boxers followed soon after.

When he was fully undressed, it was Brooke that pulled him into the shower. James wondered for a moment if Anne had this exact moment in mind when she insisted on buying the house with the extra-large shower.

Brooke slid her hands along his thighs and up to his cock, kissing bursa eskort and giggling into his neck as Anne and Emily made out behind him. James pressed Brooke against the cold tile, his hands on either side of her against the wall, enjoying the way she squealed at the coolness. He thrust his cock between her legs, teasing it against her wet pussy. She clawed at his back, squirming against him, clearly desperate for it. “Do you want my cock?” James growled into her ear. She whimpered and nodded, clutching onto him.

James plunged his cock deep into her tight pussy, grunting into her neck and holding onto her big round ass for support. She kissed him deep and hard, gripping his hair as he fucked her hard and fast, her moans echoing in the steam. He moved harder and faster into her, she gasped with each thrust as her ass hit the tile, making a delicious smacking sound. She moaned for him, panting his name and wrapping her legs around his. He lifted her by her ass, digging his nails into it and making her scream. He slammed her back into the tile over and over and over as he fucked her as hard as he could.

He slipped his hand between them, rubbing her clit as he pounded into her cunt. She scratched her nails down his back, biting as his neck which only made him go harder. As he rubbed her clit with one hand, he reached out to toy with Emily’s nipple with the other. Brooke was leaning against the wall, rocking up and down on his cock and hand, using him to get herself off.

James licked her lips as she worked his cock, grunting with her. Brooke buried her face in his neck, digging her nails into him as they fucked harder and faster. James grabbed her hips, forcing her back against the wall. He pumped in and out of her hard and fast, working her clit all the time. Minutes later, could feel her coming all over his thick hard cock.

He gently let her down, kissing her slow and harder, biting at her lip. “Good girl,” He whispered gently and she shuddered against him. As he kissed her he felt someone get between their legs, running her hands up and down his thighs as she licked slowly up his cock.

James looked down to find Anne on her knees in the shower, taking his cock as deep as she could after he had just fucked a woman he just met. He gripped Anne’s wet head, pushing her onto his cock as Brooke pulled him back for another kiss. She kissed like a porn star, all tongue and heavy panting, pressing her full breasts against his chest. James could tell Brooke wanted another round but he knew he needed to spread the love. With one hand, James held his fiancée’s head, fucking her face, with the other he pinched and twisted Brooke’s nipples, making her moan into his mouth like a slut, pressing tighter against him, desperate for more cock.

He felt himself getting close and pulled Anne to her feet, pushing Brooke aside to kiss his girl slow and hard. He could taste himself on her; he pressed his cock against her inner thigh, kissing her deeply. Stepping out of the shower, he decided he would save the best for last and instead held out his hand for the redhead, Emily. James had always had a thing for redheads and he was excited that Anne had picked one out for him, especially such a hot one. Small-waisted, but curvy. She stepped out after him and James slipped his arm around her small waist and led her into the bedroom.

Anne had turned down the sheets invitingly and had some candles lit. Emily reached the bed and turned to him. She slipped her arms around his neck, leaning up on tip toe to kiss him. James lost himself in her cinnamon scent and taste. She pressed her tight little body against his and he could feel her wetness on his cock. He suddenly wanted to taste other parts of her.

Slowly, he walked her backwards towards the bed, his cock twitching as he heard Anne and Brooke giggling and spanking each other as they explored each other’s bodies on the small couch in their bedroom. Once again James wondered if Anne had placed it there for a purpose…

He gently pushed Emily onto the bed, she fell back, her delicious looking tits bouncing. James decided he would start there. He slid between her legs, her body immediately arching up into his. He dipped his bursa escort bayan head and lapped at one nipple, loving the way she moaned for him and gripped the sheets. Her legs came up around him and he pressed his hips into hers, grinding rhythmically against her. He gripped her wrists, pinning them above her head as he latched onto her other nipple with his lips.

He spent many happy moments there, enjoying her round breasts and hard pink nipples, listening to Anne’s heavy breathing as she and Brooke fingered each other. Occasionally, mouth still on Emily’s tits he looked over to watch Anne and Brooke touching tongues, holding each other close, gripping thighs and tits.

James slowly worked his way down Emily’s perfect body, kissing between her breasts and down to her tummy. He kissed along her hip bones, breathing her in as he got between her legs. He slipped his hands under her thighs and she responded by putting her legs up on his shoulders. He glanced over at Anne who was having her nipples sucked hard, pushing her fingers through Brooke’s hair. He refocused his attention on Emily, lapping slowly and softly at her slit.

James slipped his tongue inside her, gripping her ass to bury his face in her hot wet pussy. She gasped and moaned, gripping his hair. He sucked on her pussy lips, rubbing her ass as she pushed her fingers into his hair, grinding her pussy into his face.

He slowly got to his knees, lifting her bottom half as he went as she leaned up on her elbows. He wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in her, kissing and licking the most delicious pussy he had ever tasted. He ate her out with more enthusiasm than he had ever had for Anne’s pussy. His cock was rock hard from her taste and her smell. Emily was screaming and moaning his name, he could feel Brooke and Anne watching him work.

He thrust his tongue deep inside Emily as she came all over his face. He lapped up her juices and regretfully and gently laid her back down. Emily sat up, reaching for him. “I’m not done,” she moaned. He fell on her and she kissed him deeply. The mix of cinnamon and her pussy was nearly intoxicating. He pressed his body against hers, pushing her down onto the bed he shared with Anne and she opened her legs wide for him, biting her lip with an innocent look on her face. He slipped into her cunt deep and hard and began to fuck her with a slow burn, rocking his hips into her, making her moan and writhe with each thrust.

She held him close, thrusting up into him, matching his rhythm. He fucked her slow, pushing deep into her, losing himself in her tightness. She was nearly tighter than Anne. She dragged her nails down his back, making him shudder. He leaned into her perfect body, holding her hips and kissing at her neck as he fucked her.

He was dimly aware of the fun Anne was having, flicking her tongue into Brooke’s nipples and gripping her as Brooke fingered Anne’s g-spot, and he was glad of it. But for the moment there was only the delicious redhead Anne had picked just for him.

Emily ran her hands though his thick dark hair and down his back to his ass, gripping it and pulling him into her, keeping bright green eyes, full of lust, on his. “Harder,” She whispered, no longer innocent. She clenched her hot pussy tantalizingly around his thick hard cock.

James couldn’t hold it any longer. He was about to pull out, perhaps to come on her white tummy or perfect tits, but Emily only gripped his waist harder with her legs. She smiled devilishly up at him and teased her tongue against his lips. “I want you to come on my face,” She moaned. “Please,” She whimpered, pressing her body up into his.

James pulled out, and got over her face. Emily grabbed his shaft with one hand and his balls with the other, stroking him hard and fast as she tickled and massaged his balls. James could feel his orgasm coming and Emily smiled up at him before opening her mouth and closing her eyes, her hands never stilling. James grunted and shot his load all over her pretty, innocent face.

The bed rocked as Brooke and Anne joined them. Emily cuddled up next to Brooke and the two girls stroked each other, kissing softly. Brooke görükle escort got on top of Emily, kissing and licking all over her face, tasting James’ come. His cock responded and he groaned in pleasure. The two girls continued to make out, teasing each other when James felt warm breath on his neck.

“You forgot about me,” Anne whispered, running her hand through his chest hair. She kissed along his neck, licking up it and nibbling on his earlobe. He bit his lip, his cock stiffening as she worked on his neck and Emily kissed her way up Brooke’s thighs.

Suddenly, Anne was on his lap. James could feel her soaking wet pussy. Anne leaned forward, her hard nipples pressed against his chest and she licked his lips playfully. “Girls are fun,” she whispered. “But now I need cock.” Always one to please, his cock snapped to attention, making Anne moan and giggle. She started grinding her hips in figure eights, using her juices to lube him up. “That’s what I like. You just lay right there baby.” She laid her hands on his chest as she moved. “Let me do all the work.”

James ran his hands up the backs of her thighs to her ass, holding her steady on him as she teased his cock, easing her pussy onto it slowly. He moaned for her, rubbing her thick ass. Anne leaned down to kiss him softly, blocking his view of Emily and Brooke, as she took all of him. Slowly, she sat back up, grinding her hips. He lifted his hips, pushing himself deeper and let out a long, low moan.

Anne smiled at Brooke who had her fingers deep in Emily’s red hair as Emily ate her out. “Show my baby some love while I ride him,” Anne suggested to the black haired girl. Brooke bit her lip and grinned, leaning over to kiss James. She gasped and moaned into his mouth as she was pleasured by Emily. She ran her long tongue along the roof of his mouth, making him shiver as Anne rocked her hips back and forth, taking him at a steady, slow pace.

When she reached her orgasm, Brooke screamed into James’ mouth, gripping his hair. She came up for breath and Emily was on her, kissing her deeply, making Brooke taste her own juices. James groaned, digging his fingers into Anne’s ass at the sight. Anne only smiled, giving him a few deep hard thrusts. Emily pulled away and was suddenly on James’ other side, biting at his neck.

James tried to hold off, he wanted to make it good for Anne but he was going into sensory overload. Anne was fucking him good and hard now, making her full tits bounce. He was transfixed by the sight. Brooke and Emily were fighting for his attention, grabbing his face, kissing him, biting at his lips. Emily pushed Brooke off of him and kissed him thoroughly, running her tongue along his, pressing her hard nipples against his.

James kept his eyes open. He didn’t want to miss a thing. Brooke got onto her knees, kneeling before Anne and fastened her lips around one of Anne’s nipples. James’ cock twitched inside his fiancée, he was ready to blow his load but tried to keep it at bay for Anne’s sake. Emily licked along his neck, biting it, sucking it. “I wish I had gotten a chance to suck your cock,” She moaned. James groaned and pulled Anne onto his cock harder.

Anne was screaming now as Brooke flicked her tongue fast, back and forth against her nipple. Anne rode him harder and faster. “Come on, James. Give me your come. I want you to shoot it deep inside me,” She moaned, gripping Brooke’s dark hair.

“Are you sure?” He gasped. Emily was still licking his neck, whispering what a good fuck he was.

Anne bit her lip and nodded. “Yes, baby. We’re all for you.”

Brooke was on his other side now, kissing and biting his neck. Emily leaned back, pinching and rubbing her big, pink nipples as she moaned his name. Anne was fucking him hard and fast, her tits bouncing in his face. “Please,” Anne moaned. It was almost a whimper and James could tell she was close too. “Please, please, come in me,” She begged.

James thrust his hips hard up into her, holding her down tight onto his cock as they came together. He grunted as hot thick ropes of his come shot deep inside her. Anne screamed his name, scratching down his chest. She slumped forward onto him, kissing him deeply, breathing hard through her nose.

After a moment, Anne settled onto his chest, sighing with contentment. Brooke leaned her head on his shoulder and he put his hand lazily on Emily’s thigh, the other stroking up and down Anne’s back. Grinning to himself, he hoped they would all get together again soon.

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