Jamie’s Little Red Rooster

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I first ran into Jamie in the Rugby club changing rooms.

We went up to Cambridge University the same year but to different colleges.

The rugby players among the new undergraduate intake had been invited to the all day trials for the famed Varsity match squad who would in due course take on Oxford University.

The changing rooms were massively overcrowded. An animal musk of healthy young male bodies filled the air. The press of naked, well- muscled flesh forced Jamie and me to share a changing space.

As he took off his trousers and put on his rugby gear, a familiar and unmistakeable whiff reached my nostrils. It was a combination of semen, vaginal fluid and crotch sweat, indicating a very recent sexual encounter.

Jamie was a scrawny five foot six, with sparse ginger hair atop a thin weasely gap-toothed face. A man would consider him thoroughly unprepossessing and no competition with the girls.

Not so. He was incredibly popular with the women in college, ranging from fellow students, administrative staff, lecturers and even senior academics. He had an inexhaustible supply of filthy stories told in such an engaging manner that it was impossible to take offence. Girls loved him, an initially maternal reaction to his small stature, no doubt, but very soon turned into something else, as I discovered before long.

We were paired together that day at half back, Jamie a fast passing, over-light scrum half and me a rather static, long kicking fly half; we didn’t make the cut, needless to say. For the rest of our college careers we were regular selections for the third team, a social team in effect.

As we entered the showers afterwards, I couldn’t help but notice that he had the smallest genitals I had ever seen on an eighteen year old. His penis was a vestigial wisp, barely an inch long and almost completely obscured by a ginger pubic bush. Testicles barely showed, probably the size of small cherry tomatoes.

This was all in cruel contrast to my flaccid six inches, hanging meatily between my thighs and capable of reaching an easy nine when on duty; a classic shower.

This startling genital discrepancy between us elicited some ribaldry tire escort and good- natured slagging from others in the shower and I felt for Jamie; a sort of protective older brother reaction that grew into a hearty respect as our friendship prospered.

As I discovered on our later adventures with women, Jamie’s penis could just about reach five inches when erect. He was a grower, but on a small scale and girth only slightly more than my thumb.

The more dedicated players headed home and we followed our social instincts to the bar.

Calling in our pints, we found that we were the only customers except for a lesbian couple holding hands at the bar and a girl seated by herself at a table, laptop fired up in front of her.

Taking the table next to her, Jamie embarked on one of his off colour stories, aimed at me but intended for her ears. When he reached the punchline we heard the girl chuckle loudly.

She was a large friendly beery girl, fat but not grossly so. We got into a round and soon discovered she was more than able to keep pace with us.

Carol wore a mid thigh skirt which outlined her big soft bottom and fulsome breasts rippled alluringly under a thick plaid shirt. I began to visualise her naked and felt my member stiffen. As the evening progressed, we descended into more and more talk of a sexual nature and it was obvious where the three of us were heading.

The two lesbians stood up and looking at us furtively, disappeared into the Ladies’ toilet. Carol followed them a few minutes later. Rejoining us, she described the animal grunting and moaning coming from a locked cubicle as the women serviced each other. She was flushed with excitement and obviously aroused. She looked at the two of us speculatively, and suggested we could follow their example. We didn’t refuse.

Carol pushed back her chair, thighs parting to reveal light yellow knickers with a large wet spot dark against the gusset. As she stood up and made her way to the toilet I caught the scent of her girly perspiration and then the musky aroma of sexually awakened female genitalia.

We followed her a couple of minutes later. I was torbalı escort massively erect and I did not bother to conceal it as we passed the lesbians. They gave us filthy looks as we sauntered into their female sanctuary.

Carol was in the only closed cubicle. We could hear her completing a pee and the plop of stools as she cleared this area for possible action.

She emerged, skirt up over her waist and knickers down to her thighs, large breasts hanging loosely out of her bra. Sniffing along the row of cubicles she waddled down to one at the end furthest from the toilet entrance. She nodded for us to join her.

As we squeezed in behind her, I noted the lascivious wiggle of her bumflesh, soft and enticing. A deep horizontal trench marked the joining of her buttocks and thighs. She had prominent fatty hip handles and they and her buttocks bore the yellowing imprint of several finger markings, of different sizes. This was a dirty girl, clearly. as she had recently been soundly serviced doggy fashion by several men, one after the other.

The cubicle smelt strongly of sex fluids and saliva, a legacy of our lesbian friends.

Carol stepped out of her skirt and panties, throwing them to the floor. The panties snagged on the toilet brush handle. As she kicked off her trainers to stand in her white ankle socks, the aroma of feet joined the many other bodily scents discernible in this cubicle of lust.

Plumping down on the toilet seat, she unzipped our trousers and pulled them down together with our underwear. She examined my ferocious erection carefully, and then looked quizzically at Jamie’s. The cartoon balloon over her head clearly wondered what this pygmy phallus could do for her. Little did she know.

Jamie’s erection was an ultra hard, densely packed piece of meat, like the small salami sold in delis and not dissimilar in colour. It stood up at almost ninety degrees, with a sharp curve pointing towards the umbilicus. Remarkably, Jamie could tense his penile ligaments in such a way that it would jump and twitch in an almost complete circle.

Carol decided how she was going to deploy our assets. Sitting me urla escort down on the toilet, she settled herself down onto my length bit by bit.

Her vagina was hanging open, not just from arousal but also from the rear pounding she had received from an unknown number of men not long ago. Large symmetrical outer lips framed thick dark red inner labia and a prominent clitoris tightly shielded by its hood. Her anus was deepset and hairy, giving off a vaguely earthy odour.

Moving slowly up and down on me, she reached forward and popped Jamie’s member deep into her mouth. Bobbing her head on Jamie, she synchronised her oral and vaginal up down movements perfectly.

Carol now began to take Jamie deeper into her throat, coughing up the slimy saliva produced by her gag reflex and coating his length with it. She disengaged from my penis and turned around facing me, then sitting down on my engorged member again. This offered Jamie her bumhole to do what he wished with.

He used it well, penetrating her in expert fashion and sliding past her inner ring of muscle with no fuss. He began to thrust firmly into her depths and I could feel his penis grinding on my own, a thin muscular wall separating us as we thrust in unison. We had no thought of Carol’s pleasure as we pursued our own in her distended orifices.

Carol’s vaginal secretions were soaking my thighs and pubic hair, and her movements produced loud squishing sounds. Glancing down, I saw that a scum of white mucus had formed a ring around my girth. The smell of deep vagina was intoxicating, joined by the sharp tangy aroma of anal exudate excavated by Jamie.

Carol reached down to her crotch and began a frantic thrash on her soaking clitoris. She placed a hard nipple into my mouth and as I sucked on it, began her climax. It was spectacular, long lasting and noisy, deep grunting followed by shrieks that I had to muffle with a hand clamped over her mouth. I didn’t want our lesbian predecessors in this space to call security and spoil it all.

I need not have bothered. Something made me look up towards the ceiling – two faces were observing us over the partition between cubicles, flushed pink faces indicating their appreciation of our show, probably stimulating each other as they balanced on a shared toilet seat.

Jamie and I withdrew from Carol’s depths, unsatisfied and furious with the lesbian voyeurs. But we didn’t foresee the half of it- that is, what was to come.

( To be continued )

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