Jane’s First Appointment

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Jane turned her car into the driveway, switched off the engine and sat in the driver’s seat, taking a deep breath. Her mind flashed back to the sequence of events that had gotten her here. She had been suffering with tiredness and a general lack of energy for a while now, and several visits to the doctor had come up with lots of possible suggestions but none of the tests had revealed anything amiss.

She just felt like she needed something to ‘flick a switch’ inside her and bring her back to feeling normal again. She had been friends with Simon for many years and they had always been close and a little flirty, she knew that he was into a lot of kinky stuff and there had been a running joke for a while that he would make a good doctor due to his interest in medical fetishes.

When Jane got the text message that told her that an appointment had been arranged with Dr Young at an address that she knew was his home, and with a date and time she had read it and thought to herself why not, after all the professionals had not come up with any solutions and what did she have to lose? Perhaps he might actually come up with something that the others had missed.

So the date and time had arrived and there she was, sitting in her car outside his house. She took another deep breath and stepped slowly out of the car. She walked up to the front door feeling that familiar mixture of nervousness and a little excitement as she rang the doorbell and waited. She looked down and straightened her dress, gazing down at her new stockings that she had purchased for today and waited patiently to be let in.

After what seemed like an age, the door opened and he was there to greet her. “Can I help you?” he asked, and Jane blushed a little. She had not known how this was going to play out, and he seemed more formal than usual.

“Mrs Dawson, here for my eleven o’clock appointment?” she replied.

“Ah, do come in,” he replied. Jane walked through the front door. “Please wait in my consulting room,” he said as he showed her into a room immediately to the left, which she knew from previous visits was the bedroom. She stood waiting in the room for a couple of minutes while she thought about what she had been expecting from today, and how she had wondered if they were going to have a coffee and a chat like they usually did, but this was clearly going to be something different. She shivered a little with anticipation as she wondered what she was going to have to do.

When Simon returned, she noticed immediately that he has put on a white coat and he actually looked quite professional. “Please take off your shoes and your dress and stand over there,” he said, pointing to an area in front of the full length mirrored wall. Jane paused for a second but thought to herself about how she had come this far, and stepped out of the smart low heeled shoes that she was wearing. She then unfastened her dress, taking it off and laying it on the bed.

She stood in the requested position, realising as she faced the mirror that she was standing in front of someone she had known for so long in her underwear for the first time. He still seemed to be acting very professionally though as he reached for her wrist to take her pulse, checking his watch while he counted the beats. He then produced a stethoscope from the deep pocket in his white coat, and stood behind her as he placed the end on her back to the side of her bra strap and listened. He then walked in front of her and placed the stethoscope on the side of her left breast, just to the side of her bra. After listening through the instrument, he slid the end underneath her bra so it rested on her breast as he listened again, and Jane felt a little surge of excitement.

After what felt like an age, he slid the instrument out from under her bra. “That all seems fine,” he said, “now if you could take off your panties and lay down on the bed.” Jane felt her face flush again at those words that she knew were coming.

“Well, this is it,” she thought to herself, “I have come this far.” She took a deep breath, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and slowly slid them downwards, over her thighs, down to her knees and bend slightly as she slipped them off over one foot and then the other. She lay the knickers on top of the pile of her clothes and it suddenly dawned on her that she was finally naked in front of the man that she had been friends with for so long. That thought soon left her mind though as she remembered the last part of the instruction to lay down on the bed, ready for her internal examination.

Jane laid on her back with her knees together, looking up at the ceiling. She could hear the doctor opening something that sounded like a packet, and she glanced over to see him taking out a pair of latex gloves and putting them on. He moved over to the end of the bed and looked at her. “Please try to relax and open your legs so I can start the examination,” he said. Jane did as she was told and Demetevler Escort slowly moved her knees apart, spreading her legs and feeling slightly pornographic as she exposed her pussy to the doctor.

She hoped that he appreciated the trouble she had gone to to shave down there while she was getting ready that morning, figuring that it would allow for a better view. He paused for a moment until she finished opening her legs and seemed to settle in a comfortable position and then he used a single gloved finger to move one of her pussy lips slightly to one side. Jane then felt another finger perform the same action on the other side of her pussy as realised that he was holding her outer lips open and was taking his first look inside her. She knew it was not going to be his last.

“Very good,” he said, “I am now going to begin an internal examination.” She blushed at those words and then suddenly became aware that one of the fingers that was on her pussy lips was now slipped a little way insider her and was feeling inside her vagina. She figured that he had decided that lube was not necessarily as she was a little embarrassed to realise that her pussy was a little wet and the finger had slipped inside quite easily. She carried on looking up at the ceiling as his finger moved around inside her, the latex feeling smooth as it moved over her vaginal walls, feeling for any lumps or bumps.

After a while of being probed by his finger, he slowly withdrew it from her pussy. Jane heard the clank of metal and saw the doctor pick up a stainless steel instrument that she recognised as a speculum. Jane lay back and tried to relax but also felt a tingle of excitement as he brought the speculum towards her between her legs, and then she felt the cold metal blades being slid slowly between her pussy lips.

She held her breath as the metal blades moved deeper inside her vagina, and then felt them stop. The doctor then began adjusting a wheel next to the handle and Jane realised that she was being opened up, feeling the blades begin to separate inside her vagina and her pussy lips being slowly forced apart, knowing that it was giving him a view deep inside her body. Jane felt incredibly exposed but had a nice full feeling and was starting to feel horny at being in what was quite a pornographic position on the doctor’s bed.

The speculum gave a little click as the doctor finished turning the small wheel, and he locked it into position when her pussy has been spread wide enough for him. He then released his grip on the instrument and it remained inside her vagina, keeping her pussy spread wide open. She looked at him to see what was coming next and realised that he now had a similar looking instrument in his hand, only slightly smaller. “Why would he need another one?” she thought to herself.

She suddenly realised the answer to her own question as he put the smaller speculum down, took a tube of lubricant and squeezed some onto one of his fingers. She then felt him sliding her downwards a little with his other hand, allowing her anus to be moved clear of the bed and she felt him rub the lube over her tight little arsehole, around the outside at first but then the lubed finger slid into her anus, which was a tight fit but the lube helped it slip inside reasonably easily. Jane gasped a little as she felt his greased gloved finger slipping in and out of her arsehole, lubing the inside of her anal passage.

Jane groaned again, as she had not expected to have her anus probed like this and also because she realised that she was enjoying how it felt, even though she felt very embarrassed. The doctor stopped as he heard her sound, and slid his finger out, to Jane’s disappointment. “Some women find this a little uncomfortable,” he said, “I will give you something to help with that.”

He reached into the drawer and took out a black rubber ball gag attached to a leather strap, and he placed the ball inside her mouth, which she obediently opened for him. He strapped the gag around her head and she felt the straps being secured at the back. With the ball gag in position, he fingered her anus again to check that it was fully lubed and then took a digital thermometer with a long probe and slid it into her arsehole, making Jane shiver as the cold metal made it’s way inside her.

The doctor held the thermometer in place for a few seconds until it made a beeping noise, and then he withdrew it to read the value in the instrument’s display. “Your temperature is normal,” he said matter-of-factly, and Jane wondered how his tone could remain so formal and yet so casual after he had just placed an object into her most private area. He put down the thermometer and then picked up the anal speculum, positioning it between her open legs and sliding the thinner blades up through her greased anus into her anal passage, just as the other device had been inserted into her vagina. Jane lay back feeling incredibly Otele gelen escort full as he opened the blades, spreading her tight arsehole wide, stretching it into a position that allowed him to view deep inside both her pussy and her anal passage at the same time.

Jane lay back with the speculums dilating both her holes, closing her eyes as the doctor used a small light to look deep inside her pussy and her arse, one at a time at first and then both together. She wondered how she must look to him, spread out and exposed on the bed. Jane suddenly remembered when she had first entered the room and taken off her dress and how she stood in front of the mirrored wall that ran all the way along the end of the bed. She lifted her head slightly, opened her eyes and looked down the bed into the mirrors.

She saw herself in the reflection, laying on the bed with the ball gag in her mouth. Looking slowly down he noticed that her nipples were standing to attention through the sheer material of her bra as she felt the feeling of fullness in both her holes. She looked further down and saw the doctors head examining her between her legs, then when he moved to one side for a moment to put down his light she saw her legs in the mirror, spread wide apart and still clad in her new sheer stockings. She saw her shaved pussy that had been stretched wide open and the metal handles of the speculum sticking out of her open hole. Below that she could see a similar view of her anus, spread wide by the anal speculum with the metal handle poking out of that tight hole too. She felt a shiver of excitement as she viewed herself in such a submissive, exposed position.

After a long examination of Jane’s holes, the doctor finally spoke. “There is nothing unusual that I can see here,” he said, “I think that you are most likely suffering from stress and exhaustion. I have a couple of treatments that I am going to use to help relax you. This type of treatment is most effective when applied to the most stimulating areas, so I am going to apply them to your anus. First of all, I will use a traditional technique called anal beads.”

He reached into the drawer and pulled out a string of black latex beads, starting small and increasing in size. With one hand he released the lock on speculum in her arse and closed the blades, sliding it out of her anus. Jane expected the speculum in her pussy to be removed next, but he left that locked in position as he slid the smallest bead into her lubed arsehole, slipping inside easily. Slowly he then fed each bead in one at a time, increasing in size and intensity with each one, stimulating Jane’s anal passage. When the beads where all inside, he slid them out again, more quickly than when they went in, and it felt amazing for Jane. She was pleased when he repeated this treatment several times, each one stimulating her more than the last and she felt the speculum starting to slip a little inside her pussy as she got more and more wet.

“The next treatment will stimulate you a little more,” he said, and he took a small vibrator out of the drawer. Jane noticed it was an interesting shape, thin at the top, tapering downwards to a bulbous ball shape at the bottom. The doctor slid the vibrator into her anus and switched on at the lowest setting. Jane felt a surge of pleasure as the machine started to vibrate inside he arse, stimulating her tight hole and the walls of her anal passage. He slowly increased the speed of the vibration, each surge of pleasure passing through her in waves more intense than the last as she felt her arsehole being stimulated and teased by the buzzing device inside her. Jane rubbed her shiny stockinged feet together as the vibrator was increased to maximum speed, sending feelings of satisfaction and stimulation at the same time through her entire body.

When the vibrator in her arse was set to maximum speed, the doctor stood up. “I am just going to check your heartbeat again now that you have been stimulated,” he said, and took out his stethoscope once more. With the vibrator inserted fully in her arse on full speed and the speculum still deep inside her stretched open pussy, he placed the stethoscope under her bra and onto her breast again, listening to her heartbeat. However this time Jane was also aware of his finger moving over her nipple as he placed the stethoscope in position.

The feeling of his fingers on her nipple made it go even more hard, and combined with the sensations in her arsehole and pussy she let out a deep moan of pleasure that could be heard even with the ball gag in her mouth. The doctor heard her moan and looked down at her rubbing one stockinged foot on the other, and he reached around behind her head, unfastening the strap of the gag. He took the ball out of her mouth and stood over her, then unzipped his trousers and took out his cock.

Jane stared at the cock in front of her face for a moment, taken by surprise Balgat Escort at the size. It was eight inches long easily, and thick. She noticed the glisten of pre-cum on the tip as he slid it into her mouth, which she opened obediently for her doctor. Jane was so horny from the vibrator and speculum inside her that she sucked greedily on his hard cock, taking the big thick mushroom shaped tip inside her mouth, and then the shaft as he fucked her mouth while she sucked him.

His hand moved down to her chest, feeling her tits both over and under her bra, squeezing them and stroking her hard nipples. Jane licked his shaft and balls as he leant down, pulled down the material covering the breasts and sucked her nipples, licking around them and all over both tits as she sucked his cock again.

The doctor then took his cock out of her mouth and turned Jane over so she was laying face down on the bed. He took the vibrator out of her arse and slipped one of his fingers in, “No gloves this time,” thought Jane as his finger started to probe inside her arsehole, touching and stimulating the inside of her anal passage, stroking it as she moaned in pleasure at having her anus expertly fingered by the doctor. She moved her arse backwards and forwards in time with his finger, having him finger fuck her arsehole while her hand moved down to her pussy. She felt the handle of the speculum sticking out of her, and then Jane started stroking her clit as the doctor finger fucked her anus.

Free of the ball gag and with the doctor’s finger deep in her arse, Jane was now moaning with pleasure at the exquisite stimulation of her tight hole. All feelings of embarrassment that had been associated with her intimate examination were now gone, and she felt more horny than she had ever felt before. She turned to look at the doctor behind her, probing inside her anal passage. “Please fuck my arse,” she said, “I want your big cock in my slutty arsehole”.

She felt his finger withdraw and then he mounted her from behind, placing the tip of his cock over her tight little hole. He then slowly slid the thick head of his cock inside, pushing her arsehole open and using the remaining lube to ease his whole length into her waiting anal passage. Jane had never felt this full before and moaned even more now as he started to slide his cock in and out of her anus, having full anal sex with his patient. Jane gripped the edges of the bed and bit on the pillow as she felt his thick cock penetrating her arse deeper and deeper with every thrust, each push inside her feeling more pleasurable than the last.

Suddenly Jane felt the doctor withdraw his hard cock from inside her arse. Her anus relaxed a little after being stretched open by him, but it would not be for long. She felt him adjusting the speculum in her pussy, turning the small wheel and making the blades retract, her lips moving back closer together as the width of the speculum was decreased and then slid slowly out of her body. The doctor lay on the bed beside Jane. “Get on top of me now,” he ordered, and Jane immediately obeyed.

“Facing the mirror,” he added, and Jane got into position, kneeling above him with her arsehole directly over his erection. He put his hands on her hips and slowly lowered her down onto his waiting cock, and she immediately felt the feeling of having her arsehole stretched wide again as the thick head of his cock entered her, followed by the rest of his shaft.

Jane slid down onto his cock and was amazed at how much deeper inside her it felt now that she was on top, the position of her body allowing the tip to rub further against her insides than it was before. She heard the doctor open the drawer again, and he handed her a double ended dildo. “Put this inside you,” he commanded, and Jane obeyed once more, choosing the end with the dotted effect on it as she knew that would stimulate her.

She looked into the mirror and saw him looking around from behind her, watching her as she rubbed the head of the dildo on her clit at first, making her moan with pleasure. She then slowly slid the dildo up into her soaking wet pussy, watching herself in the mirror as she did it, seeing his thick cock sliding in and out of her arse and the long dildo disappearing into her hungry pussy.

She loved the feeling of having both holes filled together, her arse and pussy being fucked at the same time. She also loved how it looked in the mirror, watching her body riding the doctors cock in her arse and herself working the dildo in and out of her pussy. She reached her other hand up and unclipped the front fastening bra, letting it fall to her sides so she could feel up her own tits. She watched the doctor watching her in the mirror, and tossed her head back and moaned loudly as she fingered her hard nipples while her holes were being fucked hard and deep. The doctor held her hips, pulling her arse down onto his cock, and he felt her arse and stroked her stockinged legs while she rode all of his eight inches.

The combination of having a cock in her arse, a dildo in the pussy and the view of all of this in the mirror soon became too much for Jane to bear, and she knew that she was getting close to orgasm. She worked the dildo in and out of her pussy faster, and started to gasp. “Am I allowed to cum, doctor?” she groaned in a soft, panting voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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