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“I think,” Claire said in her tight-jawed voice, “we should make that fat girl, Janice, our slave. If we need our pussy eaten, we call Janice. If we’re going out of town, we have Janice make herself available to our men.” Claire snorted. “Do you know Dwight actually had the nerve to tell me ‘…it just feels good and squishy…’ when he was talking about some fat, latina cunt he fucks down in Honduras? What a prick.”

Abby rolled her eyes at Gail, before voicing her opinion. “I don’t understand what the big deal is. Men fuck. They like to fuck. What’s the problem as long as they come home?”

“Don’t be stupid! Disease, you silly twit!”

And, it was decided.

Janice Weaver was surprised by Abby’s invitation. Of The Sextet, Abby was the by far the nicest; but, nice enough to invite her to her parents Maine retreat? Janice didn’t think so. She stopped at her parent’s Manhattan townhouse to relay the news. Momma Weaver was no dummy. She had a clutch of beauticians brought in to exfoliate, pluck, and wax her girl clean. She paid the club’s Zimbabwe masseuse a small fortune to come at a moments notice and massage Janice limp. She had the little anal girl come with her colonic machine and scented oils to clean Janice further. Finally, she called Mrs. MacGiver and asked her to send her two of her best to give Janice a quick primer in the art of pleasure on her trip to Maine.

Janice was sipping on a Shirley Temple, when the door swished open and two of the most beautiful women stepped onto the plane. “You must be Janice,” the taller of the two said in her faintly accented English. Her skin pure white, and she had the shiniest, jet-black hair Janice had ever seen. The other woman drawled in authentic Deep South, “Mmm-hmm. There is nothing I like better than little girl virgins sipping a Shirley Temple.” The woman was about 5’6”, with strappy, baby blue heels, and only a baby blue negligee underneath the fur coat she shrugged out of. She was pale with a mane of curly, black girls falling down her back. “I’m Trish, and this here is Sadie, baby-girl.” Trish said, taking the Shirley Temple from Janice’s hand and sipping from the glass.

“Now, sugar, as you already know, the rich have a different set of rules. And, I believe the…Sadie, what the hell are they called?”

“The Sextet,” Sadie called Kolej Escort over her shoulder. She and Marla, the hostess, were unpacking the videos as the plane began to taxi into line for takeoff.

“Yeah. The Sextet. Anyways, sugar. This Sextet is going to try and play some mind games with you. They are going to want to make you their slave, is your mother’s takes on things. Oh, stop blushing,” Trish laughed, bending over to give the kid a kiss on the lips. “And don’t worry about Marla. She’s seen everything and done everyone and is paid plenty of money to forget. Isn’t that right Marla?”

Marla looked over her shoulder and winked at Janice. “You’ll look back on today and laugh, cherie,” Marla declared as she walked back into the galley.

Sadie came and sat on the other armrest of Janice’s chair. “Listen to us, darling,” she demanded, softly, “We are women who know how terrible one human being can be to another. In particular, when one human being believes they own the other human being.”

“Now, you need to forget all the crap you read in romance novels, sugar. We are going to teach you the art of unadulterated sex. Well, at least lesson one. Your mother has paid us each a retainer. We are both at your disposal for the next few months, until your mother feels you are comfortable enough with yourself to be let loose. Do you understand?”

Janice simply blushed and shut her eyes. Tears began to slip down her face. She heard Sadie sigh as she brushed a lock of hair from Janice’s forehead. “Darling. Your mother is a grand woman. She is trying to help you from making some very bad decisions over the next few days and weeks. These girls, The Sextets, they want to make you their slave for life. You will fuck them, and their men, and their guests and their favorite dogs and cherished horses. Darling, this is no life for a girl as rich as you.”

Trish chortled merrily. “That’s right, sugar. This is the life for girls like me who will literally fuck anything not to have to stoop over another fucking tobacco plant.”

Sadie laughed quietly, “Yes, darling. And for women like me who have lost the protection of a rich and powerful family.”

Janice heard people laughing and glasses clinking behind some light background music. She Rus Escort slowly opened her eyes. Both Trish and Sadie were looking at the screen impassively. Janice looked at the screen and was thankful to be sitting down. On the screen before there was an auction of naked men and women in progress, all patiently awaiting their turn on the block, as people in evening wear came and fondled their naked breasts, their genitals, made them bend over, made them open their mouths wide. The camera then picks up the auction block, with Sadie and Trish, handcuffed together, led away by the auction house assistants.

The screen blanks for a minute, before opening with a scene of Trish and Sadie, tied facing one another on a short table, both being slapped with a belt. “Oh, yeah,” Trish drawled, “that amazingly sadistic cunt, Miranda Lewis.” Playfully tweaking Janice’s breast, Trish said, “Miranda likes to punish. What you can’t see is the enormous dildo Sadie and I am sharing. Were getting fucked, beat, and bumping clits. Fucking exhausting work, I assure you.”

A new scene unfolds with young girls and men fucking in a variety of fashions. The camera finds Sadie, who has her arm, up to her elbow and covered in what Janice realizes is excrement, pumping rapidly in and out of a built, beautiful man while Trish fucks Sadie with a huge, camouflage, strap on. Both women salute the screen and laugh. “The General, darling,” Sadie croons, “does not believe in homosexuality. So, I fist his ass, Trish fucks my ass, and this way we are all just a bunch of assfuckers.”

It’s another scene now. Another orgy. All men this time. Sadie stands completely naked before Janice, lowering herself to the floor. She looks the girl in the eye, while her hands travel from her knees to her inner thighs, finding Janice’s hips and pulling them from the chair. Trish is behind Janice now, taking her seat and holding Janice’s legs open with her own. Her hands are busy massaging Janice’s huge, flopping tits, making Janice sigh, a little know placing itself low in her body, looking for release. Sadie began to lick Janice’s thighs, kissing them, over and over again. Sadie gently massaged Janice’s immense, but muscular ass, matching Trish’s milking motions with mirrored strokes. Janice felt adrift, completely off Yenimahalle Escort balance. And then Sadie began to lick Janice’s cunt through her very proper white cotton panties. Janice stiffened up for a moment, before she began to moan. Trish laid gentle fingers on Janice’s face, and brought her mouth down to Janice’s mouth. She kissed the girl gently, feeling her twisting body. She kept the out shape girl’s legs easily pinned while she began to massage Janice’s most embarrassing body part, her large girth of a stomach. The girl tried to twist her body out of Trish’s hands, but Trish increased the pressure of her mouth, pinning the girl’s head against her left shoulder, and continuing the massaging, pushing it back and forth and pulling it up and down, flattening it on one side, and slapping it like a big drum. Trish kissed the girl harder, making her respond to the pressure, making Janice’s tongue fight hers for superiority.

Sadie moved her head further down the now saturated panties. She had been massaging Janice’s ass, loosening it up before she began her full assault on the girl’s rosebud. She had been pulling and pushing the girls asscheeks together, making Janice move her ass to a rhythm she didn’t even know she possessed. She ripped the girl’s panties off her body, growling as she began to eat the girl’s ass. She separated the folds, sucking them and biting them, trying to push her head right up the girl’s ass. She took a fold between her teeth and began to shake her head wildly, until she heard the girl screaming through Trish’s mouth. Sadie began chewing her way up the girl’s rectum, feeling her struggle in Trish’s grip. If the girl hadn’t been so out of shape, she would definitely have broken through Trish’s grip. Like most fatties, this girl had a well of passion ten miles deep. Sadie kept chewing, spreading the girls ass wider and wider, until she heard the telltale gasps and grunts of a woman on the edge. Sadie took the other fold in her mouth this time, shaking her head savagely before the girl screamed, her juices sluicing everywhere.

Trish and Sadie laid the girl out on the floor. Marla brought in trays of savories and sweets, fruits, tea, sparkling water and champagne before returning to the galley. Sadie sat Janice up, holding a champagne flute to her lips while Trish suckled the young girl’s cunt. Just as she was on the edge of coming, Sadie popped a dark, chocolate truffle in Janice’s mouth, making the girl’s eyes roll into the back of her head. Her mouth and her pussy had exploded simultaneously. “That’s right, darling,” Sadie whispered. “There are a million ways to ecstasy. Let us help.”

…to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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