Jared’s Slutty Sister

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“its raining out” jared said dryly. he looked at his sister to see if she heard him.
“no i didnt hear you” she laughed as if this was a joke. “lets play a boardgame”
Jared wasnt sure he wanted to play a board game. “im not sure if I want to play a board game right now” he said. “but i guess theres nothing else to do” he shrugged. he had a stiffy but he tucked it underneath his belt while his sister was turned around finding the game.

“heres clue™ its my favorite game” she said with a pause. “i get to be colonel mustard”. Jarded laughed at the name cause he thought she said cornhole mustard. he picked out mr. plum for himself because he was a little hungry.

halfway through the game jared noticed something. his sister had gotten so relaxed on the floor playing clue that her skirt was loosely laying on the floor, revealing her thick white cotton panties that were too big for her even though she was a little overweight. he tried not to look but he couldnt keep his eyes off it. his dad had told him once in between beatings that if you dont like looking at girls panties that you’re a gay fuck up and you’re not part of this family, so he kept on stealing glances. after a while he thought he could smell her too, but he thought it was just his imagination since he was hungry. “hey… im gonna “uhhh… i have to go get something to eat im really hungry.” “okay could you grab me a soda?” she was fat and too lazy to get it herself.
“sure sis no problem, but im gonna get you in the living room with my candlestick when i get back”
as he was gaziantep lezbiyen in the kitchen he started to realize he was too turned on. at first he was gonna jack off really quick but then he thought, what if i could fuck my sister? he had an idea to take off his clothes, and he did. his dick was hard as a missile.

he jumped out into the family room totally naked and said “hey sis i got you a sausage instead”. she screamed and jumped up really fast, her fat visibly jiggling through her shirt. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU LITTLE FUCKING PERVERT? GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” she ran past him almost crying. he could hear her muttering “jesus christ” over and over as she ran outside to get their dad who was outside working. he tried to cum as quickly as he could and get his clothes back on but his dad came tearing through the front door of the trailer before he could even get his pants on. “COME HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT” Jared tried to run past him but he knew he couldnt. a huge oily hand grabbed him around his entire neck and threw him back into the kitchen. he tried to get up and run away again but his dad was already next to him kicking him in the ribs. he turned the hot water on. “im gonna teach you a lesson you little faggot” he grabbed jared by the neck again and yanked him up as hard as he could. jared screamed as his dad pushed his head into the stream of burning hot water. “DRINK IT YOU LITTLE BITCH. DRINK IT ITS PRETTY GOOD I THINK” Jared was crying because his press-on Chancey tattoo was probably fading now. then he felt a knee on his stomach, and he collapsed so hard on the floor that he was knocked out and woke up a half hour later in a small pool of blood.

the next day jared went to schoool, but after last period he took the bus home and thankfully his dad wasnt there. he went upstairs to do some of his homework but he was still too turned on from yesterday. he went and crouched by the bottom of hte stairs to his sisters sroom where she was having a phone conversation. he started to stroke his piece while listening to her voice. “yeah, i was taking ahuge dump in the bathroom and somehow most of it got on the seat” he heard her say. then she said bye and started coming down the stiars but he was too into it to realize what was happening until she was at the bottom stair. he panicked and stood up as she tripped over a stair and started to fall over. her crotch fell right onto his hand and it slid in without too much effort on his part. she kicked himi n the chest, knocking his arm back out of her vagina which was unnaturally wet. jared panicked and pulled out his switchblade before she could scream at him again. “this time daddys not here to save your ass you fat pignosed bitch”. he had lost his erection but saying this brought it right back again. he pressed the knifed into her neck and shoved his erection into her gaping vagina. “if you tell dad about thsi ill fucking kill you.” she tried to fight back and shove him away but he just pressed the knife into her neck again to warn her what could happen if he pressed the knife into her neck and it cut her. he kept fucking her and slapped her titties a little bit, one at a time while he spit on her nipples. he could see tears streaming across her face and he siad “youre starting to enjoy it arent you?”

she shoook her head and tried depserately to choke out a response, but she couldnt. he started to make cuts at her sides and was rubbing the blood onto his dick.. when she tried to move his hand out of the way he stabbed into her stomach. he could feel the knife go easily through her fat but it stopped abotu halfway through so he shoved down on it as hard as he could, over and over again in unison with his dick. she screamed out in pain, which really turned him on. he took the knife and his dick out and came all over the blade, shots of it missing and landing on the wall and her face. before he even finished cumming he shoved the knife down her throat and yelled “TASTE IT BITCH. SWALLOW MY CHILDREN” . just as he said this, the arousal left his body with the last drop of semen dripping slowly from the tip of his urethra. he stared in shock and disgust at his bloody sister who was now choking on a knife. he could smell the sick scent of cum and blood gurlging out of her throat. “what… what the fuck is wrong with me?” jared stepped back slowly, then collapsed to the floor. he sat there for the longest time just staring, then dropped his head in his hands to cry. he remembered his father’s words: “stop crying, you little pussy. you want to grow up to be some sorta faggot?” but he couldnt help it. it was raining outside, so he went for a walk. he stopped under a bridge to finger his asshole, as that always cheered him up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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