Jason and Me Up For Some Fun

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Jason and me up for some fun.

When this guy came up to me and asked for a light, I just knew that was just an excuse to chat me up.

I replied that I do not smoke, that I gave it up years ago.

“So did I, it is a disgusting habit huh?”

“Then why did you ask me for a light”

“Because it was the first thing that came into my head, can I buy you a drink then?”

“I don’t drink.”

“You Don’t smoke, you don’t drink, what do you do?”

I just smiled and he knew straight away what I was thinking.

I could see it in his eyes It didn’t take rocket science to work out that the way he was rumbling his hand in his jeans pocket.

Okay, so he had a very nice bulge and I was thinking I wouldn’t mind. It was as if providence paid me a visit that day and introduced me to Jason, That was his name.

“What’s yours?” He asked with a great smile.”

“Alex, as in Alexander?” I said.

A Guys name huh?”

“That’s right I returned, well do I look like an Alexandra?”

“I am quite happy you looking just like you are.”

I took him up on his invite to go to his place It was high time I let loose a bit, I had been so busy at work and needed a relaxing break, I thought Jason could fir the bill for now.

He drove me to his place in a flash car. He said he worked in the film industry so he must have been getting a good nick.

“Are you open for bursa escort some fun Alex?” he said when we he fixed some coffee. It is okay if I call you Alex?”

“Everyone else does”

“Well then, what about it, you look like you are up for it.”

“I may have forgotten how” I teased

“All the more fun teaching you then” and before I knew it his hand was into my crotch.


“Very” I replied feeling a surge of pleasure. This was nice. I had gone without for so long.

“You feel good” he said squeezing me there, gently handling my balls over my jeans.

“Let’s get then off Alex. I want to see what you are like underneath.”

Now it was getting steamy and I say Jason’s bulge rise which looked really thrilling.

“Just relax on the settee and let me do something, that okay with you Alex?”

I nodded and felt like I was getting special treatment from this guy who smelt of Brute.

I was down to my boxer shorts when he said could he see me.

I dragged then down to my kneed and let him have a look at my half rise.

He mumbled something about I had a very nice ass which needed a lot of spoiling and I was more than happy with that.

It had been a long time since I was regularly all ass for Badger, who dies two years ago. At least he died happy with a smile on his face. Now I could be all ass for Jason who was younger but still my senior about ten years bursa escort bayan I reckoned.

But he had a good cock on which was very nice to feel

“You wank me and I will wank you okay Alex?”

“Fine with me” I replied happily and we both sort of found a ninety nine position which was so lovely, simply touching and feeling and wanking made for a wonderful sensuous feeling and I wanted to be all cock for him

In the next few minutes we soon got to know each other intimately and when he said was it okay for him to give me a blow job I replied that was fine, that I thought he would never ask. Badger sucked me every time we met so I felt the need for it. It always made me feel especially wanted and made for the perfect brew up for having sex. That’s what Badger used to say in reference to his special kind of brewing up. His cock was always nice and stiff and good to feel and touch but looking at Jason’s it was somewhat bigger and already, as he indulged in a very strong sucking of me, I knew I would be in for a very satisfying fuck

“Let’s look up your ass ” He said breathing hard after his indulgence of my cock which was now as stiff as his.

“How do you want me?” I asked feeling the excitement brew up.

“Bend it steep over the arm of the settee he said so I can try it for size.”

I was hoping he would grease me up a bit before he put that thing into me but he seemed to escort bursa have it all worked out indulging in a lot of wet licking and sucking , and a bottle of coconut oil which, he said, was an ideal lubricant and didn’t spoil the taste of asshole.

I could tell that was one of his specialties and who was I to complain. He sucked and tasted it like a good’un and it felt really lovely and soothing, especially as he balled me too.

I found a way to do likewise to him, it was instinctive, like it was with Badger But more rushed. He was eager to get his end away and that was for a cert and it wasn’t very y long before he had his cock where his mouth was, and I felt the first stretch there as he rolled it around my hole, adding more oil and gradually squeezing it into me..

He muttered how he loved my ass and the taste if my cock and I said likewise. It tasted salty and very pungent as I sucked his initial pre-cum out of his p–hole;

Now his stem was stiff and very pliable as I began to feel his deep fuck and soon we were as one, moving for each other for the very best binding.

What I liked about Jason was, it wasn’t just a quick in and out and he was done. He wanted me afterwards in the shower, over the bath edge and on top, he must have fucked me about three or four times, each time coming like he had been without for a time too..

“I shall come again” I laughed when it was time for me to leave,

He gave me a slap on the ass and said that was just for starters; so that left me with something to think about.

At last I was in another thrilling relationship again and there’s a God after all!

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