Java Attraction Ch. 2

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*Part 1: In moments Ryan knocked and I opened the door. It took a moment to register that Ryan was staring at me, thats when I remembered my pj’s. A white cotten nightgown that unconsciously screamed virgin. He groaned as if in pain, threw my jacket into my apartment, stepped through the door, slamme it shut after him, and pulled me into his arms, all in a matter of seconds. As his mouth crashed down on mine all I was thinking was that I hoped whatever he had in mind would take longer then it took him to get into my apartment…*

* * * * *

From the minute that Ryan stepped into my apartment, he took control, and I was all too happy to let him.

His mouth crushed hotly against mine, our tongues battling for a taste of each other. I couldn’t seem to think past what he was doing with his mouth, he seemed to know that I liked it when he would lightly bight my lower lip, pulling it into his mouth. I was so engrossed in his kisses, that I didn’t notice that he was pulling my nightgown off until I had to break our kiss for him to pull it over my head. He kissed me again, and his hands burne paths alng my body, everywhere that he could reach.

I managed to remove his jacket and buttoned shirt as he kissed and sucked down my neck. Everywhere that he touched was aflame. I couldn’t seem to touch him enough, bayan escort gaziantep to get enough of him.

When his mouth reached my breast taking my right nipple into is hot mouth, I stopped thinking.

He moved back and forth between my breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth, sucking hotly, and squeezing the one not getting the same attention. He knew to squeeze hard, I liked his calloused hands, and I liked it when he would use them roughly, especially against my breasts. Ryan pulled me down to the floor, and I thankfully sank onto the carpet moments before my knees would have given out underneath me. The only barriers between us were my white lace panties, and his jeans. He left my breasts and licked and kissed down my torso until he reached the waistband of my panties.

He used his teeth to remove the lace from my body. He pulled away for a moment but was back after removing his jeans and underwear. There was nothing between us. There was no move to get off the floor and I didn’t think that I could move if I wanted to. Ryan’s weight was on my as he kissed my neck. I could do little but gasp for air as he continued his passionate assault. In between kisses I could hear him talk. He told me that he knew I was a virgin, that he would cim cif gaziantep escort bayan try to be careful, but he couldn’t promise anything, he wanted me too badly. I pulled his head to my breast, urging him to take my nipple into his mouth as I told him that it didn’t matter. I wasn’t worried about pain, or discomfort, my entire body ws humming with what he was doing to me.

I could feel his cock, erect and throbbing against my thighs. I reached one hand down to take it into my palm. As I lightly gripped the silky hardness Ryan groaned and scored my nipple with his teeth.

I didn’t have time to be embarrassed by the wetness between my legs, the wetness that I was sure that Ryan noticed. All I wanted was for him to put his cock inside me, it was the only thing that I could focus on. I was groaning and telling him to fuck me as I felt his weight shift to enter me.

“Fuck me” I gasped. “Fuck me…PLEASE..Fuck me”

I could feel the tip of his member being cradled at my opening, I tried to shift my hips up to him, but he held me to the floor. It seemed like forever until I felt him move slowly into me. He was taking his time, trying to make it comfortable for me, I could feel the strain in his muscles from him trying to cinsel bilgiler kep from forcing himself into me with one thrust. I wanted that one thrust. I wanted him to fill ne until I thought I would die with it. I ran my hands down his back and grasped the hard globes of his ass. I pulled him down to me as I thrust my hips up to him. He plunged into me in one thrust. There was a second of pain, but it was gone, covered by the feeling of coming home, which was overtaken by exquisite pleasure. He held himself inside, not moving for a moment, groaning.

He then levered himself over me and began to move. He started slowly, trying to make it easier for me, but I wanted it harder and faster.

“Harder! Harder! I want to feel you all the way through me”

Ryan groaned louder, and pushed harder, and farther into me. So deep, he thrust so deep. I was in a frenzy, trying to reach something, just out of my grasp. He pumped faster, and harder, and faster still. He gave a final powerful thrust and I lost it. I was screaming and moaning and quivering as I felt the warm blast of his sperm inside me. The feeling was so wonderful, no barriers between us. Ryan had collapsed on top of me, and I didn’t want him to move.

“Ryan, I love what you do to me.”

He laughed. He went to pull away, but I didn’t let him.

“I’m not finished with you yet. you started something, and you have to finish it.”

He levered himself up to look at me.

“I didn’t get a chance to pay any attention to this {I clenched my inner muscles on his softened cock} You owe me.”

He wanted to know what I intended to do.

“I don’t know what to do… but I figure that you’ll tell me what you like…”

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