Jill’s World Ch. 03

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That night, I had trouble sleeping. I was tossing and turning and unable to get the image out of my head that was burned in there by Courtney. Me, laying naked on a desk while Courtney fed me. Perhaps the ‘while Courtney fed me’ part was my own manipulation of the image she had given me today at school. Still, the image was crisp and clear in my imagination and I could feel my pussy squelching at the thoughts.

I tried to change the image over and over. I even took out my text book and started reading, trying to bore myself to sleep. Finally, wet with a lot of terrible thoughts, I dozed off.

The next morning, I was quite tired. Between the physical and emotional wear at Jill’s house and the lack of sleep, I was rather exhausted. But, it was a school day, so I jumped into a nice hot shower and shook away the weariness. It was nice to dress decently again.

Nice is a bit understated for the elation I felt as I donned a pair of blue boy-short panties and a black racy bra beneath a pair of jeans that fit nice and tight and a loose T shirt that did not advertise my breast size to the world. Breakfast was pleasant with Kelly. I was eating healthy despite no longer being on the cheerleading squad and dealing with the body shaming of Rebecca.

After a peck on the cheek, I left Kelly and headed to school. I texted Julie before driving to ask if she wanted a ride. She said yes, and I smiled. As wrong as it was for me to feel competitive with her boyfriend, I did.

I saw messages on my phone. Several from Farin, I didn’t even open them. A follow up from Karen to ‘make sure she had the right number’. I was absolutely not going to date Karen. I’d have to talk to her today.

To make a long drive short, I honked the horn at Julie’s house and she came bouncing outside.

“So, I guess you aren’t all that submissive after all.” Julie laughed as she climbed in and buckled up.

I gave her a puzzled look. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“The picture?” Julie asked. “You were supposed to send me a photo last night slutball.”

I looked really puzzled then. “I sent it.” I insisted.

Julie looked puzzled now. “It must not have gone through.”

I stopped the car, and checked my phone, knowing I sent the picture and my mouth dropped open. “Oh, fuck me!” I exclaimed. Granted, I was tired. It was late. I was straight up exhausted beyond intelligible thought last night, but here it was, the worst news ever. In my rush to get into bed, I had just pulled up a reply on my phone to send the picture. And the last message I had pulled up was, if you haven’t guessed by now, Farin.

“Oh, Christ you have to be kidding me!” I screamed.

Julie was not up to speed yet. She looked at me questioningly.

“I sent it to Farin by mistake!” I yelled. “Oh fuck, she is going to think… I have no idea what she is going to think.”

Julie gasped, and I checked Farin’s messages to see what she thought.











I showed it to Julie. She hugged me.

“Do you feel that way Carrie? Like you are being tortured?” She asked through teared eyes.

I hugged her hard. “I think maybe Jill means well. But look at my ass Julie. That’s not … it’s not a pleasant thing.”

“I’m so sorry. No, I can’t imagine it would be. It’s just… I mean Carrie, you were so … I’m sorry.” Julie stammered and cried as she hugged me. “God, I’m a monster! I really thought you were into it all.”

“Oh god Julie, please don’t blame yourself for this mess. Look, I do, in spite of myself, enjoy some of it. Not the beating. I hate that. It’s … some of it isn’t bad, but there were some moments, like the cane that were simply horrible.”

“I beat you too. Oh God Carrie, I can’t believe I did that!” Julie wailed.

“Shh.” I hushed as I held her. “The floggers really aren’t bad. Honestly Jules, you didn’t hurt me.”

She pushed back to look into my eyes. Hers were wet with tears. It made me quite sad. “Swear?”

“Julie, I swear to you, you did not hurt me. Look, I get the excitement of it all. I don’t understand why, but I do understand it is exciting. And I really am glad you are there. It’s embarrassing, Casibom but I’m so happy to have someone I can truly trust there with me.”

“Oh, Care Bear. I am so relieved to hear you say that. I’m going to talk to Jill about it this afternoon. She needs to know that some of it is really horrible if she doesn’t know.” She stated. “And you need to see Farin this morning. If you want me to come with you I will.”

“It might be better…” I let the thought hang. What might be better? To have Julie who Farin considered a rival for my affections show up or to have her not show up and face Farin alone? She got in a fight over me. I could only imagine it was with Darla. It couldn’t have been Jill because of the timing. “I should probably see her alone. She might be intimidated if both of us show up.”

“At least I can wait outside?” Julie offered.

I laughed. “You think she will fight me or kiss me?” I started the car heading to school again.

Julie shrugged. “If you scream either way I can be there in a second.”

“I’ll be fine Jules. I can deal with Farin. We clearly still have to get closure.” I dismissed the thought of needing help. “I kind of need it too.”

“Oh.” Julie acknowledged and looked maybe… hurt?

I laughed again. “Really?”

“What?” Julie asked, clearly not happy at me laughing.

I don’t do great impersonations, but I did try must best to sound like Julie. “We are not dating. You do not get to act like we are.”

She glared at me, then turned her head to hide a laugh. “Fuck you.” She got out with a giggle.

“Julie, there is really nothing to worry about. Farin and I are not getting back together. I do care about her, but not enough to go through her emotional roller coaster again.”

Julie just smiled as if she won something. I don’t know why. Every time I mentioned something about the two of us, she distanced herself from the possibility. I suppose she had no option but to look at me in sexual light now. Not sexual desire. But having seen me do the things I did and knowing many other things I did, there was no way she could doubt that I was sexually awakened now.

We got out of the car and walked into the school, still best of friends, with an ever-changed perspective of our friendship.

I squeezed her hand as I broke directions towards the dreaded girls room, and we smiled at each other, both assuring the other that everything was going to be alright.

She was there. She looked a whole lot better than the video last night and had sunglasses to hide her eye. She was still beautiful as she smiled with her bruised lip and leaned away from the wall towards me, moving her hands as if to hug me.

I held my hand up towards her in a motion to stop and she frowned and did so. “Listen Farin, this is hard on me too. That picture I sent was an accident. I didn’t mean to send it to you. And I would be deeply appreciative if you would delete it.” I said with a soft, pleading voice.

Farin frowned again. “Who did you mean to send it to? Jill?”

I frowned back. I didn’t want to lie to her, but I didn’t want to tell her it was for Julie either. I’m not sure why I didn’t want her to know that, but I didn’t. “It just wasn’t meant for you Farin. Isn’t that enough? I’m not going to use our previous relationship as leverage, you mean much more to me than to do that. But, you know how much damage those pictures can cause, so would you please delete it for me?”

Her frown matched my own. My hope here was that she would show what a great person she is and delete the picture without any further discussion on that matter. And, as she pulled out her phone, I thought it would work and I dared to breathe a sigh of relief. “I will Carrie.” Farin said flatly. “Look, it’s clear you don’t want to get back together now, I can see that, but I want to talk anyway, to be your friend. And maybe later, there will be a good chance for you and me without Jill or Darla or any of their group interfering. It could be so good Carrie, it really could. You have to sense that we had a very strong connection in spite of everything else.”

I exhaled disappointed. I hope she caught it. “So, blackmail again. From you. Because this is how a good friendship or relationship is built?”

I lashed out perhaps a bit more harshly than I had intended, but she was soon backed up on her heels. And I think, deservedly so.

“You’re right Carrie.” Farin showed me her phone and deleted the pic. “Done. I really care about you. I hope you know that. Love isn’t a daily occurrence. This, what we had, is real baby. It is real, and it is strong. Can I just have a hug?”

How could I say no? Yes, I hugged her, and we held each other and fought back tears and both lost. “Please don’t fight over me anymore Farin.” I pleaded. “I hate seeing you miserable.”

“Well, I am miserable Carrie. I will try not to let you see it as much.” Farin sobbed.

And finally, the bell rang. And we were still hugging. And then the late bell rang. And we stopped and walked Casibom Giriş to class together, wiping our tears on our arms and forcing smiles to each other. We didn’t hold hands, though I think we both wanted to. And at the classroom door, we parted ways and sat in our normal seats.

Miss Galler looked up at us as we walked in and I saw her fight the urge to say ‘tardy’, her mouth literally opened with a ‘t’ shape before closing again after noticing it was her disruptive couple from yesterday. “Take your seats ladies, quickly.” She said instead.

Julie looked at my face and I’m sure could tell I had been crying. She reached over and squeezed my hand and that was really all I wanted her to do. Somehow, she knew it and didn’t say a word to me all first period. And, to her credit, I didn’t hear Farin say a peep during first period. Though, I swore I heard Rebecca once or twice, uttering my name.

When first period ended, she said, “See you in third” With a smile and another hand squeeze and we parted ways. She for smart class, me for… well I guess the school would call it normal grade level. Mr. Thatch, oh how he bored us. Courtney sat next to me with a huge smile and Farin, surprisingly, did not try to sit next to me.

Courtney pulled her chair right up next to mine and whispered. “So, did you think of me last night?” And she looked in my eyes and her smile went wider as I knew I couldn’t deny it with words when my face had just given the truth away.

“Oh, that is so wonderful Carrie, I knew you would!” She said a little too loud. “So, you want to start playing now or wait for lunch time?” She giggled.

“No Courtney, neither.” I stammered, defiantly.

“Oh, come on now Carrie. Why deny yourself? I will take very good care of you and all your horny little needs. Here, just put your little fingers where you know you want to and I will make you so happy.” She pressed.

I edged my chair away and turned a little away from her.

Courtney giggled and grabbed my chair and with a loud scraping sound yanked it right next to hers.

Mr. Thatch looked at us with a scowl. “Is there a problem again today Miss Fitch? Miss Covington?”

“No Mr. Thatch.” We both said in unplanned unison, so the timing was slightly off.

Courtney did her little thing where she slid her legs sideways towards me, but she didn’t make another move. She just sat there with her legs spread invitingly. “Do you have any idea how many people would love this opportunity every day Carrie? I should charge you for the privilege. I’m sure some people would pay to touch my sweet little honey pot. Don’t you agree?”

I hated her chirping voice. “I don’t even want to Courtney, I’m sure as hell not paying you for the privilege.” I pronounced the word privilege with as much sarcasm as I could muster.

She just giggled. “Whatever you say slutball.” She whispered. And then she ignored me. She fucking turned to the class and other than bouncing her heel a little bit as if signaling me to get on with it, she said nothing more.

Well, this was no problem. I chuckled to myself. She thinks I can’t resist fingering her in class? She’ll learn. And I paid attention to Mr. Thatch and ignored her. And Courtney ignored me. And nearly an hour later, class was over, and we were packing our bags, both smiling.

“See you at lunch Carrie.” She chirped.

“Is that a requirement?” I asked.

“No, it’s an offer.” Courtney giggled. And she was off, strutting her cute little cheerleader ass out the door and towards her third period.

And Farin didn’t approach me at all, just smiled when I looked her way.

This day was all kinds of weird.

I saw Julie and couldn’t wait to tell her nothing. I mean, literally, nothing. I couldn’t remember the last time I had nothing to tell her. It was so relaxing. We learned stuff I suppose you could say. At least Miss Simms talked, and we listened. And wouldn’t you know it, I made it through fourth period as well, without a single thing to take note of.

For lunch, I went to sit with Gina, Cat, Jen and Sarah. Julie came over for a while, but then said she needed to go over to the cheerleader table because Rebecca was furious that she would sit with us. I shrugged at her, “I’m nobody to judge.” And I gave her a smile, which she returned before heading over to the Queen Bitch’s table.

Well, there must be a saying somewhere about getting comfortable and bit in the ass as soon as you relax too much. Here came Courtney Covington, who never sat with this group, or even on this side of the lunch room. “Hey Carrie!” She chirped. “Mind if I sit next to you?” She didn’t actually wait for, or expect an answer. She just plopped her little butt down right next to me.

“Umm sure Courtney. You know Gina, Cat, Jen, Sarah…” I pointed towards them each in case Courtney couldn’t recall their names.

“Of course, I do!” Courtney answered. “You girls are the ones who messed up our bus last year.”

I blushed. I think we all did. Nobody knew about that except us. Sure, there were guesses, but nobody caught us at it. And it wasn’t bad vandalism. Nothing that couldn’t be cleaned up I mean.

“That wasn’t us.” Gina claimed weakly.

“Well, I just came by to see how things are with Carrie back amongst you. Actually, you all want to get out of here and go eat in one of the classrooms? It’s vacant during our lunch and a lot more peaceful than the shouting matches that go on in here. Come on, we can discuss … I don’t know… punishments for vandalism of school property.” She looked particularly at me with a mischievous smile on her face as she said that last bit.

I frowned at her. I mean I scowled. If my eyes had some supernatural power, Courtney Covington would be reduced to ash or something like that right now. “I’ll go.” I offered.

But my friends stood up and said they would go with us. I interjected, “Really, Courtney, can you and I handle this former cheerleader to cheerleader?”

“Oh no you don’t Carrie.” Sarah said. “I will go with her. I can handle the likes of Courtney Covington.” She gave Courtney a slightly ferocious looking face. I mean Sarah is adorably cute, but I’d take her at my back any day of the week with the face she gave Courtney.

Courtney smiled. “You can all come. I’m not a physical person, am I Carrie? You know me pretty well by now.”

Blackmail again? What the fuck was it with girls trying to blackmail me all the time now?

“Bring your lunch with you, trust me, we won’t get in trouble.” Courtney smiled.

And we all got up and followed Courtney into the classroom. The same one she had taunted me in at lunch yesterday. The same one with the desk, I couldn’t get out of my mind last night. And I trembled as I walked inside.

She walked up to the desk and instead of sitting behind it, she sat on it and patted the spot next to her. “Sit up here with me Carrie.” She smiled.

I did. It felt weird, but I was fully clothed and no way she would do anything with my friends here. Especially since Sarah made her anger at being threatened quite clear.

Sarah sat on the other side of me on the teacher’s desk and Cat, Gina and Jen sat in student desks facing us. “So, what do you want Courtney?” I asked bitterly.

“What makes you think I want anything?” Courtney smiled. “Besides, wouldn’t you like to know how I know first?”

I was falling for whatever trap she was laying. “Sure Courtney, how do you know about it?”

“mmm direct, I like that Fitch.” She smiled and leaned back to look at the ceiling. “Lean back and I will tell you a story.”

I grumbled and leaned back, and Sarah did too. And here I was, clothed, but eating lunch laying on the desk. And the image of being naked was vividly restored to my mind. I looked over at Courtney and she winked at me. “I’m so glad you made the squad Carrie. I really wish you were still with us. We had so much fun together, didn’t we?” It was rhetorical, she did not wait for an answer.”

“Did you tell all your friends about the great times we had? I bet they would love to play some of the fun games we played too. I mean, you could play with them now that you aren’t a cheerleader anymore.” Her eyes were dangerous. Her words were terrifying. I was unable to speak.

“No?” Courtney asked disappointed. “Well, I suppose it was a little too crazy for this group. No matter. Okay, about the bus!”

And Courtney went on to tell an elaborate tale that could have ended in thirty seconds with “Farin saw you doing it.” But, no, Courtney wanted a long drawn out story about how she had forgotten her lucky socks in the bus and Farin had left her favorite anklet and so Farin went back to get them when the game was slow.

She didn’t seem to be lying. Clearly, we had egged, and toilet papered and scattered the contents of their bags throughout the inside of the bus and wrote some unpleasant words on the outside of the bus. It wasn’t terribly inspired work, but Rebecca had tripped me in school the day before in front of a lot of people and a teacher was there before I could damage her face. So, I admittedly, acted childishly.

“Who else knows?” I asked with a huff.

“Everyone knows Carrie. That is why I’m telling you. They have been holding off revenge for a long time. And now, with you not being on the team and the way Rebecca despises you, well, I would just watch my back ladies. Believe, I am not a tattle tale. Although I suppose this meeting was. Hmm. Well, you got me, I guess I do share secrets.”

“So, just as a friend, watch out for each other. I doubt they will include Julie. If they do, she won’t know it’s you or she will feel very pressured, you know that of course Fitch. But if you see them coming together in groups of three or more and you are alone? I would turn and duck them if you can.”

“Thanks, I guess.” I tried to sound pleased that she told us.

“Well, maybe you could talk it over with Rebecca and she will let bygones go, but I’d do something soon before it is too late. It will be terribly humiliating for you all. Anyway, you know I like you Carrie, I’ll help where I can.” And she mouthed the words ‘if you eat naked tomorrow’ and smiled her most devilish smile.

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