Joan Takes Charge Ch. 16

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[This is a chapter in a series; it will make more sense if you read the earlier chapters first, but you need not do that to enjoy it. This story does involve both bodily excretory functions, including menstruation, and some significant disciplining, so if any of that bothers you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or over.]


Ralph and his cousin Molly found themselves spending more time together. Fortunately, they didn’t go to the same school, but they both were 18 and seniors, so they were able to coordinate their schedules. They did have to be careful because both Ralph’s mom, Janet, and her sister, Molly’s mother, Ralph’s Aunt Kay, were intent on making certain that the two 18-year-olds did not engage in intimacy.

Ralph was frequently spanked by Janet, and Molly endured an even sterner regime set by Kay. Kay had learned that Molly had been intimate with some boys who were in her classes, so she supervised her closely. She had not learned about Molly’s liaison with Ralph, because that had occurred at Janet’s house and Kay had not been present, nor had Janet.

Molly was coming into her own sexually at 18. She had a marvelous figure and a fantastic face. She had been letting only a couple of her male classmates get intimate with her, and found she loved being felt up—from her blossoming firm tits to her tight quim. If having it off with her cousin Ralph was wrong, she could care less, especially since she adored Ralph’s major-league cock and the way his thrusting turned her on.

They had grown up together. Janet and her sister Kay never realized that Molly had watched Ralph being spanked and Ralph had stared between Molly’s legs when she was being taken across her mom’s lap. They teased each other but when they were together alone after being disciplined, they began to check each other out. One afternoon at her house, when they were home alone, their mothers still being at work, Molly decided to let Ralph come into the bathroom and watch her pee.

As he watched, amazed at how different girls did it from him, he asked Molly if he could pee between her legs. He unzipped his fly and aimed right in the opening at the front of the seat, so his pee stream went into the bowl without hitting her hairy cunt. (She only began shaving down there a little later.)

Once she was at his house and suddenly said she had to go into the bathroom. Ralph followed and found Molly crying on the toilet, her panties down and with a major red stain in the crotch.

“Ralph, this is serious, I just got my period,” she said, “can you find a tampon or pad in your mom’s closet?”

“She keeps them right in the bathroom closet, Moll,” Ralph answered, trying to deal with his first encounter with a real live girl menstruating.

He opened the door to the bathroom closet and saw a big Tampax box and a smaller one with Always on it that had what looked to be maxipads. He told Molly and she asked him to get her one of each. She had lost her reticence at disclosing her period quickly and wiped her quim clean and then carefully inserted the tampon into her vaginal opening, withdrawing the applicator and flipping it into the trash bin, which had a movable lid. Then she took the pad and put it in the crotch of a fresh pair of white panties, wrapping its wings around the outside of the crotch. She had taken off the blood-stained panties and now slipped the ones with the pad on and pulled them securely around her midsection.

Molly became less and less enamored of Kay’s relentless supervision. But despite Molly’s resistance, which was becoming more pronounced, Kay would make her pull down her panties when she came home from a date so Kay could see if there were any suspicious cum stains in the panty crotch. Molly naturally was finding this insulting and obnoxious. Kay in fact had eased off after Molly proceeded during one of these intimate inspections on the toilet to pull her labia open and say nastily to her mother: “Here, I’ll hold my cunt open so you can stick your finger up me and see if I’ve been fucking anyone.”

Kay did proceed to take Molly across her lap and give her a very severe spanking, but the incident upset Kay enough so that she agreed to stop making Molly pull down her panties to be checked out. Kay complained to Janet that Molly was getting out of control and that was when Janet thought about taking Ralphie to Andrea’s again for a refresher spanking and training; she mentioned it to Kay and suggested that this might also be helpful to her in dealing with Molly. Kay figured this might begin to restrain Molly before she became totally promiscuous.

Janet was aware of Kay’s concerns but was more worried about Ralphie’s problems at school. Kitty Merrivale had almost failed him because he acted up in class and in that instance, had been looking up all of the girls’ skirts. This was not his only time when he misbehaved. Kitty had spoken to other teachers who were not as intent as Kitty was to let parents know about bad student conduct; these teachers Bostancı Escort confirmed her experience with Ralph, so his tendency to misbehave was generally known among the faculty.

Janet now told Kay she would arrange for both Ralph and Molly to visit Andrea and Joan to receive some needed disciplining. Janet told her sister about her experience in spending time with the well-off Joan and her siblings at their sumptuous house. Janet even admitted to Kay that there had been a good deal of intimacy—involving both sex and discipline—on her part and that Kay might be both spanked and fucked.

Kay’s face showed her surprise and embarrassment about even discussing these matters, but she told Janet that this might not be a bad idea.

“I realize that Molly, despite all my supervision, has been having sex already,” Kay said plainly, “so perhaps it would be good for her to learn from women closer to her age than we are about the importance of protection and contraception. I have had her get birth control pills, by the way, and she says she is taking them.”

Janet figured it was better that she not describe whatever she knew about Ralph’s sexual experience. She knew that he had had sex with Emily, Joan’s sister, and the next time with Joan herself; she was totally embarrassed and wouldn’t even think about the plain fact that she had had sex then with him, too.

She contacted Andrea, who was her friend although almost 25 years younger. Andrea and her husband-to-be Ken, who was Joan’s brother, had made Janet’s time visiting them quite amazing, because they did spank her but also made love to her and left her totally wanting more. She was still a bit wary of Joan, because although Joan was the youngest of four siblings, she had been empowered by her mother’s will to run the house and also to discipline everyone who lived her at her discretion, including the several staff that the family employed.

Andrea was pleased to hear from her, and that Janet wanted to come over again, accompanied by her sister, son, and niece, and stay for a few days. The house was huge and had plenty of room for visitors to each have their own room, usually with ensuite bathroom. Each sibling had a commodious set of rooms, too. Downstairs, some of the staff lived in, so there was always someone to call on.

They all arrived on a Friday afternoon when there was a school holiday for several days at the start of the next week. Andrea welcomed them and was her usual generous and warm self in chatting and asking questions of the two younger people, demonstrating a real interest in them. After a while, she told Ralph and Molly that they would be going to spend some time with Joan and that Andrea would keep the two sisters, Janet and Kay, occupied.

Molly had heard a little about Joan and was a bit worried, because she knew Joan was a true disciplinarian. Andrea confided in her that Joan might indeed spank her but that her future sister-in-law was a very loving person who would show her things no one else might know how to teach her.

Ralph and his cousin arrived in Joan’s very large master suite and were welcomed by the petite but very assertive Joan herself, still clad in her navy suit and crisp blouse, hose, and pumps that she had worn to her office that day. This made Joan seem older than her age of 24, and quite sophisticated.

She thanked Andrea, who then departed, and offered both of her guests drinks and had Rachel, her personal maid, bring in some canapes as well. The drinks were not stiff, although they were alcoholic. It was summer and Joan enjoyed a gin-and-tonic. She explained to Ralph and Molly that being able to drink and stop after one was an important skill to develop.

“I understand that you two are here, however, because you have been naughty,” she announced after they had all relaxed a bit over their drinks. Molly looked upset but Joan calmed her, saying that she had learned that everyone needed some discipline to get their life straight.

Joan told her how her own mother had disciplined her and her siblings often. “You have to learn to take it before you can be good at giving it,” she explained. “I’m now mostly in the giving department,” she added with confidence. Ralph said that he still hadn’t gotten to like being spanked by anyone.

Joan then told them both that they were going to be spanked by her but that after that, they would likely enjoy what would come next. Molly decided to keep cool because she hoped Joan’s spanking wouldn’t be as hurtful—both physically and emotionally—as Kay’s punishments were.

“Ralph,” Joan began, “I’m informed that you are still misbehaving at school and that your teachers are writing notes to your mother about how naughty you are.” She waved away his aborted efforts to answer the charge and diminish its significance. Then she told him to unbuckle his belt, unzip and unbutton his trousers, pull down his undershorts, and get across her lap.

The speed with which he complied with Joan’s orders surprised Ümraniye Escort Molly, who was unaware then that Ralph had previously had it off with Joan. She was impressed with Joan’s ability to command, despite being a petite redhead who was admittedly well-dressed and had what appeared to be a natural air of being in charge. Molly was now staring at her cousin’s bottom as he lay across Joan’s lap. Joan was already spanking his bottom cheeks alternately, gradually increasing the speed and the intensity of the spanks.

As his bottom got redder, Joan started using her wooden hairbrush. She also was now using her finger, which started at the base of Ralph’s scrotum and then moved up that sac and his shaft to the glans and tip of his penis. Molly noticed that Ralph’s cock was now erect and hard. Joan had him stand before he lost control and spurted on her lap. Then she led him to a table and told him to grasp the other side and keep his legs well apart.

She returned with a thin, whippy yellow cane. She tested its flexibility by swinging it with a swish through the air. Then she lay it across his red bottom and flicked it with her wrist twice to impart two stinging strokes in rapid succession. Ralph let out a scream and pleaded that it hurt a lot. Molly was certain that it did, but she found herself wanting to see Joan give Ralph more, even though she knew she would likely receive similar treatment.

Joan did proceed to give Ralph “six of the best” and then “gated” his bottom by applying two strokes diagonally across the six earlier ones. This did lead to some extended screaming and tears from Ralph. Joan then told him he could get up and go sit on the soft cushion she had placed on a chair.

“Ralph,” she said sternly, “I don’t want to hear about you getting little notes home from teachers about your looking up skirts. You’re getting too old for behaving like a little boy.”

Having suitably chastened Ralph, she then summoned Molly with her index finger.

Molly was very fearful now, but she did what Joan had gestured at her to do. She stood in front of the diminutive Joan and stayed still while Joan rucked up her short skirt and told her to hold it up above her waist. Then she unceremoniously pulled Molly’s little white panties down to her knees and told her to get across Joan’s lap.

Joan then began to spank her and tease her in a way similar to how she had stimulated Ralph. She ran her finger through Molly’s legs, pressing into the furrow there as Molly was reacting both to Joan’s finger pressing on her labia and clit while her other hand was spanking her bottom with heightened intensity. Joan even insinuated her finger into Molly’s cute little bottom-hole, which was a completely new experience for Molly. She felt she would probably orgasm soon, but Joan recognized that, too, and stopped the spanking and the fingering.

Ralph found watching Molly get spanked to be fascinating. He had fucked her but now he had a much clearer view of his cousin’s cunt and bottom-hole; he realized he was getting entranced by seeing female anatomy up close.

Joan had Molly sit on another soft cushion on a chair and then sweetly told them both that they had taken their discipline well so she would reward them. She knew that they had very limited sexual experience, so she walked them into her impressive bedroom adjoining the sitting room where they had been spanked.

Once there, she invited them to help her shed her clothing. Ralph unbuttoned her blouse and removed it while Molly proceeded to unhook and remove Joan’s bra. Joan had tits that were perfectly proportioned to her petite size, and she enjoyed having both Ralph and Molly caress and admire them.

Joan unzipped and slipped off her skirt and flipped off her pumps. She then efficiently rolled her hose down and off.

Molly was impressed by Joan’s prominent chest and her willingness to display it in front of them. Even though Joan was only six years older than both Ralph and her, Molly looked at Joan’s lovely pale lime lingerie, featuring both a lacy bra and panties with decorative lace, and felt Joan was quite advanced compared to her in terms of womanly sophistication. Of course, Molly thought, Joan was quite well-off as the plush condition of the enormous house she ruled indicated.

Molly smiled as she looked at Joan and then Joan told them both to get comfortable, by which she meant for them to strip down. Molly already had her panties at her knees and Ralph’s shorts had been pulled down as well. They took off the rest of their clothing and placed the items neatly on a sideboard in Joan’s bedroom.

Meanwhile, Joan slowly lowered her pretty panties and both Molly and Ralph gaped at her beautifully trimmed pubes and her charming pussy nestled beneath her redhaired mons veneris.

Joan realized that the spanking and her finger had made Molly quite wet and left Ralph on the edge of spurting. Happily nude, she lay in the middle of the large comfortable bed and beckoned Anadolu Yakası Escort the two to lie on either side of her. She had them both position themselves on their backs. Then Joan moved so she was above and facing Ralph, with her well-trimmed quim right over his face. As she lowered herself on to his face, she knew that Ralph would begin to lick her spread labia, which glistened with her vaginal juices.

Ralph enjoyed licking her cunt because he loved the sweet taste of her femininity. He also liked the way she began to react by moving her bottom around and he was able to play with her sizeable tits until the nipples became erect. Joan then told him she wanted him inside her and he moved back on the bed so his hard cock was positioned right below Joan’s quim. She reached down and guided it into her hot tunnel and her vaginal walls tightened around his member.

Now Ralph was afraid that he would cum too soon, but Joan urged him to move in and out of her and to remain outside when he felt his internal pressure to cum rising. She knew he would not be able to control his ejaculation for very long, but she felt he was performing nicely. In a few more minutes, she let him cum inside her as she was ready and came herself very shortly afterward.

She drew herself up from being above Ralph to going next to him to place her face between Molly’s legs and start licking Molly’s shaved pussy. Molly was not used to feeling a talented tongue like Joan’s in her most sensitive places, so she started bucking from the excitement and Ralph looked on, fascinated by her arousal. He felt himself getting hard again as he stared at Molly’s glistening lower lips.

Joan then beckoned him with her finger to go ahead and get atop Molly, holding himself over her frame but not lying on her as his arms held him above her. Joan took his hard cock and slipped it right into Molly’s sopping vagina. Now Ralph knew what to do, moving in and out in his thrusting as Molly seemed lost in paroxysms of excitement. Even though, he and Molly had fucked, usually quickly and with little feeling, Ralph had not previously experienced having sex with a woman so turned on and roaring with desire.

Molly clasped her arms around him. Her blonde hair was wet too, now, and shook as she moved her head in rhythm with Ralph’s moving in and out of her. She had never been so cranked and was too engaged to be able to think about anything. It wasn’t long before the youthful Ralph exceeded his extended time before spurting, time he had gained by his first coitus with Joan.

He felt his orgasm rising through his cock and then he thrilled as he felt it surge out of him into Molly’s waiting cunt. She exploded in orgasm after orgasm, until she seemed to expire out of sheer sexual exhaustion. They both looked as if they would fall asleep or otherwise just pass out.

Joan moved back next to them and helped Ralph to dismount and return to lying beside her. He started to hold and kiss her by way of thanking her for this incredible time where he got to enjoy being inside her and then fuck the combustible Molly who drained everything he had left in him.

Joan had Ralph lift Molly’s legs and hold them up. Ralph was struck by the beauty of seeing Molly’s quim in this position and then behind it was her delicate little puckered bottom-hole. Joan told Ralph to keep holding her legs up as Molly had lost all sense of propriety and exulted in displaying her sopping cunt and pretty anal star to them both.

Joan was now standing next to them and it was Molly’s turn to feel the sting of her cane on her bottom as it was held in the diaper position.

Joan teased Molly between giving her crisp stinging strokes by poking the cane lightly along Molly’s puffed-up labia and grazing her prominent clit with the cane’s tip. Molly was too wound up even to scream at the stinging strokes as Joan flicked the little cane with her wrist and red stripes appeared on Molly’s alabaster bottom. After the second stroke, though, Molly started to feel the cane’s sting and she made much more noise. The walls of the mansion contained it all.

Joan moved the cane back and gently slipped the tip into Molly’s puckered anal rosette. Molly reacted with excitement, but Joan withdrew the cane’s tip after a very short stay inside Molly’s anus.

Finally, she ended the castigation and told Ralph and Molly that she needed some oral attention from them. She lay back on the bed with her legs spread and her lovely trimmed bush looming above her own smooth labia and clit poking out from between them at the top of her slit. Ralph began to lick her and then Molly asked to be able to suck her pussy. She got between Joan’s legs and applied her tongue to exciting Joan. Joan was now quite aroused, and she reached into the night table and withdrew a huge pink dildo which she handed to Molly, directing her to insert it nice and slowly into her needy cunt.


While Joan was both punishing and having sex with both Molly and Ralph, their mothers were in Andrea’s rooms first having tea and pastries with her. Andrea was a gracious hostess, being more outgoing than her fiancé Ken or any of his three sisters. Her gorgeous blonde hair made her charm even more overpowering. She had Janet and Kay literally eating out of her hand.

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