Joanna Goes For Training Ch. 02

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Later that same night Joanna seeks out Sam and thanks her for organising such a wonderful evening. Sam kisses her full on the lips in front of those that are left and they hug tightly.

“I’m so glad you had a good time. Mike has not been to one of our nights before. I did the checks like I do with all the men. He’s been married a few years but that won’t stop him seeing you again. Did he leave you his number?”

“I forgot to ask in all the excitement. You’re such a bad influence on me. I used to be a respectable married woman.”

“It’s not wrong when your hubby approves. What was it like? I can give you his number at the next session if you want him again. Is hubby picking you up?”

“Yes, Colin’s on his way. I didn’t know fucking could be so fantastic. I do want to see Mike again but I’ll see if Colin’s agreeable.”

“Just tell him and see how he reacts. Colleen’s a push over, now, isn’t she? Start calling her by her female name. She loves it when I use it.”

Joanna can’t stop herself from laughing at this. She loves her hubby but has to admit he’s developing into a bit of a wimp these days. She has an idea, thinking it may improve his self-confidence a little.

As she gets into the car, her face shining with happiness, Colin doesn’t need to ask. He saw the text of her standing next to a naked man in one of the bedrooms. She has the look of a well fucked woman. It’s happened. He’s got mixed feelings but can’t deny the stiff rod be-tween his legs.

Joanna chats away excitedly all the way home describing her night out without any trace of embarrassment.

“He’s so handsome and masculine, darling.” She exclaims. “He’s got a big cock and knows how to use it.”

“I expect you’ll want to see him again.” Colin says thinking sadly that it’s a long time since he was allowed to penetrate his wife. Inexplicably this thought causes his penis to strain against the frilly panties he’s wearing. He finds denial arousing for some reason. There must be something wrong with him.

“Yes, sweetie, Sam will give me his phone number next Monday night at the class unless I’ve changed my mind. Then I’ll ring him and ask for a date.”

“You’ll want to get to know him better. Maybe take him out to a restaurant and then bring him back to the house afterwards.”

Joanna likes the idea of Colin watching Mike doing her but isn’t sure what her lover will think about it.

“We’ll see sweetie. The rooms we used were all set up with video equipment which switched on automatically as we went in. So, you’ll get a chance to see us fucking. Sam be-lieves that the hubbies need to experience exactly what their wives have gone through. She says it is good for them, especially the girly men. Deep inside a girly man’s psyche is a need to know what it’s like to be fucked by a real man. You can put yourself in my shoes watching me enjoying a proper fucking. You can get great satisfaction from it. She wants us to watch it together as much as possible but you can also watch it on your own as often as you like.”

Colin nods his head. They are now turning into the drive of their house. He doesn’t go along with Sam’s reasons for providing a film of Joanna’s adultery. He just knows he wants to see it.

It’s still early but by common consent the couple retire to bed early.

“I’ve been thinking and have decided to give you a special treat tonight sweetie.”

Joanna, naked, bends over the bed with her back to him sticking her bare bottom up high and opening her legs nice and wide.

“Why don’t you fuck me doggy style sweetie. Come on, give me a good rodgering for once. I know you’ve missed it haven’t you?”

Colin can hardly believe it. He’s stood in the panties he wears for bed and nothing else. Without speaking he pulls them down and enters her reaching for her tits to give him lever-age. His cock slips into her easily as she’s still aroused from earlier. He’s already masturbated earlier so he’s able to hold off from spurting for a good few minutes savouring the feelings as he pushes in and out slowly whilst he’s pinching Joanna’s nipples.

“That’s it pinch them harder, treat me roughly, I’m your naughty wife whose been with another man, treat me like the slut that I am.”

Colin tries his best to pretend to be someone he’s not. He knows he’ll never be able to com-pete with alpha males like Mike. He increases the speed of his thrusting and squeezes hard on her nipples.

“I’m pretending you’re Mike sweetie. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all, I’ll take it as a compliment.” His rigid member begins to get very sensitive and soon he’s spurting into his naughty wife’s hole.

Despite his best efforts Joanna has not orgasmed. She moves onto her back and opens her legs wide.

“He used a condom sweetie so there’s only your sperm up there tonight. Sam says if he be-comes my regular fuck buddy it’ll be okay to let him take me bareback. Do your duty dear, good girl. Colin takes his time, giving her the orgasms she always experiences on his tongue. Her sivas escort cunt is quite different gaping wider than he’s seen it before. He expects it will gradually shrink back to what he regards as it’s normal size but wonders if his wife will expect bigger cocks from now on. He knows most women prefer the larger sized version.

“Sam wants me to call you Colleen from now on. You know I always do what Sam tells me don’t you?”

Colin still has his mouth full. He manages a grunting noise which Joanna correctly interprets as acceptance.

The next day Joanna is wondering if her Colleen will be willing to take her feminisation a step further. After all she sees herself as a girly man and accepted wearing panties without complaint. The two of them are about the same height so whilst Colleen is out at work, she sorts through her wardrobe to find suitable items for her hubby to wear.

“Colleen, why don’t you slip out of your nasty work clothes and put on something more comfortable?” Joanna says as her hubby walks through the door. “I’ve found a few pretty things in my wardrobe I thought you might like.”

Colin smiles and nods his acceptance. He’s already tried on items from that wardrobe on occasions in the past when Joanna was out of the house. He’s always carefully put them back where he’s found them. Dressing up never fails to result in a rigid member. It’s even better to do it with Joanna’s full approval. He strips off and gets into the shower using a razor and shaving cream to shave his legs.

With Joanna’s help Colin is quickly kitted out in tights, bra, short skirt and strappy top. Joanna combs his long hair into a more feminine style and adds bright red lipstick to complete the effect. It’s agreed that from now on hubby will be en femme every evening as a matter of course. Over time they buy enough items so that it is not necessary for Colin to borrow from his wife.

The next session on a Monday night arrives. Joanna is given Mike’s phone number. The other women share their feelings about the previous week. Most had fucked one of the men and they all spoke in positive terms. A couple had not told their husbands. Sam explains why it is essential for their partners to know what has happened.

“You are entering a new phase in your marriage. Let him know. You are showing him that you are free. You may not want to do it again. But until he knows you have cuckolded him; he will always have the upper hand. Most men will accept it, some will even crave it.” Sam explains.

The rest of the women talk openly about their marriages. A large proportion have already begun to take charge in their marriage. Surprisingly with most of these couples the hubby allowed the infidelity, some with reluctance. Sexual relations have improved, most of the wives are now usually the ones to initiate sex. This is all in line with the earlier training sessions. This session discusses the use of spanking within a marriage and how a butt plug can help a wife to take more control of their hubby.

As soon as Joanna gets into her car to drive home, she is texting Mike. He replies immediately;

“Hi Jo, good to hear from you. Phone me at 9.15 tonight.” She’s a little disappointed not to get to speak to him now but had decided on a text aware that his wife might be with him.

She rings him at the appointed time as she sits next to Colleen on the sofa. She puts the phone onto speaker.

“Hello Mike, I enjoyed the other Monday very much. Can I see you again please?”

Her left hand reaches up Colin’s skirt. His cock is already stiff.

“I’d like that. Let’s meet for a meal tomorrow lunchtime. In town near where you work. Can you think of a suitable place? Don’t worry, it’ll give us a chance to chat. We can do the other another time.”

“Okay, the Lantern does nice meals. See you at 1

pm? But I can’t wait for more of the other.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t have long. We’ll fix something up when I see you.”

After the call Joanna is excited. “His voice sends shivers down my spine,” she tells Colin.

“I need your mouth sweetie. Lie on your back on the carpet, good girl.”

Joanna gets astride his head and lowers herself down, her cunt on Colin’s face.

She sighs with satisfaction.

“Whilst you’re making me happy Sam has asked me to tell you about a new group she’s starting on Tuesday nights for husbands. She’s not sure how successful it will be so there’s no extra charge for men whose wives are attending on Mondays. I told her you will go. She needs our support. She wants you to attend in your female clothing.”

This brings a grunt from Colin. He’s unable to speak but doesn’t like what he’s hearing. He expects Joanna will make him go and doesn’t like to challenge her. He wonders idly if he can get Joanna to promise more penetration if he cooperates. Joanna loves the domination involved in face sitting, enjoying two orgasms before easing herself off her feminised hubby.

The next day she’s sitting çorum escort with her lover on a low settee in The Lantern café. Mike has a regular night out with his mates on a Friday night. They play darts and have a few drinks. He asks Joanna for a date on the next Friday.

“If Helen ever asks my mates will confirm I was out with them. I’d do the same for them if necessary.”

“Okay, why don’t you come around to mine darling? I’ve been completely open with my hubby. He told me about the group and has encouraged me every step of the way. He’s one of those men who wants his wife to fuck other men.”

“Some men are so reckless with their wives, aren’t they? I’ve taken advantage of another man’s strange fantasy once before; with Helen’s sister would you believe. My brother-in- law told me proudly his wifey is a hot wife. Then he fixed me up with her whilst he was away on a course. I did her regularly for a few months mainly with him watching, pulling on his little dick. She’s seeing an African American guy now, loving his black cock apparently. Helen knows and likes to discuss all the details with me as a preliminary to our sexual activities. It seems her sister’s hubby is no longer allowed to fuck his wife.”

“Does your Helen know you did it with her sister?”

“If she does, she’s never let on to me. She knows I’ve got a wandering eye and like to chat up women. She lacks confidence and never complains when I flirt with her friends. Helen’s very straitlaced and inhibited about sex herself. But it’s like she’s living her life vicariously through her sister. She’s so turned on about her affair with a black man. It means I’m getting more sex with my wife than I’ve had for years.”

“That’s good for you but will you have enough energy to give me what I want from you?”

Mike grins. “She still thinks once a fortnight is quite often enough for us.”

Joanna thinks about her bedroom antics with Coleen realizing how lucky she is. And now she has a lover on top of that!

On the following Friday Mike rings the bell at their house not really knowing what to expect. He thinks he’s in the wrong house when a woman he’s never met before answers the door.

“You must be Mike.” She says. Understanding dawns as soon as he hears Colin’s male voice.

“And you must be Colleen.” He looks the cross dresser straight in the eye and makes sure there’s a sneer in his voice and facial expression. “Joanna said she was married to a sissy. That’ll be why she’s invited me round since you’re clearly not up to it.”

“Yes. sir. Please come in.” Colin finds he’s enjoying Mike’s superior attitude. Of course, he’s entitled to look down on him. Joanna’s invited him into their house to fuck her. The humiliating feelings wash over him in waves. His penis is already stiff in his pink frilly panties.

“Sit down sir. Can I get you a drink? Joanna won’t be long. She’s just finishing getting ready.”

Getting ready for me? Mike thinks. Getting all dolled up is a bit pointless if I’m going to strip off all her clothes in a few minutes.

“Get me a gin and tonic if you’ve got one.”

Colin feels embarrassed and uncomfortable standing there in front of Mike and scurries off to do his bidding hoping his erection isn’t too obvious.

Whilst Colin’s in the kitchen Joanna comes downstairs. She’s dressed as if for bed in a thin diaphanous pink dressing gown with a see-through nightie of similar material showing around her neck and chest. Her breasts are on display and Mike looks at them approvingly and at her dark stockings.

He greets her with a kiss on the lips.

“I see you’re dressed for bed, a vision of loveliness as always.” He says.

“Thank you.” She curtsies nicely. “I’m dressed for the bedroom but not for sleeping.” Joanna says unable to avoid blushing.

“Colleen’s getting me a drink. What do we do with her?”

“I think she’d like to watch.” She pauses, deep in thought. “I don’t know about you but I want her to learn her place. Let’s keep her out of the bedroom, at least this time.”

“That suits me fine.”

“I’ll send her down into the cellar. It’s cold and damp but she’ll probably like it that way. I’ve been discovering her masochistic tendencies over these last few weeks.”

Colin is standing out of sight at the door listening in to most of this conversation. He clears his throat as he brings Mike’s drink in. Their conversation has done nothing to reduce his arousal. He reflects that Joanna’s comments are spot on.

“Can I get you a drink, dear?” He says.

“Get me a glass of wine and bring the bottle through. After that we can look after ourselves. Go down the cellar whilst my friend is here. I’ll let you know when he’s gone.”

“Okay, no problem.” He had been hoping to see it for real but has been able to watch the video of their first coupling. He’s watched it several times already.

Even on the floor below Colin can hear Joanna’s noisier orgasms. He wonders if Mike will be denizli escort calling at the house every Friday from now on. He thinks about buying a fan heater for the cellar. Mike leaves at 10.30pm.

Joanna drags him upstairs into their bedroom. The bed is in disarray with a large damp patch in the middle.

“Take all your clothes off apart from your panties Colleen. I need a quick shower. You can get on the bed and have a go at licking where my juices are. As you can see, I’ve had a wonderful time. Needless to say there’ll be no fucking tonight, he’s made me sore but it’s such a wonderfully sore feeling.

Colin climbs on the bed after undressing and sticks his head in the wet patch. The smell of sex is strong but he enjoys licking the juices up basking in the feelings of humiliation. He notices there are a few whitish deposits.

Joanna grins when she sees what he’s doing. She crawls into bed naked.

“We didn’t bother with a condom sweetie. Mike’s convinced me it’s safe. There’s a lot of spunk inside me and it’s not yours.”

Colin takes his time, relishing this part of his initiation into cuckolding. As he takes Joanna’s clitoris into his mouth and gently sucks it, some of the semen is drawn through his teeth making a slurping sound. This signals Joanna’s first orgasm and, as he gulps down more and more of Mike’s sperm, the orgasms continue with his naughty wife bucking and rearing beneath his skillful tongue. He’s swallowed his own sperm from Joanna before. Mike’s is different, thicker, saltier and stronger tasting. It’s humiliating drinking another man’s cum, the result of her infidelity but it’s part of being a cuckold, part of his fantasy he’d often masturbated to in the past. Unexpectedly he really enjoys the taste.

“Wow, that was great Colleen. There must be something about getting hubby to do clean up that gets me off. How was it for you?”

“Yes, I liked it, very much, I don’t know why.”

The following Tuesday it’s the start of the men’s group. Surprisingly Joanna has accepted his terms. She knows he doesn’t want to attend the group.

“Okay Colleen, I’ll allow you to fuck me about once a month if you’ll agree to go. I can’t let Sam down. I promised her you’d go. She’d not had a very good response. You will go dressed, won’t you?”

“Yes dear, it’ll be my first time outside the house. At least it’s dark early at this time of year. I hope the neighbours don’t notice.”

“Hopefully Sam will help you understand and accept your life now. That’s what this group is about.”

He arrives in his car outside Sam’s house and hurries in, hoping there’s no one around. He’s the first to get there.

“Hello Colleen, come on through and take a seat. I know this is difficult for you. Will you stay back at the end when we can talk just one to one?”

“Okay Ma’am, if that’s what you want.”

Two other men come in, both looking very nervous. It’s evident that that’s all that are expected.

“All three of you have wives who are attending the women’s group. I’ve decided your wives will benefit from some reinforcement of their training. You are having to make some quite major adjustments to your lives and need the support of a men’s group. Are you willing to talk about your marriages?

Colin nods and notices that the others are nodding their agreement.

“I’ve noticed that weaker men, uncomfortable with the usual expectations that they are the ones in control secretly crave change but find it difficult to explain their feelings to their wives. They search out pornography that depicts women taking control and masturbate about it. Is this ringing any bells?” She looks at the three men. Colin nods but the other two look down, avoiding eye contact. She continues.

“They find it exciting to imagine that they themselves are women and if their wives take on a more traditionally masculine role it excites them. I know I’m talking to three people who are responding to these specific pressures in their marriages based on what their wives tell me in the group. So, it’s okay, you can relax, you are amongst friends.”

She can see that her words have had an effect. David and Derek now have their heads up and seem a little more relaxed.

“David and Derek, you can see Colleen has taken a more significant step in that direction. I’m told that you are both wearing women’s panties. Am I right?”

The two men nod their heads, both look embarrassed.

“Well done. I’m so pleased. And am I right in thinking that you are all willing cuckolds? This time I want you to answer out loud. Say Yes Ma’am or No Ma’am.”

There’s a pause then each man replies “Yes, Ma’am.” Colin feels his face heating up.

“That’s fantastic, confessing this important change in your marriage to me, a stranger to you will help you internalise and better come to terms with your new life. The genie is out of the bottle isn’t it, so don’t expect that your sex life can go back to how it was. It may be difficult but I want each of you to talk honestly about your relationship with your wife. She’s now wearing the trousers, isn’t she? You are wearing the panties. I congratulate you for your flexibility. So many beta males are too scared to go down the route you are taking. I want these sessions to help you to settle into your new role. David, can you start us off?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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