Jogging Surprise 2

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April Oneil

Hold his nose so his mouth opens, I wanna piss in his mouth.

I was on my knees, my jogging shorts around my ankle, one large African American man had his knee in my back and my arms twisted out and back like a surf board. Another grabbed me around my jaw with one hand and squeezed and with his other hand he pinched my nose so the only way I could breathe was through my open mouth. He held my head straight facing the head of a large black dick near my lips. Don’t piss on my hands nigger, he laughed. The one in front of me put the head of his cock on my tongue and said here it comes and he let loose a forceful stream of pee into the back of my mouth which I had to swallow of choke on it. His stream seemed endless I kept gulping down his salty urine in small gulps while the others chuckled. When his stream finally stopped he wiped the head of his massive cock across my face leaving drops of his pee on my lips and under my nose.

The one holding my jaw said now me and they switched positions and again my mouth was forced open by squeezing my jaws and my nose was held shut and the 2nd pissed his stream into my mouth and again I swallowed it all in small gulps. Man, this is so cool the other one said, you next? But the one holding my arms declined saying I want this bitch’s white ass I’m so hard and he released my arms shoving me forward onto the floor where Sex hikayeleri I stayed on all 4’s catching my breathe and licking the urine off of my lips. He likes it, one said. I didn’t, I thought to myself.

The one behind me was now on his knees behind me with his cock in his hand spitting on it to get it wet before he shoved it up my ass. He’d raped me before so I knew what was coming, so to speak. The one in front said want me to hold him as he grabbed my hips and thrust his big black cock into my anus and said nah, he ain’t goin nowhere and slowly he worked his cock into my tight asshole. He pulled me back onto his cock and I felt it go straight up my ass and I felt my asshole quivering and trying to conform to this monster cock now fully inside me. He ground his cock all the way into me holding my hips close to him and moved me around on his cock, sweat pouring off of my forehead as he began to work it in and out of my asshole a little at a time then longer thrusts then full hard thrusts. Hold him still he panted and the 2 standing braced my arms at my shoulders as he fucked my ass as deep as he could with his huge cock, every now and then taking one big hand off of my hip and slapping me hard on my ass again and again. Ride ’em, man, ride ’em good one said, like he had to be told. Lookit his white ass turnin’ red. How did I get into this mess again, Sikiş hikayeleri I wondered? Why was I in here letting these black me rape me again? But on it went as he kept thrusting and they held me and my knees were being rubbed raw on the bare floor and my ass cheek was getting slapped hard now and again. This went on for awhile and finally he grasped my hips hard and groaned and panted and shot a huge load of cum into my ass, I could feel his cock inside me pumping me full of his cum. I could feel each pump and his load was huge spreading upward further inside me. When his cock stopped throbbing inside me he slowly pulled in out and gasped leggo a him and fell on top of me onto the floor him placing his elbow behind my neck pushing my face into the floor. We laid there on the floor for a few minutes him panting and me being squashed by his weight until he finally got off of me. Common bitch, now clean my dick you made it all dirty and I turned around still on my knees knowing what I had to do from the last tiem. I took his still big but now limp cock in my mouth and sucked the cum and shit off of it and then took it out of my mouth and licked it somemore to make sure it was clean to his liking.

The other ones who had pissed in my mouth said common we gotta be quick before boss comes back and I was laid on my back on a workbench. One took my legs Erotik hikaye and spread them open and raised them up and probed for my asshole with his dick taking my shorts off of my ankle and throwing them into a corner while the other stood next to my head, taking me behind my neck and placing his cock on my mouth for me to suck while the other fucked me in my ass. I had one big black cock up my ass and another I was holding on the thick shaft while I sucked it on the head, the workbench squeaking and moving with each hard thrust. The fucker came first shooting more warm cum up my white ass and eventually the one in my mouth shot his load down my throat. The fucker kept his cock in my ass holding me still until his buddy finished in my mouth and then he pulled me up and had me clean his cock with my mouth like I had done for the first one. When I was done cleaning off his cock with my mouth I sat up on the edge of the workbench and they just stood there in silence. I knew it was time for me to leave but one finally said beat it now bitch you had your fun. I srambled to the corner to get my jogging shorts, cum dripping out of my ass down the insides of my legs and as soon as I had them in hand I was pushed towards the door before I could get them on. Part of their amusement was pushing me out onto the street naked with my shorts in my hand so anyone watching or passing by would know that I had been having sex with the black workman (again).

On the street I put my shorts on quickly and headed for home, pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it to work today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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