Juicy Lucy!

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Authors note: Please give me feedback on my story positive or negative but if it is negative make it Constructive please. Thanks!

My name is Thomas Ford and I am a twenty five years old businessman, who is married with no kids.

A week ago I had to attend the wedding of my wife’s, brother in Kansas.

When my wife, Kelly and I arrived at the church for the ceremony my eyes fell on her mother, Lucy. I often fantasized about making love to Lucy, but I could not because of obvious reasons.

While my wife, Kelly was an attractive, brunette with big black glasses, She had a skinny boys body that could not compare with her mothers.

Kelly’s, mother Lucy was an extremely, gorgeous, fifty years old woman with a luscious mane of golden blonde hair and big ocean blue eyes.

Lucy was also seriously stacked with an awesome pair of forty six, Double G melons along with a slim waist, curvy hips, nice rounded ass and long dancer legs on a five foot seven frame.

Lucy worked at a health spa and I was lucky enough to see her in her working clothes which consisted of a tight white, tube top that said “Arnold’s Health Spa” written in black letters across her titanic chest with thong bikini bottoms wrapped around her shapely waist.

The sight of my voluptous mother in law wearing this caused me to immedietly pitch a huge, circus tent inside my pants which Lucy did not fail to notice.

Even though Lucy noticed my considerable hard on she did not say anything, After all I was married to her daughter but I did notice a slight smile on her face as she strutted by me.

My wife, Kelly failed to notice anything going on between her mother and I because she was too busy looking at the huge, health spa Lucy worked in. but I am sure Kelly was jealous of her hot mothers fantastic body.

Lucy’s husband had died of a heart attack a few years before. It was said that Lucy’s lovemaking was so passionate that her poor husband just keeled over, Seeing Lucy’s hot looks and body I did not doubt this story for an instant.

When Kelly and I arrived at the wedding Lucy was wearing a dress that made the most of her over- flowing bosom.

Lucy’s whopping jugs were just the way I liked them an I could hardly keep my eyes off of my foxy, mother in law, throughout the whole ceremony.

When the ceremony was over we all then went down the hall into a banquet area. The voluptous, Lucy was seated opposite me so I had a fantastic view of her great cleavage.

I think Lucy realized her mammoth mammaries had me like a fish on the line, as midway through the speeches I felt something on my leg.

It was Lucy’s bare stocking right foot rubbing the inside of my lower pant leg. Lucy then started to raise her foot higher as I saw her breathing harder, Her huge, boobs heaving.

Lucy then started to rub her foot against the inside of my thigh, I looked at her as she flashed me a sly smile.

I was sitting right next to my wife, Kelly so I could hardly make a suggestion. Fortunetly my wife was talking to one of her relatives and didn’t notice anything.

Lucy then flashed a huge, mega watt smile at me. Lucy’s smile was like the super-model Christie Brinkley’s smile in that it could light up a whole room.

“How are you enjoying the banquet,Tommy?” she asked.

“Fine, Mrs. Brooks.” I replied.

“Oh, please call me Lucy,” she shot back smiling.

“Ok, Lucy,” I responded returning her infectious smile.

I then saw Lucy look at all the banquet treats.

“Tommy, I see that the little square ones are pizza,the little round ones are caviar….and the big round ones are my tits!” Lucy teased giggling as she jiggled her whopping boobies at me and moved her foot up even ateşli gaziantep escort bayan higher till I felt her toes brushing against my enormous, fast rising cock.

Lucy then began to rub my cock back and forth with her talented toes as she tossed her head back, closing her eyes and moaning softly to herself.

I tell you my cock was getting so hard through all her teasing I shot her a meaningful look. I then excused myself saying that I had to go to the john.

I walked along the hallway outside and walked near the restrooms. If my mother in law, Lucy wasn’t just a pricktease I figured she would come out pretty soon.

I then took out a cigarette to smoke and just when I was about to go inside again thinking that Lucy was just a pricktease after all, I saw her walking sexily towards me.

“Hello, Tommy! did you like all my teasing in there?” she asked flirtatiously batting her eyes at me.

“Yes,Lucy I stammered very embarrased.

“Good Tommy, Now what do you think about this!” she responded as she wrapped her long slender arms around my neck and kissed me fully on the lips causing my cock to really strain my underwear.

“Great Lucy!” I answered sheepishly.

“It is good that you married my daughter, Kelly because she is a good woman and will make a good wife to you but I know you really have the hots for me!” Lucy said smiling.

“That is true!” I replied.

“I wan’t you to know Tommy, that I have the hots for you too!” she answered as she grabbed me in a tight embrace locking her lips against mine.

“That’s great to hear Lucy!” I replied smiling.

“If we are going to do anything we had better do it quick before anyone notices us.” Lucy said as I nodded my head in agreement.

Lucy then grabbed my hand and led me into the ladies room and into one of the stalls as she locked the door.

Lucy then pulled me close against her body as she put her tongue in my mouth. The instant she did this my young dick welled up like a helium balloon in my pants.

I then grabbed her giant melons and gave them a squeeze.

“Wow! you are one hot broad! Now let me see those fucking tits!” I commanded as I tugged her flowery pink dress down and yanked off her satin bra.

The instant I took off her bra Lucy’s breasts popped out happy to be free from their confining harness.

Lucy’s boobs were so immense they knocked me backwards a bit when I did this! I then latched my lips on her big right nipple and sucked as my already sizeable cock zoomed up even higher in my pants.

Lucy then helped me take off all my clothes as she then knelt down to suck me off. Lucy then put her boobs up to massage my balls as she blew me.

Man that felt soo good but before I blew my load I just had to fuck her as I then sat down on the toilet seat and guided Lucy on top of my lap.

When I was doing this Lucy quickly took her white, thong panties off and tossed them sexily to the side.

Lucy then fed me her slick cunt to my pulsating cock. Lucy then sat down on me till she was on me till the hilt.

I then carried on where I left off with her tits as she worked her snatch up and down my cock. We were trying so hard to be quiet but our loud grunts and groans must of been pretty bad.

Suddennly we heard the bathroom door open and someone walk inside the restroom and into a stall right next to us.

I then looked at at the next occupied stall and then back at Lucy. Lucy was sitting on my lap smiling at me.

Lucy’s gigantic, naked titties right smack in my face as I couldn’t resist grabbing a big, plump tit and sucking on her nipples making her moan pleasurably.

I bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan then heard the womans voice next door. Worse I recognized the voice of my wife, Kelly.

Kelly asked if that was her mother in the next stall. Thinking fast Lucy said that it was, explaining away all her moaning by saying she thought she ate something bad.

“OOhh, mother!” I hope that you will be ok!” Kelly said all concerned.

“I am sure I will be honey. I just ate something that didn’t agree with me that’s all.” she answered.

“Have you seen my husband Tommy, around?” Kelly then asked.

“No, honey, He probably went out for a smoke or something.” Lucy lied as she held her mouth tightly to keep from laughing out loud as her enormous, round, breasts shook mightily.

Thanks mom.” my wife then answered as she then flushed the toilet, washed her hands and left the ladies room.

Lucy and I were in great relief when Kelly left as we exchanged smiles.

Lucy then started to laugh loudly as her gigantic tits wobbled out of control.

“Tommy, you really owe me one great fuck after I lied my ass off for you like that!”

“Yes, I owe you ate least that!” I answered her as I grabbed her juicy, round, ass in my hands and started fucking her like crazy.

Lucy groaned with every thrust, Her titanic jugs bouncing up and down wildly as she came enormously over and over again.

I then rammed my cock deep inside of her cunt filling it up with come. Lucy then like a female bitch in heat grabbed my cock and sucked it off to another mighty erection.

Lucy then instructed me to get off the toilet seat as she then put the top down and knelt her body on it as she wiggled her shapely ass in my direction.

“Now bang my ass with all that you got baby. I just love it up the ass!” she cried excitedly as I then rammed my bull sized dong right up her super tight hole.

“Harder! Tommy! Harder!” she cried as I kept on ramming away.

“Yes! Baby! Yesss!” she continued to cry as I continued to ram her.

“Oh, god baby, You are hitting my spot, It feels sooo good!” Lucy cried as I felt her voluptous body stiffen as she came mightily again, again and again.

Seeing Lucy come so mightily triggered off my own orgasm as I came just as mightily inside of her.

I then told Lucy that we had better get back to the wedding as we quickly put all our clothes on as I arrived at the banquet table first.

It is amazing how creative you can be when your ass is on the line. I then spun my wife a story that I had gone out for a smoke, gotten confused on what hall the banquet was and then walked around aimlessly for awhile.

I figured my lie must of worked because my wife did not seem at all suspicious. A few minutes later Lucy appeared at the table pretending to still feel sick from the banquet food. Man was she a great actress.

“I think I am going to leave now you guys because I don’t feel at all well.” she said.

“Oh, mother can’t you stay longer? You are going to miss all the dancing?”” my wife asked very concerned.

“Oh, that’s ok. I just enjoyed the main event of the day anyway.” Lucy replied meaning all the hanky panky we had together as she gave me a secret wink my wife missed as she walked sexily away.

I still can’t believe I had gotten away with fucking my wife’s, gorgeous, blonde, stacked mother.

The fun was not over yet though because a few weeks later when I came home from work I saw my wife, Kelly sitting on the sofa next to her mother Lucy.

Lucy was wearing a spandex red mini-skirt, crossing her sexy, long legs, Her enormous,round melons straining the fabric gaziantep bayan escort with her big, plump nipples fully erect. Just seeing her this way caused my cock to stir in my pants as she and her daughter looked up at me smiling.

“Honey, I am going on my annual two week long business trip and I decided to surprise you by getting my mother down here to keep you company while I am gone!” Kelly said happily not knowing that she had played right into our hands by getting her mother with me for me to fuck!

“Ok, Kelly. That sounds like a good idea!” I replied as I waved to Lucy giving her a lustful look that she returned to me.

The very next day Lucy and I, drove my wife to the airport.

“You two have fun together. I will see you in two weeks.” Kelly said as she got out of the car and took off for her plane.

“Don’t worry we will!” Lucy and I said in unison as we tried not to laugh out loud. The moment Kelly was out of sight we took off down the road back towards my house. I could not wait to fuck my wife’s, sexy, mother again.

While I was driving back to my house I then felt Lucy’s hand descend on my lap giving me an instant hard on.

“What do you think of me sweetheart!” Lucy said sexily as she unzipped me fly.

“I think that you are a very exciting woman!” I shot back.

“Good. because I am about to excite the living hell out of you.” she said as she sprung my dick free and lowered her head and began sucking me off big time.

Dreams do come true. Being alone in your car while your sexy, mother in law, gives you a blow job. But just when I was about to come a police officer stopped us for speeding as we pulled over to the side of the road.

So instead of an explosion all I got was a mere fizzle.

When the cop came up to us Lucy quickly explained everything away that we were just lovers in heat and we were not watching the speedometer as it climbed higher and higher. I told you before that she was a great actress.

Once the cop got a good look at Lucy’s great looks and body all was forgotten as he gave us a quick warning and let us go. As soon as the cop let us go Lucy instructed me to pull into a darkened driveway.

When I pulled into the darkened driveway and stopped the car Lucy started to take off her clothes and instructed me to do the same. This was one crazy broad and I loved it!

Lucy then pulled off her pantyhose as she told me to get into the backseat.By the time Lucy got into the back she was completely naked,her humongous tits and juicy, pussy, quivering in anticipation, her legs spread open wide, as I joined her.

“See anything you like?” Lucy asked smiling.

“I see a lot I like!” I exclaimed happily as I drooled over her mind-boggling 46GG-22-36 physique as she tossed her head back and giggled uncontrollably making her super- voluptous body, quiver even more.

“Your bod is not bad either, Look at the size of that dong of yours,it’s growing bigger and bigger by the second.”

“OOHH, my god! It’s throbbing now!” Lucy continued on exclaiming in excitement as she watched my monster dong twitch.

“And can you blame it?” I asked making Lucy and I laugh heartily,As I then rode Lucy like a wild stallion with me on top and her on the bottom as we went at it like a couple of very, horny teen-agers.

“Ohh! Tommy,You are the absolute best lover. The creme de le creme!” she moaned as I massaged her massive mammaries while fucking her.

This time when I came….it was an absolute monster!

After all the sex we put our clothes back on and drove back to my house.

When we got back to the house though all our clothes were off again as I banged her all over my bed.

When Kelly came home we all arranged to have her mother, Lucy keep me company every time that Kelly had to go on one of her long business trips.

This arrangement suited us just fine especially, Lucy and I. My wife, Kelly still doesn’t know what is going on between her mother and I and I am not about to tell her because I am having too much fun fucking her gorgeous, super-stacked, blonde mother, Lucy!


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