Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 02

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Over the next few months Barry and I started to roll play. We copied the pictures that he had down loaded. I was the pantyhose clad girl, and Barry would be my rapist. We took photos with our digital camera and even videoed our sex games. The only trouble was Barry would cum so quick when we fucked afterwards.

On one of the occasions he was giving my clit a good seeing to. Then he just ripped a hole in my tights and slipped his cock in me.

“No not yet,” I moaned.

“I can’t wait,” he panted.

He came within a few seconds and then pulled out.

I sat frustrated and angry at him.

“Sorry Julie I just couldn’t hold on.”

I saw red at this.

“No you never bloody well can!” I yelled.

He looked up stunned at my outburst.

“Sorry would you like me to try again?”

God was he trying to piss me off?

Now from time to time I would lose it with my husband. I would say cruel things. Eventually we would drift back to normal, although most times he would apologise for something that really wasn’t his fault. More often than not his apology was accompanied by flowers or chocolates. But this had really pissed me off and I was going to let him know!

“Try again?” I said exasperated, “You’re a once a night man Barry.”

“Julie!” he said in shock.

“That’s the third time in a row you’ve come off before I’ve started.”

“OK I’ll do better next time.”

His words were bad enough, but he smiled, he actually fucking smiled!

Well let’s see if you’re still smiling when I’ve said what I was feeling I thought.

“Look we’ll try again tomorrow.”

“Oh would you?” I said in a condescending tone.

He pulled up his trousers.

“God I need to cum now!” I spat.

“Well, um.”

“Well um what Barry? Christ it’s just my luck to be married to a man who can’t hold on, that’s bad enough, but what did I do to deserve a husband with a 4 inch dick that’s no thicker than a bloody pencil?” I took a deep breath, “and switch that bloody video camera off,” I snapped wrestling with my ripped tights.

It took several weeks for us to get back to normal after my outburst. But I wasn’t going to say sorry despite how much I hurt his feelings. For some reason I looked at him in a new light. He never was Mr Macho but now he seemed to be a little withdrawn. He asked me if he could do this or that, and for some reason I felt good about being able to control him. I always made most of the decisions any way.

I tried out my new found increase of power one Sunday. I had a heavy period and Barry had arranged to play golf. His mate was outside blowing his bloody car horn which annoyed me.

“Where are you going?” I snapped at Barry with my arms folded.

“Well to play golf,” he answered like I was mad.

“I’d rather you didn’t today.”

“But, Julie you said I could, I mean the guys are waiting.”

I just looked him in the eye.

“Barry I’m heavy this month and I could do with you being around for me,” I added.

He came back from the car putting his jacket back on the hook.

God it worked!

“I’m going for a lie down, wake me up at 5 please.”

I knew what he was thinking.

I waited… No he didn’t have the guts to ask why he couldn’t play golf seeing I was going to bed for 2 hours.

I don’t know why I was suddenly being so cruel to him. It just happened, not all the time but now and then when he seemed to be comfortable. This did however have a downside which I hadn’t considered, the lack of sex. The camera collected dust somewhere in the cupboard, and I was back in jeans again, and we had the usual 5 minute fuck once a month. I didn’t even pretend to enjoy it. Our pantyhose Ataşehir Escort sex had died some months ago. But that was all about to change, and how!

We got talked into having a German exchange student to stay with us. His name was Carl, a 6 foot boy with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He was 18 years old and spoke fairly good English. I was dreading his stay for the 4 weeks, but much to my surprise we got on well.

Barry was a great one for chess and cards he and Carl would play together.

“God that’s 4 games on the trot he’s won.”

“Oh what’s up are we getting beat by the Germans again Barry,” I giggled.

I winked at Carl, who just grinned and smirked.

“Perhaps he’s letting me win?” Carl said.

I looked at Barry.

“You are not are you?” I asked.

“He needs some. Ah, incentive? Is that the right word?”

“Yes that’s the right word Carl. So do you need some incentive?” I said smiling at Barry.

“Perhaps I could play for you Julie?” Carl suggested.

Barry and I exchanged shocked glances.

I had told Barry that I had overheard Carl tell one of his mates that he thought I was pretty. Barry and I laughed it off. But I couldn’t believe Carl was suggesting playing for me in that way.

“Carl what do you mean?” I asked wanting conformation.

“Well we are going to see the film yes?”

“Yes,” I replied looking at my husband still unsure what Carl meant.

“Well if I win we see the film you want, if Mr Gordon wins we see his film.”

“Oh,” I smiled with relief.

“So if you win you go with Julie alone?”

“That’s not what he meant Barry,” I said shocked.

My eyes narrowed at my husband. He saw my look and quickly averted his eyes.

“So what film do you want to watch Carl?”

“I would like to see ‘BLADE’ if we could?”

“I don’t like those types of films,” Barry said.

“Well in that case you had better win, and ah, if you loose you’ll be staying home,” I said, showing Barry he couldn’t beat me.

“No please Mr Gordon should come.”

“No Carl Julie is right, if you win you two go alone. Is that OK with you dearest?”

I stared at Barry. God the amount of times he called me dearest I told him I hated being called that.

“I’ll make a coffee,” Barry said.

“Can I phone my mother before we start the next game?”

“Certainly Carl,” I replied still staring at my husband as he went to the kitchen.

“OK what’s your game?” I snapped in hushed tones.

Barry looked me in the eye.

“You know full well it’s what you want. You’re like a schoolgirl with a crush just because some German fancies you, some boy. I’ve seen him watching you cross your legs.”

God was I taken a back!

“He’s just teasing you Julie. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, and you’ve been lapping it up.”

“Barry I’m shocked I don’t know what to say, it, it’s ridiculous.”

He grabbed my hand and pressed it onto the front of his trousers. I couldn’t believe his cock was hard. I just stared at him in shock. He soon realised I was upset with him.

“Sorry,” He said looking worried, “Julie forget it, I just, well made a mistake, sorry.”

“Forget it? How can I?”

I stood facing him yanking my arm from his grasp. I looked deep into his eyes.

“No we’ll play for what you said. Only if you don’t win I’ll take all your golf clubs to the second hand shop.”

His face twisted with fear.

“But you wouldn’t.”

“And your mother’s wedding ring goes to the pawn shop,” I hissed.

“That’s evil Julie, you, you can’t,” He moaned grabbing my arm again, “She gave that to me.”

“Yeah well she never liked me. I bet she’d Kadıköy Escort love to hear what her darling son wants me to do,” I snapped.

“But my mum’s wedding ring Julie how could you?”

“If you love me you’ll do it.”

This was always my last line when I wanted to get my own way. But I didn’t expect to get away with it this time.

“You know I love you, but my mum’s wedding ring?”

I just stared at him letting him know I wouldn’t back down.

“I can’t believe you get turned on at the thought of me seducing Carl. I didn’t realise you were that sick. So that’s the price you have to pay. You can always buy another set of golf clubs; I mean you’ve wanted to for the last year. And that rings only collecting dust somewhere; do you even know where it is Barry?”

He took a deep breath about to answer. Then his face dropped.

“God it’s so precious to you and you haven’t got a clue where it is.”

“That’s not the argument here,” He finally squeaked.

“No but its true, anyway beat him and you don’t need to worry.”

I walked away leaving him more than a little shell shocked.


So you see just how cruel I can be, but on the other hand I make a damn good argument. Maybe I should have been a lawyer. I think I could have got ‘Jack the ripper’ off with a small fine.

I had reduced my husbands shock about his golf clubs being sold so that he thought he’d get a new set. Huh no way!

And as for his mummy’s wedding ring that she could no longer get on her fat fingers. Well I pawned that two years ago. Of course the money wasn’t wasted, I bought the new bathroom suite with it, and so every time I sat on the loo, I thought of my fat mother-in-law!

Oh I hope I haven’t shocked you too much by the last few lines, besides I had gone through hell for my husband I’ll tell you more about that later.


I sat down to watch them play.

“Just so you know Carl, if you win Barry won’t be coming with us.”

I smiled into the young Germans eyes. Maybe it was then he realised he was maybe playing for more than what film we would go to see. He certainly had lost the innocence in his smile that he usually showed, and I noted a quick glance to my crossed legs.

I must admit that as I watched them play, I was becoming drawn into the thought of Carl and me romping on the bed. Not that it would get that far but a girl can dream.

I watched the way he seemed to be concentrating more this time. He wanted to win badly. I just sat in a trance; did he really want me to go with him, alone?

I watched as Barry won the game, the smug grin on his face annoyed me. Maybe he had let Carl win earlier. But what really struck me was the disappointment on Carl’s face. I found myself feeling for him. I could feel myself blush, I was overwhelmed by the thought that Carl wanted to win so bad, that I had Goosebumps on the back of my neck.

“Don’t you think it should be best of three?” I suggested.

I saw an awkward look between them then Carl sat back. It was like he was deliberately baiting Barry, making him decide. I decided to push my husband’s little fantasy one last time. I stood up and put my arm around Carl’s shoulder, and I pressed my hip lightly into his arm.

“Well does my champion get another chance?” I asked Barry.

His face was a picture as I just stood there. His eyes dropped to my wedding ring that rested on Carl’s shoulder. He managed to blurt out a yes after clearing his throat.

“Set them up then,” I purred.

I gripped Carl’s shoulder stopping him from moving to start setting up the chess board. Barry’s neck Ümraniye Escort was flushed, so I knew what my close proximity to Carl was doing to my husband.

I tensed with shock as I felt Carl’s hand lightly touch my calf. If I wasn’t sure before now I definitely got the message. Carl was playing for more than a trip to the cinema!

I squeezed his shoulder a little hoping he would take this as a sign that I was happy with his touch. Oh he did all right!

His hand moved very slowly up my pantyhose encased leg. I swallowed as it travelled up under the hem of my knee length skirt. His hot fingers stopped at mid thigh, and he gently began to massage my trembling leg ever so slightly. I glanced at Barry, if he did know what was going on he didn’t show it. I could hardily breathe, and everything seemed magnified, the clock ticking, the rise and fall of my breasts and the feel of those sweet fingers rubbing my nylon clad leg. I could have stayed there for days letting him caress my shaking leg. I swallowed hard as the last few pieces were put into place.

Gradually Carls hand descended back down my leg his light touch made me shudder.

I was just so lucky that I hadn’t worn jeans. I wanted to tease my husband, we hadn’t had sex for ages and I thought my nylon clad legs would get him going again. I didn’t expect Carl to be having a feel! My fanny was dripping like a tap and all because of an 18 year old German student had been stroking the back of my thigh, right in front of my husband!

I went to the kitchen for a few minutes to calm myself down.

“God you stupid bitch,” I told myself in hushed tones.

I lit a cigarette and giggled because I had to use two hands to light the bloody thing.

My mind was in turmoil with my actions, and the way Carl had touched me.

God did Carl really want me enough to risk touching me in front of my husband?

Finally I stubbed out the fag snatching my hand away as I burnt my finger tip.

“Silly bloody cow,” I cursed at myself.

My panties were sticky and wet against my pussy. Usually I didn’t like this feeling, but as I walked back into the dinning room I caught Carl smiling at me. It was a dirty grin and quite brief as he went back to concentrating on his game. But it was enough to cause my fanny to leak even more!

I was sure Barry didn’t have a clue that Carl had felt me up. God my soaked cunt was making me squirm for some attention. I was also aware of the faint aroma between my legs.

I was nick named ‘fishy’ by my first boyfriend when he dumped me. God that was cruel but I suppose right in a disgusting way.

I moved nearer the table part of me wanted Barry and Carl to notice. But part of me wanted to rush to the loo and sort myself out.

I watched Barry lay down his King.

“One each,” said a delighted Carl.

I just locked eyes with Barry.

“I need the loo,” Barry announced.

I looked at Carl as the door closed behind my husband.

“Come here,” He said softly.

I stood my ground. My mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts. I shook my head slowly.

“Do you want me to win Julie?”

I just didn’t know how to respond.

“I, I don’t know,” I whimpered faintly.

“It’s up to you. You know that I expect you to wear your shortest skirt to the cinema?”

I panted feeling so very confused. He just sat there looking so bloody confident.

“We will sit in the back row, as soon as the lights go down my hands will be in your blouse and up your short skirt.”

I swallowed as my mind played over his description. Fuck he was only 18 and he had me blushing and trembling like a schoolgirl. Huh, maybe Barry was right earlier after all!

“Do you want me to win?” He repeated.

I rubbed my sweating palm over the back of my neck.

“Carl, I, I…”

I didn’t answer, I couldn’t. Could I?

We both heard the loo flush.

“Well Julie?” Carl asked with a last leer at my legs.

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