Just a Glimpse

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She was on her knees.

Her head down on the pillow.

Her hands bound in front of her.

She was attached to the headboard.


Her blouse torn open and shredded.

Her bra unclasped and dangling underneath her.

Attached to each of her nipples were clamps.

The clamps were connected by a thin metal chain.

Her tits ached.

Her skirt was hiked up around her waist.

Her wet panties were pulled down around her thighs.

She wore thigh high stockings which now had runs.

She wore sexy pumps that matched her blouse.

Fuck me heels.





Her ass was pushed up and outward, presented.

Red with handprints and waiting for his use.

In her ass was a set of beads.

All five of them.

Filling her.

Making her feel every movement.

Enhancing every feeling within her.

In her pussy was the vibrator.

Thick, slick and smooth.

Filling her.

The vibrator was set to a low hum.

Torturing her.

Pushing her.

Teasing her.

Making her ache.

Making her want.

Her pussy was soaked.

His pussy.

The slut pussy.

Her juices lubricated the toy with no effort.

She heard the click of the camera.

Her mind visualize the picture.

It xslot screamed at her.




Her pussy gushed further at the thought.

Her body trembled.

She was sheen with sweat.

How long she thought?

How could she last?

This task, impossible.

She felt her pussy contract again.

It felt like she was on the verge.

Her pussy leaked.

Her pussy ached.

It begged for release.

She did her best to be still.

She knew her challenge.

Remain still as long as possible.

Be a good girl.

His good girl.

No matter what.

Hold the vibrator.

Do not let it fall out.

Hold it for him.

Hold it as long as possible.

Hold it until he said stop.

Hold it until it fell out.

Control his slut pussy.

Denial for him.

How she wanted to move.

How she wanted to strech her body.

Her nipples ached.

Her body was sore.

She’d been used.

She’d been turned into a whore.

A fucktoy.

A vision.

A piece of art for his enjoyment.

She wanted to move.

Wanted to alieviate just a bit of the pain in her nipples.

The vibrator could slip out at any moment.

And if it did, she would be punished.

Hold on.

When it did, she would xslot Giriş be punished.

Her pussy gushed.

Her only hope was to extend the time she held it.

She wanted to be punished.

But she wanted to please.

The longer she could control her slut pussy, the less severe her punishment.

She needed to be punished.

She needed to please.

Her eventual punishment.

Her ass felt full.

Her body felt full.

She felt used.

She wanted to be fucked.

She wanted to reach back and fuck the vibrator into her slut pussy.

She wanted to cum.

She needed to cum.

She knew she looked hot.

She looked like a slut.

Like a fucktoy.

Like a whore.

Like his good girl.

Don’t move.

Hold the vibrator.

Don’t cum.

Be a good girl.

It was buzzing in her cunt.

Making her ache.

Making her body ache.

Don’t cum.

Hold it.

Be a good girl.

She could smell his cock.

Hold it.

Don’t cum.

He was standing next to her head.

She craved his cock.

He was stroking his cock in front of her.

Teasing her.

She wanted to taste it.

She licked her lips.

Taunting her.

She needed it.

Tempting her.

She wanted to suck it.

She xslot Güncel Giriş wanted it in her aching pussy.

She wanted him to fuck her mouth.

She wanted him to fuck her ass.

She needed his cock.

She couldn’t have it.

He would deny her.

He would make her ache for it.

Focus on the vibrator.

Don’t let it fall out.

He would make her beg for it.

She loved to beg.

She hated to beg.

It made her feel dirty.

It made her feel slutty.

Like a whore.

Like a fucktoy.

She loved to beg.

It made her feel sexy.

It made her feel free.

She wanted to beg.

She tried not to clench her pussy.

She tried not to clench her pussy to fuck it.

She wanted it.

She needed it.

He was stroking his cock.

His cock was driving her crazy.

Her ass was so full.

Her body was needy.

Her cunt was soaked.

Her slut cunt.

His slut cunt.

She was a slut.

A fucktoy.

A whore.



The room’s quite was suddenly replaced.

The vibrator lay, buzzin on the sheets.

Her pussy empty.

She shivered and a small moan escaped her mouth.

Her body was frozen.

Fear ran up her spine.

Her pussy leaked again.

Her body ached.

Her pussy felt so empty.

So needy.

It needed to be filled.

Her pussy needed to be punished.

Her pussy needed to cum.

She waited for her punishment.

She smiled to herself.

He laughed.

She shivered.

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