Just One Bite Ch. 02

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Cheating Housewife

Author’s Note: This series will have additional chapters. I will be posting the even-numbered chapters, and neonurotic will post the even ones.


The Party

Shayne, Friday, 9.03pm

Ah, the Fairmont Olympic. Jude was certainly up there among the elite at Sang Rouge Co. I smiled as I got out of the bright yellow BMW convertible I rented for the night and handed the keys to the valet. “Thank you,” I smiled sweetly, batted my eyelashes and tipped him then and there. “Go for a joy ride if you must, but make sure nothing happens to it, all right?”

The valet gave me a once over and nervously cleared his throat. “No ma’am, we’re not allowed to do anything like that. No worries, I’ll make sure nothing happens to it though.”

“That’s really sweet of you, Harold,” I smiled, tapping his nametag because he seemed surprised I knew his name. “See you in a bit.”

Time to party, I thought, wondering if Jude and Clarissa, aka Lydia, were already there. Clarissa, during her regular reports to me, seemed particularly impressed with Jude’s ability in the sack, aside from the way he handled the day-to-day business at Sang Rouge Co. I’d arch my eyebrow in amusement while she detailed their sexual exploits, not letting on that I already knew about the man and his abilities. Same old Jude. Sending in Clarissa was a good choice indeed, although I wasn’t sure she had charmed him entirely. He was too smart for that… too smart and too careful. Oh well, it would all be over very soon.

I walked up to the reception desk, and gave them Clarissa’s alias because I was sure they wouldn’t question who Jude’s date for the evening was. As the woman went through the guest list, I looked around and noted the numerous security personnel, dressed for the evening. They were easy to spot, with their eyes constantly scanning, sizing up the guests.

“Ah there you are… Lydia,” the woman said, making a mark on the guest list then indicated the party. “Please, go on right in.”

The party was already in full swing when I stepped through the doors. The band for the evening was playing a jazzy blues melody at the moment, and there were couples dancing. I swiped a glass of champagne off the tray of a passing waiter and busily scanned the room for Jude. He would be hard to miss, considering his height and the way he carried himself.

Satisfied that he and Clarissa weren’t there yet, I now observed the guests while I moved through the room. I made my way to a quiet little corner where I could observe the guests arriving without them catching sight of me. Or at least, what I thought was a quiet corner.

“You are much too exquisite to be tucked away in a corner all by yourself. Why don’t you join the party?”

I looked up and saw it was Felix Montague himself, the man who hired me. Thank goodness he had no idea who I was or what I looked like. All my contracts went through a middleman to ensure my anonymity. “You flatter me, Mr…?” I flashed him my most charming smile and held out my hand.

“Felix Montague,” he replied absently while he took my hand, taking his time to look me over from head to toe, and back up again, pausing none too subtly at my cleavage. “But a lovely creature such as yourself can call me Felix,” he said, lifting my hand so he could kiss it. “It would flatter me if you did.”

“Ah Felix, actually, you flatter me.” I smiled, even though my stomach was starting to turn.

Clarissa had told me all about dear old Felix’s smarmy, lecherous ways, and how he gave her the creeps. I was beginning to see why. I wondered how much longer it’d be before I’d be called upon to assassinate his own father, if that was his plan, after getting rid of Jude. Que sera sera, I thought. So long as I got paid, it wasn’t any of my concern.

The creepy scion of Talia Montague spent the next few minutes regaling me about his new toy, a luxury yacht called The Tiffany, and how he’d love to take me on a midnight cruise. His arm had, during the course of our conversation, planted itself over my shoulders. He was now casually stroking my arm, totally oblivious to my slightly raised eyebrow. I had to concentrate hard on not throwing up. I thought of the hot shower I’d have to take later and it made me feel a lot better.

Felix suddenly stopped in mid-sentence, a dark, dirty scowl crossing his features. I looked over his shoulder and saw the reason why—Jude and Clarissa had arrived for the party. My heart stopped for an interminable second, before resuming its beating but this time, at a far more rapid pace. I had to disappear before he saw me, so I politely excused myself and shook free of Felix’s grasp. I doubted he even noticed me gone, so intent was he on Jude. I could now clearly see why he ordered the hit on him—the unmistakable look flashing in his eyes was one of intense hatred.

I made my way to the back of the room so I could observe what happened next. Another man, this time not as smarmy or Büyükesat Escort lecherous as Felix but twice as dull, decided to see why I was standing in a corner, alone. I sighed inwardly, but decided to make the best of it by absently flirting with him while keeping my eye on Jude.

An older gentleman whom I immediately recognized as Talia Montague and his much younger date were talking to Jude. Trouble was brewing however, because I noticed Felix now making his way to his father; with a none too happy look on his face. I noticed Jude’s body language, how he instinctively tensed up in Felix’s presence, although he tried to act nonchalant. The exchange amongst the four resulted in the younger Montague storming off the party. I had never felt such hatred emanate from a person before, from such a distance even.

What happened next though, amused me even more. Jude found Clarissa at the balcony and I could imagine just what they were doing. He probably had her doing a little striptease and even playing with herself. Same old Jude, I thought as I cocked an eyebrow, recalling the times we engaged in naughty exhibitionistic sex ourselves. A heated flush, starting from my core, swept through my body unbidden, which made me angry with myself. Why was he still affecting me this way? True, he was a fucking stud in bed but so was Russell, and several other men I’d come across since him.

I decided to crash their little party, so I politely excused myself from Mr. Dull. Clarissa seemed to be really enjoying herself, so I let her reach her peak while I stood a little distance behind Jude.

When I saw her falling back against the stone rail, and how much he enjoyed the show, I couldn’t help but sarcastically pipe up, “Well now… that was very lady like.”

Jude stepped out from his corner and turned, training his now intense blue eyes on me. He seemed unaffected by my presence, unsurprised even, as he calmly took me in.

A rakish grin, with a hint of triumph, crossed his handsome features. “Hello Shayne. Long time no see, baby.”

I wanted to smack that grin right off his face. Baby, eh? I thought in annoyance, ignoring the growing liquid lust between my thighs, betraying how I really felt. Bloody hell, thank god he can’t pick up on my scent. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Clarissa blushing a deep red.

“Hey Jude. Still getting off on those little exhibitionistic games of yours, I see,” I looked him straight in the eye. “Tell me…does your date also know how much of an ass you can be, perverted or otherwise?”

“Of course she does,” Jude smoothly replied, still looking me over slowly, as if he were undressing me with his eyes. “I can’t help it, it’s part of my charm. You know that as well as anyone else, maybe better…baby.”

Oh he was starting to get on my nerves, but I refused to let him get to me. Moving even closer to him, I picked up his scent; unmistakably masculine, with a hint of that expensive aftershave he loved to wear, plus lavender on top of oak moss and of course, that panatela cigar he was smoking. I’d always told him that was a disgusting habit. Good to see he took my advice to heart.

Smiling sexily, I laughed low and said, “I would like to dance…” and deliberately let my sentence hang for a couple of seconds while I watched the look of delight on his face, before turning to Clarissa. “With you, my dear.”

Before Clarissa had a chance to react, I smoothly took her hand and led her to the dance floor. The music the band happened to be playing at the time was a red-hot Latin salsa number. Perfect, I grinned, winking at Clarissa, who smiled, knowing she was to follow my cue. I loved that girl…she always knew how to go along with the unexpected.

We started dancing, she and I, our bodies rubbing against each other sensually as we followed the rhythm of the music. We touched each other teasingly and at one point, I pushed one sleeve of her orange flame tank dress aside so I could lick her right shoulder blade. I knew Jude’s eyes were on us the entire time. Hell, almost everyone at the party stopped to watch us and I had to admit we were a pretty striking pair in our red and orange dresses, along with our blonde and black tresses.

There were times where my job required me to blend in with the crowd so I could disappear when needed. Times like this though, I thoroughly enjoyed, because I could throw caution to the wind and live in the spirit of the moment. True enough, this time I was doing it for Jude’s benefit but sometimes…a girl’s got to live, no?


Jude, Friday, 10.21 pm

The vision before me played out wickedly erotic with the two dancing together. Each woman was stunning on her own, but together they complimented one other with their diversity, so much so my cock stirred in my trousers. Shayne with her dark-haired sensuality was the hot smoky wave that curled around Elvankent Escort Lydia’s blazing gorgeous blonde looks. I watched them dance, as did most everyone at the party. Some were greedy and lascivious; others gave dark looks, not disguising their jealousy.

Grinning, I noticed Shayne had taken the lead in their salsa; she’d always been fiercely independent in our previous involvement to the point it was admirable and vexing at the same time. Certainly, I was pleased see her again, but her sudden appearance was quite curious. What was going on, really? I had a mysterious new lover who eagerly did anything I desired, and now an older flame shows up out of nowhere? Clearly, Shayne was still very attracted to me; there was no doubt in my mind. I could smell her lust the moment she laid eyes on me.

It was obvious to me the two knew each other, but I wondered from where. Lydia was my assistant or at least proven to me that she had secretarial abilities in-between the time she demonstrated her excellent cock-sucking skills. What about Shayne? How did they know each other? I’d have to watch for the both of them closer than I had with Lydia alone. I mused, seeing the Asian minx’s pink tongue languidly licking the other woman’s collarbone. She eyed me, knowing that it would arouse me further. `You want this, but you can’t have it’, she seemed to say with her smirk. Puffing on my cigar, I blew a few perfect smoke rings in their direction and grinned back thinking, maybe not yet. Give me time and I most definitely will.

Beyond the delicious pair of beauties, I caught sight of Italia; he motioned for me to come with him. Stubbing out my cigar in a nearby ashtray, I glanced at my watch and saw it was time to meet for the delivery from Egypt. A jolt excitement, along with a queasy sense of anticipation flipped in my gut. The canopic jars held special items of personal interest to me. The ancient gifts from the Sun God and the Moon Goddess made humans immortal and those already immortal invincible. With these gifts, no bullet could cut me down, made of silver or not.

Nodding at Italia, I indicated I’d be with him shortly while I stepped onto the dance floor with the two ladies. There, I molded my body against Lydia’s back, and wrapped an arm around her slim waist. She was quick to press her round rear into my groin. I moved with them, letting Shayne lead the way. Our hot three-way Latin dance had everyone’s eye now as we glided as one across the floor to the spicy Caribbean music.

Bending slightly with my lips a breath away, I whispered into Lydia’s ear, “Darlin’, I have to go now, but I want you in my bed by the time I return.”

Lydia let out a moan of pleasure. “Of course, whatever you please.”

“Good. Very good.” This time I smirked at Shayne then lightly tugged on Lydia’s earlobe between my teeth as I tucked a key card to my hotel suite down the front of her dress into her bra. “Consider the game we played earlier as a warm-up of what I will do to you if you are there waiting for me.” I stepped back, putting my arousal on display, noting Shayne’s eyes flick there automatically. “It was nice to see you again, Shayne, we’ll have to play catch up some time real soon, baby.” With that, I turned to join Italia, feeling heated stares along the way.


Shayne, Friday, 10.37pm

Jude joined our dance, like I knew he would. From the time I licked Clarissa’s shoulder and threw him that ‘you-want-this-but-you-can’t-have-it’ look, I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist taking me up on my unspoken challenge. I led our three-way dance, and the room positively buzzed from the collective heat we were generating.

While we were dancing, Jude bent down to whisper in Clarissa’s ear. Apparently, whatever he said agreed with her, because she moaned out in pleasure, especially when he nipped her earlobe with his teeth and casually slipped his hotel key card down the front of her bra. A flash of fire went through my loins when I remembered how he used to do that to me when we were together. He knew that was an erogenous zone of mine, including my neck, that ‘I-don’t-care-who’s-watching-fuck-me-quick’ zone he loved to tease, knowing it drove me insane with desire.

“It was nice to see you again, Shayne,” he said, stepping back, and my eyes flicked over to the obvious tent in his pants. “We’ll have to play catch up some time real soon, baby.”

Before I could scowl in return, he turned and walked towards Italia, making me mutter under my breath, “Sooner than you think, baby.” I entwined my hand around Clarissa’s, and noticed them leaving the party together. On a hunch, I decided I had to follow them, just to see that they were up to. It was a good thing I packed my work clothes and equipment in the trunk of the rented BMW.

Clarissa whispered in my ear, giggling. “He said he had to leave, but that he wants me to wait for him in his Beşevler Escort hotel suite upstairs.”

“Such a romantic,” I chuckled, as we ended our dance by striking a sensual pose together, eliciting enthusiastic applause from the very appreciative partygoers. I grabbed Clarissa’s arm, raised it high above our heads, before we bowed.

“Mmmmm I don’t know about romantic, but he’s a fucking stud,” Clarissa winked, lightly licking her full lips at the apparent thought of him. “Such a waste, what you’re going to have to do to him.” She paused awhile, before asking, “You two know each other, don’t you?”

“Yes we do,” I admitted. “I’m sorry I didn’t clue you in on it earlier, but I was afraid he’d be suspicious of you if I told you too much going in. Not that he isn’t suspicious right now. I’m pretty sure he suspects we know each other.”

“So when are you going to do it?” she asked, quietly sipping on the champagne she took from a passing tray.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it while you’re having fun with him later tonight,” I assured her. “But it will be pretty soon.” A kinky idea popped into my head and I laughed, making her look at me in curiosity.

“What are you laughing at?” Clarissa asked.

“That girlfriend of yours… that wild one you’ve told me about?”

“Yes, what about her? What are you up to, Shayne?”

“Well I was just thinking, that you really should call her up right now and ask if she’d like to help you seduce a hot, fucking stud,” I smiled. “I mean, I’m sure that would be something dear old Jude would appreciate, seeing as we’ve definitely lit that fire in him with our little dance just now.”

Clarissa laughed then a devilish smile crossed her lovely face. “Hmmm I think I can probably arrange something like that for him. I’d be interested in finding out how much woman he can handle before he gives up.”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Honey, that’s something I unfortunately don’t know myself, but you gals have fun finding out though. I’m going to leave now do a little reconnaissance myself.”

“You’re going to follow him?”

“Yes. No good reason. I just want to find out what they’re up to. I expect your report first thing tomorrow morning though. Remind your friend to refer to you as ‘Lydia’, and don’t leave out any delicious details in your report,” I winked at her.

“Gotcha,” Clarissa laughed, as I patted her shoulder and left the party.


Jude, Friday 11.49 pm The loading docks led to a hangar-like room, this was where Italia inventoried the receiving invoices compared to the goods in the three open crates. I stared at the smallest one, feeling the powerful vibe from it. Every nerve in my body hummed as if a jolt of electricity had passed through and gave me an overload of joules. I couldn’t wait to open the boxes and take the matching Egyptian canopic jars back to the privacy of my office. In my office, I could study them up close and measure them to the photos I coveted for the last five years. After my archeology curiosities were sated, I’d do with them what I really wanted as one of the jars held the key to my invincibility. Every lycan such as myself wanted to be free of our vulnerability to silver and the Moon Goddess provided gifts to secure that.

“Everything looks to be here that is supposed to be. What do you think, Jude?”

“It’s all there.” I lit a cigar, trying to cool my nerves. “The jars and all the artifacts are accounted for.”

“Good, good.” Italia beamed, setting his clipboard aside. “I trust you with this. Do what you need to get these to the museum for display. They are so beautiful and amazing; the public needs see them in order for them to be treasured.”

“Why not auction them to the highest bidder,” Felix appeared with three of his associates. “They look priceless.”

“They are.” I said with an air of aloofness, but my inner senses went on alert. This was the first time I’d gotten so close to Felix’s associates. I wondered if the fool knew they were vampires? I eyed them cautiously while they did the same to me. Each of us knew the other wasn’t human, as we appeared to be. “And they will be put on exhibit for everyone to see, not in an individual’s collection.”

“Yes, yes for everyone to see. Now, business is done for tonight, I’d like to return to the party and my lady so please let us be on our way. The artifacts are in capable hands,” Italia nodded to the curator, who stood off the side cataloguing the contents of the crates. “So goodnight gentlemen,” he clapped his hands together, indicating the subject closed for discussion this evening. “I will see you in the morning.”

I shook Italia’s hand and gave him a quick one-armed embrace. The jars would have to wait until tomorrow. I wanted them badly, but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself as already I sensed the ‘associates’ sniffing the crates out. I said goodnight and hoped they didn’t realize what the canopic jars really contained and that Felix remained ignorant.

Back at the Fairmont Olympic, I headed up to my suite, wanting to take my nervous energy out on Lydia and wondered if she could handle the real me if I let it out. Opening the door with the card key, I entered the room and was pleasantly surprised to find not one, but two ladies waiting for me in my bed.

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